Instagram-ish, which… fuck, now I have this stuck in my head.

I spotted this in the College and Bathurst area last night, and to my foggy memory it would seem to me an even deeper intrusion into the city than last year’s outdoor marketing campaign, which I don’t recall straying too far away from the Rogers Centre– like, say, north of Richmond Street– though… it’s not like I was really paying all that much attention.

So… that’s something. Maybe?

Here’s another, spotting in its more traditional locale, at Adelaide and Peter, just up from the Dome.



Far better than my shitty snaps, though, is a little slice of fantastic from Hipster J.A. Happ– aka @JAHappster, aka friend of the blog @mattomic, aka Dr. Nguyen van Thuoc– who, after the jump, takes us on a tour through Toronto neighbourhoods, letting us know which MLB teams you’d most likely find out hanging out there.

Click the image if you want to see a bigger version!


Nailed it. (Also, mailed it. As in, I totally mailed this one in.)

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  1. Wait, Matt English is Hippster JA Happ?

  2. the mississauga one is the best

  3. ….I live in the Junction!

    • Ooops. Should I amend my post below to indicate that the Junction knows what a baseball is?

      • I’m near the junction and I can tell you, the uniform there is a Blue Jays hat and a plaid shirt and blue jeans rolled up at the cuff.

        It is the most hipster place in Toronto by far.

  4. I live in the Junction so I can confirm it does indeed exist. However, baseball does not exist ’round these parts, except for my consumption of it. And I’m that rare breed of Blue Jays/Yankees fan so I can assume that I’m both human garbage + whatever Blue Jays fans are deemed. I’m okay with that [because not all Yankees fans are THE WORST].

    • I think Parkes told me he went to a bar there and the owner recognized him and bought him some shots or something, so… some people are out there. Not sure which bar, though. I don’t get up there much, but hoping it’s the hole in the wall.

      • Interesting + good to hear. I’ve lived here for almost 1 year [planned my move-in date to be the day before opening day last year], but I don’t drink so I’m not much for bars. The vibe here doesn’t seem sporty @ all.

        • Shoxs is the only thing close to a sporty vibe in the Junction. Watched last year’s Opening Day there, although they’re fit for an old-ish crowd. Axis might be a close second, but more of a mid 20′s place, depending on when you go.

          • I’ve been to Axis [for music], haven’t been to Shox, though I can practically see it from my place. I almost watched Opening Day there because there was an issue with my TV hook-up on moving day. My partner likes to play pool, so maybe we will amble on over there this season.

          • 3030 Dundas West has some of the best micro brews in the city. It’s becoming one of the new places to be on the west side. I’m pretty sure when they have a ball game on it’s the Giants.

            • I have heard of that place, but haven’t been [nor to Indie Ale House] as I don’t drink + don’t much care for overpriced fountain soda unless there’s something else to lure me in. Some of my super hipster friends hang out there – 3030 I mean.

            • I go to 3030 sometimes. Great place. It’s too hipster for me so I don’t go more than once a month. But when I go I love it.

      • Been living in the Junction 7 years now and it is quite noticeable the increased number of folks strutting around in pimped out Jays hats these past few weeks. Hipster? Dunno what that is but makes sense looking at it. Hole in the Wall is by far the best locale for a beer, live music and very good food(compared to Axis, Shox, 3030 and India Ale House). It was an alley way untilmthey put abroof over it. Supposing you would need to bring a radio to consume a Jays game at the same time.

      • Vesuvio’s pizza fucking rules!!

  5. Can we fight about Farrell in here too or should I tell you a great sex joke?

  6. Hey what about East York? I live there

  7. GOD DAMN, Jose Reyes is so cool.

  8. Eddie shaking his head at the pitcher when he thinks its a strike is hilarious also.


  9. I don’t get the city space one

    • Seriously, I don’t recall City Place ever being perceived as “expensive” or “desirable” to anyone not fleeing from a genocide-ravaged third world hellhole.

    • Living in the heart of downtown with a lakefront condo SOUNDS prestigious to an outsider. Until you get there, and you realize it’s all just shiny veneer, and under the surface is an ill-planned dump. Same with the Mets. They’re a New York City baseball team. But they’re not really *the* NYC team, just like CityPlace isn’t *the* downtown. A non-baseball fan might say “New York Mets, that’s good, right?” But beneath the surface both are horribly planned sinkholes of money.

      I’m too sober for this discussion

      • Anyone older than 30 should remember the promise of cityplace… Life by the water, steps from the entertainment district, orgies every night. What they should have realized is that orgies are gross, drug dealers like access to the entertainment district and the Toronto waterfront smells and is generally boring as shit. Add to that, the general cheapness of the buildings and voila, Shittyplace.

  10. [...] It’s hip to be a Toronto fan, especially fans of J.A. Happ. [...]

  11. There are also Opening Week banners flying on the light posts down Bayview Ave between Rosedale Valley and the Brickworks (at the very least).

  12. Steve Delabar follows JA Happster. Not sure how I feel about that.

  13. Hey what about the Beach(es)?

    • People forget it exists in the winter, starting coming in droves in the summer and long weekends and holidays are a total shit show of humanity. Sounds like the Jays to me.

  14. Hey Matty, my girlfriend just asked: where would the Blue Jays hang out? I sort of rolled my eyes but then wondered myself. MAKE IT FUNNY!

  15. All right. I’m back from the game and I’m at peace. The punk didn’t show up unt close to game time. It’s funny since Gibby was on the field before 11:30 am. Gibby and Mike Wilner were doing an interview and I was standing next to the Jays dugout. We got there so early that the ushers don’t give a fuck. Anyway, as Wilner was doing an interview with Gibby I screamed as loud as I could scream, “Suck it Farrell” I repeated it a few times. They actually looked up and appeared stunned. I know Farrell wasn’t involved in the interview but I figured since Farrell isn’t around, I might as well fuck up Wilner by ruining his interview. If you hear some lunatic yell Suck in Farrell in the background during the Wilner and Gibby interview you will know who did it. Anyway, the fucker finally showed up from the clubhouse close to game time. I couldn’t get that close but I yelled loud and told him that he should have been a man and not used AA like his private whore to get another job. Not cool. Anyway, I have no clue if he heard me but I know the fans near the dugout did. The Jays fans and there were tons of Jays fans there today laughed, the Red Sox fans glared at me wondering how dare I say such a thing to their fucken manager. Anyway, it worked out well. I didn’t land up in jail and didn’t even get thrown out. I enjoyed watching a game in an sbsoluty stunning stadium with tons of Jays fans. I’m so impressed by the amount of Jays fans. It’s awesome.

    Anyway, I’m off to Bradenton to watch the Jays and Pittsburgh tomorrow. There is another fucken idiot that I will see tomorrow but he is ‘t worth wasting my breath on. I’m talking about Russell Martin but who really gives a fuck about him although I wonder if he plays shortstop tomorrow


  17. Trinity bell woods is exactly like baltimore

  18. Shit, I haven’t lived in Toronto in seven years and this still absolutely kills it.

    The Annex: Old standby, full of bars, centrally located. The Brewers?

  19. The Pretzel Belle will not be hosting anymore opening days it looks like.

  20. Hipsters are bad people.;awful to look at and listen to. I will take my chances in scarborough ,where ironically, I can make wise cracks about race, religion and sexuality without worrying about offending a white.

  21. I am pretty sure that second photo is my buddy’s place where we have and continue to pre-fresh before opening day. Douche chills?

  22. I delight in, lead to I discovered exactly what I used to be looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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