St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox

At 1:35 PM ET the Jays hit the field at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, bringing Justin Germano to the hill to face Clay Buchholz and the Boston Red Sox. Oh, and whatshisface up there, who needs to be on the lookout for the father of the year, according to a comment left on one of our posts here yesterday.

I’m in Fort Myers tomorrow to see The Fucker of the Year, Farrell. I want to tell you guys a true story. I took my son to Spring Training 2 years ago. Everyone is relaxed in Spring Training. My son got tons of autographs from players and coaches. Everyone was so friendly except the fucker himself, Farrell. My son who was 13 at the time, asked Farrell for his autograph multiple times. He not only didn’t give an autograph, he wouldn’t even look at my son. Normally you wouldn’t be so offended because some guys don’t sigh but it was so different from all the other Jays coaches and players. The players and especially the coaches, not only signed autographs, they chatted with the fans and also gave balls to fans. Farrell was the exception. As much as everyone on here hates Farrell, we hate him more. It’s personal for us. So tomorrow we get even. I wonder how many fans have ever got thrown out of a Spring Training game? We are going early tomorrow and we are going to confront the fucker. My son is going to video tape it. If it’s good stuff, I will post it here. Any suggestions of what to say to him? I’m thinking of calling him a cock sucking back stabbing 2 faced piece of garbage. If I’m still around, complement him on his bullpen usage and the brilliance of having Lind batting cleanup against lefties. How about telling him that Mickey Mouse wears a John Farrell watch. Any other suggestions?

Other suggestions? Yeah, how about don’t.


Mike Wilner tweets that Jose Bautista was originally not scheduled to be part of the Jays squad that travelled to Fort Myers, and praises him for making the three hour bus trip.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much just Brett Lawrie stuff:’s Chris Toman tweets that Lawrie says he expects to be ready for Opening Day, “but admits the recovery time for these injuries is tough to project.”

Toman adds that Lawrie says he learned from last year’s oblique strain, and knew he had to shut it down and giv

That said, Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star was also there, and he quotes Lawrie as saying that “right now it feels night/day from when it first happened.”

Kennedy adds in another tweet that “Lawrie said the injury feels ‘way different’ than last year. ‘Last year it felt like somebody stuck a knife in my side.’ Not the case this time.”

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose LF
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
L. Jimenez DH
J. Thole C
A. LaRoche 3B
L. Anderson 1B
R. Goins SS
J. Negrych 2B

J. Germano RHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
D. Nava RF
D. Pedroia 2B
M. Napoli 1B
W. Middlebrooks 3B
R. Sweeney DH
J. Gomes LF
R. Lavarnaway C
P. Ciriaco SS

C. Buchholz RHP

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  1. Other suggestions: Switch to decaf.

  2. People seem to forget that when John Farrell agreed to AA’s offer to manage the Jays, the organizational policy allowed him to make a lateral transfer to manage the Red Sox whenever he felt like it.

    The policy changed after year one. But if it happened to me at my job, I’d expect that policy to be grandfathered in for my own contract. Any right obtained in an organizational policy supersedes an individual contract right.

    John Farrell spent an extra year in Canadian jail for the city of Toronto. Show him some love.

    • Show him love based on the expectiations you have at your job? no thanks.

      • I assume you would expect it at your job as well. Why wouldn’t you want extra employee rights?

        • naturally, but i’d also respect any employers desire to employ someone in good faith, and not have them treat their positition as a landing pad/training spot before moving on to a direct (sorry, DIRECT) competitor with intimate knowledge of the innerworkings of the previous business.

          • Employees treat jobs as landing spots all the time. For all we know, he accepted the job based on the fact he could leave whenever he felt like it.

            • I love it Jays2010….still fighting the good fight!

              Maybe work in a Black Magjic plug for shits and giggles.

              Suck it Farrell.

            • Thanks. You’re right. I totally feel fucking better now about getting completely fucked around by John fucking Farrell.

