The Jays head across one of the region’s many other causeways, going today to Tampa to face the Yankees at Steinbrenner field today at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin. Josh Johnson gets the start, hoping to build on his dominating performance of last Friday, though it’s not like he could possibly do any better.

Actual members of the 25-man roster are starting to find their way into the lineup more regularly, so we’ve got some serious baseball-ish happening here. Y’know… kinda. Sadly no Juan Rivera to go along with Benny Fresh and Jayson Nix for the Yanks though. Because… that’d be hilarious– more so, though, when it actually happens in the regular season.


Brendan Kennedy tweets that Josh Johnson will be followed today by Esmil Rogers, Brett Cecil, Alex Hinshaw and Tommy Hottovy.

Casey Janssen threw a live batting practice session this morning, and Mike Wilner tweets that it appeared to go well.

That’s good news, as earlier Chris Toman had tweeted earlier that “if he’s good, ‘It shouldn’t be too much longer … Big day for him,’ Gibbons said.”

Toman adds that Dustin McGowan will throw a simulated game tomorrow, and Sergio Santos will see his next action in a big league game. Or… well, a Grapefruit League one, at least.

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via MLB.com.

Toronto Blue Jays

M. Izturis 2B
C. Rasmus CF
M. Cabrera DH
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
M. DeRosa 3B
R. Langerhans LF
H. Blanco C
M. McCoy SS

J. Johnson RHP

New York Yankees

B. Gardner CF
E. Nunez SS
K. Youkilis 1B
T. Hafner DH
B. Francisco LF
J. Nix 3B
F. Cervelli C
T. Neal RF
C. Joseph 2B

J. Ramirez RHP

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  1. How about USA v DR tonight? Dickey vs. Reyes/Eddie, could be a good one.

  2. I thought Ben Nicholson-Smith was Benny Fresh?

  3. Can someone tell me how you listen for free on MLB.com?

    • Click the link. Takes you to the page for the webcasts. Register– which, they claim, is “free and easy”– and you should be good.

      • Hey, thanks a lot Stoeten! I don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out – it kept taking me to a place where I seemed I had to either pay or pay more in order to listen.

  4. I know it’s ST, but at what point do we kind of start getting annoyed with Bautista? I’m not complaining about his .910 OPS which has little meaning, but his .324 OBP which also has little meaning.

  5. Is there any sense of whether AA is talking to JJ about a new contract/extension?

  6. Just looking at the Yankees depth chart: http://mlb.mlb.com/team/depth_chart/index.jsp?c_id=nyy

    I think I feel pretty safe in saying that they are going to suck this year.

    • Their pitching is good enough to win them games in April/May and then the lineup will get a huge boost with Granderson and Teixeira back. Getting Gardner back is huge, offensively and defensively. They’ll be good.

      • I agree with the Gardner comments, but it’s a little hard to predict that Granderson and Teixera will both perform as well as they have in the past, coming back from injury.

      • I don’t think their rotation is as sound as you make it out to be. Pettite had a great return last year but he barely pitched 90 innings, whether he can handle a full seasons workload and put up similiar results is a big question mark ot me. Kuroda while great last year has to atleast have the standard old age red flag surrounding him at 37. If one or two guys go down and Hughes/Nova have to be counted on to log quality innings with a decimated offense and inferior defence I just don’t see it.

      • Fair points. Mostly I just don’t want to get my expectations too high by assuming that the Yankees will be awful.

    • Holy crap, Youkilis without his trademark goatee just confused the hell out of me.

      I didn’t even THINK of that when he signed with the Yankees.

  7. Start the season right now!!

  8. Bautista out 2X in one inning. That is hilarious.

    When I was 15 or 16 a guy on my team was all 3 outs in one inning. It was pretty much my favorite memory of playing baseball.

    • Once, in a blow out in hardball when I was a kid, I pitched (normally play first base). I got absolutely rocked, as expected, except I struck the same kid out three times to finally end the inning as well as my pitching career

  9. really Bautista throwing his bat in anger after scoring 9 runs…maybe he should have bunted for a hit…where all the unwritten rules about showing up the other team in the first.

