DB Cooper Goes Missing


Well here’s an odd bit of news for a club that doesn’t seem to mind too terribly if fans have it in their heads that they’re not like all those other pro sports organizations when it comes to matters of loyalty: according to reports, the Jays have released David Cooper.

To wit:

And, of course, there’s also this:

The release has since been confirmed by the club:

Aaaaand Heyman has one more for us:

Holy shit, and here I thought such a possibility was totally an unfunny joke. I mean, I don’t want to dump on Cooper if the back troubles he’s having really are career threatening, but… I certainly don’t mind dumping on the fans who look at where he was drafted and the numbers he put up in Las Vegas and remain convinced, despite poor baserunning and worse defence, that his bat was really going to make him, y’know, anything.

That’s probably a bit on the harsh side, and I couldn’t tell you that I wouldn’t have minded seeing him get at least some of the ridiculous amounts of opportunity that Adam Lind has had, but if you can’t supplant a guy who has been one of the worst regulars at the position in all of baseball over the last three years, your release is probably not worth worrying a whole damn lot about. The Vegas numbers are just not that impressive because of the environment, and the Lyle Overbay clone stuff was always a bit outlandish given that Overbay is better than you think, with big league OBPs of .385, .372 (twice), .367 and .365 on his resume, and the actual ability to play a defensive position.

I don’t know… if they want to re-sign him, as Heyman suggests, it would be a nice thing to do, I suppose– yes, despite my snark to the contrary above– and shit, now that they’ve actually got him off the 40-man and can, as Joel Sherman tweets, sign him to a minor league deal “with an eye on ’14 return,” there wouldn’t be a whole lot to complain about. Seems odd they wouldn’t just put him on the 60-day DL, though.

Of course, when it comes to Cooper’s career, there is always going to be one major, unavoidable question– and Getting Blanked has the balls to ask it.

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  1. Maybe if he had tagged him, he’d still have a job.

  2. Dr. said he needs a backiotomy.

  3. Heyman said the Jays have interest in resigning Cooper

  4. Anyone else talking themselves into the Lars Anderson era?

  5. Prediction for comments on this thread:

    1. tagging
    2. back jokes
    3. sexist stuff (as per every other comments page)
    4. some other unrelated topic
    5. Damien Cox

  6. Keep your chin u… oh.

  7. Too bad. Always thought if he could get a full season of AB’s he could put up numbers similar to Lyle Overbay in the middle part of his career. Just a pity the glove wasn’t anywhere as close.

  8. Damnit. Forgot to add Chin as a potential topic in this thread

  9. please dont try to turn this into a story

  10. If he has any prospect of playing again, I’m not sure why the Jays wouldn’t just McGowan him on the 60-day DL and allow him to continue collecting a regular paycheque while he rehabs. Unfortunately, I think the release means the Jays think/know his career is over.

  11. Makin room for Johnny Mac, fellas.

  12. tomorrow AA will resign him to a 2 year extension and then lose sleep over having to trade him to the marlins

  13. So Lars Anderson is a lock for AAA right and first man called up

  14. And word on the street is that the DBacks are shopping Johnny Mac… hmmmm…

  15. Odd move….

    Why hang on to Dustin McGowan for what seems like an eternity while he suffers through endless injury disarray, only to drop Cooper when he gets a back injury? I guess, it must be of the career ending variety.

    (Not that anyone actually thinks McGowan may resume his career again – like, let’s call a spade a spade. The guy is done.)

    • McGowan is at least in camp and throwing

      • Sounds like a broken record….he comes to camp every year and contributes nothing but goodwill.

        I am at a tipping point with Dusty balls. Is his ceiling really that high anymore? I mean, with a shoulder being held together by spitballs and bubble gum, hard to imagine he will be nearly as devastating as he once was.

        And while Cooper is no Prince Fielder, he certainly can smack doubles around, and get on base with little power. He is essentially Lyle Overbay, as other commenters have noted.

        I dunno. I get what the replies to my post are saying, but Im not sure I am there anymore with McGowan. He needs to show me something.

    • because mcgowan’s ceiling is much much higher than cooper?

      Its not like cooper has been riddled with injuries, this is the first major one. He’s been healthy, he’s just not that good of a baseball player, he lacks power in a power position and lacks defense at the easiest spot on the diamond.

    • McGowan was a proven MLB talent.
      Cooper isn’t.
      Cooper can only field one position and the bat isn’t strong enough to play significant innings in that position.

      • Radar,

        While I almost always share your viewpoint, its hard to say McGowan is a proven MLB talent.

        He has never eclipsed 170 innings in a year.

        His ‘big year’ was 2007, that is a long time ago. He pitched in 169 innings, with a 12-10 record, a 4.08 era, a 3.73 FIP.

        The potential is there, I get that. And I dont want him to become a Chris Carpenter any more than the next guy.

        I want to believe, I am just having a hard time doing it

        • We actually agree,to an extent.
          I think McGowan is done. At the time of the signing it looked like he might come back.
          Cooper hasn’t reached his projected ceiling,nor does it look like he will.Even if he recovers from injury,it’ll be doubtful he’ll be a major contributor at the MLB level and there are better options for the position.
          I’m sympathetic to his plight but it is what it is.
          Baseball can be a tough business.

  16. Hold the Mayo, what!??!

  17. Are there still no specifics on what the injury is? I know back injuries can nag but what would it take to end one’s career?

  18. Serious question: What happens if Lind sucks for the first 3 months of the season?

    • Lots of short term DH options. Davis versus LHP, Bonafacio, call up Gose play him in the outfield and have some sort of rotation.

