Click to embiggen, mom.

Because, well… because apparently it endorses us.

The book you see here is 100 Things Blue Jays Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die, from author Steve Clarke, who you can find on Twitter at @SteveClarkeMLB.

I’ll try to get my hands on a copy here for either review, or to give away, but in the meantime, you can purchase the just-released book from Amazon.ca, Chapters.ca, in Indigo stores (there are several copies available downtown, according to their site) or if you’d rather– and you probably should– from an independent bookstore via Indie Bound, or just by walking into one in your damn neighbourhood.

No you’re self-indulgently mailing in a post. (Also, thanks, Steve!)


Crotch grab in the direction of @Mattomic for the heads up.

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  1. Yes please!

  2. “Now for my favourite part of the blog post! What’s that say? Respond to the commenters? Oh god, this is always death.”

  3. I saw this on the shelf at Indigo, literally flipped it open to a random page to see what it was about, and saw this page. I can’t vouch for the rest of the book but I bet it’s alright.

    DJF Book Club anyone??

  4. You can also get this at chapters, I saw it the other day while looking for R.A. Dickey’s book.

  5. Poor ol’ Bergkamp is being airbrushed from history.

  6. Ha oakville. 69 should be there

    • I am here now. What’s the problem? I have not abandoned the Jays. I am very happy with the off season moves.

  7. You have a really weird way of backlinking, Stoeten

  8. I have an excerpt from the book:

    “The Toronto Blue Jays …”

  9. Just curious… have you read the book? Honest question — it seems like you’re only endorsing it because it endorses you. What if all the other endorsements in the book are contrary to your opinions? Just sayin’… Could be weird.

  10. Oh yeah, and BlueJayHunter, JaysProspects and Bluebird Banter are also mentioned in this section.

  11. Stoeten: I like how you’re “trying to get your hands on a copy” while holding one and taking a picture of it.


    Of course, I’d try and make my employer pay for it, too.

  12. Congrats guys! Well-deserved shout out. Keep up the good work; we all enjoy it, despite our sometimes harsh comments ;)
    Why else would we visit so much?!

    • Yeah, congrats. Take my comments with a grain of rye, we’re not always going to agree, but we love this team, and I love this site.

    • And we’ll always have Mexico.

      • Old time Bogie!!!

        “we’ll always have Paris”

        “Ilsa, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

  13. “Leonard Likes This.”

  14. The little blog that grew.
    Congrats Stoeten.

  15. $4 is better off in my pocket than in the pocket of some guy who owns a neighbourhood book-store, so I’ll buy from Amazon. Capitalism, ahoy!

  16. @Clarke
    Ellipses? Really?
    Fucking hell.
    p.s. DJF is required reading, differences aside.

  17. I’m in Florida all week. I was in Port Charlotte tonight to watch the Rays and the Twins. I got to watch Kelly Johnson and our good buddy Escobar. Escobar threw away a routine grounder. I got up and yelled at him and the people next to me joined in. It’s the same shit with that fucker. The people next to me told me that they have seen him fuck up all spring and predicted that Naddob will not put up with his shit. One of the guys told me that he’s looked so bad that he thinks he’s not going to make the team. That shocked me. A more rationale fan predicted he would be gone by the All Star Break

    By the way, I’m in Fort Myers tomorrow to see The Fucker of the Year, Farrell. I want to tell you guys a true story. I took my son to Spring Training 2 years ago. Everyone is relaxed in Spring Training. My son got tons of autographs from players and coaches. Everyone was so friendly except the fucker himself, Farrell. My son who was 13 at the time, asked Farrell for his autograph multiple times. He not only didn’t give an autograph, he wouldn’t even look at my son. Normally you wouldn’t be so offended because some guys don’t sigh but it was so different from all the other Jays coaches and players. The players and especially the coaches, not only signed autographs, they chatted with the fans and also gave balls to fans. Farrell was the exception. As much as everyone on here hates Farrell, we hate him more. It’s personal for us. So tomorrow we get even. I wonder how many fans have ever got thrown out of a Spring Training game? We are going early tomorrow and we are going to confront the fucker. My son is going to video tape it. If it’s good stuff, I will post it here. Any suggestions of what to say to him? I’m thinking of calling him a cock sucking back stabbing 2 faced piece of garbage. If I’m still around, complement him on his bullpen usage and the brilliance of having Lind batting cleanup against lefties. How about telling him that Mickey Mouse wears a John Farrell watch. Any other suggestions?

  18. Back to books.

    I’m reading “Everything They Had”, a collection of sports stories by the late David Halberstam. It’s not all baseball, and the baseball tends to be RedSox- and Yankees-centric, but it’s very good writing. Highly recommended.

  19. This is without a doubt the best Blue Jays site on the Internet, well deserved!!!

  20. Read some of it in the Indigo at Eaton Centre. Not bad read from what I read. Funny story about Ernie whitt and that blue jay hating umpire Joe Brinkman. Good price and will probably make excellent bathroom reading.
    Fuck you Farrell.

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