              • Guys he sucked or was mediocre at best as a manager. We got a bag of balls for him instead of having to pay him a silly severance. Rejoice, boo him and move on.

            • i didn’t say it doesn’t happen, but the employer develops measures to make it happen not so much.

              in anycase, i’m not arguing his intent at the time of hiring or his rights as an employee, i’m arguing that I shouldn’t have to show him love. Just because someones is able to operate within their rights doesn’t necessarily mean their not a piece of shit. You know?

    • Let’s not get crazy. Under no circumstances should anyone show any of the Sawx any love.

    • Indifference at best but never love.

      • Indifference at best is correct.

        It’s a nice little side story to add a tiny bit of drama to the season.

        Kinda like Sportsnet advertising the Burnett vs Halladay student vs teacher narrative a few years ago which led to a packed stadium and engaged crowd.

        But the team is good now. Time to get over this inferiority complex towards Boston, New York, Americans etc.

        John Farrell deciding to work somewhere else certainly isn’t a justification for excessive levels of verbal abuse. Let’s just hope father of the year isn’t a complete idiot.

    • Canadian jail? WTF. The Boston media will eat him alive if things don’t go well there. He’ll miss Canada dearly is my guess.

    • Jays2010 = Donkey

      Worst post of the spring thus far, by far

      • Oh my god I don’t have CowTownJays approval!

      • Jays2010 kinda nailed this one. Though maybe I just like it because it outs so many people as completely blind through the fog of their own rage at Farrell. Hard to take people seriously when they can’t take the emotion out of their analysis.

        • Really – he nailed it? Is Jays2010 a buddy for yours or something? I’m all for Linz’s above post on being indifferent. He’s right – who gives a shit about Farrell? But let’s show Farrell some love for sticking around in Canadian jail. Like he did us some huge solid out of the kindness of his heart? I stand corrected Jays2010. Farrell is a great guy and a wonderful human being. You nailed it sir.

          • You don’t come around here much if you think we’re buddies. But at least I got that he’s saying that stuff tongue in cheek and didn’t let it blind me to the fact that there’s a lot of truth to the fact that loyalty is a two way street and Farrell isn’t nearly as singularly villainous in all this as some fans want to believe.

            The Jays stopped him from moving to Boston after 2011, and there was no reason they couldn’t stop him from doing so again. They also appear to have shown no interest in signing him to an extension, preferring to see how 2012 played out before deciding if he was still their dream manager, forcing him to endure a year of questions about it, if they kept him around. That was their right, of course, but I think those two facts pretty clearly show that the club had soured on him enough to let it happen, rather than having been forced to do something they didn’t want to do.

            • Obviously Stoeten isn’t outraged at Canadian jail because he hates Canada. I mean, what other conclusion could one reach?

              • For the record, the year of questions was because Farrell decided to let it slip that he was on a 3 year contract, yes there was a report after the deal was signed that it was for 3 years but it was never confirmed by the club or Farrell until that day. Not to mention that just seems to be the nature of the beast with managers and the narrative of the ‘lame duck’ year. And now we’re starting to see that same sort of focus with players going into their last year of a contract. At least with players it matters way more overall to the franchise.

      • Is it possible that Jose Reyes was actually pointing at Jays2010?

  3. Farrell is going to get eaten alive in Boston. They know their ball and they are extremely whiny and righteous about it.

  4. Do the Jays really have 6 outs on 6 pitches? They must have a round of golf scheduled after this one.

  5. You can feel the fury his keyboard felt when typing that rant.

  6. Father of the year goes to the guy that teaches his son to worship people who play a game for a living and seek their approval and then call them such words as “cock sucking back stabbing 2 faced piece of garbage”.

    Watch baseball for entertainment.

    If you want to worship people, read literary works and study philosophy and find people who contribute something of significance to society. Go get Bill Gates autograph or something.

  7. Reyes just smacked a dinger against Italy.

  8. Jays 2010 – idiot

  9. The Farrell hate is unwarranted. Hear this:

    He sucks, we’re free from him, and Boston is stuck with him for at least a couple years.