      Speculating here, but IF Lind sucks AND EE gets injured, would you call up Gose and move Bautista to 1B? I know he has a great arm, but his range is not getting any better.

    • With some of the injured pitchers getting close by then, I’m sure they could make a trade, if they’re uncomfortable with Lars Anderson. Pretty much the same thing they would have done if Cooper was here, I think.

  19. Maybe Lind will play 1B for Buffalo.

    • if he keeps rolling starting on April 2nd the way he has been this spring, he can help the jays…..lets hope he does. If he sucks, trade him for a player to be named later and call someone up……

  20. I don’t see the rationale for this move at all. The money is tiny.

    • frees up a spot on the 40 man – which the DL would have done, but, hey, they prob know more about cooper then we do, so maybe, its just that 13′ is a right off for him, but they want to keep him around. So they release him, free him from 40 man – resign him to MLD – no need to put on 40 man until rule 5 draft this winter. Seems like a nice move if this is how it works out.

  21. Fun fact: David Cooper was selected one pick behind Canadian hero Brett Lawrie. Also 4 picks behind Brett Wallace (HA)

  22. I always figured Cooper would find his way into the national league as a fan favorite DH.
    he’s like john olerud jr.

  23. ” … despite my snark …” LOL! I thought my son Stoeten well. Keep on emulating my greatness. Oh yeah, I love how your beard tickles my balls, oh yeah Stoets, mmm, use less teeth, yeah harder Stoets, HARRDER, AAARGGGGgggghhhH!

  24. Is Adam Lind a release candidate if he mirrors 2012

    • hard to say….they could try and outright him again, or trade him…..IF he sucks and doesn’t keep hitting well like in ST right now, then whatever road they take is fine by me….but I would like to think the glass is half full, at least once more before he crushes my dreams of having a 1-9 that can hit.

      • @ Coach LB

        If Lind shits the bed, he’ll be untradeable.He was released last year and nobody made a claim on him.

        • trade him for cash, or a player to be named later….pick up most of whats left on his 2013 pay grade, then let that team deal with his options as they see fit,

          No one NO ONE is untradeable when you have a Ninja as a GM.

    • Not till mid season and then it depends how the Jays are doing.
      The interesting question is.
      If he hits well do you pick up his 2014 option or exercise the buyout?

      • Or if they either sign someone else or trade for someone midseason.

      • if his numbers are in this range……260-280/340-370/500-600 with 20-30hrs and 80-100 RBIS fuck ya i would pick up the option – which these #s aren’t hard to produce for a 1B/DH type player or at least shouldn’t be. but we will see if he breaks our heart….im thinking that if he has another off year, his option wont be an issue cause he will already be gone.

        • So… if he’s 2009 Adam Lind, then. Because he has only been close to the low end of that slash line once in his whole career.

          • no, doesn’t have to be, and he hit 26HRs in 2011.
            All i was trying to say, is, if he can be above average, then keep him….i know he has broken your heart a lot Stoet, I feel ya, but Ill take 25HRs and 80rbis from a 1B/DH player for 5mil.

            With the expection of Ave and OBP he has hit from power and production in others years, now last year he was just bad overall….but he hasn’t been that bad every year, we just want that 300 ave and 100 plus RBIs every year once someone does it once…….I hope EE crushes the ball, because if he doesn’t, we are going to rip him a new ass hole.

            • His option is 7 mil.
              He can’t play LF,he’s not that great a 1B.He has back problems.Nobody wanted him when they coulda had him for free.
              Don’t see it.

              • needs change from Year to Year…..bet the Yanks would take him right now.

                • Maybe the Yanks but remember that both the Yanks and Bsox are watching payroll.They won’t break the tax threshold.

              • True, the only way the jays pick up that option is if he goes back to 2009 lind

                • Jays aren’t flush with power hitters in the farm from what i can tell…..so i think if he is somewhere close to better then 10/11 Lind…he gets picked up, he doesn’t have to be a silver slugger to keep his job. 7mil is cheap for his power, if he can get on base a little more, and stop swinging at everything he is worth it.

                  hasn’t the mantra been since the dickey deal……dont get our hopes too high, its 162 games……or its only spring training……so why the hell do we think that Lind needs to be an AllStar to stick around….if he hits like he did in 09……hes a steal at 7mil…..if better then last year ….. he is still worth it.

            • So Coach LB is in fact Pat Tabler in disguise.

              Fuck the home runs. The objective of an AB is to not create an out – something Lind has had massive troubles with. The honeymoon of 2009 has been over for a while, and how he’s still on this team is baffling to say the least.

              Since 2010, guess which player comes in dead last of OBP amongst DH’s?

  25. Needs a chin-strap beard to define his jaw line. I know about Nature and Man-scaping

  26. Jays roster going to 38 man. Interesting

  27. I broke this story…

  28. Are Ricky Romero and JP Arencibia the last of JPR’s 1st rounders in the organization? Other than Kevin Ahrens, of course.

    Off memory, Russ Adams, David Purcey, Zack Jackson, Aaron Hill, Travis Snider & David Cooper are gone.

    I know some of this is on Rogers and their penny pinching ways. But wow.

  29. I don’t get how the jays can release Cooper when injured. He presumably threw out his back playing ball or working out to prepare for the season. Or maybe he did it dancing in really high heels.

    He should at least get to hang in Dunedin for extended spring and collect his AAA paycheck while he rehabs.

  30. Too bad, back problems suck.

    Seemed like a good player, would have made it back in 86.

    I hope him the best.

  31. David Cooper has just been named the new Pope. That’s why he was released.

  32. but lets keep mcgowan…

  33. David Cooper is underrated. Good luck DC.

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