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Arash Madani of Sportsnet reports on today’s minor league outing from Sergio Santos, in which the prospective closer says he “felt great.” Crucially, though, he reports that “whether or not Santos will be ready for Opening Day is still undetermined,” and yet, “Santos is ahead of Janssen medically.” GULP.

Bruce Arthur of the National Post thinks that Toronto should be excited for the coming of Jose Reyes– and he’s right.

Three from Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun: In one he takes a look at Brett Lawrie’s injury, for which there’s no timetable for a return yet, though Rutsey comes away impressed at the maturity Lawrie is showing in handling it. He also reports on Brandon Morrow’s minor league outing yesterday, and how the spring is progressing as scheduled for the Jays’ important right-hander. And in the third he speaks to lefty reliever Aaron Loup, who has impressed so far in camp, after impressing last year, posting better numbers in the Majors than he did at Double-A New Hampshire.

Gregor Chisholm also speaks to Lawrie’s injury trouble at BlueJays.com.

Elsewhere at BlueJays.com, Melissa Couto talks to Anthony Gose, who says he gets that he’s not quite ready to fit into the Jays’ plans at the big league level. Gose clearly has a better perspective on results at this time of year than most fans do, explaining, “I’m just showing them that, hopefully, I can play at the next level and be consistent, but it’s just Spring Training. We’re facing guys who just want to get their work done and get in shape.”

With the Jays in Bradenton, Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail looks at the status of Travis Snider, now– of course– an outfielder for the Pirates.

That’s not the only tangentially-related Jays story filed by Maloney this week, as he also was in Clearwater yesterday, and tells us about Roy Halladay’s uncharacteristic struggles.

The latest 30-odd thing from the Tao of Stieb takes a look at Henry Blanco, who got his first pro contract from the Los Angeles Dodgers when they were still reigning World Series champions after Orel Hershiser’s magical 1988.

Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter reviews Steve Clarke’s 100 Things Blue Jays Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die.

Dan Toman of gamerax GIFs a pumped up R.A. Dickey during Team USA’s most recent win.

Does Dayn Perry read Richard Griffin’s mail bag? Because at CBS Sports he proposes the same DH compromise that a Griff Bag reader did last week: making the use of a DH the prerogative of the home manager.

Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star takes a look at how Deadspin may have taken a step closer to being more like– ugh– Bleacher Report.

Lastly, the outstanding Jeff Sullivan announces his departure from Mariners blog Lookout Landing, which… if that’s the best thing for him and his other writings, that’s great. But it’s certainly a loss for those of us who thoroughly enjoy his work.

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  1. lol Holland got it good.

  2. Thank you Gose for showing us that even you know your not a batting champ yet, like some people have stated on here over the past few days. Keep working hard, we will see you in the skydome soon enough.

  3. Thank goodness the Dome and SkyDome names are building back momentum. I thought the battle was pretty much lost a year ago.

  4. Ugh. This Janssen/Santos injury thing is getting scary.

  5. Would Delabar as the closer be the worst thing?

    • It would mean Janssen & Santos are injured and/or ineffective.

      So it would suck.

      I could care less who the “closer” is. But bullpen depth is pretty important. Espescially now that the Jays have a manager who knows how to use it.

    • If our rotation can stay healthy it will put less pressure on the BP as they can all pitch deep into games.

      And they aren’t out until june or anything so not too worried who is in the pen on april 2nd as long as we don’t see any set backs from those two, we can manage for the first week or so if they need a little more time.

      • Yeah, with dickey starting opening day, they won’t need a closer so they’ve got more time to get ready.

  6. Jose Reyes will be most peoples favourite Jay, I don’t think there is any doubt. So excited that he is in the lineup!

  7. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned here but Keith Law has a new weekly baseball podcast for ESPN that started yesterday. Just thought I’d give a heads up to those (like me) who jumped ship when Olney took over Baseball Today.

  8. JR even gets LeBron to do his hand sign:


    • Awesome…

    • Seeing Lebron, a guy whose basically never missed significant time, having both knees wrapped in ice like it’s no big deal is kinda a reminder the shit kicking even the healthiest guy takes to play every day.

  9. Hey Stoeten, do you have Rob Ducey’s blessing on being associated with dropping a daily shit?

    I think it’s absolutely Schweeeeeeeeeet . Just wondering if he’s getting toiletries, er, I mean royalties?

  10. David Owwwwtiz with injured heel (first of many owwwies over the next 2 years probably):


  11. I know I’m opening myself up to a lot of criticism but I didn’t think Damien Cox’s piece yesterday was half bad.

    I know when I listen to the ST games I’m saying to myself “So, where is everyone I was so excited about in December?”

  12. If Cano likes playing with Reyes that much..I’ve got a great idea for him.

  13. Fyi, the ‘home manager chooses the DH rule’ has been a Tom Tango thing for a while, now.

  14. A few nuggets on Reye’s IG page….not liking the one with his ankle all taped up and in a bucket of ice but the one with Bautista doing some Tarantino shit with his bat is the jib.


  15. Damn…. I’ve had a boner for a couple months now thinking about Reyes, Bonfacio & Davis causing headaches on the bases, EE & Bautsita bombing away, Melky & Lawrie hitting away, JPA bombing 30 homers and still getting no love & having 5 real starting pitchers!!!

  16. That..I’d like to see!
    The line-up rolling, I mean. Not the boner. Because that would be….weird.

    • You can like the boner too if you want. Like 50% of the world does.

      • I was going to ask…which 50%?


        Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

        • From my understanding it would beabout 90% of women plus about 10% of men.
          I suppose you have to factor out the incredibly young and maybe a few other groups. But let’s say “50% of the people who have the capacity to care about boners, actually do indeed like the boners”

  17. jose Reyes is a great player. If only Keith Law would endorse him. Then Stoeten could appreciate him.

    • Come on Oakville! You can troll better than that.

    • Buck: up next is reyes, he’s leading the american league in batting average and having a heck of a season.
      Stoeten: pfft, who cares, batting average is pointless, look how high his babip is, you’d be an idiot not to know he’s due for a regression, half a season is way too small of a sample size

      • Pat Tabler: “He’s making contact with the ball just a little bit more”, “he’s squaring up the ball just a little bit more”, “he’s choking up on the bat with 2 strikes just a little bit more”, “he’s big and strooooong just a little bit more.”

  18. Stoeten, what has become of the audio on demand section on the Fan 590′s website? Is it gone forever? I called them on the phone (and yes I actually got to talk to real live human beings and did not get put on hold or have to listen to elavator music) and nobody there could give me an answer, but to say that “it’s there somewhere”. If so, I can’t find it.

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