I don’t happen to be a Rogers customer, so forgive me if I’m not terribly well versed in this stuff or am entirely missing something here, but my understanding of the way their Rogers On Demand service– or Rogers Anytime TV, or whatever they call it– applied to the Jays was that if you were a Rogers customer you could register with your account information in order to access a feed of the game online.

A press release from the time the service was announced, in August 2011, states rather emphatically that “Rogers On Demand Online is available to any Rogers Cable, Wireless, Home Phone or Hi Speed Internet customer at no extra charge,” and it’s my understanding that that’s continued to be the case… it seems, until now.

Or, at least, that’s what would appear to be what you’re told when you look to the FAQ on the Jays page of the Rogers On Demand website, as a commenter on a post at Getting Blanked suggested we do earlier in the week.

Money quote:

  • To access the live-stream on your computer, you must be registered to Rogers Anyplace TV.
  • You must be a Rogers TV customer.
    • Must subscribe to Sportsnet ONE to view Blue Jays games airing on Sportsnet ONE. ***Sporstnet One is currently being offered as a freeview to Rogers Digital Basic Customers!***
    • Must subscribe to Sportsnet to view Blue Jays games airing on Sportsnet.

So… that sounds kinda different now, doesn’t it?

Or does it? Maybe I’m wasting a post here, because I honestly don’t know anything about this service or how it’s changed in the time since the press release above was written. But that certainly doesn’t seem like the deal that, from afar, I’d thought it was. And if those changes are new, and– say– I’d chosen Rogers as my internet provider specifically to get streaming Jays games I’m no longer going to be able to access, that might be slightly in-fucking-furiating.

I don’t know, though. So I guess I can’t say either way. Anyone?

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  1. It said that all last season too. But it still worked if you were only a mobile subscriber and not cable. But, their ipad app didn’t work without cable.

    • Just tried it myself. I’m only a mobile customer (no rogers cable/phone in my area). I can’t get any sportnet channels to work. Says i need to have a rogers tv account. Pretty stupid really. I can still pay Rogers $80 a month for my phone but can’t watch a damn jays game all year. Guess it’s delayed for me…

      • I’m internet only subscriber Jays games work fine (did last year as well) but not raptors/leafs games on SN.

  2. This was the case last season. I was an Rogers internet subscriber, but no cable whatsoever. I could not stream any Blue Jays. Thus started my love affair with

    • Really? Strange that it worked for me without having Rogers cable.

      • Yeah I only have Rogers Internet (no TV no mobile) and I watched every game.

        Just logged on to anyplace TV or whatever and watched a few seconds of the Spring Training game today (until I realized I was tempting the workplace internet usage demons who were coming for me).

    • Nope. I only have cell service with Rogers (no cable or internet) and I could watch whatever Jays games I wanted last year (either main channel or SN1). This looks different.

  3. I used it on Saturday (I think, whenever the Dickey start was) and it worked fine.

  4. Doesn’t blackout Toronto games?

    • Yeah, it blacks them out live, but they get posted 90 minutes after completion.

      Works for me because i can’t watch them live anyway (due to work schedule). Sort of shite otherwise though, as far as Jays content goes.

      But is the boobs otherwise.

      • A little googling of the term ‘foxyproxy’ and opening up the ol’ wallet for an extra 8ish dollars a month alleviates any and all blackout concerns.

        You didn’t hear it from ol’ Beepy.

    • This isn’t though.

  5. If you’re a Rogers TV subscriber and pay for Sportsnet and Sportsnet One, you can watch the Jays on those channels online. Makes sense.

    • No, it doesn’t. Because if you’re a subscriber, then you won’t need to watch it online, since you have a TV.

      I would love an option just to buy a pass to watching games online for a season.

      • Pretty sure that was sarcasm.

        • Given the name ” Rogers Anyplace TV”, I’m pretty sure the purpose of the service is to give existing subscribers access to the content they subscribe to even if they’re not at home (e.g. at the cottage or something). The purpose isn’t to give people who aren’t Rogers Cable customers access to content for free.

          • Well, as a Rogers internet and mobile client, I am allowed to use Rogers Anyplace for their other services (say to watch Modern Family) even though I’m not a cable subscriber.

