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Think these are related? Michael Grange of Sportsnet– or at least his headline– says it’s not too early to worry about Ricky Romero, while Wilner recaps Sunday’s game and the frustrations of J.A. Happ, who continues to pitch well, and continues to be slated for Buffalo, much to his chagrin.

Colby Rasmus explains himself to Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun: “I like to not be really messed with a whole lot, kind of ‘leave me be’, because I already want it bad enough. So outside pressures or people trying to pump me up (doesn’t work) cause I’ve always been real laid back. When I was coming through the minor leagues I was real laid back and just kind of like, ‘whatever goes’ and just enjoyed being there and enjoyed the time. As I got moved up, people always saw that as me not caring or me being lazy and they always tried to put that spark under me and fire me up, which is not what I needed because I’d try to go out there and try to hit the ball 800 feet when all I’ve got to hit it is 338 feet to be a home run or whatever. So, I already had that fire in me. I just kind of needed to be like, left alone. Coming up I wanted to be good at this game, not somebody telling me what to do to make me good. I already had it in me to want to be good so that has always been, I guess you could say, a conflict of interests.”

Jose Bautista doesn’t care if he draws the ire of supporters of the country that his team plays in, as he tells reporters like Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, that Chris Robinson’s ninth inning bunt against Mexico on Saturday was uncalled for, even if Canada still needed to add runs.

Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com mentions Bautista’s comments as well in a notebook post that also tells us of the bullpen session Sergio Santos had over the weekend, as the club continues to be overly cautious with his arm. Gregor also looks at the frustrations of J.A. Happ, and adds another notebook post looking at the progress of Casey Janssen, Ricky Romero’s thoughts on his struggles, and the return of Colby Rasmus.

Kenny Ken Ken tweets that the Jays have been impressed with Jeremy Jeffress so far, which makes it kinda sound like they’re thinking hard about keeping the big-armed but out-of-options reliever. I could live with that.

Assuming it’s really him, it appears as though Jose Reyes has joined Twitter: @lamelaza_7.

Russell Martin tells Melissa Couto of the Toronto Sun that the Global Honkbal Superlative isn’t what baseball’s all about, because of pitch counts or something. Also: he apparently has a tattoo that reads “World Citizen” on his chest, and has this to say about nationhood: “These borders that we’ve created, they weren’t there eight million years ago. People get all tied up and emotional about where they’re from, but we’re all made of the same stuff. We’re all people, and (baseball) is just a game.” Whoa, man. I think you just blew my frickin’ mind.

“He doesn’t have an ego when he’s in there. He does very simple things and has a plan,” says Chad Mottola of Melky Cabrera, according to Michael Grange of Sportsnet. “A guy like Reyes can do things that amaze you. He can do things that other guys can’t do that he was just born with. But Melky works at it every day and it’s impressive. I don’t see any reason he won’t have solid year.”

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail talks team chemistry with some folks with the Jays who need to believe in it for the sake of their roles, and one who doesn’t: Jose Bautista. “Winning definitely comes first. If you’re winning nobody knows if you have chemistry or not because nobody cares,” Bautista explained. “But if you’re losing, they’re going to find 17 reasons why. The first one is the manager; he’s always the one to get blamed. Then you go to team chemistry and discipline. But you never hear people say, ‘bad player performance’ and that, to me, is the No. 1 reason.”

Some other stuff from Sportsnet, too: We go back to Friday, as Wilner talks about Josh Johnson’s dominating performance. Shi Davidi talks to R.A. Dickey, who is unconcerned with the results so far, as he continues working on getting a feel back for his knuckler. Grange talks to pitchers about the huge, thick loads of downtime they’re faced with during the spring.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs has a top 100 prospects list, featuring a pair of Jays: Aaron Sanchez at 23– ahead of Noah Syndergaard (46)– and Roberto Osuna (81).

Brandon Wile of the Toronto Sun talks to prospect Kellen Sweeney, who is happy to be heading into the season healthy for once.

At BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm looks at returning bullpen coach Pat Hentgen.

At his personal site, GameReax, Chris Toman of MLB.com writes about Ricky Romero’s performance this weekend, and the ghosts of his brutal 2012 it evoked. Also there, his brother Dan GIFs up the ridiculous catch Anthony Gose made over the weekend.

Prior to the weekend, Bluebird Banter sized up the combatants in the battle for spots in the Jays’ bullpen, and how they’ve looked so far this spring.

At The Mockingbird, Jon Hale rants about BABIP and scoffs at the hitting potential of Anthony Gose.

Mop Up Duty looks at Sergio Santos, release point, and fastball location, comparing 2011 to his tiny sample in 2012 and seeing what could be an interesting difference.

The Blue Jay Hunter wonders whether it’s Sergio Santos or Casey Janssen who has a leg up in the race to open the season as the Jays’ closer. Inquiring fantasy players want to know!

Extra Base Hit has the composite fantasy rankings for starting pitchers, and we see three Jays in the top 50: R.A. Dickey (14.5), Brandon Morrow (28.5), and Josh Johnson (30).

