Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs

The Jays have sent Mark Buehrle and some actual regulars across the Sunshine Skyway to Bradenton, as they visit the ol’ Great White Hype, Travis Snider and his “winning ballclub,” the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Snider, of course, is out of minor league options, and almost certainly would have been a candidate for a late spring trade had he remained on a Jays club with its current roster– which is precisely why he was dealt back in July. Though… OK, I suppose it could have been Rajai Davis (or technically even Emilio Bonifacio) who could have been dealt, or non-tendered, but given Adam Lind’s struggles against lefties, and the late inning speed Davis can bring, I’m pretty OK with him being the one that’s around– especially since there’s no guarantee Snider won’t ultimately have to be sent to the minors again. For what extremely little it’s worth at this stage, so far this spring he’s 6-for-24, with two walks, three doubles, ten strikeouts, and an OPS of .661.

Yes, we’re still talking about him– though I certainly get the sense that fans following the former organizations of uber-prospects Andy LaRoche and Lars Anderson don’t particularly give two shits that we’ve now got those guys.


Looks like the Pirates are going sans-DH today, while the Jays are using Adam Lind as theirs. Nobody tell Kirk Gibson!

Also: awww, look, it’s Jussell Martin behind the plate for the Pirates. Hope he doesn’t have to go too many innings, poor baby.

Mike Wilner tweets that Sergio Santos, as scheduled, will pitch in a minor league game today, for the first time since being briefly shut down last week.

Wilner also guesses that the release of David Cooper is because his back is gerried.

Brendan Kennedy tweets today’s pitching schedule for the Jays in Bradenton: “Buerhle starts, scheduled for 4 innings, followed by 2 from Jeffress & 1 each from Delabar, Loup & Wagner.”

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via MLB.com.

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose CF
E. Bonifacio 2B
R. Davis RF
M. Cabrera LF
A. Lind DH
M. DeRosa 3B
A. LaRoche 1B
M. Nickeas C
M. Izturis SS

M. Buehrle LHP

Pittsburgh Pirates

S. Marte LF
R. Martin C
A. McCutchen CF
G. Sanchez 1B
P. Alvarez 3B
N. Walker 2B
T. Snider RF
C. Barmes SS
J. McDonald RHP

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  1. Hey does anyone knew why the jays roster is down to 38

  2. They’re waiting till Snider gets sent down by the Pirates so they can claim him on waivers

  3. Meats Don’t Clash!

  4. Listening to Wilner and Hayhurst..

    I’m with you Stoeten… I think I would actually prefer this over any other combination. Jerry is obviously great, but Wilner is getting pretty good and Hayhurst is CLEARLY far, far better than what I’ve heard of Morris so far.

    • They are legitimately hilarious in my opinion.

      It would be even better if they continued to call games sarcastically during the season. Its like sitting in the 500s with my jackass friends.

    • I’m sure it wouldn’t fly but I’d welcome them as an alternate feed. If they’re can be Spanish and French language alternative broadcasts us SABR speakers should get one too!

    • LOL!! Anyone who thinks Wilner or Hayhurst are in the same league as Jerry are wanking themselves.

  5. “Travis Snider grounds out, 3B Mark DeRosa to 1B Andy LaRoche”

    god i love Spring ball for those types last play reports.

  6. Melky with the bomb from Left. The guy isn’t the greatest fielder – but he’s fun as hell to watch (or in this case – listen to).

  7. Looking at that pic, what’s with the dirt being kicked up in front of the plate with the ball clearly not even ahead of where it’s kicked up?

  8. Cant see a ball. Where is it?

  9. Holy sheee-ite! It’s way up in the air across from Travis’ left glove! How’d it get there?

  10. How do you listen for free at mlb.com?

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