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A couple of interesting Jays tidbits from Andy Martino of the New York Daily News (via MLBTR), as he calls Jose Reyes “talk of the tournament — for his superlative play, sure, but especially for his character.” He also talks about Jays bubble players J.A. Happ and Josh Thole. Of the latter he explains, “Henry Blanco appears to have an edge for the Opening Day roster, but given his age, the team knows that Thole will be around again before long.”

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail has some not-quite-as-emphatically-happy-as-Sergio-Santos quotes from Casey Janssen.

Elsewhere, Maloney nails it when it comes to Anthony Gose, as he speaks to the issue of his plate discipline, which Gose himself admits still needs work. It’s easy for a lot of people to want to rush Gose to the Majors– especially given what the Jays tenure of Colby Rasmus has looked like save for six weeks last summer– but Gose is going to really struggle to make contact, and you just can’t read into anything he’s doing now, against pitchers trying to locate fastballs in the zone and often not using the kind of breaking stuff that’s going to baffle him.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun goes the other way, focusing on the many positives in Gose’s game, while adding some notes about yesterday’s loss, touching on Buehrle’s sharpness and Adam Lind’s off-season yoga regimen.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott looks at Jeremy Jeffress, who is impressing in camp as he tries to make the club, and Rutsey has a lengthy piece on Travis Snider, whose Pittsburgh Pirates the Jays visited yesterday in Bradenton.

At North of the Border, Gregor Chisholm transcribes Snider’s chat with reporters, while at Sportsnet, Wilner recaps yesterday’s game and talks about Snider, and his effect on Anthony Gose, who looked at him as a mentor last year in Las Vegas.

Gregor also has a notebook post at BlueJays.com, in which he looks at Snider, Lind, and gives us some extra low down on David Cooper’s release.

There’s also a notebook post from today, in which Gregor looks at Casey Janssen’s step in the right direction, having thrown live batting practice today, as well as the clean bill of health for Sergio Santos, Brett Cecil’s scoreless inning of relief today, and a number of wholly expected cuts made by the club today. Ryan Goins and Lars Anderson have been optioned to Triple-A, and Chad Jenkins to Double-A. “Chad Beck, Tyson Brummett, Sean Ochinko and Mickey Storey also were returned to Minor League camp, but they did not need to be assigned to a team as they are not currently on the 40-man roster,” he explains.

Bruce Arthur is still WBCing it up, writing today in the National Post about R.A. Dickey and J.P. Arencibia, and the difficulty of catching the knuckleball.

Chris Toman writes at gamereax about Adam Lind, who he says is running out of time to prove himself.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star talks about the work Sergio Santos did yesterday in a minor league game, and how last year’s Opening Day closer is looking like he’ll assume the same role once again this year– hopefully with less ominous results.

House of the Bluebird takes a look at Edwin Encarnacion’s transformed swing, and concludes, hopefully, that he may not be in line for a whole lot of regression.

Chris St. John of Steal Of Home gives us the Jays’ consensus top 34 prospects list, which he’s comprised based on the lists from several organizations and prospect gurus.

At Bluebird Banter, Emily G writes about the battle for the job Henry Blanco is pretty much already certain to win.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, they pass along word out of Japan that the Jays have signed infielder Muenori Kawasaki, ex of the Mariners, to a minor league deal. They even explained the source!

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus looks at the evolution of the on-field World Series victory celebration.

The Sporting News looks at Vernon Wells, who is trying to hit his way onto the Angels as some kind of regular. Oh, Vernon.

Check out theScore’s sports video game blog, Franchise Mode, for updates on the NHL ’94 tournament that’s currently going on in the office. Fun stuff, and while I’m not involved, myself– the tournament doesn’t operate on Stoeten Standard Time– you’ll see all kinds of familiar names involved, like Parkes, Drew, Lewis, Chief and the Zubes.

Lastly, over at Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis scoops up a rather humourous new Jays video from Cashew Mirman of Weekend Punks. Space Jays!

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  1. Is the AA comments going to have their own post?

  2. If Gose hadn’t used up his rookie eligibility last year – where do you think he would be in the prospect rankings these days? Used to be around #40.

    Has his stock gone down that much (due nasty K%) – or did his strong(er) september help?

  3. So many jays in the game tonight. But who do I cheer for when Reyes leads off vs dickey?

    My head is full of Fuck

  4. Adam. Lind. Yoga.


  5. Maloney at G&M threw out this:

    If Rasmus struggles, do you move Cabrera to CF and put Boni or Davis in LF?

    Opinions? Does that make any sense?

    • Bonifacio – but im a betting they find time for him somewhere anyways

      Dont think Melky can play CF.

  6. Zubes name isn’t on the NHL tourny bracket.

  7. Love the interiew with Snider. First thing he mentions about having to adjust to a new place is how he had to find new restaurants to eat at. Some things never change.

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