The Honkballers may have gone home [Note: or they may have not, which shows you about how much I've been playing to this tournament], but the Global Honkbal Superlative still meanders forward with a humdinger of a dilly of matchup between Canada and the United States, for the right to go on to the next round. The good guys will, of course, be in tough against a star-studded Team USA lineup, but anything can happen in this sort of tournament, so this is some must-watch shit right here– a shocking development, if you’d listened to the wake that was the Prime Time Sports roundtable on Friday on the Fan 590, as Canada was getting mercied by Italy.

American-born-to-Canadian-parents Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon gets the nod for Canada, looking for some Loewen-like magic– and I wouldn’t be shocked if he managed to provide it, given his elite prospect status (number 20 in Keith Law’s 2013 list), and the fact that none of the Americans have seen him. Harris Trinsky starts for Team USA, which should be troublesome for Canada’s left-heavy lineup.


No suspensions for Canada following yesterday’s brawl with Mexico, and the only scuttlebutt worth passing along is the fact that they’re totally going to effing do this (athough, y’know, probably not).

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups…


T. Gillies CF
T. Green 3B
J. Votto DH
J. Morneau 1B
M. Saunders RF
C. Robinson C
A. Loewen LF
P. Orr 2B
C. Iorg SS

J. Taillon RHP


J. Rollins SS
B. Phillips 2B
R. Braun DH
J. Mauer C
D. Wright 3B
B. Zobrist RF
A. Jones CF
E. Hosmer 1B
S. Victorino LF

D. Holland LHP

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  1. Any radio anywhere? Online radio? At the park with my daughter until 5

  2. Love the Freaks and Geeks ref! Go Canadian Honkbalers!

  3. Baseball is a fucked up sport in a good way. Anything can happen. Thats why im excited, yet terrified of the upcoming jays season. Talent is great sure, but its doesn’t mean as much as in other sports such as basketball. If that was the the case, the US would be kicking everyones ass. So although its unlikely that Canada can beat the US its not like Canada’s roster is worse than italys. So i wouldnt be totally shocked if thy won.

  4. This game is going to be tasty! Please no over-reaction, I like reading a majority of the comments and don’t want any of you stroking out.

    Go Canada

  5. Is the roof ever open at Chase Field during a game ever…let alone during a day game? The shadows seem pretty fucked.

  6. I think Parkes mentioned it the other day but does Joe Torre even know who Giancarlo Stanton is???

  7. how is Gillies still hitting first?

    how do you not play Stanton?

  8. The Honkballers aren’t done yet, are they?

    I thought they still play against Cuba, with the winner advancing.

  9. Jays related news: So Happ is pissed about having to go to Buffalo

  10. Nice recovery boys, get on the sticks.

  11. Booyah Saunders!

  12. Whoooo! That’s the way to lead of B2 after an error in T2.

    3 hits, 2 runs, 0 outs. 2-0 Can.

  13. Man, Morneau’s been hitting pretty well in this tourney. It’d be nice to see him have a good season.

    • Yep, I’m sure Minnesota is happy to see what looks to be the old Morneau this Spring. Concussions are weird, but the effects can clear away.

  14. Any streams out there that someone can pass along?

  15. Saunders representing Victoria…nice

  16. I’d love to watch this game today, but it’s 75 degrees here in Ohio today and It would be a sin to sit in front of the TV on a day like this. I don’t care who wins, I like ‘em both. I guess I just hope no one gets hurt. Out to play softball.

    • Hey Jim, you accidentally pasted your Facebook status here.

    • Jimmy Collins of team USA just struck out. Looks oddly a lot like a pretty good player from the phillies.

      • Jim, why does anyone care if you are playing softball today? Hey, everyone, I took shit today. People care right?
        Don’t you have some more racist bullshit to spew like yesterday? Make sure you do it in person to someone at your ballgame, rather than like a coward behind a computer monitor.

    • After your racist rant yesterday I imagine you have a couch on ur lawn so you could just multitask…

    • Good weather for a lynchin’. Did you and the good ol’ boys round up any Mexicans yet?

