Today we’ll go with a half-assed Game Threat because… well, just because. The Bisons are taking on the Houston Astros over in Kissimmee, with maybe their lamest lineup of the spring. Brandon Morrow is on the hill, and the only position player who’ll crack the 25-man roster is Rajai Davis. John Gibbons isn’t there, and Wilner tweets that he’s the only reporter. So… yeah, enjoy the TV broadcast!

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  1. Ashby is apparently out with an injury so he’s not in the broadcast booth on the Houston side either.

  2. Too many Jamiesons last night

  3. There’s been a new trend this spring for local TV to run a joint broadcast with the other team’s local network to share costs (NESN has been airing several joint broadcasts with the opposing team this spring with generic MLB graphics and pairing one commentator from each team’s crew), since producing a spring training game is apparently a money-losing proposition for every network. Not sure why Sportsnet hasn’t jumped on board with that at all this spring. This would have been a good opportunity to have Ashby back for one day too.

  4. Just crackin beer numero 4. Cracka-lacka muthafuckas

  5. I think some boredom with the length of ST is setting in.
    Basically the Jays are saying we want another day off so we’ll let a bunch of scrubs play today. Total waste of time except for a couple of pitchers who need to get some work in.
    Must admit that talent wise, though, it matches the lineup we were running out there at the ML level last August when 6 of our starters were on the DL on that fateful roadtrip thru Seattle. Oakland and Tampa and we had only ONE pitcher to speak of, so things are looking up. Start the fukin season allready-go jays go!

  6. I’m watching SN West (Since it’s all I get) and they’re showing Rays/Red Sox. Real big league players are playing.

    Escobar flew out to right like a homophobe and Kelly Johnson just struck out looking like… Kelly Johnson.

    That Dominican Blue Jays feature sure was good though! Stephen Brunt you beast!

  7. Anyone know why gibbons isn’t there

  8. Is the game on tv somewhere?

  9. Japan vs DR in the final, lets go DOMINICAN!!!

  10. Dunno, beginning to feel bad for the people that are making the trek out to Spring Training, this was a goddawful lineup to have to watch. I realize its Spring Training all that, but fans are buying tickets to see some major leagueres, and not quite right to get shafted to see that. At least throw in Bonficio or Itzuris, god knows they can use the reps at second.

  11. does anyone know why the jays final two preseason games are in Philly?

  12. so we had an article from Stoeten about Romero giving up 4 in 3 innings, Morrow gave up 6 in 4 and 2/3rds against the Astros, wondering why there isn’t 20 comments from tsn fans here saying the jays are doomed…. Could be Dickey, Johnson, Romero, Morrow, Buehrle, but untill we hit April 2nd it does not matter how pitchers and players stats are during spring training. Its less important then Vegas stats.

    • Probably because of Romero’s 2012?

      • I get that but saying we should worry about R-R st because of 2012 when morrow st isnt ace material is just evidence that pitchers are trying things during st. frig, the astros were the worst team in 2012 using the 2012 logic with RR for st is like saying jays got blown out now they are going to be the worst team in the league…. I am just saying call me 3-4 regular season starts in and then when RR is crap we can call for Happ.

        • Mode analogy

          • Ahem…if I may. Morrow does in fact have ace stuff, RR not so much. Based on the stats, Morrow gave up 2 Hr’s, 2 doubles and faced 22 batters in less than 5 innings – so he was wild in the strike zone. Morrow will fix that. Rickey, who has a history of being wild outside the strike zone, could not manage to trow 50% of his pitches for strikes. Walks are tougher to fix. Maybe someone should tell Rickey its ok to give up a HR and it will make him a better pitcher (this will allow RR better control in the strikezone eventually)

          • You seem to forget he was facing the astros. Not a real deep threat team

  13. Any Dunedin or clearwater recommendations? Heading down next week for a few games and wondering what else would be fun to get up to in the area. Cheers