    • agreed, hes gone, thank you baseball gods….cause he sucked, its my opinion that everythnig that went wrong well he was he was his fault…..dont care where he went, just that hes gone.

  10. Wow… that guy is teaching his kids all the best stuff. Pretty bad when I’m taking Farrell’s side…

  11. re Big Jerk1968- Here’s a suggestion. Be a good example to your son, be an adult and get over it. So your son didn’t get Farrell’s autograph…is the world going to fuckin’ end? If it’s that important, I have a couple of cards signed by Farrell…I’ll fucking send you one..maybe Farrell wasn’t in the mood to sign that day..he might be an asshole in your eyes, but players and coaches are human above all else. Get over it, pal. Maybe stop drinking too…

  12. Hoping the Rogers Skydome Center is never full of fair minded,unemotional analytical types. Suck it Farrell!

    • I laughed at that.
      Stoeten makes fun of people using emotion in their reasoning lol.
      It’s a fucking baseball team,
      if there were no emotion or passion in watching it and talking about it, and we all looked at it strictly in a calm analytical way…. none of us would watch this sport, analytically, its a waste of time.

  13. I wonder if Farrell would have stayed if he knew what was coming…. Going to be a fun year fellas, let’s stay positive and ignore the haters.

  14. Dream Job! – Farrell

    You’re right, Toronto is inferior to Boston. – Stoeten.

    • Yep. Exactly what I said.

      • So are we allowed to razz Farrell a little bit for putting Boston ahead of Toronto, or is that fucking ignorant like a complete meat head, you know.

        • I’m going to boo the shit out of Farrell on April 5th. I’m also going to acknowledge the complexity in his departure when someone writes about it in a blog comment and everybody shits down his throat for it in a blind Fuck Farrell rage.

          • I guess what I’m not seeing is the “everybody”, the “shit down his throat” or the “blind rage”.

            Farrell can eat it because he likes Boston better than my team. If I don’t have a mouthful of beer at the time I’ll boo him.

          • So….if I have this right…..which I think i do
            You hate Farrell because he sucks, not because of how the Boston thing worked out…?

            Which…..sounds fair, cause he sucked, and I hated him before the RedSox trade, and really, I have liked a lot of Sox players over the years, so who gives a fuck if he went to Boston……he sucked, hes gone, we can hate him for beinging sucky, not for wanting to go where he wanted to go… will people.

            • No certain folk hate him for his underhanded BS.

              IE: Thanks for the blow job but this bitch is better looking.

          • So you’re conflicted as well. Don’t get too many splinters riding that fence.

  15. Pinch runner Lyle Overbay. There’s something you don’t see everyday.

  16. so no one here is talking about the fucking game and arguing about farrell

  17. Jays2010 and Stoeten are quite correct on this pointless debate.

    No one other than internet commenters and Simmons at the Sun thinks Farrell did anything wrong EXCEPT have a preference for managing a city other than ours.

    You guys are basically mad that he doesn’t like you.

    Yet you didn’t really like him either.

    It’s like being dumped by a 5. You don’t want her back. But you wanted to be the one to dump her.

    • What a curious teenage analogy.

      • It must really make you feel like The Ancient Mariner.

        • A fair to midland mariner is more accurate but yes my subscription to Tiger Beat is all but gone.

          Speaking of Mariners spuds will you be partaking in a game down yonder?

          • ~~~middling?~~~
            (or are you inland)

            As for an M’s game, I’d first need to renew my passport.
            I may be less than 10 minutes from the so-called Peace Arch, but venturing through it no longer feels peaceful.

  18. Stoeten, Ive seen you say that you are a bit of a hockey fan too.

    If so, what were your thoughts way back when Brian Burke left Anaheim mid-season to come to his dream job in Toronto?

    Because, to me it is nearly identical but with the shoe on the opposite foot.

    Just curious…

    • *Crickets chirping*

    • Interesting point.

      • Oh, it so is interesting.