      • I am not with rogers whatsoever but I work with a college that was he gave me and a couple others his login info and there was about 4 or 5 of us all watching at the same time. So find someone who has all the bullshit with rogers buy them a coffee from Tim’s for their login stuff problem solved

  6. I was using it last year to watch day games at work. It’s good.

  7. I was under the impression that Blue Jays games always required a sportsnet or sportsnet one subscription. I couldn’t watch Jays games, and I only had an internet subscription.

    • It’s not about your internet subscription. It’s about your cable package. It verifies your account before streaming. For example if you don’t have HBO, you won’t be able to stream HBO series.

      • I was replying to the article. I.e. the bit about:
        “A press release from the time the service was announced, in August 2011, states rather emphatically that “Rogers On Demand Online is available to any Rogers Cable, Wireless, Home Phone or Hi Speed Internet customer at no extra charge,” and it’s my understanding that that’s continued to be the case… it seems, until now.”

        As far as I knew, Jays games were NEVER available to “any” Rogers customer.

        Read the damn article.

  8. They have it for Leafs and Raptors games too but only for games that are on SN.

  9. I used it last year. It’s great. Its actually MLB.TV, but locked to only Jays games. Pretty amazing.

  10. I have Rogers cable, not Rogers Internet. I have Sportsnet, not Sportsnet One. Last year I could watch every Jays game with this service. I hope I can say the same this year.

  11. So, if you live in an area that doesn’t have Rogers as a TV choice…but have all the Sportsnet packages on Shaw, for example – are you shit outta luck, or what?

    • I suppose us western folk could just get a Rogers cell phone….or use the Euro streaming but that is illegal and I would never do that. I would love to come to Ontario to watch a streamed game while petting a brand new pit bull one day though.

    • That was how it always was, unless you had their internet or phone services.

  12. Simple solution here:
    Move to netherlands
    Get unlimited internet
    Subscribe to premium
    Get a nice tv.
    Set up XBMC

  13. Teixeira out 8-10 weeks. Burn Yankees burn.

    • Months of april and may
      The yankees play within the div…..
      BOS 4 times
      BAL 6 times
      TB 6 times
      JAYS 10 times

      Now, doesn’t that just feel good, make ya all warm and fuzzy like? I know it does for me.

      Great chance to get some games up on the AL East teams.

      • With the exception of Stoeten declaring Lind is due for a monster year, that is the best news I’ve gotten all day.

      • Thank you Coach

        This is the best post. +2

        • Did a little messing around with rotations and the yankees now projected opening day line up – though it may be a little off, this is 1 What their line up will likely be vs us on the first 10 games, and who the Pitching match ups will be if both rotations stay healthy for the first 2 months.

          Yankees Line up
          Cano – 2B
          Hafner – 1B
          Almonte – RF
          Cervelli -C

          Blue Jays Line up
          Reyes – SS
          Cabrera – RF
          Bautista – LF
          Lind – DH
          Lawrie – 3B
          Rasmus – CF
          Arencibia -C

          ST Match UPs
          Apr 19th – Morrow vs Kuroda
          Apr 20th – Buehrle vs Pettitte
          Apr 21st – Johnson vs Hughes
          Apr 25th – Buehrle vs Pettitte
          Apr 26th-Johnson vs Hughes
          Apr 27th – Romero vs Nova
          Apr 28th – Dickey vs CC
          May 17th – Morrow vs Kuroda
          May 18th – Buehrle vs Pettitte
          May 19th – Johnson vs Hughes

          Now i know this wont be set in stone, and i fully expect 1 or both of these teams to change my perdictions, but just taking a look at that line up for the yankees for the first 2 months, and thats if Jeter is ready by April 1st, and not sure who is going to play the OF, but I do expect them to put Jeter at DH and Hafner at 1B with Mark out for the first couple months. So anyways, just something fun to look at and play with…..enjoy lol

          • The pitching match ups won’t go like that due to different off days and the possibility of the Yanks skipping their 5th man in the rotation due to the added off days in the first few weeks of the season….

