Canada v Mexico - World Baseball Classic - First Round Group D

Holy shitballs! I know that stuff like Jussell Martin and Ryan Dempster and half of the available Americans opting out of this year’s version of the Global Honkbal Superlative might make it seem like players don’t really care so much for the tournament, but… uh… tell that to the players for Canada and Mexico. In the top of the ninth inning of today’s tournament-continuing Canadian victory, the two national sides engaged in a thoroughly fucking crazy brawl, at least by baseball standards– and… well… by a lot of standards.

The seeds of it were planted earlier in the game, with a late slide to break up a double play, and a collision at home plate, but what really set things off was Canada’s catcher Chris Robinson (who was involved in both those incidents as well) bunting for a hit in the ninth inning with his country already up 9-3. Mexico third baseman Luis Cruz, who fielded Robinson’s bunt and apparently doesn’t know the damn rules*, motioned to pitcher Arnold Leon to hit the next batter, and after a couple failed tries (and a warning from the home plate umpire) he did, plunking outfielder Rene Tosoni. Assorted GIFs and pictures of what happened next below…

Cruz instructs his pitcher (via SB Nation)


Things get intense (via @cjzero)


A terrific view from the stands.


Canada pitching coach Denis Boucher gets hit by a bottle thrown from the stands, inciting taunts from the Canadian players (via @MetsKevin11).


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Tyson Gillies not necessarily doing his country proud in a tussle with Alfredo Aceves (via @dhm).


Eduardo Arredondo and Jay Johnson doing some old fashioned rasslin’ (via @MetsKevin11)

The tension spilled into the stands as well, with shots of fans being ejected after fighting with each other later in the broadcast. Aaand, it turns out there are suspensions for Canada… maybe?

The guys on the TV broadcast were saying something about suspended players not being able to return for the tournament, so that could hurt Canada’s chances. I have no idea at this point– I actually have no idea if these are the suspensions or just ejections, as no one else seems to be saying it. More importantly: basebrawl!!!


* If Italy beats the USA and then the US beats Canada there will be a three way tie for second, broken by “Team Quality Balance,” which is based on earned runs scored/allowed, so Canada was completely right to be playing to score more.

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  1. I loved it!

  2. Fuck those [snip].

    Don’t be a fucking asshole piece of shit please. Thanks. — Stoeten

  3. Lol how the fuck does Luis Cruz not get ejected for telling the pitcher to hit the batter before he did it. Or at least have both teams warned after Cruz tells the pitcher to hit the batter

    • According to Jeff Passan, he also threw the first punch. A piece of shit.

    • Actually, both benches were warned on the previous pitch (Leon pitched real inside to Tosoni but missed). A lot of good that did.

      • Did you happen to notice how far inside the catcher set up after that warning? Everyone on the Mexican team knew it was coming. I suppose it was a lucky thing it wasnt near his head.

  4. I’m not big on fighting in sport, but there is something about a good ol’ baseball fight that brings a smile to my face (as long as there are no serious injuries of course).

  5. Love how Sergio romo had that gangster stare but didn’t have the balls to throw a punch.

  6. In honour of some of the fans at todays game a little diddy by Cheech and Chong……….

    Mexican americans don’t like to just get into gang fights,
    They like flowers and music, and white girls named Debbie too.

    Mexican Americans are named Chata, and Chela, and Chema, and have a son in law named Jeff.

    Mexican Americans don’t like to get up early in the morning, but they have to so they do it real slow.

    Mexican Americans love education, so they go to night school and they take spanish and get a B.

    Mexican Americans love their nanas and nonos and their ninas and their ninos. nanu nano nina nono.

    Mexican Americans don’t like to go the movies where the dude has to wear contact lenses to make his blue eyes brown because don’t it make my brown eyes blue.

  7. The suspensions are frankly, a little bullshit. Mexico, who started the whole thing, are eliminated and don’t suffer any real penalty whatsoever. Whereas Canada receives real punishment.

    • Did they announce suspensions? I didn’t see that, at least not yet.

      • Just going with what Griffin tweeted above.

      • That’s what Griff says, but you’re right, nobody else seems to be saying so. I’ve changed the post to reflect it.

        • “WBCI … is made up of individuals from MLB and MLBPA who would then determine if any action is required. This will be looked into, and there will be no comment while this is ongoing.” – WBC webite

  8. Canada/US tomorrow at 4 is now required viewing.

    • Indeed!