  17. Does Parkes ever say anything positive about anything other than the Giants or Cliff Lee?

  18. Honkbal is still alive Stoeten. Netherlands plays Cuba in an elimination game tomorrow.

  19. Parkes and Stoeten are baseball hipsters. Baseball is really, really important to their lives, but they can’t act like it because that would make them like the Bros they feel they are so different and superior to. They have to act like they are independent thinkers even though they slavishly conform to the opinions of other bloggers. They both claim to support ‘progressive’ politics but to them that means making a big deal about gays and women and other identity politics issues in the sports world, while refusing to confront the role professional sports play in the capitalist system. They dress like a bunch of assholes. They also think they are really witty and cool and smart and special and creative when they are not.

  20. I’m moderately interested in the role professional sports play in the capitalist system.

    on second thought………


    • You are pretty dumb if you can’t grasp the role of professional sports in modern capitalism.


      • Howard,
        Where are you from? Did your parents beat you regularly as a child or did a girl break your heart? Is this what makes you so angry?
        Nobody on here needs your anger. We are baseball loving people who enjoy reading their columns and appreciate the community of people on this sites message board. People like you ruin the experience for us.
        Please forget the website and never come back. We all would appreciate this very much,
        Mr. Sunshine

        • I hope my comments didn’t make anyone cry. You all seem like such sensitive souls. Please grow some fucking balls.
          Enjoy spending those thousands of hours watching millionaires play baseball. I’m sure it’s really productive. I’m sure there’s nothing better you could be doing. Well, obviously there is, but that would require brainpower or physical activity. Have fun, zombies.

          • So, aside from spewing your bile, what do you like to do for fun, Howard? So far, you seem to make a habit of observing us watching the millionaire baseball players. Well done comrade; thanks for keepin’ it real. Now if you don’t mind, fuck off and let the rest of us enjoy the party.

            Jim is looking for a water boy for his softball game.

            • Comrade? What are you talking about? I’m no communist. Do you know what a communist is? Criticism of the current economic model does not automatically make me a communist. Read a book.
              Since this is a baseball blog, let me at least say “Go Cuba”

        • Howard is from Palukaville, best leave him alone

          • Awwww. Did I hurt your feelings? There there…

            • I moved out of my parents’ basement about 25 years ago, buddy. I think I’m a little beyond your juvenile shit. Go play here:

              • You need to chill out, pal. No need to get upset because I said some unkind things about your favorite blogger. Well you can, but that would make you a super-sensitive imbecile, which I suppose you clearly are, so never mind.
                You say you are beyond my juvenile shit but I really seem to be trolling the shit out of you.

                • I thought you said we were simple minded losers for spending our energy and time discussing over paid athletes and silly internet blog folks.

                  If this is the case, why have you been online, refreshing your browser every five minutes all afternoon?

            • Is that all you say?

            • Hey Spud looky here, ya see some pleople think I do have feelings

      • Grasp this Howard….

      • @Howardk

        Are you referring to sports as a way to distract the masses like the Romans did with “bread & circuses”??

        Professional sports is a business that keeps a majority of the population entertained throughout the year.

  21. Just before Morneau’s last hit, someone on Canada’s bench yelled “come on Justin, tell the Blue Jays there’s no…???” I listened to it a couple times trying to make out the last word. Anybody else hear it and wonder what that was about?

  22. Loewen behold!

  23. In other news I’ve just been reading a couple of Masshole boards ripping Ortiz to shreds because his Achilles’ tendon thing isn’t healed yet. Calling him every lazy name under the sun. Don’t they know anything about sports injuries over there? I *slightly* injured my Achilles last April. And it’s only stopped hurting a month or so ago. And that was not a major sprain. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of Big Papi. But jeez.

    • It took a full year for me to run pain free after rehabbing an Achilles strain. This year it’s my hamstring. It makes me realize how difficult it is to perform with those kinds of injuries. Rasmus gets a little benefit of the doubt for last July and onward.


  25. Welp, it’s about time for me to turn off the TV and never dream again.

  26. This always happens!! … Just when we get to think “Hey I think we could actually—” 2 RUN DOUBLE

  27. Didn’t the Canada/US game go down something like this in 2009 as well?

  28. Howard must be tough as fuck. I’m already intimidated.

  29. Ernie Whitt is a terrible manager

  30. Man, this is turning into a helluva game.

  31. At least they turned the lineup over so Votto is guaranteed an AB in the 9th.

  32. Why is Axford not in yet????

    I hate you Ernie Whitt.