The latest 30-odd things thing at the Tao Of Stieb looks at Maicer Izturis.

Lastly, back before the weekend, Parkes touched on some Jays-related topics in his Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday post for Getting Blanked, including his belief in the rumours about the Jays offering the same package for Jon Niese as R.A. Dickey, and an interesting comparison between Brett Lawrie’s all-out energy and the model of efficiency that is the great Lionel Messi.

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  1. I love Joey bats as a ballplayer, and he seems like a helluva guy, but he is way off base with his comments about running up the score in the WBC.

    • I agree. But his team chemistry comments are awesome. Also… as I already posted further down, we can be wrong and still be rightfully angry. Bunting may be wrong (for the sake of argument) but throwing 3 times at the batter, including after a warning, starts pushing the limits of a “code” beaning.

      Hm, would it be considered a violation of this magic code (lol, really guys you play baseball, you’re not saving the world from tyranny) to bunt up third if the defensive shift had been put on the batter?

    • While I also disagree with Jose, I hope that they put this shit into sleep ASAP. I’m afraid puck head nation go banana over this and start a riot somewhere in this country.

    • I dunno. Obviously throwing at a guy 3 times is worse than bunting for a base hit up 6 (especially where runs matter), but at the same time, why couldn’t Robinson have just swung away? It’s not like he isn’t trying to score more runs if he goes up to the plate and tries to hit a bomb

    • SUCK IT BAUTISTA!!!! I would have beaned the next mexican fucker who came to the plate!!! fuckin brainless bautista… im gonna bean you too!!! knock some sense in that skull of yours!!!

  2. While I understand Happ’s reason for bitching about a potential starting assignment in Buffalo – he should understand Mr. Murphy’s penchant for taking big gigantic dumps on the Jays as the year progresses.
    I can’t remember the last time this team played a month with their entire “starting” lineup intact – before the injury bug takes them out one at a time. I’m already seeing it with Lawrie (an oblique muscle?? Isn’t that what kept Morrow out for months and months?). Honestly, I have unsettling concerns about Santos and Janssen, as well.
    Happ will get his starts at the MLB level – no worries there.

    • What made me laugh about “Cy” Happ’s rant on Sunday was that he was coming off “dominating” a Yankee lineup with 2 regulars in it. Considering it’s spring you’d think he would just keep his mouth shut and do what is good for the team. There’s no way AA is going to trade at this point in time no matter how much he cries? He’s still making major league money, time to suck it up.

      If anything he should look at someone like Vogelsong for inspiration when he got sent down before the 2011 season.

  3. Happ needs to check his ego at the door and realize its all about winning. Yeah, playing in the minors sucks but hes the 6th starter for fucks sakes. Its basically a given he will be up at some point and it could be even earlier if romero continues to suck.

    • To play devil’s advocate, you can understand where he’s coming from though. Like all other ball players, he’s selfish about money, and he’s not going to get a bigger contract by pitching in the minors.

      That being said though, I do agree that he needs to stop being a whiny bitch and accept that with less than 5 years of service time, and with an option remaining, he has no say in it, and I doubt Anthopoulos cares enough about his happiness to trade him.

      If anyone is going to get moved, it’s probably Cecil.

  4. fuck off Parkes.
    comparing soccer to baseball? no shit you can’t go 100% in soccer all the time. you’d be gassed by the 10th minute. dumbass.
    and yeah, it’s soccer, not football. I’m Canadian.

  5. @jim nothing like trolling here now

  6. The comparison of a striker in soccer who ‘preserves’ energy, or is effecient is a horrible comparison to brett lawrie.

    Funny how, if u play relaxed and without emotion they call you lazy, when you’re full out every play you’re reckless.

    There’s no winning.

  7. It wasn’t just hitting the batter. It’s throwing at the batter repeatedly (and after being warned) because you are too shit stupid to do it right the first time.

    Guys will take a pitch that stays waist high and beans them. 3 fucking times, with the last one being behind you and creeping up closer to your head is ridiculous.

  8. Jussell, well said sir…..at first i was like….wtf aren’t you playing…then i realized that I dont give a Fuck about the WBC, but was still a little disappointed……then you say the boarders comment, and Im thinking to myself, fuck ya, thats right, its baseball….except when its Hockey, then its Canada all the way baby.

  9. Keep reporing on Aaron Sanchez, every time you do, I smile more and more and more. Good Job AA, lets hope these projections hold water down the road.

  10. not sold on Jeremy Jeffress yet…..he reminds me of the wild thing in Major League before the glasses. I just keep pitchering him taking someones head off. Lets just hope he doesn’t sleep with DeRosas wife this year.

  11. Agree it will be interesting to see where Sergio Santos, release point is after april…..please post that link up for us when it comes in Stoet, thanks in advance.

    Although, if hes getting smacked around, we might already know the answer……

  12. Fantasy Pitchers……

    Do you think the fact that those three keep ending up in the top 30-40 is a result of the run support they are going to get? Like as in the fact that a ptcher with a 4.25 ERA on this team could still see 15 wins?