    • Absolutely. Mexico has 1 out of a possible 3 wins and the if theItalians win tonight they’re in, the Canadians and Mexicans have one win and the US will have none.

      At this point though I’m more interested in the US beating the Italians so Mexico is eliminated. Serve the bastards right after that display.

  9. thank David deJESUS that Brett Lawrie wasnt there. He would have broken someones face and been suspended or banned from baseball……something would have happened

    • Lawrie *was* there in the dugout the whole game, I didn’t see whether he joined in the fight or not.

      • He was on the fringes and didnt throw any punches…Maybe he’s growing up.

        • Yeah, or maybe his side hurts a whole helluva a lot. I dont know, Last year if there was a fight I would’ve expected Lawrie to be in the middle of it, Strained ribs or not.

        • As a younger man he would’ve used an over-sized Red Bull to pummel the opposition into submission.

  10. canada absolutely destroyed mexico in the fight! cunt move by cruz to instigate the fight

    • at least he had the balls to get in the mix and chuck some knuckles. I would’ve respected him a lot less if he had just ordered the hit and hid in the shadows.

  11. Chihuahua vs. Beaver.

    Which is nastier?

  12. Should’ve bet someone. I knew Don Cherry was going to comment on the fight. “Good Canadian boys…” Man, i could’ve won so much.

  13. Seriously, that was awesome. Nothing better than a WTF pwn, and thats what Mexico got.

    • LOVED all those hockey fight references the announcers made. (‘sweater grabbing’, ‘they all play hockey’, even heard something about ‘no teeth’ I think) Even though I didnt see the classic “sweater -over-the-head” pull with the accompanying barrage of rights, (actually in this case maybe it should be lefts). I loved it.

      • no kidding, and seriously they shouldn’t have to put up with getting plunked like that. It was one of those times that they had to answer the bell, and it looked good on Mexico to get their ass handed to them twice.

      • Jersey-ing. Needed more jerseying.

    • Brawls are like bacon. They make everything awesome. Baseball games, hockey games, weddings, meetings, you name it anything.

  14. Love this post-game quote from Ernie Whitt:

    When asked if anyone was hurt in the Canada vs. Mexico fight: “You can’t hurt us Canadians.”

    This is coming from an American!

    • huh, I did not realize Ernie Whitt was American. I kinda just, y’know, assumed the manager of Team Canada for so long was Canadian. My bad, but fortunately for me, it doesn’t seem like ol’ Ernie would mind.

  15. I see you in that 2nd gif Brett Lawrie. I see you.

  16. Am I the only one that thinks this is embarassing all around? Who knew there were so many hockey trolls who lurk this blog.

  17. The WBC orchestrated this because no one care about watching the games- Plus mexico was paid to lose so the US can tie them in the standings and mexico goes home packing

  18. Just lifted this from the WBC website:

    “In all, the following players were ejected: Leon, Oliver Perez, Eduardo Arredondo, Andrew Albers * and Alfredo Aceves of Mexico, and Pete Orr, Tosoni and Jay Johnson from Team Canada.

    After the game, venue press chief Josh Rawitch issued the following statement: “On behalf of Major League Baseball, there are members of the Technical Committee who are in attendance at every game who would detail it in depth and make any recommendations to WBCI.”

    “WBCI … is made up of individuals from MLB and MLBPA who would then determine if any action is required. This will be looked into, and there will be no comment while this is ongoing.”

    * The folks up in North Battleford will be interested to know that Albers is on the Mexican team.

  19. A little piss and vinegar – maple flavoured edition.

    Apologies to ryth and all the other pacifists but that shit was awesome.
    You can take the ballplayer out of Canada but you can’t take the Canada out of the ballplayer.

    Give em hell tomorrow boys!

  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME THREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ““““““““““““““““““ITALY VS USA““““““““““““““““““““““

  21. Sergio Romo picking out who to shank during the brawl

  22. picking a fight with a team of ex hockey players…well played italy

  23. WOOF!
    2-0 Italia

  24. “Tyson Gillies not necessarily doing his country proud in a tussle with Alfredo Aceves”

    FUCK YOU STOETEN. Gillies is totally doing his country proud. Aceves is known to be an asshole, so I’m sure there are many who would like to do the same.