            • I acounted for the off days…

              but not for skipping the 5th man,

              I also said i expect 1 or each team to change my perdictions

              but if you go by games, not days, and by a 5 man healthy rotation, with both expect rotations listed as…



              • dickey 2,7,13,18,23,28y,4,9,15
                morrow 3,9,14,19y,24,30,5,10,17y
                Buehrle 4,10,15,20y,25y,1,6,11,18y
                Johnson 5,11,16,21y,26y,2,7,12,19y
                Romero 6,12,17,22,27y,3,8,14,

                CC 1,7,12,18,23,28b,4,10,16
                Kuroda 3,8,13,19b,24,29,5,11,17b
                pettitte 4,9,14,20b,25b,30,7,12,18b
                Hughes 5,10,16,21b,26b,1,8,14,19b
                Nova 6,11,17,22,27b,3,9,15

                those are the dates of the first 2 months for both teams, and with 5 man, healthy, are the projected start dates for all 10 opening day pitching rotations.

          • From CBS sports:
            C: Chris Stewart
            1B: Juan Rivera
            2B: Cano
            SS: Eduardo Nunez
            3B: Kevin Youkilis
            LF: Matt Diaz
            CF: Brett Gardner
            RF: Ichiro Suzuki
            DH: Travis Hafner

            That’s not very intimidating. And, remember, starting pitcher Phil Hughes has a bulging disk in his back and ace CC Sabathia had an elbow injury late last season.

            • forgot about Rivera, and Jeter should be set by opening day, and if not, should at least be in the line up by the time they play us.

              • Based on Rivera being in the mix now
                here is what i would project their line up to be, with Jeter.

                Suzuki – LF
                Gardner – CF
                Jeter – DH
                Cano -2B
                Hafner -1B
                Rivera – RF
                Youkilis -3B
                Cervelli -C
                Nunez -SS


  14. I am just a Rogers wireless subscriber, and they never once asked me if I was subscribed to sportsnet/provide proof of it to watch Jays games last season. So I’m not too sure. Guess I’ll find out this season.

  15. I think they changed this up in the middle of last season. Up until August or September, I was able to stream off of Rogers on Demand with an account associated with Rogers internet only (no Rogers Cable associated with it whatsoever) with no problem. One day late in the season, I was abruptly blacked out because I wasn’t “authorized” or something like that..

  16. I believe that when the service debuted all you needed to be was a rogers customer or any flavour. I enjoyed this service into last year when I made the bad decision of logging out of my account (which I had never bothered to do before). After that I was unable to log back in and when I contacted Rogers about this I received this response: “We want to explain that in order to view the LIVE blue jays games a customer must be: A Rogers Digital VIP TV customer with a subscription to Sportsnet and only available in Canada.” So it seems that their policy did change at some point early last year. However, if you have a Rogers ONE phone number (which my fiancee has, lucky me) you are still eligible apparently, or at least you were last year. Hope that helps.

  17. I liked Bautista’s (JoeyBats19) take on team chemistry in the reddit ama, I also liked how an impersonator (joeyBats19) got busted trying to use the counter argument.

    Stoeten I’ll need your alibi on this one…..

    I kid, I kid.

  18. I’m not a Rogers cable subscriber and never will be because the vast majority of television is unwatchable and not worth paying for.

    Therefore, I find (sometimes sketchy) ways to stream Jays games online. I would HAPPILY pay a fee to (un-sketchily) stream Jays games online. I call it the Netflix principle… Provide a high quality product for a reasonable price, and people will pay for it.

    Are you reading this, Rogers?

    • Seconded! Not about get cable or change mobile/internet providers, but would gladly pay a flat fee for the option of watching the Jays online.

      In this day and age I am not sure why this isn’t an option.

    • Yes, exactly the same for me, plus I’m in Vancouver so (1) we only have Shaw and Telus cable TV anyway and (2) most games start when I’m at work (but there would be no big issue at work having the games on, especially as I always mute Buck’n'Tabby). Yes, offer a reasonably priced live streaming package and I’ll buy it. In fact, I’ll quite may get a proxy thing happening for other reasons and buy U.S. MLBTV.

  19. Funny, last year it didnt work for me at the beginning of the season. I read the faq last year and there was a line similar to this. Being only a rogers wireless and internet customer I thought I was out of luck. One day in may I was in the middlle if nowhere and tried again and it worked til the end of the season. I tried again this past weekend and it wouldn’t work. I just decided to get rather than wondering if it was going to work this year.

