I don’t have a whole lot to offer this afternoon, but here, for your commenting pleasure, is something of a Game Threat. Once the season starts for realious we’re going to have Chief do these weekend dealies up proper, but for now this is all you get. Uh… yeah…

Oh, and I guess Canada plays Mexico at the WBC at 2:30, so… go ahead and talk about that here, too. Not that that tournament matters anymore– although, I wouldn’t rule out a slice of magic from Jameson Taillon against the States, so maybe all isn’t lost. Especially since the U.S. went down to Mexico yesterday, thanks largely to whichever hopelessly ineffective sure-glad-my-team-didn’t-give-up-the-farm-for-him starter they ran out there. It’s wide open in Pool D, though… yeah, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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  1. Your efforts are appreciated as always, oh Bearded Leader.

  2. I watched the end of the Raptors game last night and enjoyed it. This concerns me greatly.

  3. I don’t really understand the framing of your dig against Dickey, care to clarify?

  4. It’s really still Spring Training even at WBC. Guys are still rusty, and evidently The Dickey is too.

  5. Canada’s still very much in the tournament. They just have to win today. With this shell of a team all I’m hoping for is they don’t get relegated again.

    Hey, maybe they could force the Americans to have to re-qualify…wouldn’t that be something.

    • Positive spin, but don’t put any money on team Canada, Mexico beat the US and we get mercied by Italy….it doesn’t look promising

      • That’s what they said about Italy’s chances against Mexico and the US. It’s like a short series, get one bounce your way here and there and you never know.

  6. Interesting listening to Howarth on the radio…he continues to talk about the possibility of the Jays getting off to a slow start and that this will be ok as this sort of thing happens. I am surmizing that Jerry thinks the team will need time to gel.and that he expects a slow start

    • Baseball is a pretty individual sport, I dunno how much Dr. Scholls gellin’ they need to do.

      • AA and most major leaguers think it’s important.

      • Any person that plays a team sport will tell you otherwise. Think that rayes is learning double play partner(s) at this time, strategy plays and quick decision making on any playing field requires practice, strategy and repitition. For the entire 40 man roster to play together and learn is what spring training is for. Turning over so many guys and the entire coaching staff (pretty much), will lead to miss opportunities early in the season, but with the talent and depth the jays have they can stay close early and make a run for it in the dog days.

  7. Who`s “the Chief” that will be doing the weekend posts?

  8. Anyone else not able to access the radio stream to the jays st game? Now MLB.com is asking for $20 TO LISTEN TO THE FUCKING RADIO.

    • It’s always been that way. Well for several years anyway. Should be on the actual radio though.

      • Doc ,you’ve been able to stream the audio at sportsnet for free, if you register at mlb.com
        I don’t if that includes the games that are already broadcast on regular radio.

  9. Man Sportsnet is some kind of retarded. Maybe I don’t fully understand how the copyright works, but why they can’t stream their own Jays game coverage on their website makes no sense to me. Instead, you’re greeted by this:

    Due to MLB broadcast restrictions, we are not permitted to stream the game currently on the radio. Hence, we are streaming content from earlier on in the day

    I’m assuming it has something to do with MLB, and not Rogers? If so, MLB really is anal about their broadcast restrictions for radio – TV I can understand.

    • It’s an MLB thing. You can’t access the radio feed from the website, during the regular season either.

    • Yeah it’s MLB. The same reason you can’t listen to a regular-season Jays broadcast on the Fan’s website. Works that way for all 30 teams.

      • It just makes zero sense to me. When the content is available on the radio to the public for free, why not allow it to be free on the web also? There is nothing for the MLB to gain out of it.. except maybe not wanting people to record it.

        • But then again, you can record it on a radio also, so yeah, it’s back to making zero sense.

        • But not everyone who wants to hear Jays games (or any other team) lives within the range of a station broadcasting Jays games. Thus, MLB can make a few dollars off of those who want to listen to the games but aren’t near a Jays broadcaster.

        • The thing MLB gains out of it is money

          • Yes, they gain money for allowing Sportsnet to have a radio broadcast. But that doesn’t answer the question of why it would matter if it was available on the web when it’s already made available to us the listener for free.

            @ Tony

            That is actually a valid argument – never considered people to be too far away to listen to it on 590. That’s an issue with AM radio signals to reach only so far though, not an MLB blackout thing.

            Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but it will continue to make no sense anyway. :p

            • I can get 590 through my satellite package out here on the West Coast.

            • You’re overthinking it Indestructible.In an age where everything is available for free on the internet,in an old school money way,it makes sense.
              Think of it this way.If the broadcast was listened to on the internet for free,with commercials then the radio rights would decrease in value.the host broadcaster could stream the audio and cancel the radio.This protects revenue from Radio and eventually TV and creates another revenue stream through the internet.
              Everybody is just used to “free” from the internet.
              It’s all about protection of the content AND money.

            • I assume it’s for mobile users and whatnot. Unless you’re driving you probably don’t have an AM radio with you, but you can get the MLB app and pay $3/month for audio. I used it last year to listen to games while at work, for example.

              tldr if they can charge for something they will.

  10. Apparently Ernie learned how to coach overnight.
    5 hits in a row.
    Hopefully he found some pitching.

  11. How about this top of the first from Canada!

  12. There but for fortune would have gone our Brett.

  13. Only 25 more days!

  14. Wife: What team is Canada playing?

    Me: Mexico

    Wife: Why do they have an M on their hats?

    Me: I’ll be right back I have to go get liquor.

  15. Go Canada #1!!!!!!

  16. Damn! the sound of the ball hitting the cup makes me cringe. Beautiful throw and play at the plate.

  17. “That was a hockey play” – referring to the collision at home plate. I’m a fan of hockey, but comparing the two hurts my brain.

  18. Oh Oh, the honkbal is going south.

  19. Get rid of Romero.

  20. Sac Bunt after a lead off double with speed at 2nd…fuck me

  21. Should have traded D’Arnaud and Noah for Andrew Albers. At least he can handle this burly Mexican line-up.

  22. Dennys Reyes looks like he ate David Wells

  23. But at least his belly is bursting with confidence.

  24. Holy shit!

  25. HOLY FUCK! i was wrong….. this is hockey.

    Please, Dont get booted Canada.

  26. Probably a good thing Lawrie is injured for this thing

    • I’m pretty sure Lawrie was on the field.

      Johnson was throwing some serious haymakers. He’s probably suspended for the game tomorrow. Whoever the Canadian was that threw the bottle back at the fan in the stands is probably gone too.

  27. …and they were worried playing baseball was going to hurt Lawrie. Happy everyone is well.


  28. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

  29. Some Furious shots were thrown. Johnson leveled that mexican in that last replay. Very surprised.

  30. Any video? I changed it to the CIS game just before the shit went down

  31. I could not have hoped for anyything better than this

  32. This is getting gross. Just end it

  33. Yet another problem because of NAFTA….

  34. 3B Luis Cruz, who told his pitcher to hit the next batter and threw the first punch, recently trained with retired boxer Chris Byrd.

  35. Adios amigos.

  36. Good game, good win.

  37. Suck it Mexico/Farrell

  38. We will no doubt see decapitated heads impaled on a steel pole near the Canadian dugout tomorrow

  39. Hey Stoetsy …kinda makes you want to here the anthem doesn’t it…oh wait wrong guy

  40. Anyway Mexico needs to learn how to lose with grace…ninth inning of a blowout game in a tournament that has little to do with proving who has the best team in the world

  41. Ernie whitt = John Farrell -2.0

  42. Please let me know if you

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