Fußball-EM '88: Europameister Niederlande

I bet you didn’t know that there’s still a Canadian playing in the Global Honkball Superlative, did you? Well then, might it change your rooting interest to know that tonight in San Francisco, Blue Jays Jose Reyes and Edwin Encarnacion are going up against maple flavoured one-time New Hampshire Fisher Cat and DJF Podcast guest Leon Boyd? Because they totally are… uh, technically.

Boyd is a Vancouver-born reliever who, so far, has gotten into four games for the pseudo-Dutch– aka the Dutch-ish, aka Curacao, aka Dr. Nguyen van Phuoc– tossing 5.2 innings, allowing six hits, two walks, and striking out one. He also, according to his Wikipedia page, was released by the Jays prior to the 2010 season, which he says “was affected by his high walk count and the Jays’ trading of Roy Halladay to the Philadelphia Phillies in December 2009.”

OK… ?

He also struck out pre-Bautista Bautista to end the game and get the save when the Dominicans and Dutch-ish met in the 2009 event, and currently plies his trade for DOOR Neptunus in the Honkbal Hoofdeklasse. So… yeah. Reyes and Encarnacion sure are fucking awesome, huh?


SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! Or… on second thought, let’s not.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups…

Dominican Republic

J. Reyes SS
M. Tejada 3B
R. Cano 2B
E. Encarnacion 1B
H. Ramirez DH
N. Cruz RF
C. Santana C
M. Sierra LF
A. De Aza CF

E. Volquez RHP

Kingdom of the Netherlands

A. Simmons SS
J. Profar 2B
R. Bernadina CF
W. Balentien RF
A. Jones DH
C. Smith 1B
J. Schoop 3B
K. Sams LF
D. Ricardo C

D. Markwell LHP

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  1. Schweeeeeeeeeet fuckin hairdos.

  2. When did Sierra get added? Pardon me I haven’t been paying attention

    • There the whole time.

    • Last game during Sierra’s at bat Sutcliff said he’s got the best arm in the game.
      He went so far as to say they should consider converting him to a pitcher if he can’t hit.
      Hey, worked for the Jays with Dave Stieb.

      An outfied of cannons with Bautista, Gose and Sierra would be fun. Runners would think twice of taking extra bases and less sac flies.

      • He also said during this broadcast that Profar would be a starting SS on every MLB team except for Texas, NYY and Atlanta. No, seriously. Atlanta.

        • Well Atlanta’s shortstop is Andrelton Simmons, who is the same shortstop that Profar can’t beat out on Netherlands.

        • Yeah, I was waiting for him to say Toronto since a few games ago he thought Reyes could be tournament MVP and considered one of the best players in the game.

  3. I remember the conversation I had with Leon the winter he was released. He saw it coming with all the minor league pitching additions and guys coming up from below, knew it was going to be a tough go and wasn’t surprised to be let go.

  4. It’s Hoofdklasse. And lets go Kingdom of the Netherlands!

  5. Leon Boyd aka “The Pride of the White Rock Tritons”

  6. Moises just parted the Green Seats in order to free the Dominicans

  7. I have always wanted to ask this therefore I will.

    Mr. Stoeten…..What the fuck is a swirlo and why do you not now consider yourself lucky you were not drafted by the Dutch Mafia?

    I will give you time to respond barring Intelsat interruption


    • I sincerely hope the answer is less obtuse than the question, although I wouldn’t put money on it.

  8. Ernie Whitt took over managerial duties of the DR squad apparently.

  9. No comments that the Dutch starting pitcher was also a Blue Jays signee? Though didn’t make it after 9 years in minors. NINE!
    So far in this game in the first inning it’s been all talk of Jays players.

  10. The Dutch do not get cheated at the plate…ASS HACKS ALLDAY…

  11. Did anyone else expect Sierra to get picked off moving up?

  12. RALLY PLANTAIN!!!!! We should trade for that Reyes guy…

  13. What a difference in the energy level between last years Escobar and this years Reyes.

  14. Reyes rules!

  15. Table is set for a Chicken Wing.

  16. How ’bout dem Blue Jays.

  17. How did it start to get referred to as Honkball?

  18. Update: waitress found me phone in the bar, brought it to my buddy’s house and took me for lunch at ihop.

    Still locked out of my house so I can’t get my hockey gear for tonight, buy let’s be honest, I’m too hungover for that shit anyway.

    Everything is going better than expected.

    • Did you give an update on the superhero party captain hammer?
      I missed it.

      • Superhero party went well. There was a band in the bowling alley. That was cool.

        Didnt get myself a sleeping buddy, but some 30+ broad was trying to make out with me through my iron man mask and her breath smelled like nachos.. hated it.

        My youngest brother came out though and ran off with a black girl. Good for him.

  19. I wonder if non-jays fans notice all the jays talk.
    We notice all the Blue Jays stuff because we’re looking for it but this is kind of funny.

    It’s not just the Dominican Jays but now in the game is Boyd, the second former Jays org guy pitching for Dutch. Pitching to Reyes.