    • He should’ve been in in the eighth.

      • Yeah, when we actually had a lead.

      • on a separate note guys, has anyone heard any news on Santos and his fukin arm?He was supposed to pitch Thursday, it got pushed back supposedly this week-end but WTF??
        I know it is early but fuk isn’t this how he went last year before eventually flaming out? And ,shit, Janssen ain’t ready yet either. Give me my fukin merlot

  33. ernie whitt is waiting for canada to take a lead and then bring him in , although that is an impossible situation.

  34. I’m confused at the use of the pen Ernie?

  35. Poor managing by White…caving to the Brewers by not bringing in Axford earlier in the inning , and that cost that 6th insurance run.

    Commentator is annoying too, for a supposed unbiased International feed, though Sutcliffe is ok.

  36. *Whitt

  37. Imagine if Whitt was the jays manager holy fuck he’d be worse than Farrell

  38. Welp back to regular March baseball viewing.

  39. At least now I don’t have to listen to Rick Sutcliffe anymore.

  40. So is this mostly Whitt’s fault, or only kinda Whitt’s fault?

    • Realistically I would say kinda. I think having Green in the line up and on the field instead of Lawrie made more difference.

  41. Do you guys think Gillies will be overmatched by Kimbrel???

  42. I think Lawrie would’ve made a big difference. They needed his defence and his bat would’ve been nice too.

  43. On the bright side we might get to see dickey v Reyes/Edwin which should be fun

  44. Just finished dinner. What did I miss?

  45. We should give the boys some credit. No one would’ve been surprised if the US game meant nothing. Game was good, but some of the comments here were slightly better.

    Howard for Dictator

  46. Anyone else disappointed by Bautista’s comments on the brawl between Canada and Mexico?

    Here’s the link if you’re out of the loop:

    • I’m not disappointed, I just think he’s flat out wrong. Blame the tournament rules, not the team. In 2006 run differential actually cost Canada a trip to the second round.

    • Bautista is a damn good player and im happy hes on the jays but sometimes the shit he says and does on the field is idiotic. Like how he just disregards the importance of run differential in the tournament. Sorry pal, written rules always trump unwritten ones.

      • I watched when he made those comments and I am wondering if he is even aware of that WBC rule.

      • “You never want to see guys get into fights because the possibility of injuries exists…”

        Yet he seems to have no problems with a pitcher beaning someone because he feels slighted?

    • Meh. With less than 5 years MLB service and an option remaining, he can suck an egg in Buffalo.

    • Both AA and Gibbons have said that they will put ‘the best team on the field.’ If they mean what they say, they’ll give the 5th spot in the rotation to Happ. Not an easy decision, but its the right one.

      • If your options are 30 starts from Romero and 20 from Happ when(not if) a starter goes down, or 30 from Happ and 20 from Germano or whoever is next in line after you lose Romero for nothing through waivers, which puts the better team on the field?

        I dont actually know if he has options left, im assuming he doesnt, in which case he can either stay in the rotation, go to the bullpen(no thank you), or you lose him for nothing. I suppose you could try to trade him, but his value’s at an all time low.

        If he does have an option you can disregard this post, though despite AAs comments, while 7.5 mil is pretty reasonable for a Major League starter, its an awful steep price for a Buffalo Bison… I would still give him a month or so to try to prove himself as a passable 5th starter before shipping him to Buffalo. Hell, someone will likely be spending time on the DL by then anyways and its a moot point.

    • I’m going by memory ( which is usually a bad thing) but I remember Griffin reporting that the Jays used a minimum 11 starting pitchers every year for the last 3 years.
      I think the stat is, the average team will use 7 or 8 different starters.
      Happ maybe upset but if he wants to be a starter exculsively he may have to bide his time.

      • So this list now confirms Nappy Roots – Nappy Dot Org is the most slept on album of the year. How can nodboy even be talking about an organized noise production effort? ^^^It was kinda shitty IMHO.Not that I’m a huge fan of Nappy Roots in 2011 anyway but I don’t think the project lived up to the hype.There were a few cool beats on there though.Legend Lives On >>

      • Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. :)

  47. Why didn’t Axford start the 9th?

    • Because Whitt wanted to prove he’s not a very good manager.