        The Toronto media had absolutely no problem shitting all over Farrell when he left their beloved city for Beantown, but when the then-saviour Brian Burke left Anaheim (mid-fucking-season too!) to come here, that was okay.

        A bit of a double standard, if you ask me.

        Does it make Anaheim a ‘feeder organization’? Or does it make the Leafs and Toronto a bunch of douche bags like the Bostonians? Hmmmm….

  19. By the way, for anyone interested, I was told by someone in the Jays ticket office that season tickets have doubled over last year and flex packs have quadrupled.

    I really think 3M fans is a possibility.

  20. And Fuck Boston and Farrell for playing Sweet Caroline in Florida too.

  21. This Dominican/Italy game is highly entertaining. Clap Clap Clap!

  22. Dominica!!!

  23. Farrell will be the Jays fans’ favorite boo-target – just as Alfredsson is the Leafs fans’ boo-target, and Vince/Bosh is the Raptors fans’ favorite target.
    Might as well make it a true trifecta.

  24. All right. I’m back from the game and I’m at peace. The punk didn’t show up unt close to game time. It’s funny since Gibby was on the field before 11:30 am. Gibby and Mike Wilner were doing an interview and I was standing next to the Jays dugout. We got there so early that the ushers don’t give a fuck. Anyway, as Wilner was doing an interview with Gibby I screamed as loud as I could scream, “Suck it Farrell” I repeated it a few times. They actually looked up and appeared stunned. I know Farrell wasn’t involved in the interview but I figured since Farrell isn’t around, I might as well fuck up Wilner by ruining his interview. If you hear some lunatic yell Suck in Farrell in the background during the Wilner and Gibby interview you will know who did it. Anyway, the fucker finally showed up from the clubhouse close to game time. I couldn’t get that close but I yelled loud and told him that he should have been a man and not used AA like his private whore to get another job. Not cool. Anyway, I have no clue if he heard me but I know the fans near the dugout did. The Jays fans and there were tons of Jays fans there today laughed, the Red Sox fans glared at me wondering how dare I say such a thing to their fucken manager. Anyway, it worked out well. I didn’t land up in jail and didn’t even get thrown out. I enjoyed watching a game in an sbsoluty stunning stadium with tons of Jays fans. I’m so impressed by the amount of Jays fans. It’s awesome.

    Anyway, I’m off to Bradenton to watch the Jays and Pittsburgh tomorrow. There is another fucken idiot that I will see tomorrow but he is ‘t worth wasting my breath on. I’m talking about Russell Martin but who really gives a fuck about him although I wonder if he plays shortstop tomorrow

  25. Likely the best thing Stoeten has said on the subject…

    “I’m going to boo the shit out of Farrell on April 5th. I’m also going to acknowledge the complexity in his departure when someone writes about it in a blog comment and everybody shits down his throat for it in a blind Fuck Farrell rage.”

    I think Farrell is a somewhat slimey dick, and didn’t show me any baseball intelligence we were all sold on him having.

    So, Boston was his dream job and it came up, and he was honest about it. I don’t fault him for that, as he’s telling it like it is. I also seem to recall that this wasn’t exactly a secret BEFORE he was hired by AA.

    Now, I clearly wasn’t part of the interview process and have no idea what questions were asked and what smoke was or wasn’t blown up the Jays brass during…but it seems to me that AA and co. get off the hook a little too much for making what turned out to be a bad hire. I love AA, and am by no means vilifying him in this process…as Farrell came highly regarded by all of baseball it seemed. But, something clearly missed a few filters. And the after ‘dream job’ reveal news was a little unsavory from both sides.

    I’ll boo Farrell, certainly. But I’ll also be the first person pointing out to security any prick tossing shit at him from the stands or otherwise ruining the game for anyone else…

    Yeah, the whole affair made Toronto feel a little inferior and bush league at the time…I don’t see how it helps to reenforce that notion with some of the bullshit I’ve read.

    Booing and witty taunts = passion.
    ‘Confronting’ him, tossing shit at him etc. = useless troglodyte.

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