    • If Bautista and Melky had gone, I think Blue Jay content would be the biggest story line of the DR team.

      • Good point Max. I thought I heard that Bautista was joining the team for the later rounds when they could add players if his wrist held up during ST.
        I haven’t heard why he didn’t wind up going.

        Watch “Up Close” this week if you can. Brunt did a great piece on the Dominican Jays and the Jays organization’s influence there since the 80′s.

        Reyes and Bautista both said “when” and not “if” they win the world series the country is going to have a parade.

    • I highly doubt many of us will get dewey-eyed when one Octavio Dotel takes the mound.

  20. Anyone catch Gibbons on PTS today?
    He’s kind of comical. I couldn’t really understand a lot of his mumbles but man is he ever honest.
    First Bobcat asked if the high expectations for this team will be an issue and too much pressure for them due to the lack of experience of a lot of the players being in this situation. Gibbons said something like “Nah, I haven’t got experience with this either.” Kind of funny to hear from the manager.
    Bobcat also asked him something about keeping players with options and losing guys off waivers and the rules about it and he said something like “there’s so many rules, I can’t keep up with all that garbage”.
    Cracked me up.
    As I listened to him making fun of his own gut and laughing at himself for not being the sharpest knife in the drawer I realized he really is the anti-Farrell.
    If Bobcat asked those same questions to JF I can just imagine the polished and rehersed answers. Gibby is refreshing. And can handle the pen.
    Suck it Farrell.

    • Gibby seems comfortable telegraphing that he’s a bit of an idiot.

      The question: is he also a savant?
      (Someone get the toothpicks.)

      • Supposedly,yes.
        His bullpen management was/is excellent.
        He’s already mentioned he’ll manage to the team’s strengths.

        • I badly want to be a believer.

          He’s a refreshing breath of fresh air, so desperately needed given the still-lingering stench of Farrell.

      • Exactly. I think this is kind of what Rasmus was referring to. Gibby is always laughing at himself and having fun, keeping things light. Not taking himself too seriously.
        Farrell was a micromanager and tried to give the illusion he was on top of it all and seemed flustered when things didn’t go the way he wanted it presented.

        • Farrell excelled at mental masturbation.

          He was really good at playing with himself.

        • More than that even.
          Farrell tried to force his strategy for winning, on a club that wasn’t built for it. By trying to appear intelligent with small ball, he ignored the fact that the Jays hit a club record number of homeruns the year before.Basically the Jays were a homerun hitting club who Farrell wanted to bunt and steal bases.
          Gibby’s first time, he didn’t use the stolen base often because he didn’t have the base stealers on the club.He mentioned today,he has those weapons , he’s gonna use them.

          • An embarrassment of riches.
            A complete arsenal of weapons.
            Can’t wait.

            • Yeah ,everybody talks about the starting pitching.but.
              4 switch hitters.
              2 batting champs.
              Even with losing half season,nobody has hit more HR’s in the last three years than JB.
              EE hit 42 last year, just what you want for a first baseman.
              Rasmus will either hit by June or be replaced with Gose.
              Does anybody think Lawrie will regress?
              Bullpen- Santos,Janssen,Oliver,Delabar,Loup
              Lots of options.

      • I don’t think baseball is an overly complex game, especially from a manager’s perspective.

        Maybe this is what makes Gibby so effective

        • Sorry KYLEZ,gotta disagree.
          It’s a simple game that can get very complex.And the more you know, the more complex it gets.
          Look no farther than The Wild and Wacky John Farrell Experiment or “it ain’t luck,It’s Buck”.

  21. Rodney’s Change is more like a screwball…

  22. Interesting-
    brunt- would you send Ricky to the bullpen?
    Gibbons – Nah, we wouldn’t do that.

    I guess they are really hoping that Ricky comes through and doesn’t pitch like shit.

  23. Nice

  24. Gibbons answer on facing the heart of the enemy lineup in the 8th inning was outstanding.

    This is around 12:30 minutes in

    • He was really honest without being direct.
      I’m probably so wrong with what I’m reading between the lines but my guess:
      1. RR is going to be our 5 starter
      2. Happ to the pen not AAA.
      3. Jefferies is here to stay and by implication they’re prepared to lose Cecil and someone else with options. That would surprise me to lose a lefty, but Gibby stressed this year is different and it’s about the best team and not worry about losing players without options.
      4. Loup earned a role in the pen despite options and risking losing a non-options guy.
      5. I liked his answer with having a “closer” pitch in the 8th if that’s the meat of the order due up, but he implied he doesn’t have to do that because Janssen and Santos are interchangable.
      6. He will ditch the moumou and wear a uniform this year because some fan (RADAR?) berated him at the season ticket holders function.
      7. He is Lind’s good luck charm and he’s going to mash.

      Totally enjoyable listening to him and his good natured attitude. No phony there.

  25. Gibby praises Jeffress’ arm but voice doesn’t match enthusiasm. Possible foreshadowing?

  26. Just won’t let that stupid “Global Honkball” phrase die the death it needs, huh?

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