Miami Marlins v New York Mets

You’re sure to be torn, as a Jays fan, over what will transpire tonight in Miami, but as a baseball fan, it’s kinda gonna be fun as fuck, as Team USA sends the Jays’ new ace, R.A. Dickey, to the mound to take on the Dominican Republic. Leading off tonight for the Dominicans will be the Jays’ other new former New York Met, Jose Reyes, and hitting cleanup it’s Edwin Encarnacion, and they’re doing it with a spot in the semi-finals on the line (with the loser having to face Puerto Rico for the last semi-final spot.

Jays minor leaguer Ricardo Nanita will play as well, which I mention for those of you who are Ricardo Nanita’s mom.

And who could forget J.P. Arencibia, who gets the start behind the plate for the USA? (Uh… me, apparently.)

Nails much? Actually, I’m not entirely sure. But I know one thing for certain: we haven’t seen or heard from these guys nearly enough so far this spring, so let’s fucking do this.


David Wright, who has been key for the USA so far in this tournament, is a late scratch, giving way to little Willy Bloom, who will play third and hit ninth.

Uh… yeah, that’s enough, right? Let’s play ball!

TV: Sportsnet (Pacific, West, East and One)


J. Rollins SS
B. Phillips 2B
R. Braun LF
J. Mauer DH
E. Hosmer 1B
G. Stanton RF
A. Jones CF
J. Arencibia C
W. Bloomquist 3B

R. Dickey RHP

Dominican Republic

J. Reyes SS
M. Tejada 3B
R. Cano 2B
E. Encarnacion 1B
H. Ramirez DH
N. Cruz RF
C. Santana C
R. Nanita LF
A. De Aza CF

S. Deduno RHP

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  1. And the first thing we should do is-


  2. I don’t care who wins, as long as the Dickster pitches a perfect game.

  3. Those 3 whiffs by cano were fun to watch

  4. Holy fuck, Kuip & Krukow are calling it? To quote that youtube video: This is fucking awesome.

  5. I’m drinking a bottle of Mondoval premium Merlot and watching Big Bang and in a fog about having a big bang allright with Penny of that show. Bring on the season for fuksakes.
    “Out here in the Fields..I fought for my meals”
    Christ, paul Klee has nothing on me

  6. Top of the first. Score is 0-0

    Dickey pitches to Reyes.

    What outcome would you cheer for?

  7. So far I’ve learned that if you want to be good at baseball youve gotta out-hug the opponents.

    And here I sit trying to my friends baseball is cool.

  8. Turning every Reyes/Encarnacion at-bat into an even bigger Jays bonerfest, there’s an old dude in a Jays t-shirt jersey with some primo real estate behind home plate.

  9. Top of the 2nd.

    Score is 1-0.

    Nobody is on base.

    Dickey pitches to EE.

    What outcome would you like to see?

    Please remember. There is potential to show off the chicken wing on an international stage.

  10. Last call at the bar.

    Score is 0-0

    KyleZ potential pick up vs. the girl The Smasher has his eye on.

    What is the outcome you would like to see?

  11. fuckin gary thorne “encarNAYcion”

  12. I am a gentleman!

  13. Hanly is Manly…

  14. Is it just the camera angles that make this park look absolutely massive, or is it actually bigger than most?

    • It’s a pretty big park. It’s 344 down the left field line, 386 and 392 in the alleys. You have to destroy a baseball to get it out.

    • At the game right now. Massive. And hideous. It the Dome is a D, then Marlins Park is a C.

      My Jays jersey and hat haven’t garnered any dirty looks, but the ride attendant at Disney World sure as hell did. “Miami North!”

      • At least it’s not Pro Player, or Dolphin, or whatever it’s called now. I went to a game at that place many years ago…just awful.

  15. so after watching that im not really convinced JP should be catching Dickey. i mean i guess any catcher is going to have trouble with the knuckler but he missed a couple there and it was only 4 innings.

  16. I cannot wait for jose fucking reyes to play for the blue jays. playoffsssss

  17. I’m not looking forward to Rodney and his arrow, but I quibble.

    • usually i agree, in the regualr season its fuckin abnoxious, but it kinda fits in with the dominican teams thing of celebrating everything crazily, like jumping over the railing and mobbing the field in the top of the 9th, when the games still going

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