If you were up last night, perhaps at a bar where people are so far behind on the irony curve that they karaoke’d Sum fucking 41, you’d have heard about Brett Lawrie, and his having been removed from Team Canada’s World Honkbal Fantastic tune-up due to some soreness in his right side.

It turned out, as you may have seen in the Game Threat below, the injury was enough that Lawrie wasn’t working out with his countrymen this morning, as he was being assessed by doctors.

Now, thanks to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, who is in Arizona following Team Canada– and, y’know, the doctors who actually did the assessing– we have word on just what the hell is going on, and it’s not particularly good news for Canada, though the Jays are probably not quite as concerned… maybe.

So… yeah. It almost sounds like it’s a different injury, just in the same area where he experienced soreness last year. Almost.

Hmmmm. That’s not quite what Dr. Lawrie seemed to be telling us in the tweets above, is it? Ahh, but here’s a slightly different take on the Jays PR man’s words:

Kennedy writes in an update to an earlier piece at the Toronto Star that “The B.C. native addressed reporters on Thursday in Arizona saying he planned to stay with the Canadian team for Friday’s opening game against Italy but would then travel back to Florida to receive treatment from Jays’ training staff.”

At his blog for the Star, Richard Griffin is slightly more emphatic, stating that “Canada’s hopes in the WBC took another body blow on Thursday, as a subdued Brett Lawrie emerged into the dugout at Chase Field to announce that he would not play in ther tournament, even if Canada makes it to the finals in San Francisco, March 17-19.”

So… there’s that.

Then there’s this:

Now… not to be too much of a doomsayer, but didn’t Lawrie just get through, y’know, several months of not playing through the injury? Like, is this a lingering holdover from last year’s trouble, or a completely new hurt in the same area? Are we really to believe that this is an entirely different injury, yet somehow also exactly the same?

(I’m an idiot update: Well, the fact that Davidi says this is on the left side, when last year’s was on the right might suggest we could).

Obviously I have no fucking idea. And I don’t want to overemphasize a mild strain they’re obviously being especially cautious with and clearly doing the right thing about, it’s just… fingers crossed this time off does the trick and that’s the last we hear of it.

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  1. dammit. canada is screwed now, a shame since this is gonna be the last WBC.

    • The Netherlands beat the Dominicans twice in ’09 with a roster far worse than Canada’s. The WBC is a crapshoot.

    • Last WBC? Get off your high horse.

      • I love the event, but attendance has collapsed, there are less stars than ever before (no Japanese MLBers nor Mr.Choo for Korea) and everyone skips the tourney as sonn as they have a minor tweak. Once Selig is gone, 2017 will be cancelled. It’s a shame, but the American media/fans never got on board and that’s what killed it.

        Obviously Lawrie getting hurt has nothing to do with this, but I still think he will not another chance to represent Canada in this context.

    • Fuck the WBC – by 2017, no GM will let anyone on their 40 man to play, maybe even more then the 40man.

  2. “Or are we really to believe that this is an entirely different injury, yet somehow also exactly the same? Like, is this a lingering holdover from last year’s trouble, or a completely new hurt in the same area?”

    Do you have reading comprehension problems? Last year he was hurt on the right side of his body. This injury is to his left.

  3. Why wouldn’t it be a different injury…Davidi says last year’s was one the right side, and this one is on the left.

  4. I’m glad to see he’s not being an idiot about this one. Our young doucher is maturing.

  5. Yeah not only is this apparently a rib thing and not the oblique, this is on the left side, not the right like last year. So I hope this doesn’t become a thing.

  6. Wait lawrie is not playing in the wbc? Oh that’s weak. Suck it up chump and do what’s best for your country remember?

  7. Looks like the jays got a travis hafner on their hands. enjoy

  8. Should of signed the GBOAT. (Too bad about the turf thing)

  9. And Candaian GM Doug Melvin rushed to hospital after getting stung by a scorpian.

    I don’t like our chances in WBC.

  10. Different injury or not, I still think this is continued fall out from the camera bay dive. There’s no way you wouldn’t get hurt in a bunch of places after a fall like that.

  11. The dawning of the Lance Zawadzki Era?

  12. The irony curve is sinusoid. How do you know they aren’t way ahead?

  13. good thing we have mark derosa

  14. Has anyone seen how he suffered the injury? I haven’t seen anything on that yet.. Was this Lawrie being Lawrie?, or did he sneeze and feel something pull? hmmm.

    • he was reaching for a throw that was off the mark….

    • Vigorous chugging of a 6-pack of red bull. Common sports related injury

    • Just a thought, as a geezer who’s had many aches and pains and sprains … when you injure a body part on your left side, the corresponding part on the right side has to work harder. If you have a sore left knee, it causes pain and maybe becomes less flexible, and you start putting most of your weight on the right leg. When you do that for a while — shocka! — you may just develop a sore right knee. So, Lawrie messes up a body part that holds his trunk up from the right side, experiences prolonged pain, and starts using the corresponding structure on the other side of his body more …

  15. Considering how much (deserved) pissing and moaning we’ve had over players playing through injury and destroying not only their season, but the team’s – I should think we would all be a little more pleased that they have chosen to shut him down in the tourney completely, and focus on fully recovering.

  16. Can izturis play third?

  17. Updated re: my inability to distinguish left from right while hung over. Thanks all.

  18. I’ve strained my ribs dropping my daily duce before. Just pour some red bull on it and get back out there Brett

  19. Maybe Jussell Martin could have played at 3rd replacing Lawrie had he remained on the team.

  20. This injury could very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise as far as the Jays are concerned.

  21. well at the speed that nibber nobbs plays, this is probably a good thing that he is sitting out for the wbc, the jays need him to be able and get better this year.

  22. what’s the over/under on how many games Lawrie is out of the line-up due to injury this year? i get the sense this guy is going to be chronically injured.

  23. Does it scare anybody else when all these guys tweet from a couple of hours in the future …

  24. What I don’t understand is why a bunch of fellows who play baseball would want to become involved in the World Boxing Conference. Anybody?

  25. I may have missed this a couple of days ago, but did anybody notice Buster Olney’s comments about the Jays on Jonah Keri’s Grantland podcast this week?

    At about the 44:00 mark, Buster says that he loves what the Jays have done, “but you do worry about some of these things you’ve heard about some of their young players having disagreements with the staff.”

    What the hell’s he talking about? Sierra being called out for being a clown on the basepaths? Lawrie being Lawrie? Lind and Rasmus talking about Farrell? Am I missing something here?

  26. Who gave Lawrie maple syrup to put in his red bull where a batting practice warm up breaks him?

  27. Jose Reyes 4 for 4 so far in the WBC.

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