  25. lol, Joey Votto does not give a FUCK, check him out just kind of wandering around on the sidelines. Good on him, I sure as shit wouldn’t risk hurting myself missing out on baseball that actually matters over this crap.

  26. Question for Tom W.

    What does the little woman think of the Ionian column sitting resplendent upon the Italian cap? (Apologies if your liquor supply is dwindling.)

  27. Luis Cruz is a piece of shit.

    • No argument.

      But the question is: Is he the best double-tapered shit ever?
      (please include footnotes, etc.)

  28. David Wright just broke my heart.
    A Grand Salami.

  29. Luis Cruz is a bit of douche for that, but c’mon, bunting for a single when up by 6 runs? That’s pretty bush league to start, and would likely result in a plunking in any professional league. I can’t fault Cruz or Leon for not remembering the rules for tie-breakers in the middle of a baseball game.

    Still, is it as good as Jesse Carlson vs. Jorge Posada from a few years back? If you want to go outside baseball, it doesn’t come close to touching the Malice at the Palace.

    • While we are on the topic – WBC tie breaker rules aside – I don’t believe in any of this bullshit about not running up the score in a 6 run game. This wasn’t a team up 30 points in the 4th quarter of a basketball game keeping their starters on the court (a deficit which is generally impossible to overcome at the pro level). Does anyone really believe Mexico isn’t capable of scoring 6 runs in an inning (especially against our pitching staff)? Shouldn’t a team feel more insulted when their opponent stopped taking their chances to come back seriously?

    • But in a regular-season game you don’t advance on run differential. Canada needed to score more runs to make sure they had a cushion for the inevitable tie-breaker scenario. Even Mexico’s manager acknowledged this. It’s the rules of the tournament, and yeah they should probably change them for 2017 so this doesn’t happen again. Maybe do the first tie-breaker on runs allowed.

      • I know about the run differential, that’s why i said “WBC rules aside.” My point is that even if that wasn’t the rule why should a team (and I don’t just mean Canada) lay off?

        In basketball when a team runs up the score they put out their scrubs, as does the opposing team. Did Mexico do anything to concede defeat? And I’m not just criticizing Mexico, Ernie Witt himself said he wanted the run differential tie breaker looked at – I’m criticizing the conventional notion that you should stop competing (particularly if your opponent has not).

      • I have no objection to trying to score more runs and improve Team Canada’s run differential for the purposes of a tie-breaker (in the remote chance it comes into play), but laying down a bunt for a hit in that situation is a dick move. Swing away.

  30. This game was reminiscent of the Canadian Junior Hockey team in the late ’80′s. Soviets were beaten and started their spearing of Canadian players. A brawl ensues and Canada is thrown out of the tournament instead of going to the gold metal game – Harold Ballard gave each player a gold medal at ML Gardens.
    Well, glad the Canucks stood up for themselves…they are nobodys doormat and the tournament officials can go to hell.

  31. Aceves tottally got Zimmered.


  32. A Farrell- Aceves blow out this year would be nice because y’know, fuck Farrell

    • Considering how batshit insane Aceves is already, even at Red Sox camp, can we put it past him to do something stupid when the Sox roll into Canada?

  33. Shout out to Jay Johnson, repping New Brunswick with some good work out there.

  34. Did you catch this nugget from Larry Walker about Aceves?

    “I had a hold of him,” Walker said, “and I think I saw Satan in his eyes.”


  35. Ha-Ha! Stupid Mexicans. That was just industrial strength stupid. Anyone with half a brain knows Canadians play hockey and hockey players fight. There’s not a kid north of the border who doesn’t know how to use his dukes. The only time Mexicans ever fight is when they fight with their 18 brothers and sisters over a can of refried beans. Only a moron would challenge an entire group of Canadians to fight. The Mexicans got their asses kicked and they had it coming. Next WBC team Canada ought to have a few enforcers on the bench just in case. Let’s see, I’d take Clark Gillies, Tie Domi, Tiger Williams, Dale Hunter , Chris Nilan, Dave Shultz, and for old times sake I’d have Terry O’Reilly too! Who gives a rats ass if they can’t play baseball. it’d make this tournament a hell of a lot more interesting.

    • I hope you try this bullshit in a bar in Arizona and someone kicks your ass for it.