  13. For you youngsters out there: To be “beaned” by the pitcher means being hit in the head by a pitch. If the batter is hit by a pitch anywhere else on the body, it is not referred to as a “beaning”.

    • derp?

      that’s not been my experience…

    • Don’t know about that. While some assholes surely have thrown at the head on purpose, it has always been considered a very dangerous thing to do. No one lets someone throw at their head and shrugs it off.

    • To get “beaned” is to get nailed in the noggin with a pitch…usually thrown deliberately.
      Usually, a guy will get “buzzed” or “brushed back” with a pitch – especially if they’re being an arrogant asshole and digging in nice and deep into the batter’s box. In the old days, guys like Gibson or Nolan Ryan would patiently wait til the batter dug a nice, comfy hole in the ground – and then rocket a 95mph b.b. high and tight to the batter….and smile apologetically as the poor bastard picks himself off the ground and dumps out the large turd he’s just laid in his shorts.
      Crowding the plate, especially when they’ve got the armor on, is always a red-flag invitation to a pitcher.

  14. I am concerned that I can never tell when the daily deuce is going to drop.
    I’m sure you can imagine how unsettling that feeling is…

  15. I would way rather have Happ as 5th starter then Romero, as Romero has been bad for over a year and Happ has been amazing for over a year. At least if Romero is bad for 5 straight starts I hope they send him down.

    • Happ has been amazing for over a year?

    • Happs been ok over the last year. Not amazing, but better then the 5.77 rickey put up last season.

      By saying amazing your over stating is ability, #3 starter at best. Which, is average.

  16. Also what the hell, how was that ninth inning bunt uncalled for? Its a bunt, what do you want them to do just come out and not swing at a single pitch, god forbid they got a ground ball single, Mexico what have starting hunting people down.

    • Seriously? There’s no need to pretend you don’t actually get this.

      • The run differential rule, which as we all know is why Canada didn`t advance last time, as well as it being quite possible to score 6 runs in an inning of baseball. I am seriously unsure of what you, Jose and the Mexican team wanted Canada to do. If the Jays are up 6 in the 8th or 9th inning this year, do you want them to not bunt? What if they hit a home run?

  17. Ben Francisco and Juan Rivera in the NYY outfield? yikes

  18. As a previous poster said : Jose can break baseball code ever pitch that’s a ball by pouting like kid. But Team Canada was wrong and broke code by bunting in a tournament that counts runs? Canadians don’t play bush league, but we can fight that way.

    Jose needs to get his ass knocked off of Reyes Dominican donkey.

  19. Stupid Jussell Martin

  20. Is it just me … when I read Colby Rasmus quotes, it reminds me of Ben Stiller in Zoolander …

  21. Love Jose, but damn he needs to be smarter in the things he says. Fuckin’ guy is like a child at times

  22. …huge thick loads…. Wtf?!

  23. I’m in Florida all week. I was in Port Charlotte tonight to watch the Rays and the Twins. I got to watch Kelly Johnson and our good buddy Escobar. Escobar threw away a routine grounder. I got up and yelled at him and the people next to me joined in. It’s the same shit with that fucker. The people next to me told me that they have seen him fuck up all spring and predicted that Naddob will not put up with his shit. One of the guys told me that he’s looked so bad that he thinks he’s not going to make the team. That shocked me. A more rationale fan predicted he would be gone by the All Star Break

    By the way, I’m in Fort Myers tomorrow to see The Fucker of the Year, Farrell. I want to tell you guys a true story. I took my son to Spring Training 2 years ago. Everyone is relaxed in Spring Training. My son got tons of autographs from players and coaches. Everyone was so friendly except the fucker himself, Farrell. My son who was 13 at the time, asked Farrell for his autograph multiple times. He not only didn’t give an autograph, he wouldn’t even look at my son. Normally you wouldn’t be so offended because some guys don’t sigh but it was so different from all the other Jays coaches and players. The players and especially the coaches, not only signed autographs, they chatted with the fans and also gave balls to fans. Farrell was the exception. As much as everyone on here hates Farrell, we hate him more. It’s personal for us. So tomorrow we get even. I wonder how many fans have ever got thrown out of a Spring Training game? We are going early tomorrow and we are going to confront the fucker. My son is going to video tape it. If it’s good stuff, I will post it here. Any suggestions of what to say to him? I’m thinking of calling him a cock sucking back stabbing 2 faced piece of garbage. If I’m still around, complement him on his bullpen usage and the brilliance of having Lind batting cleanup against lefties. How about telling him that Mickey Mouse wears a John Farrell watch. Any other suggestions?

    • I suggest your son run away from home.

      • Lol dear god. Well, I guess maybe you could throw a whimped cream pie at em, that would show the fucker, canadian style, with some maple toppings.

        Or you could just watch the game instead of ending up on worlds dumpest crimes 4.

    • While I also suggest your son make a beeline for the border, you need something more clever than calling him a cock sucking faggot. That’s just immature. You need something like ‘was your jaw modeled after Sloth from the Goonies?’ Or ‘I heard you wanted to leave Toronto because those little balls in the astro turf kept getting stuck in your vagina’

    • how to raise a serial killer, coming soon

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