  10. Meaningless ST game against rookie pitcher. Still, 9-run innings vs. Yankees make my heart smile.

  11. Having Melky on this team makes me smile.

    I know he was a bag of shit for many a year but watching him over the past couple of seasons with the Royals/Giants he was a totally different player.

    Maybe it was the Roids, but I like to think he found his balls and gained a little confidence, and grew into himself as a player, a la Bautista and Edwin.

    In any event I’m betting on a huge year from him.

  12. Rasmus has 3 walks in the first 2 innings……hard to see how easy they were to lay off, but i have noticed all the jays seem to be talking a lot of walks this ST – i hope that carries over.

  13. Under what circumstance (s) does Gose get called up? I want more Gose. More cowbell. Less Lind.

    • first there would have to be someone hurt – which is bad, or someone slumping really bad, which is also bad for us.

      and yes, Gose is ripping it up vs everyone right now, but its ST – and if your watching, Lind is riping it even more the Gose.

      In a perfect world / season, Gose gets the late season call up with the rest of the Sept call ups.

      • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure there is very little scouting done pre spring training games. Which might explain why Gose and Lind are hitting well, if pitchers aren’t attacking them with a game plan and exploiting their weaknesses and just foused on working on fundamentals and new pitches etc.

        • think your kinda right
          but i think its more along the lines of….most of the pitchers are either working on a pitch, or are just minor league guys that would get blown up in the bigs anyways.

    • if Lind sucks the bag again

      bautista to 1B Gose to RF EE to DH

      • imagine a 8-9-1 of bonafacio, gose, reyes?

        good fucking luck

      • +1

        But I don’t think Jose wants to play first?

        • Gose isn’t ready yet. We need to stop looking for ways to get him to the big leagues, he will get there, just takes time, hes only 22. Rasmus is a good player and still young also.

          I know even i have shit on Lind, but if he can find a way to hit a little more, 2-3 a week, and take 1-2 more walks a week, he would be better then what Gose has been when he was up last year. yes speed is awesome, yes it can do a lot of things, but im sick of hearing about it right now lol. In May, if Lind is shitting the bed, then fine, lets find a way, but until then, lets just see how it goes.

          Dont forget we have speed on the bench too, with a more proven MLB bat and glove in Davis

  14. fuck youkillis

  15. just tuned in a and Wilner and Dirk were discussing the nuances of rule changes surrounding defensive indifference. I’m going to miss actual quality game calling come April.

    • Samesies. I can’t wait for talk of RBIs and guys who “just know how to play”.

      • Actual Jack Morris quote from this spring “Jerry, there are certain times when strikouts are more important, when you need an out and there are runners on second and third, a strikout is a positive thing, the rest of the time they’re just bling and flash”

        • yup, heard that one too. i don’t have a tv – i am genuinely upset about having to listen to this kind of nonsense all summer.

  16. mercy mercy me

  17. JJ throws under 30 pitches of good baseball and hes out…….someone please who is listening tell me why? just cause? or something happen?

    • I believe one of the commentators mentioned something about a time limit. Though, I may be wrong. My attention fades in and out

      • that might be right…..guessing by how long the bottom of the 1st and 2nd where.

        hope thats it. ST always makes my brain hurt when it comes to injuries. knock on wood.

    • Pitchers don’t come back after long rain delays for the same reason.

  18. Rogers isn’t looking that sterling now

  19. how the fuck is it legal for grienke to get plasma injections in his shoulder but taking getting stoned makes you a cheater

    • thats one of the biggest arguments that people bring up when talkin PEDs
      There is such a gray area that you need to carry the list to the store with you so you dont end up failing a test after drinking concentrated juice.

    • It’s not up to the league to determine what’s legal or illegal in the eyes of the law. What they can do however is determine which of the drugs deemed legal are illegal in professional baseball.

      That is to say if it were legal to smoke weed, much like drink alcohol, it would most likely not be on the banned substance list.

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