  20. I have xbmc on appletv . . . I can watch basically everything in the world for free. EXCEPT i cant seem to get the live tv figured out …. Is there a way to easily get mlb games live thru xbmc?

  21. An expected, typical move by Rogers to ensure that more people buy their overpriced cable packages. A desperate attempt to cling to an outdated form of providing TV to the masses.

    Within a few years all TV will be streamed, cable won’t exist, and these idiotic decisions won’t be possible. Or they will be but they won’t have anything to do with cable TV.

  22. Rogers better figure out fast that we aren’t watching TV on cable anymore. Every mlb game live for $25/month during the baseball season, and $20/month for every NHL game during the hockey season + $7.00 netflix and $5.00 to scramble your IP gives you all the sports content you can handle plus recent tv shows on hulu and movies on netflix. The average cable bill is approaching $50.00/month just to watch the jays. It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

    • $50 I wish, to get all of the games you need SN one which is bundled with even more crap for more money.

  23. Santos opening day closer

    • Thanks Tom W

      This is what I miss about Roy. His competitiveness.
      Speaking of which Tom W, I stuck up for you against Tom, and Christened him “Flounder”.
      You’re welcome.

      As a gesture of good faith, you should name your first born “Little Looper”

  24. I thought was how it always was, I have rogers though, including SN1 so I wouldn’t know.

    • Huh? Could you try again as you sound like me when piss drunk and if you are me piss drunk, well that’s just weird Danny Boy.

      • Looks like he’s found your stash of grog.

        • Is ‘dat you, GSMC?

          • Only when I have my rosé coloured glasses on.

            • “What men and women need is encouragement. Their natural resisting powers should be strengthened, not weakened…. Instead of always harping on a man’s faults,tell him of his virtues. Try to pull him out of his rut of bad habits. Hold up to him his better self, his REAL self that can dare and do and win out! … The influence of a beautiful, helpful, hopeful character is contagious, and may revolutionize a whole town…. People radiate what is in their minds and in their hearts. If a man feels kindly and obliging, his neighbors will feel that way, too, before long.But if he scolds and scowls and criticizes—his neighbors will return scowl for scowl, and add interest! … When you look for the bad, expecting it, you will get it. When you know you will find the good—you will get that…”
              ― Eleanor H. Porter, Pollyanna

  25. My rabbit Ears don’t work at all anymore … what happened

    • Mine do – they is _digital_! Work great from downtown for “normal” channels (incl. Beefalo). Then my magic bunny pops up outside of Canada to stream No cable – no problem.

  26. Couldn’t tell you. I bask in the glow of big screen hi-def cable when I’m at home. Don’t think twice about it. Of course it’s also nice to put day games on in the corner of my computer screen here at work.

  27. fuck rogers!

    • …and all the damn hipster apologists! They will never open the wallet for this team!!

  28. I am a Rogers wireless and internet subscriber and not cable. I was able to log in from anywhere all last season and watch the games. Unless they decided to be dicks and change it, should be the same this year.


    Jose did an AMA earlier.

    Some quotes.

    Toughest Pitcher to face?
    “For right-handers it’s Jered Weaver. For lefties it’s CC Sabathia.”

    What kind of antics or practical jokes go on in a MLB clubhouse?
    “The best one I’ve seen was actually in a minor league clubhouse. A guy lost a bet and as punishment he had to put himself in one of those industrial sized dryers for 1 min (super low heat). Wasn’t quite what we’d hoped, he didn’t tumble like clothes do, but still hilarious.” (da fuq lol)

    Jose, what are your favourite shows on tv, right now?
    “Can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’m big fan of Betty White’s show Off Their Rockers!”

    Which former Blue Jay do you look up to as an idol? And if it’s different, which former Jay do you think your game is most similar to?
    “I’m a huge Tony Fernandez fan. Growing up he and Ken Griffey Jr were my two favorite players.”

    Would you rather fight 100 Jon Rauch-sized ducks, or 1 horse-sized David Eckstein?
    “The Eckstein-sized horse…but shouldn’t the question be 100 Eckstein sized hoses or 1 Rauch sized duck?”

