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An interesting-ish piece from Andy Martino of the New York Daily News hit the interweb this morning, in which not only is it alleged that the Jays could have got Jon Niese from the Mets for the same package they gave up to get R.A. Dickey, but also that that’s some kind of astonishing bit of news.

Now, that’s not to fault Martino, who is just doing his job– and was an excellent source of information while the Dickey rumours were at their thickest– but… uh… yeah, I’d hope the Mets would have also dealt Niese for d’Arnaud and Syndergaard. And I like Niese, and was all about the Jays trying to go out and get him and his team friendly contract at one point, but… um… obviously?

And what really is sticking in my gullet’s craw about this becoming a thing is the quote from Martino’s source:

Turns out that the Mets had that choice.  While Niese faced Team Venezuela Wednesday in Port St. Lucie, two people with direct knowledge of last December’s deal told me that the Blue Jays were willing to send the same package to New York in exchange for Niese.

“Toronto has loved Niese for years,” one source said.  “They absolutely would have done that.”

Granted, he says he’s got a couple of people telling him that the Jays would have gone either-or, but… doesn’t that just kinda sound a whole lot like speculation, rather than the imparting of inside knowledge?

Obviously I don’t know. And shit, maybe the Jays really would have done it– I’m sure they would have traded something for Niese. It’s just… man, the package they gave up to get the reigning NL Cy Young winner was tough enough to swallow. Call me crazy, but I can’t quite see the same package being given up for Niese going over at all.

Which, I guess, is to say… I just don’t buy it. And I base that, of course, on absolutely nothing.

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  1. BS story by him, just trying to turn more fans against the Mets, still biter they gave up Dickey and then he signed an extention that anyone on any team would have jumped all over.

    • Trying to turn fans against the Mets? Let’s not be fucking ridiculous, please.

    • He can’t turn fans against the Mets. They all turned against that team years ago.

    • I doubt this writer is trying to turn the fanbase around on anything; he is merely just passing on poor information.

      Sure, if the Mets had the option they would prefer to go with Niese in this TDA trade here and flip Dicky for something else.

      But this all sounds to me like it was the Blue Jays with the option, and lo and behold, the Jays opted to select Dicky with that package over Niese.

      That being said, it would not have surprised me that if Dicky and the Jays could not come to an agreement within their 72 hour negotiating window that another smaller package would have been made for Niese. Basically, we probably would not have given up Becerra to cover Buck’s contract here, and we still would have got Thole.

      Either way, we won.

  2. G&M reporting that Lawrie got pulled from WBC game with soreness. Fuck buttons.

    • Yeah, saw that last night. They’re pretty cautious with players, I think, but… yeah, that’s something.

  3. I get that you get more control with Niese… but he’s had 1 year with a WHIP under 1.4. He gives up a ton of hits, pitching in far more friendly environments than he would here..

    Maybe the Jays were interested in him, I don’t doubt that.. but I don’t see any way you’d give up TDA in a deal for him. he’s a back of the rotation starter.

  4. So why wouldn’t the Mets have trade Niese in place of Dickey? I know Niese is considerably younger but I woulda thought that since the Mets are going to be bad for a while that having an awesome knuckleballer would maybe help sell a few tickets…

    The one player impact on ticket sales is obviously ususally horsehit but…DICKEY THE BEST

    • because they got a better package for dickey and because Niese is younger could help them eat innings for a few more years.

  5. To me, the only realistic scenario r.e. this report is that the Jays were trying to trade for Niese, the Mets asked for this package and their demand for Syndergaard and d’Arnaud, coupled with the timing of talks of a Dickey extension going to shit, led the Jays to ask for Dickey instead. And I base that, of course, on absolutely nothing.

  6. Well that sounds a little absurd. He’s a nice pitcher on a pretty fantastic contract, but when has anyone ever given up a top 10 prospect for a 26 year old with mid-rotation ceiling?

  7. This was the plan if the dickey talks went to shit and it isn’t bad as he’s locked up long term

  8. I agree Stoets. I dont think those deals are even remotely close, even with Niese’s age and contract.

  9. Wow. I’m okay with giving up what they did for Dickey, particularly with the extension, but to give up the same for Niese would have been tough to swallow.

  10. Cant believe the jays would give up the same package for niese. Cant be true. His performance hasnt come close to matching dickeys the past 3 seasons. AA is no fool like some other gms in toronto (cough, BC).

  11. His contract great and all, but it still makes no sense that the Jays, fresh off of making a very much ‘win now’ trade with the Marlins and inking Melky for 2 years would be willing to mortgage their future on EITHER the reigning Cy Young winner or a 26 year old mid rotation starter. I’m really trying not to undermine how fantastic Niese’s contract is and that he seems like quite an underrated pitcher, but Dickey is so, so much more valuable to this team as presently constructed and it isn’t particularly close.

    • Niese would make more sense if the team didn’t make the marlins trade and only brought in marginal players like izturis

  12. Yeah, that’s what he says, but AA got the reigning NL Cy Young winner for the package. So the difference is, if he took Niese, 11 years of age, control, for a lot less $$.
    First, speculate all you want but I dont think AA would give up 2 elite prospects for Niese, and second, in our heart of hearts, with Dickey we think a pennant is possible. Without him, not so much.

  13. Probably just some bullshit spin from the Mets front office (I’m looking at you JP Ricciardi) – pump the tires on Niese so Mets fans forget their team traded away the reigning NL Cy Young award winner.

  14. If AA didn’t give up that for Reyes, Johnson, Buehrle, Bone-face – he sure as shit wasn’t giving that up for Niese. Would they have made a trade for him? Sure – he’s valuable. But seriously, unless you’ve got something a little more air-tight than an anon source saying “They absolutely would have done that” this story is complete BS. Sounds like something one guy says to another in conversation before he really thinks about it.

  15. 3 years of R.A. Dickey (plus 1 option) > 4 years for Jon Niese (plus 2 options)

  16. The more I think about the Dickey contract negotiations, the more I like him.
    A lot of ego players would have jumped on the fact the Jays traded their two best prospects and would have held out for a huge payday. He’s getting well paid, but he really could have held out for more. Good on him.

  17. Very easy way to tell if the Jays wouldve given up the same package for either……..Just check the rosters. Is Niese a Blue Jay?

    If not, then Tor was not willing to trade the same package for Niese, because if they were, they would have sent Niese with absoultely zero hesitation.

    You dont send the reigning CY winner who has been atop 5 pitcher in his league for three years now if you can help it. And certainly not if your other option is a decent back end innings eater.

  18. i don’t buy it.. not for the same package.

  19. Martino (or his source) took two facts and combined them to make a new fact.

    Yes, the Jays gave a package of players to the Mets
    Yes, the Jays had interest in Niese

    So, if we combine the two and say the same package was offered for Niese – it makes a good article and has some truth in it

  20. um yeah maybe john buck and some lower end prospects for niese would make more sense

  21. The argument that this isn’t true because if it was the mets would have preferred to ship niese is kind of bullshit… the whole reason dickey was being shopped was because they werent resigning him, he was gone after this season. Under those circumstances it makes more sense to move 1 yr of dickey.

    Kind of like saying the phillies would have taken romero instead of halladay. From a jays perspective romero was more valuable at the time.

    not arguing this is true, but it certainly makes sense from the mets side.

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