The Game In A (Non Run-On) Sentence

As my grade four teacher, Mr. Taylor, used to say, a tie is as good as a rest… or something like that, and this 6-6 draw between the Jays and Orioles was an excellent case in point:  I sure could have caught a few Zs somewhere in the middle of that one (shit, maybe I did!).


The Good

Fun stuff early in the first inning, with the Jays not even running out their first choice top of the order. Anthony Gose walked, stole second easily, then moved to third as Emilio Bonifacio singled on an outstanding bunt up the third base line, and scored after Melky Cabrera put the ball in play to short. Granted, Jose Bautista and Mark DeRosa followed all that up with strikeouts, but Gose and Bonifacio gave us a taste of the possibilities that speed like this club hasn’t seen in years can bring.

Also good– or at the very least better than his line might indicat– I think was J.A. Happ. Yes, the first batter hit him hard and he was bailed out by a double play in each of the three innings he pitched, but the home run he gave up was a wind-aided wall-scraper, and some of the contact didn’t seem all that terribly hard. I don’t know, it was OK… y’know, from what I heard. Which was most of it, I think.


The Bad

Ryan Langerhans, who I guess can’t be faulted for trying to do well and make a good impression in camp, hit a damn game-tying home run off the scoreboard in the bottom of the ninth inning, sending the game to extra… uh… inning. I mean, come on, man! Thankfully ol’ Gibbers was in no mood for a long one, and the clubs went one more inning before declaring it a draw.


The Ugly

Holy shit, Esmil Rogers. We were given the Colorado treatment from the one-time Rockies pitcher who seemed to have finally put it together after moving to Cleveland in the middle of last season, as he pitched the sixth inning, striking out two, walking none, but giving up four earned runs on four hits, three of which were home runs. Holy ugh.


The Additional Thoughts

Team Canada’s exhibition against Milwaukee– probably scheduled by Brett Lawrie himself, amiright?– got underway while this game was still going, but the WBC exhibition I was most interested happened down the road from Dunedin at the Phillies’ complex in Clearwater. Jose Reyes it lead-off and Edwin Encarnacion for the Dominican Republic, and… uh… yeah, they did pretty OK.

Reyes singled and stole second in the first inning, then hit a two-run bomb off Cole Hamels in the third, for his final at-bat of the day. Meanwhile, Encarnacion singled in the second, third, and fifth. Not half bad!

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  1. Are you trying to make every sentence a run on?

  2. Just curious, maybe it’s because Romero was viewed as an Ace but if he put up that line he would have been classified as Ugly, but Happ gets a good, how about the good, meh, bad, and ugly, give Happ a Meh.

    • How about you stop yourself before the next time you go ahead and pretend you know how I would have handled a situation that didn’t actually happen.

  3. Ugh who gets that seventh spot in the pen if Rogers shits the bed more

    • Think about it in two weeks.

    • McGowan should be ready by then.

      • There is too much on the line to rely on McGowan once opening day rolls in. Expect him to be assigned to the 60 day DL in Dunedin for extended spring training and then assignments to the high minors if he passes through Dunedin physically intact.

        I would rather see the Jays ease him in slowly to see if he can manage a starter’s workload. There are plenty of other options for the bullpen. Speaking of options, Esmil Rogers is out of minor league options. He thus has an inside track to make the big club. Another out of options guy is Jeremy Jeffress, who has thrown the ball very well so far in camp.

        Then there is Brett Cecil, also out of options and being counted upon to be a low leverage middle reliever and possible high leverage LOOGY. Aaron Loup is breathing down his neck though and will be a nice insurance policy in the minors should Cecil fail to do the job.

        Assuming that Janssen is healthy, the bullpen could look like this:

        CL: Santos or Janssen
        SU: Santos or Janssen
        SU: Oliver
        MR: Delabar (has options)
        MR: Cecil (no options)
        MR: Rogers (no options)
        MR: Jeffress (no options)

        Really no room for McGowan in the bullpen to start the year.

      • I would love to see McGowan pitch again. However Mr.Glass is infamous for breaking down. If he can pitch, consider it a +1 but don’t imagine the rotation with him in it. Probably just be disappointed later ( as I typed his, McGowan stubbed his toe and is on the spring training DL)

    • Carlos Marmol would be nice.

  4. You seem to be on a splendid mood today

  5. My first chance to hear Wilner & Hayhurst.

    At points the banter was almost MST3K-esque.

  6. Does his fucking hat anger anyone else. Fuck man put a curve on it and get the peak worked in.

  7. I’m so pumped for the Jays this season. Were gonna party like its 1993 and were gonna take the AL East.

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