Call me a sucker for loving shitty paintings and watching Jose Bautista hit a Joe Carter-esque World Series-winning home run over the left field fence at Rogers Centre– real or not– but this Jays-flavoured ad for MLB 13: The Show┬ákinda totally does it for me.

See for yourself below the jump. Then check out the 9.2/10 review of the game from Scott Lewis over at Getting Blanked (complete with an excellent video review if you’re not into words), and hit up Franchise Mode for a chance to win a copy for the Playstation Vita.

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  1. That is all kinds of awesome!

  2. I’ve played a fair bit of Road to the Show the past couple of evenings since it arrived from Amazon. It seems much improved over previous iterations. I’m waiting on the Operation Sports rosters with the real minor leaguer names and ratings before I dip into franchise mode, but apparently that is much improved too.

    One of the best things they’ve updated this year is actually the menu system. Whenever you’re doing anything other than an exhibition game you wind up spending a fair amount of time in menus training your player, checking what your next goal is, looking at the schedule, league leaderboards, and other various things. While I got used to the old menus, the new ones are much more intuitive and quicker to load. Part of that is probably choosing the 10GB install option rather than the 5GB one though.

  3. The only thing negative about that commercial is the silly Jays’ batting practice hat Bautista is wearing. Other than that, it’s gold!

  4. Anybody else notice Bonifacio in the celebration at the end? Around the 24 second mark

  5. “Hero of Canada”

  6. Stoeten, I’m glad to see that you have rediscovered the AM side of the 24-hour clock. The only thing better than Jays content is Jays content delivered faster.

  7. Is there a copy of that painting (in poster form, even) somewhere, anywhere? Um, asking for a friend.

  8. Epic painting. Me wants…

  9. hahaha, I don’t have sound here at the office but that was still funny.

  10. Well I think I solved my twitter avatar for good.

  11. That is a sweet painting….

    Maple boners to Bautista holding the World Series trophy!!!

  12. Anyone else get hard when they saw a simulated Bautista hit a jack for the World Series?? No???

  13. I call B.S. The windows in Windows restaurant are still there.

  14. I didn’t even know what MLB 13 the show was, and I still thought that was awesome.

  15. The painting they make fun of here reminds me of the one the Blue Jays commissioned from Vernon Wells’ artist father for Cito’s retirement.

  16. Is this the first paid for post on djf? No chance this wasn’t part of some digital sales package..not being critical…just saying

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