Here we have, via the Jays’ official Twitter feed, the best angle on the changes taking place in the Rogers Centre that we’ve seen yet. And I’m thinking it looks pretty not half bad, whatever it is– though obviously not finished just yet.

You may recall that the last time we caught a glimpse of the progress, the only photo available required the kind of attention to detail usually reserved for the Zapruder film just to get a sense of what the hell you were looking at. Here, not so much.

Because… uh… as you can see… uh… the windows are gone.


No, you’re mailing in a post. Again.

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  1. The only thing that would make it better would be in the stadium around it weren’t such a soulless fun sucker.

  2. Is there a scrappier wood out there than plywood? Love that hustle and heart ™

  3. Hey! Since stupid comments are all the rage this morning I was wondering if it’s legal to train a dog to bite my wife every time she asks me what I’m watching when there is a baseball game on?

  4. This may seem like an odd question 24+ years after the fact, but can someone explain the original logic behind building a restaurant IN A STADIUM WITH A ROOF that was fully enclosed behind glass?
    “Don’t worry folks, if the sterile and cold environment inside the stadium isn’t enough for you, we’ll hermetically seal you inside this enclosure for 3 hours!”.

    • uhm… they didn’t want you to drop a meat pie on Devo’s head…?…. I guess…

    • That’s actually a very good question.

      My guess is that it had something to do with offering an air conditioned environment. I took in a game a couple years ago during a particularly hot day at Sightlines. Wasn’t the best dining experience. Ass sweat on plastic chairs galore.

  5. The biggest side benefit to removing the windows is we don’t have to look at those gigantic gaudy Blackberry and Coke ads that were plastered over the glass. Good riddance.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking too. Good riddance indeed! Though I’m sure they’ll find some other way to advertise in a hideous way.

  6. Open the some 24/7!!!!

  7. I see the hilarious inability to utilize BABIP correctly amongst Sportsnet personnel continued today through Arash:

    Anthony Gose’s ascension to the big-leagues was fast. His progress in the show –15 stolen bases and a batting average of .340 with balls in play through 56 games with Toronto last season — was encouraging.

  8. I hate those old fashion fugly hotel windows more. That shit looks like a brothel.

    • Things that look like brothels and strip clubs are clever attempts to put the players at ease in their surroundings.

  9. so it’s gonna look like this for TFC’s dome opener on saturday?

  10. Hopefully the next item on the todo list is to either tint the fucking hotel windows a dark blue or at least swap those tired curtains with some nice blue blinds. I cant stand seeing curtains at a baseball game. Whos with me?

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