Jose Did A Reddit AMA!


If it was at all planned prior to today, it sure flew under the radar, but at some point yesterday afternoon it became clear out on the vast plain of the interwebs that Jose Bautista was sitting in front of a computer, answer questions– some serious, some oddball– in a Reddit AMA.

Some, of course, are better than others, so here are a few highlights (click to embiggen)…


I suspect Jose doesn’t quite mean that Lawrie in real life is a ridiculous @HelmetTosser13 caricature of himself, but that doesn’t mean I’m not just going to go ahead and believe it anyway.



Hey! Jose seems like he has a pretty terrific memory when it comes to this stuff!


And in Dunedin, he’s apparently partial to the Chic-A-Boom Room, at least some nights. At least according to a cabbie I talked to last week who said he once picked up Phillies pitchers Kyle Kendrick and Cole Hamels and only recognized one… Kendrick.



Uh… yeah… about that great memory…



Great question, damp_panties, uh… wait, sorry, what was it you were asking?



See, this is very interesting to me– especially coming off a year in which it seemed a guy like Colby Rasmus was tinkering with something every few weeks. Sure, maybe it was because Bautista was almost into his age twenty-eight season, and onto his sixth organization (seven if you count both stops with Pittsburgh), that he was more willing to stick with it– or, y’know, because he’s Bautista– but it’s pretty amazing to think that, by his word, he made the changes to his swing a full year before even the huge September of 2009 that preceded his monstrous 2010 breakout.

A little disappointed he didn’t answer the sabermetrics part of the question– not that it really matters what the players think anyway.






Bautista 1 – Reddit 0


Image via Twitter.

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  1. and, has everyone seen JBau kill it in this commercial?:

  2. did he really answer a question from some one with the username damp panties?

  3. fuck he nailed the Eckstein/Rauch question.

  4. He ducked this question which was somewhat near the top:

    “Do you guys still call it skydome in the locker rooms?”

    That kind of led me to think this was Jose Bautista, Rogers employee talking more then Jose Bautista regular guy who wanted to reach out to his fans. Whatever though

    • He didn’t dodge anything, he doesn’t know how to answer it considering no one on the team currently ever played home at the SkyDome and I doubt Beeston and the like would drop “SkyDome” in passing.

    • yeah and plus who cares what they call it

    • Pretty sure Rogers had nothing to do with Bautista taking time out of HIS day and free time to do a AMA. There a bajillion questions thrown at him in that thread and the questions shift up or down depending on how many upvotes or downvotes it gets. So I guess my point is 1. He could never have answered every single question in the thread and that may have been one he didnt prioritze or 2. He never even saw the damn question in the first place cause it was buried under the other 2500 comments he received in two hours!

  5. “Great question, damp_panties, uh… wait, sorry, what was it you were asking?”

    Props Stoeten.
    I haven’t laughed this much on here since you took away The Smasher’s uterus

  6. I cant imagine players care at all about sabermetrics….during the season, anyway. Maybe as a way of looking back at the end of the season…but other than that, its not like it would make a hitter change his approach at all from one day to the next.
    I could see them caring a lot during contract negotiations.

  7. I’m surprised that didn’t bring up the “chemistry” question he answered Stoeten.
    Says Jose when asked how important chemistry is in a clubhouse, “Clubhouse chemistry is important, but it’s not the only indicator of success. Also, clubhouse chemistry is not dictated by the attitude of one individual. So, it comes down to having the right mix.”

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