Bonifacio Keep Calm

I do my best to try and make sure that all the posts on this site aren’t just variations of me going “LOL look at this instagram pic from one of the players!” but this is too good to let pass by without making sure as many eyeballs as possible see it. Emilio Bonifacio, the same mind that brought us Lo Viste, sent this to Jose Reyes, capitalizing on the Dominican Republic’s headline-making excitement over advancing to the World Baseball Classic semi-finals. It’s important to remember that things that happen in March often don’t have a gigantic impact on the rest of the season, but nobody would fault you if you started penciling Bonifacio onto your list of favourite Blue Jays.

Topical humour x internet meme humour + public social media = internet posts. It’s modern math, people. Emilio Bonifacio just wants some klout.

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  1. That dood doin his thang

  2. This one time at dominican camp i played baseball for 17 hours straight while dancing then i got jose reyes autograph

  3. Better than the Romero commenters

  4. Waiver claim. Alex has to stay busy with this stuff to avoid tinkering with the core.

  5. Can someone tell me what Lo viste means please haha it’s been killing me.

  6. I am not Dominican but I would wear that shirt to my place of work.

  7. Meh

  8. I like Bonifacio, but Reyes is the man.

    I just pulled this from Jose’s Bio Page on,

    Born: Santiago, Dominican Republic
    Height: 6’1
    Weight : 195
    Bats: Both
    Throws: Right
    Other: His dick is so big that girls don’t know whether to suck it or feed it a peanut.

  9. 2013 Toronto Blue Jays to set MLB single season record for swag above replacement.

  10. Zuber, you’re a beauty, and I hope to have the honour of buying you a beer someday.

  11. JA Happ is just being a douche. Saying you’ll talk to the GM in private, auditioning for 29 other teams is ridiculous for a team ready to go on a hopefully extended period of contention. Just fucking say you love being part of a team on the rise etc etc and then go scream and yell in the GM’s office. He’s just begging AA to send him down for awhile to remember what team control can be like. I really liked him last year but these comments of his need to stop.

    • He doesn’t say it because he knows you can smell insincere bullshit no matter who much you try to spruce it up with pleasantries.

      The worst he’s done has been honest with the people asking him the questions about his status on the team. Happ is not an emotionless robot; he’s allowed to be unsatisfied with his position \t the company he works for.

  12. So word is now that Teixeira’s injury is indeed the same as Bautista’s last year, to the tendon sheath:

  13. Im frunk as duck!

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