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The Jays head to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, bringing Mark Buehrle and actual stars– as opposed to yesterday’s dud of a lineup against the Tigers in Lakeland– with them to take on Jason Hammel and the Baltimore Orioles. It’s… uh… another baseball game as the spring meanders forward. But hey, at least you can watch this one– if you get FX Canada, or have MLB.tv.



Brett Lawrie left Canada’s WBC tuneup last night with discomfort in his right side, and according to Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, John Gibbons and the Jays are ready to pull him from Team Canada if the issue continues– which I’m sure is going to get him to open right up about it, eh?

Lawrie, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi, who is out in Arizona covering Team Canada, is not working out with the team today, as he’s being assessed. Love that WBC!

Scott MacArthur of TSN.ca writes about Sergio Santos, who had a precautionary MRI this week– but he wouldn’t have if it was up to him. Michael Grange writes about Santos at Sportsnet (where their site redesign is really making me miss my old font), who says that he’s learning to listen to his arm– which hasn’t been a natural thing to do for the converted shortstop.

Chris Toman adds that Santos will play catch tomorrow– he wanted to today– and that Pete Walker says he’ll get back into game action after Monday’s off day.

Another tweet from Toman informs us that Colby Rasmus will play this weekend, but that John Gibbson didn’t figure on making him ride the bus to Sarasota today, or Disney World tomorrow.

Chad Jenkins is dealing with shoulder soreness, tweets Brendan Kennedy, while Chris Toman adds that he’s scheduled to throw a side tomorrow, according to Pete Walker.

Today’s Pitchers

According to Gregor Chisholm’s North of the Border blog, here are the pitchers scheduled to throw for the Jays today in Sarasota:

Mark Buehrle (three innings)
Justin Germano (two innings)
Evan Crawford (one inning)
Claudio Vargas (one inning)
Alex Hinshaw (one inning)
Juan Perez (one inning)
Mickey Storey (one inning)

TV: FX Canada

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

E. Bonifacio 2B
M. Izturis SS
M. Cabrera CF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind DH
M. DeRosa 3B
L. Anderson 1B
H. Blanco C
E. Velez LF

M. Buehrle LHP

Baltimore Orioles

N. Reimold DH
B. Roberts 2B
C. Jackson RF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis 1B
J. Hardy SS
N. McLouth CF
M. Machado 3B
S. Pearce LF

J. Hammel RHP

Comments (45)

  1. For those with Rogers cable, they are showing a free preview of FX canada ch 565 or that default 001 channel.
    The preview is very nice, but that is the only channel I’m getting with no sound.

    It’s the Jim Palmer Orioles feed. Maybe that’s why they muted the sound.

  2. scuttlebutt

  3. Is anybody reporting how McGowan feels today?

  4. @ShiDavidi

    Brett Lawrie says doctor thinks its a mild strain. Staying with team but doesn’t think he’ll play in first round.

  5. Ok, the errors and baserunning blunders are a minor but growing concern.

    Melky on second, one out, Joey B hits a grounder to shortstop who easily throws out Melky running to third when he didnt have to run.

    Not all, but a lot of these blunders are by the veterans and not scrubs.

  6. There’s currently no audio on FX Canada for the Jays game.

  7. FX HD has no sound, but te SD version of channel has it. At least on my TV

  8. Audio is back on FX HD.

    • Not in Winnipeg though.
      I’m wondering…At first I thought the “no sound” for HD was intentional. Now I have no idea what to think.

  9. Is it just me or do the jays pitchers predicts innings for today add up to 10?

  10. Ugh. Lawrie out for a few weeks?

    Wonder if he’ll miss regular season time.

  11. From Carl Crawford interview. I’m posting this for an obvious “suck it Farrell”.

    He knows now he never should have gone to Boston, He knows it now, and he admits now he knew it almost immediately.

    Boston and Carl Crawford were a bad mix.
    “It just wasn’t the right place for me at the end of my day. I didn’t do my homework.

    He should have been anywhere but Boston. But he took the money and went to Boston, into the hands of the media he now blames for making him miserable.

    “That smile turned upside down quick,” Crawford said. “I think they want to see that in Boston. They love it when you’re miserable.

    “Burying people in the media, they think that makes a person play better. That media was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

    “Look how they treat [John] Lackey. Adrian [Gonzalez] hit 30 home runs (actually 27), and they talked about him not hitting home runs.”

    Crawford felt like he stopped smiling after one game of his Boston career, and didn’t start again until he left.

    “You have to tell everybody how much you like it, when you really don’t like it,” he said.

    He didn’t like Boston. He didn’t like the media. He never should have gone there, and they never should have signed him.

  12. Anyword on Rasmus’ shoulder??? Was supposed to be back Tuesday no?

    • was updated to start today, but must still be in a little pain, so prob just taking it easy on him.

  13. Did anyone catch Palmer saying some Baltimore hack predicting the O’s were going to end up winning the AL East this year?

    • Don’t Listen to him

      • Yeah I never liked Palmer but he was citing another media person…just didnt catch the name of him. Btw he asked Cal Ripken what he thought about it and Ripken said in a long drawn out answer he didnt believe it.

  14. Think this Negrych kid needs a closer look.

  15. Glad to see Jose taking a couple walks….instead of waking away at it like a Disgruntled Gardener.

  16. Is Evan Crawford’s MLB dream done?

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