So here’s something that may last a week, or may actually turn into some kind of nightmare I’m unwittingly committing myself to until the end of eternity. I was going to write a post about what I’ve felt has been a too-frequent discussion that’s been happening this week on the Prime Time Sports excursion to Dunedin, wherein we’re led to believe that Colby Rasmus isn’t going to last the season with the Jays– as if Anthony Gose is going to make enough contact to take his place, or that anyone’s going to take what would be a $4.675-million non-tender candidate. I suppose they could always send him to Buffalo, but… be that as it may, I decided the post I intended to write should have itself a fancy image at the top, and– pivoting off something Dirk Hayhurst said during one of the Spring Training broadcasts this week, the exact phrasing of which I can’t quite remember– I whipped up the creepy vision you see above.

Then I thought, hold on, that image just took way longer to create than I planned, and… does the world– or this site, even– really need another Colby Rasmus-Anthony Gose post? It so doesn’t, does it? But perhaps what it does need (read: will probably show mild indifference to) is more baseball-related Photoshopped album art! And since all this was happening on a Thursday night, with the aim of having a post for the next morning, I thought, shit, why not do a thing like this every Friday, and have a really cool name to denote the recurring feature? Then all I could come up with was “Photoshop Friday.”

Regardless… let’s do that. I’ve already got a bunch of ideas for future gems, and for me, at least, it sure as hell beats 1500 words of the same old rosterbation.

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  1. outstanding photoshop.

  2. When I read the title, I knew the horrifying Photoshop that was awaiting for me.

    Did not disappoint.

  3. I’m so excited! Can the weeks fly by fast enough? Excuse me, I have to run out and get a new case of Huggies.

  4. that might be the creepiest thing I have seen in a long time….but….but…I can’t look away.

  5. this has nothing at all to do with your wonderful photoshopping skills or the post about Rasmus vs Gose, which I skimmed through but barely read. I feel I need to get this off my chest, though:

    I’m not sure if you’ve posted a thread since last year with that ridiculously catchy Encarnacion song, but I have that shit in my head and it won’t gtfo. As soon as baseball started again and I started seeing EE play, that song just appeared in my head again, as if I heard it yesterday, and won’t go away… I haven’t heard it since you posted it in a thread last season, but I blame you for posting it at all to begin with, as now I can’t seem to stop singing it in my mind. FUCK YOU

  6. Fucking lovely, as well as disturbing. Cletus Rasmus on the front of one of my favourite albums during my public education. Cannot unsee.

  7. Is this what they mean when they say “jumping the shark”?

    Just kidding Stoeten.
    Don’t get your nuts in a knot.
    Any content is welcome.

    • You can’t say “just kidding” if your original stament isn’t funny. Otherwise it is just an insult.

      • Just a little sensitive aren’t we?
        Knowing the popularity of the blog and his photoshops, I don’t think Stoeten worries one bit about some ribbing from me.
        When I get insulting, I’ll run it by you,just to make sure it meets with your approval.

  8. Words are for poor people. Gemme pictures and gifs.

  9. LOVE the Photoshop. Sooo creepy.

    May I suggest Photoshop Phriday?

  10. Photoshop Phriday?

  11. Next photoshop should be the nevermind album with zauns head on the baby

  12. Isn’t it true that if your rosterbate too much that you will go blind.. or end up with numb fingers at least?

  13. How about “Head First Slide” cause you know when you Photoshop something you usually slide a head in where ther used to be a different one. Just a thought.

    • Also Slide is an old-timey way to refer to a picture, is baseball related and its not blatantly being used by a 10 year old feature from a popular website!

  14. Kind of ‘shroomy mang.

  15. hilarious. The title fits his personality to a tee.

  16. Banginnn on a trashcannnn. Strummin on a streetlighhttttt

  17. You should have changed the band name to “The Smashing Bumpkins”

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