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The Fan 590′s Prime Time Sports has taken its show on the road to Dunedin this week, which has meant for a tonne of Jays coverage, including back-to-back interviews on Wednesday with a much more articulate and intelligent-sounding Brett Lawrie than we tend to give him credit for around here, and Ricky Romero, who offered some interesting insight into his struggles and his health– and at the very end made sure to sneak in some praise for J.A. Happ, too!

Especially interesting, in my mind, were his statements about his knee troubles, and the platelet rich plasma injections he received in the off-season, which you can see transcribed below. Or you can listen to the audio here– including the chat with Brett Lawrie, as well as one with Matt Smoral (whose name was being pronounced with emphasis on the “a”). Romero’s segment starts at the 14 minute mark.

McCOWN: What is the situation with your knee?

ROMERO: I had that procedure done, where it was PRP injections, and they inject blood back into you– your own blood– and it was something that I just took care of it, felt it late in the year last year against the Yankees in the last start, and just took care of it this off-season. It’s a slow process with it, it’s one of those things that you have to take care of– you know, with knee tendinitis, it doesn’t go away that easily, so I’ve been staying on top of it every day, and it’s coming along good. I got some good trainers that are taking care of it.

BRUNT: Rick, did the injections work for you? Because I know they don’t work for everybody.

ROMERO: Um… not for me. I don’t think so. I didn’t really see that much of a difference, so… The doctor in L.A. was pretty confident, there’s been some big athletes, like Kobe Bryant who did some–

BRUNT: He went to Europe to have it done, right?

ROMERO: Yeah, and he likes ‘em. But I only did one treatment of it, so I don’t know if I was supposed to do more or not, but… you know. We’re moving forward.

McCOWN: How does it impact you? How does it effect what you do on the mound, if at all?

ROMERO: I don’t think anything. I don’t really think about it. Like I said, when I’m out there, I’m not really thinking about the knee or the elbow or stuff like that, I just go out and pitch. That’s just… I don’t worry about it.

McCOWN: But what are the symptoms? Does it tighten up after a game sometimes?

ROMERO: No, what it is, the symptoms– whether I’m pitching or not pitching– it just gets tight. A little bit tight up on the knee tendon, and you loosen it up. The foam roller has kind of been my best friend all off-season and during Spring Training. You go in there in the morning, you foam roll it, you get the masseuse, whatever it is, and you just loosen it up, you keep it loose, and that’s what makes it feel better.

So… it doesn’t sound like it’s a terribly major issue– though that’s not really what you’d think is suggested by his choice to go and have the PRP injections in the first place (and… uh… apparently not in the second place).

The rest of the segment mostly featured Romero trying to put his best shine on the results he’s had so far this spring, going on about working, and moving forward, and whatever else you might expect a struggling pitcher to say. It sure would be nice if that, and a sprinkle of confidence, was all he really needed, but I don’t think anybody’s going to be convinced until they see him actually put it all together in a string of games reminiscent of his 2009-2011 run. It’s certainly not impossible, it’s just… you know.

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  1. Yay, damaged goods.

  2. Link to audio = missing.

  3. Ricky doesn’t sound particularly honest in the answers he gave. I’ve got Achilles tendonitis that comes and goes if I run too much and it HURTS. It improves if you stretch more and/or work the tendon with a roller and he clearly has better trainers than I do (i.e. none) but I suspect he’s in more pain than he’s letting on there.

    Also, he doesn’t know if he was supposed to go for more than one PRP treatment? The fuck? You should have probably figured that out, Rick.

    • For the last part, I get the feeling the real answer is ‘they recommended more treatments but I didn’t want to, so… next question’

    • I’m with you on the last part. I simply can’t believe that the doctor, Ricky or the team would let that be unclear. I mean I’ve had three knee surgeries and every time the doctors have been clear about the aftercare and treatment plan. And I’m definitely not as valuable an asset as he is.

    • His head ain’t screwed on right and that’s a problem in itself.

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of Romero’s comments to be honest. I mean, how can it NOT affect him?

    His lower half has a lot to do with loading up and having a consistent delivery. If his knees aren’t feeling well and are a source of pain, it has to be affecting him.

    And the fact that he just gave up on it and decided to foam roller it, says something to me as well.

  5. as of right now I would put JA Happ in as the 5th starter hands down, all im hearing is excuses from this guy.

    • Maybe he is just being honest? I bet a lot of guys go out there and play through injuries that you will never know anything about. Excuses or not, Ricky has been a tremendously successfully pitcher.

      Also, and more importantly, it’s spring fucking training…. Happ’s numbers could very well be an illusion.

  6. Seems to me like he was trying not to sound like he was making excuses for his performance.

  7. Jesus fucking christ you guys

  8. I think he could be a bigger asset in the bullpen just cause hes a big question mark right now. Start him in the bullpen build up his confidence then we could start him. JA Happ is doing really well right now


  10. Man lawrie’s Interview went way smoother then rickys.

    whoda thunk it

  11. AA plus Bautista on prime time tonight

    • They asked AA about Gose. He told them if they wanna see him that it’s a quick hour and a half drive to Buffalo, maybe they could even set up the studio there. Hilarious.

  12. Using fWAR and the 50/30/20 method, Romero projects for around 2 WAR and 200+ innings in 2013. So basically a decent #4 starter.

    Jeremy Guthrie signed for 3/25 in the offseason. Romero is younger, left handed & has around 3/24 remaining with a team option.

    If Romero were going to get traded he probably would have been by now. But if I had to guess, he likely has a small amount of positive value.

    After all, a team deemed Santana at 1/12 a worthy cost.

    If a team such as the Rockies comes knocking with a decent prospect such as Drew Pomeranz, it may be better for the Jays to go with Happ as the #5 and use the savings on something else.

  13. I think Ricky’s problems are mental, remember he kinda sucked in the minors until he was out of options (?) and Arnsberg finally got through to him one spring and he made the team.

  14. Sounds like it got taken care of

  15. So Smoral sounds like EH, YOU WANT S’MORE ALE?

    Don’t die laughing anonymous Blue Jays herd, but that joke there is top of the pops.

  16. [...] for the knees, less than two weeks ago, Romero conceded that the injections hadn’t helped, though he felt as though other therapies had. Even so, he [...]

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