      That’s for Jim in Ohio, if this reply goes to the wrong place, seems like it might.

      Nationalism is idiotic. No part of this fight says anything about either nation. Do you know how I know? In two months teams will be fighting about the exact same things, but be divided based only on who signs their paycheques.

    • yeah, ’cause mexicans haven’t been prominent players in, y’know, boxing or anything…

  36. I’m gonna drive down to LA in an El Camino. In the back will be a case of whiskey, Michael Ironside, Catriona le may Doan’s thighs and Eddie Shack.

    When we get to Chavez Ravine we’ll nerd circle Luis Cruz. We’ll pinball that bastard around between us until he’s dizzy and then I’ll swing for the fences with one of Catriona’s legs.

    And then, because we are polite Canadians, I`ll call an ambulance for him.

    • I can’t speak for Jim but my comment is in no way predjudicial. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to kick the shit out of Luis Perez but it’s for him ordering a bean ball and then throwing a sucker punch.

      I like whisky, baseball, and women who like whiskey and baseball.
      And the odd dustup.
      And girls who wear ball caps.
      And a little whiskey.
      And crazy cinematic legends with huge teeth.
      And the double steal.
      And a 3 pitch strikeout.
      And girls who kiss on the first date.
      And Poutine.
      And opening christmas presents on christmas morning not christmas eve.
      And shots.
      And “touch em all Joe, you’ll never hit a bigger homerun”.

    • Smasher up until now I’ve always fantasized lovingly of Catriona’s thighs. That may be gone now.

      Old time hockey!! Eddie Shack !!

  37. the Gillies gif is hilarious but it doesnt look so bad when you watch the video

  38. Theres a few articles saying the tiebreaker rules need to be changed, my first thought was run differential is really the only way outside of drawing straws, its not a problem if the players arent babies about it.

    Then i see the 2nd round groups which are essentially the same(4 teams 2 advance) use a format where 1 fewer game is played and a tie is impossible. Solution seems pretty obvious….

  39. Also Stoeten, i know im a little late to the party but just to clarify on the tiebreaker rule:

    “To determine the Pool Winner and Pool Runner-Up, the three Federation Teams shall be ranked in order of TQB (i.e., the sum of runs scored divided by the number of innings played on offense, minus the number of runs allowed, divided by the number of innings played on defense (RS/IPO)-(RA/IPD)=TQB)).”

    TQB is calculated by runs, not earned runs, which makes much more sense anyways.

    • To clarify further, it turns out earned runs are used if all 3 teams are tied based on runs, which is likely what led to the confusion.

  40. Obscure fact of the day:

    Stoetens nickname in highschool was Scaramanga due to the fact he has three nipples.

  41. Knew before even clicking that the comments would just be a bunch of borderline racist jingo circle-jerking. Fuck has the readership of this blog ever got exponentially stupider over the last couple years.

  42. You seem to have a lot of knowledge of circle jerks.
    Or are you just upset because you were “pulling” for Mexico?

    You sound like a dick, judging an entire blog by a couple of comments.

  43. From

    World Baseball Classic Inc., made up of individuals from MLB and the MLB Players’ Association, issued a statement saying suspensions would not be issued:

    “We are extremely disappointed in the bench-clearing incident that marred the conclusion of today’s game between Canada and Mexico. The episode runs counter to the spirit of sportsmanship and respectful competition for which the World Baseball Classic has stood throughout its history.

    “After communicating with both the Mexican and Canadian baseball federations this evening, we are aware of the perspectives held by both sides in a competitive environment. Nevertheless, we relayed to both teams that such an altercation is inappropriate under any circumstances and has no place in baseball.

    “Because at least one club — and potentially both — will not advance to the second round, WBCI has determined that disciplinary measures would not have a meaningful corrective impact. Thus, discipline will not be imposed beyond today’s seven game ejections. It is our firm expectation that the members of Team Mexico, Team Canada and all the tournament’s participating teams will learn from this incident and set a better example — one that befits the sport they share — in the future.”

  44. I can SORTA understand, at first blush, how Mexico got pissed at the bunt in the ninth – until someone explained to me the rules of the competition vis-a-vis the run differential.
    So you pitch inside the first time….message sent. But to throw THREE more times way inside, and finally plunking the guy (who must have been like, “Oh fuck” when digging in)?? Totally unnecessary, amigo. Your displeasure was noted at the first inside pitch. That’s just ASKING for a maple-flavoured ass-kicking…and our politeness be damned, sir.

