Mexico v United States - World Baseball Classic - First Round

Dan Toman, who along with his brother (at least, I think they’re brothers and not some other relation),’s Chris, runs the excellent new gamereax blog and GIF clearing house has put together an animated GIF of the R.A. Dickey knuckleball that fooled Robinson Cano in the first inning of tonight’s WBC game in lightning speed.

Or… the GIF is actually in slow motion, I just mean Dan got it up onto the internet, like, crazy fast.

Check it out below the jump, and be sure to check out the other gold over at gamereax, and to follow both Dan (@dantoman) and Chris (@Chris_Toman) on Twitter. Especially since there will probably be more instances of magic tonight– like the one R.A. put past Edwin Encarnacion in the top of the second. But also because, y’know, otherwise I’ll feel guilty about posting this littleĀ mesmerizing slice of awesome.



GIF, as mentioned, via gamereax.

Comments (21)

  1. Looks like he’s finally in mid season f-
    *Hanley HR*


  2. Here’s hoping We see that a lot this year. Especially from Cano!

  3. Dirty…

  4. My computer has some odd pop up virus

    “Searching for jays cano drunk whiffs fans dickey?”


  5. Nice.

    Is there gonna be a gif of Canos next AB when he absolutely tattooed a liner so hard that it was hit right at Phillips but he never even got a glove on it?

  6. Blanco as the backup catcher is not the best idea

  7. Left right left right, DEPTH CHARGE!

  8. the real question is, how well has Arencibia been doing catching Dickey?

  9. Honkball is absolutely awesome. What a game tonight. It’s the World Cup of Baseball, and I hope it never goes away.

  10. Watched this game, I know I’m a WBC hater, but after watching that live my wife looked at me and said…..not tonight, I’m tired, to which I replied, that’s not for you babe.

  11. Dan and Chris are brothers, I used to buy weed off them in High School.

  12. Can I get a GIF of the one Cano smoked second time around?

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