      • Unbelievably bad work by Whitt.

        So with your line-up in the bottom of the 9th having a realistic chance of scoring 1 or even more runs, you don’t do whatever possible to preserve a 1-run deficit in the top of the ninth? Saving your best pitcher for a possible (but improbable due to Whitt’s decision) 10th?

        Newsflash: down by 1-run in the 9th is a more important situation than tied in the 10th (especially than not-yet-tied-in-10th-because-still-losing-in-9th).

        It was a great game to watch for 8 innings, but if it was all leading to such poor management, that just made it all the more frustrating.

    • This is a question almost as perplexing as why he didn’t just tag him.

  48. So I’m eating vanilla ice cream served the neopolitan way,checking out twitter and I read something I’d never thought I’d see.

    Andrew Stoeten ‏@AndrewStoeten
    Good job, good effort, Canada.

    During his evolution, there must have been an epiphany.
    Thanks Stoeten, you may be evolving into a fan and you showed some class.
    Give yourself a crotch grab,a butt tickle ,a nipple tweak or whatever is the current vernacular expression.
    Welcome to the club.

    Either that or your twitter account has been hacked.

    • Yeah… I’ve always cheered for Canada in these things. You realize that one can do that while still thinking it’s bloody stupid that people think every player with a passport needs to be acquired by the Jays or that national anthems have no business in pro sports and that shoving the flag down people’s throat is insufferable, yes?

      • Yes

      • Aah Stoeten, I give you a compliment and you turn it into something else.
        A majority of people at DJF think acquiring a player just becuase he’s Canadian is a dumb idea IF it doesn’t improve the team.But you seem to want to penalize good players who are Canadian and play for a Canadian team.
        Your phobia over mentioning anything about Canada,well that’s your hangup.I personally don’t see it rammed down people’s throat but the mere mention of it drives you into a tizzy and start foaming at the mouth.
        I’ve still yet to see an explanation of yours and Parkes hatred of Baseball Canada.
        Maybe because it’s got the word Canada in its name?
        Over react a bit?Or just trolling for pageviews?

  49. Stoeten, I’m still wondering about a couple of your comments.

    1. You ripped Whitt for bunting with a man on first and second. Ever think he might have considered more runs needed to advance, also considering that they were going to lose the game but wanted to advance two 2 runners into scoring position for that reason?

    2. Ever consider that Gillies actually DID his country PROUD by showing his teammates that he was going to fight for them?

    But you wouldn’t understand these things because while you might be good at creating websites, you are just a talking head who doesn’t get it. That’s because you’ve never played the game and don’t understand team camaraderie or chemistry.

    • The fuck are you on? Gillies threw a guy down and then scampered away, and whatever dumb thing Whitt was thinking doesn’t make giving away outs less dumb.

      Is this sarcasm, or are do you share RADAR’s penchant for pretending you know what’s happening in my head while actually being entirely clueless about it?

      • Well, I haven’t read yet about you explaining your comments.

        So Gillies was supposed to pummel that guy on the ground? Just party stomp his mind? Fine you like a bloodbath, I certainly didn’t get that from you comments.

        As for Whitt, I’m tired of everyone getting on him. He knew Canada lost the game, but took a chance to get two into scoring position to get more runs. Runs that were needed.

        RADAR speaks for himself. All I’m saying to you is, sometimes the coffee you’re pouring tastes like shit. And this particular pot missed the mark with me.

      • For somebody who’s entirely clueless about what’s happening in your head, I don’t seem to have much problem getting into it.
        As a blogger,you’ve published opinions.I assume you stand by those opinions,being an expert and all that.
        Don’t want me to know what you think? Don’t post an opinion.
        If I disagree or you’ve contradicted a previous opinion. I’ll comment.on it.
        We’ve gone through this before and I’ve linked to your previous posts to prove my point.
        If I’ve been wrong or been out of line,even with other commenters,I’ve apologized and or redacted my comments.I even apoligized to Parkes,once.
        Can you say the same?Or maybe you’re always right.
        No need to respond, I know what it is already.

    • Son, have you been listening to too much jack? Or just drinking too much Jack?

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