  15. Greg

    I just got back. It will take a month to recover. So much fun. Go to Lenny’s in Clearwater and for a good whore scene Mugs and Jugs. Bright House is awesome. A huge bar in the outfield. Dunedin is a fucken dump. Watch the Jays and get out. If you watch the Rays in Port Charlotte, go to Captains Table. You sit next to the water and eat incredible steak and seafood. Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers is absolutely stunning. The shame is it’s the Red Sox and that fucker. If you see Farrell, please punch him in the face for me. McKechnue Field in Bradenton is also really nice. They added a boardwalk in the outfield with many bars. Good times and by the way, while you are there tell Russell Martin to go fuck himself. The Jays fans did an awesome job of shitting on him on Wednesday. By the way, if you want to visit a really cool Florida town, go to Lakeland. Very upscale and cool. Go to Harry’s for great seafood. I will tell you where not to go. My son wanted to check out Orlando and Disney World. All I have to say is that I’ve never seen such a fucken money grab for absolute horse shit. It could me over a 100.00 per person to go to one of the parks then I went to fucken Champion Field which just is a corporate sponsorship vehicle for the Braves. When I walked in, I noticed there was a group of pennants in the outfield. I thought they were all the pennants that the Braves won. That would have been cool. Anyway, I guess I was either hammered or my vision is fucked but anyway those fucken pennants in the outfield is a logo from a different company. Corporate sponsorship at the very worse. Blow up this fucken place. Even the beer taste like shit there. Another place to avoid is Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. If you have the patience to fight the fucken traffic on Dale Mabry Street. You park across the street at Raymond James Stadium, then have take a fucken bridge to the Stadium. As you get off this bridge, some moron in a Yankees uniform greets you. We got to the stadium early so my son and myself decided to thrown around a Baseball until a security guard told us that there are alligators in the grass do throwing the Baseball around is not allowed. Alligators???? Could I make this shit up? Then we walk in and they are the only Stadium that doesn’t allow you to get autographs. The last time we were treated like such a piece of shit was with our good buddy Farrell. Anyway, sorry for the negativity. You are always going to encounter shit anywhere you go, but you can’t beat going to Florida. By the way, I’m wondering if Stoeyen is going to join me on April 5 to piss on Farrell

    • Are there any DJF-approved chants for Farrell when they come to town April 5? Got a couple of tickets and the old lady is alright with driving home so I plan on getting dickered. Be awesome to get a good chant going that everyone knows came from the monkey army.

    • This site needs more crass, crazy fuckfaces like you. Keep up the good work, I laugh every time I read your shit.

      I will be in Florida this week to follow up on you fantastic review of how shitty Disney world is. If my wife forces me to go, I’m going to get hammered and thrown out for grabbing Minnys ass so I can go watch baseball.

      Talk to all you chumps soon from Port Charlotte and Sarasota.

      • Agree KGBS.
        More BigGuy1968.
        I’d rethink grabbing Minnie’s ass.Disney security will fuck your shit up, using kitchen utensils in a dark room.
        I knew someone,who years ago visited DW, with his 4,5,and 7 year olds.He had bought the week long pass. On the 3rd day the kids were begging him not to go back.Not the first time I’ve heard the same story.Knew somebody else who stayed at one of the hotels in the resort ( he wasn’t financially challenged like me) and even he found the pricing slightly excessive. Surprised me cause he usually could care less about the cost.
        Have a good time in FLA.

  16. Is it my imagination or have the starting pitchers been brutal this spring? Save for maybe Josh Johnson. Seems they’ve all had some rough first innings.

    • I have been informed at least one of them is pitching shitty because it’s only spring training.

    • The results are shitty, sure. But that doesn’t mean, yet, that they’re pitching shitty. They also don’t care. So, as long as they are stretched out and not hurt, it’s a win.

      Then, if they suck in April – well, them’s the breaks.

  17. Blue Jays followed through in part I guess with at least one of the post-eyeblack black eye promises:

    Rays first visit here: May 20th (long weekend Monday afternoon game)

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