    Who is the funniest in the clubhouse?
    “Brett Lawrie. Not sure he even tries to be funny, but he is hilarious.”

    How much does “clubhouse chemistry” really matter? Would you prefer an MVP caliber jerk as a teammate or the nicest guy in the world who can’t hit .225?
    “Clubhouse chemistry is important, but it’s not the only indicator of success. Also, clubhouse chemistry is not dictated by the attitude of one individual. So, it comes down to having the right mix.”

    • That’s just awesome

      • This is the exact point I’m making.
        A team with great team chemistry, like the1993 Phillies, can beat a “team”, or group of better talented individuals playing as individuals without care or regard to how each other play.
        Like how that team of misfits made the World Series, while the Bonds lead Pirate years never did.

        To call team cohesion a myth is just incorrect, even if it can’t be quantified.
        Those who watch baseball as passionately as a scout, can look past the quantifiable statistics and see the body language and interaction of players.
        Imagine a possible Blue Jays scenario.
        Jose Reyes gets on base, steals 100 bases this year.
        Jose Bautista gets distracted everytime Reyes steals, and strikes out every at-bat when Reyes runs.
        If Reyes is a bad teamate, he will continue to run, and become rich as one of the best leadoff hitters using quantifiable statistics.
        If Bautista and Reyes like each other, respect each other, and have great chemistry, maybe Bautista hits a home run in every at-bat Reyes doesn’t run.
        So Reyes wouldn’t have the quantifiable statistics of stealing bases and would sacrifice the measureable stats justifying being a great player, but the Jays would get a lot more wins.
        Sure, some stats geek will find some random measure that says stolen bases are irrelevant, but whatever data he uses to argue against these points be used as measurable proof of “team chemistry?”
        So maybe team chemistry is measurable after all.

        • Excellent point Looper

          • Obviously, Bautista doesn’t know what he is talking about, chemistry schmemistry. He’s a pro, so he brings the A game all day everyday, regardless of what dicks might be on his squad. Also, he ain’t never won jack shit so what the fuck does he know about what is important or not.

        • LOOPER, It’s getting late!

  30. Fuck rogers if there changing it, I’m only still with their crappy over priced cell service because I can stream games, I will leave if that changes.

  31. Anyone have an in at rogers to get an answer on this? I might hop from Bell to Rogers cell phone if I know I can stream games online… if they’re changing the rules for cable only then fuck it.

  32. It’s 3 am and I’m all hopped up on Crown Royal – Maple.
    I highly recommend it.
    It’s sweet but… sweet jesus…….
    Maple syrupy hallucinations….

    I just saw Kate Upton wearing nothing but flap jack sauce.
    There are no corners in the room I’m in.
    I just lost an arm wrestle to Hugo Chavez……
    But beat Oscar Pistorious in a game of Hacky sack.

    Is this shit the best or worst thing I’ve ever drank….?

    • Enjoy the hangover! That shit must be as sweet as fuck. The sugar is going to kill you today. My recommendation: sausage mcmuffin with egg, two hash browns, medium coke and 3 Advil.

    • Gary busey wants to add you as a friend on Myspace.

  33. It said the same thing last year but it still worked (using GF’s wireless-subscriber-only account). I think there were a few games at the beginning of the season that didn’t work but I assumed that enough people who had signed a 3-year contract just to get the games complained. It still worked this past Saturday. It was suggested last year that you could find a senior/etc you know who gets cable but wouldn’t use the internet content and “borrow” their account if you were stuck.

    When the service was first announced there was talk about the net-neutrality implications of subscription requirements and Rogers stated that they wouldn’t prevent other carriers from streaming the games but that they were offering it first. That was 2 years ago. Perhaps there’s an unwritten agreement amongst the big players not to step on each others digital content turf?

  34. Thankfully I remember my technologically challenged parents rogers account info. As a student I can’t even afford a phone line let alone cable.

  35. It’s working the same for me now as it was last year. I have Rogers internet but no cable or mobile service with them. Just checked and used my same username and password from last year. Hopefully it’s not just for ST games. I can’t deal with streams or Jack freakin’ Morris.

  36. so if you dont have cable your basically fucked. i cant even get rogers where i live and dont think i would ever give them a single cent of my money.

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