  45. Imagine Jingoism at an international sporting event!?! You afraid to side with your team. Whats amatter RDS, are you a product of the 90′s education system? Next time lets play the game of “scrub” that way nobody wins or looses.

  46. Gillies cracked me up with his hit and run.

  47. Not to switch topics but currently Mark Buerhle is on Sportsnet with Jamie Campbell and his mutt talking about Ontario’s pit bull ban.

    For fuck sakes how long are we going to hear about this shit?

    • Does it matter if he makes it his cause if he pitches effectively every 5 games? Nobody’s complaining about Dickey going to India. They’re allowed to have a life outside of the diamond.

  48. The Cecilnator!

  49. Anyone know what the situation is with Romero and options?

    • The optioning system has always confused me, but as I understand it he does have options left but would have to go through optional waivers. Meaning some team could pick him up but the Jays can revoke the move (so he ends up back with the Jays.) I think that’s his status anyway.

      • That’s it, but according to AA there’s a gentleman’s agreement that teams don’t pick up guys on those optional waivers, so he could be sent down. He almost certainly won’t though, at least until… I dunno… May?

  50. I cannot help but think of Tom Brokaw’s line about Canada referring to our military history. “If you are in a fight, you want Canada on your side!”

  51. According to Tabler Juan Rivera can really hit and knows situations…*gunshot to temple*

  52. WTF is wrong with you Soeten? Do you fucking hate Canada.. every fucking thing that happens with Canadians in baseball you shit on. Fuck you fucking cunt. You’ve also never been in a fight you fucking pussy.

  53. What happened to the comments?

    • Now they’re back.
      I must be losing it again.
      Where’s my meds?

    • What happened to what comments?

      • Refreshed twice and the new comments disappeared.refreshed again.reloaded.nothing.
        closed reloaded browser.everything came back.
        Either my ‘puters old or it’s been drankin again.
        When it’s been hittin the sauce and runs out of booze, it gets surly and won’t do what I want it to do.
        So I pour a half bottle of scotch over the motherboard and it’s gets happy again.

        • That’s why I gave my computer a nickname.
          I call it Stoeten.
          It reacts like you when it runs out of booze.
          Solutions the same too.
          Half a bottle of scotch.

  54. Somewhere Zahn is muttering something about a TV dive.
    He’d be wrong of course.

  55. Much needed amusement reading all of these comments.
    Side note: Personally find it nice to see Canadians give it to another team… might diminish the skewed sense the world has that we’re all super nice, polite, poutine eating, beer drinking lumberjacks.
    Now hand me another beer.

  56. Playing the game and bunting to get on base so your team has a better run differential so your team can advance to the next round to have a chance at WINNING THE FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP = against the baseball code because adhering to some unwritten bullshit ‘code’ is so much more important than winning the game.

    Throwing three fastballs at the batter in a premeditated act of revenge to make up for a perceived slight when the only reason the other team did that was because they wanted to advance to the next round but which leads to a bench clearing brawl sideshow shitshow that is a complete embarrassment for everyone involved = completely justified because adhering to some bullshit code (which shouldn’t even apply in this instance because of run-differential rules but not understood by the idiot other team) is so much more important than winning.

    Is Jose Bautista retarded? I guess he doesn’t consider showing up the umpire after pretty much every called ball by acting like a complete fucking baby to be against the code? Apparently, hurting the feelings of the other team (by winning – which is the point of the game) is against the code and therefore much more serious than a headhunter pitcher who tires on three consecutive pitches to injure the batter.

  57. Spring weather has everyone in a feisty mood today. Might be a good day to switch to Burgundy from the stout and whiskey.

  58. Nice.
    Dicey, but nice.

  59. Sweet!!!

  60. IMO, the last GIF image says alot about Johnson’s character. He clearly pulled his punch/elbow, which is probably a good thing. In that position, he could have easily hurt him badly with a full on bomb. A quick tussle and rag doll action was enough to humiliate Eduardo Arredondo.

    • I saw it a little differently, in that he tried to drive the guy’s head into the ground with his forearm and elbow which was an absolutely beauty move, also quite smart in the heat of the moment to not throw a punch and chance breaking his hand.

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