Canada v United States - World Baseball Classic - Toronto Day 1

The Jays– well, Josh Johnson, Rajai Davis and a bunch of your Buffalo Bisons– travel to Orlando today to take on the Atlanta Braves and Kris Medlen at 1 PM ET, but for most of us that game is going to slip into blissful irrelevance about an hour later, as Team Canada kicks of its Global Honkbal Superlative campaign at 2 PM ET against Italy.


Mike Wilner tweets that John Gibbons says he hasn’t ruled out having Jose Bautista play some third base, with Brett Lawrie now out (but that that’s very premature thinking, and he hasn’t even approached Jose about it). Uh… hopefully it doesn’t come to this.

Brendan Kennedy of the Star tweets that Josh Johnson is scheduled for three innings today, followed by Jeremy Jeffress, who will pitch two, then one apiece from Delabar, Rogers, Brummett and Beck.

Interesting WBC tie-breaker and importance-of-scorekeeping stuff from Griff (who, incidentally has a new mail bag up at the Toronto Star–though, as always, I have not read any of his answers)…

Honkballers maken grote monde voorlopig waar, says Algemeen Dagblad.

TV: None (Jays), Sportsnet (WBC)

And now the lineups for the Spring Training game from Disney World…

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose CF
R. Davis LF
R. Langerhans RF
A. LaRoche 3B
L. Jimenez 1B
M. Nickeas C
J. Thole DH
R. Goins SS
J. Negrych 2B

J. Johnson RHP

Atlanta Braves

J. Heyward DH
J. Parraz RF
J. Upton LF
B. Upton CF
E. Meija 1B
B. DeWitt 2B
C. Bethancourt C
J. Leonard 3B
E. Reyes SS

K. Medlen RHP


And now the lineups for the Global Honkbal Superlative matchup in Arizona…


T. Gillies CF
T. Green 3B
J. Votto DH
J. Morneau 1B
M. Saunders RF
C. Robinson C
A. Loewen LF
P. Orr 2B
C. Iorg SS

S. Hill RHP


N. Punto 2B
C. DeNorfia CF
A. Rizzo DH
A. Liddi 3B
C. Colabello 1B
M. Costanzo LF
M. Chiarini RF
D. Butera C
A. Granato SS

A. Maestri RHP

Comments (76)

  1. They have the wrong game on TV!

  2. Stoeten, are your tear ducts welling up with maple drops of pride?

  3. I just want to watch JAYS play. What are Lind/ Bautista / Cabrera doing today? more Reddit AMAs?

  4. any tips for watching Canada-Italy online?

  5. Johnson pitched a hell of a 3 innings :)

  6. So should I drive around and honk my horn today?

    Problem is, I don’t have a Camaro or Prelude with a sick looking spoiler.

  7. Aah, mama – Mia. They scored in the first.

  8. Looks like Gose decided today is a good day to go apeshit. 3-3 with a homer and 2 steals? Yes please.

  9. Canada back to 1-1, but they look incredibly nervous so far. Can you imagine Italy going through to the final 8 instead of Canada? Mexico isn’t out yet either, but man that would be ugly.

  10. lead off single in the 3rd too for Italy

  11. oh oh

  12. Not liking the World Honkbal thing so much today.

  13. Not watching the game cuz Im at work so Im following the GameDay, but Canada is down by 4 runs, get the first 2 runners on base and then lay down a sac bunt? Wtf?!? Please tell me I missed something important there …

  14. Its cuzza me isn’t it.

  15. WWWWHHHHYYYY!?!?!?!?! are you bunting….

  16. Nice job there by Aumont. Two outs, nobody on..and gives up three more runs.

    i thought this guy had a big arm. guy was sitting low 90s

  17. No joy in Mapleville.

  18. Ok that’s it…no more honkbal for this guy…fucking Mercy Rule…embarassing…

  19. ok, I’m going back to the ST games-fukin some drama there at least. This is like looking at D league shit-enuf!. Lawrie should leave tonite and get ready for the real season-forfuksakes

  20. Missed the game, seeing on twitter that Parkes and Andy are all bent outta shape about Ernie Whitt being manager..

    Someone lemme know what happened?

    • Let’s just say that Ernie does not believe in the 3 run HR like Earl Weaver did, but rather in the hope a batter can hit a 1run Sac fly after bunting runners over when trailing by more than 1-the philosophy that was espoused by the late lamented manager Joe Schlobotnik. I think Ernie will get the same fate. Maybe he can go back to picking up helmets as 1B coach of the J’s

  21. Man that Italy is some kind of powerhouse…

  22. Ahhhhhhhh, mama-mia, what’s a matter for you team Canada!

  23. Wow, Canadian sports is an embarrassment other than hockey. At least, basketball should be on the upswing with some big prospects. In all seriousness though, how does a country like Italy when 99% of the population doesnt know what the fuck baseball is, beat canada. I know BC is the main hotbed for baseball in canada because they can play it year round, but holy fuck they should have beten Italy. If your going to lose at least go down like mexico did in a respectable fashion.

  24. Remember when some people were saying Ernie Whitt should manage the Jays? LOL

  25. Dickey sucks we overpaid for him – idiots

  26. If Mexico wins will the Arizona police arrest their players?

  27. Gose looked good, 2 of his 4 hits including the homer were off Kris Medlen. He of the 10-1, 1.57 era and a 0.91 whip.

    I can’t wait to gloat like an asshole when Gose proves you guys wrong that think he’s all glove.

    • If he has a .340 obp, 10 homers and 25 steals midseason in buffalo, how do we make room for him?

      • Good to see you out Smasher.
        Saw Zorn and his family on a flight tonight….. He was laughing about Lanny and me being an Oil fan.

        Gose got stick, I agree. Maybe he’s swinging better because they took that Mr. T startup kit off his neck and now he’s not so top heavy.

      • Well I think Rasmus is under the care of Dr Mottola, but if he isnt showing any progress midseason, the trade him for a legit 1st base and stick Gose there (or JB and Gose in left).

    • K-med is one of my keepers dont jinx him…Gose will get his time…

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