World Baseball Classic - Semifinals - Netherlands v Dominican Republic

Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. That still sounds weird and awesome and weirdly awesome, especially after the sensational tournament he’s had in this edition of the Global Honkbal Superlative, which– one way or the other– ends tonight. It’s the final, from San Francisco, California, as Reyes, new teammate Edwin Encarnacion, organization-mate Moises Sierra, and the rest of Team Dominicana takes on Charlie Beltran, Yadier Molina, Angel Pagan, Alex Rios and Puerto Rico. This is the third meeting of the two sides in this weirdly awesome tournament, and there’s not a whole lot of reason for it to not be outstanding.



TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups…

Dominican Republic

J. Reyes SS
E. Aybar DH
R. Cano 2B
E. Encarnacion 1B
H. Ramirez 3B
N. Cruz RF
C. Santana C
M. Sierra LF
A. De Aza CF

S. Deduno RHP

Puerto Rico

A. Pagan CF
I. Falu 2B
C. Beltran DH
Y. Molina C
M. Aviles SS
A. Rios RF
C. Rivera 1B
A. Gonzalez 3B
J. Feliciano LF

G. Alvarado RHP

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  1. Oh Boy!
    No more sleeps!
    It’s finally here(ish)

    D.R. rules

  2. HAHAHAHA this intro is hilarious!!!

  3. Not to complain about what people always complain about, but fuck rogers and fuck whoever else is responsible for there being no legal way for me to watch this game.

    also this intro is amazingly awkward.

    • Do you only get TV over the air or something?

      • @Doc Well i could subscribe to rogers, but do i really want to do that just for baseball? Nada. Without rogers though no way to even buy it PPV, and it’s broadcast “free worldwide” on youtube.. except for Canada/US. So illegit stream it is.

        • I fail to see how ‘fuck Rogers’ is appropriate considering you’re not paying for their service, but I digress.

          Have you tried plugging a cable directly from the outlet into your TV? I’m assuming you have but if not, what’s wrong with you? Sometimes it’s active.

        • Breaking the law, breaking the law

    • Ryth–
      Every month (or 2 or 3) I send money to Shaw Cable.
      Shaw reciprocates by allowing me to view Honkbal in all of it’s weird wonderfulness.
      And—–I swear that it’s entirely legal.

  4. Up until a few weeks ago, I simply detested Rodney.
    However–saving 6 of 6 and sticking a plantain in his pants has caused me to re-evaluate “El Tejon de Meil (the Honey Badger).

    I still can’t stand his freaking ‘arrow’ and dearly wish he wore his cap like a grown-up.
    Baby steps I guess.

  5. Buck lookin pretty fit in that commercial

  6. You beauty!!!

  7. Jose Reyes, ladies and gentlemen!

  8. The fucking faces that Eddie makes are always hilarious

  9. Edwin! I hope the Jays don’t tone it down when they play.

    • Speaking solely for myself, that clip is now officially old.
      It’s jumped the shark.

  10. Fucking Sutcliffe is worse than Borders. In an inning where Reyes hits a double that’s almost a HR and EE hits a double to the wall, he says that the biggest play of the inning is the sac bunt that Pena called for.

    So basically, extra base hits okay, but giving up outs Awesome!

  11. Keith Law just wrote an article about the 8 guys in MLB who will bust out this year, our favorite ADD kid cracked the list.

    Brett Lawrie | 3B, Toronto Blue Jays

    He’s dealing with an oblique strain but doing so in a smart way, sitting now so that it won’t linger into the season. Once he’s back, I think Lawrie’s swing — one of the best right-handed swings in baseball — will combine with his solid-average power and above-average speed to produce a breakout season in the .290/.350/.470 range.

  12. Cogeco>

    old side of Milton cannot get Rogers or whatever this “shaw” is.
    …except for the fact that my cogeco menu claims the game starts at 9.

    • Shaw is Western Canada Dave…the new world…Gods country.

    • ‘This Shaw’ is a hole in the ocean I throw my money into out on the west coast. Not significant to the old side of Milton.
      Time zones are tricky. Sportsnet insisted that this game started at 6:00 my time, not 5:00.)

    • Used my rogers PVR to record the game. Hoping to start watching it at 10 and ff through the commercials to finish around real time.
      Damn thing had the game starting at 9 so I missed the first two innings.

  13. I’m out of mix, I’m on to rye and ice cream.

    Should be interesting.

    • Start out sitting on the floor.

      It’s the little things that save your ass.

      • Its kind of funny. When I hit the 30 pound mark, I was feeling I hadn’t done ainnhtyg. Then the next day I carried in a 35 pound bag of dog food from the car. Completely changed my mind about how much I had lost.

    • Would sprinkles be too girly?

      • It’s surprisingly not as good as I thought it would be.

      • When i was a kid we would put chocolate sprinkles on toast.

        Having dutch parents was awesome

        being poor wasn’t

        • That might account for why you want all the women all the time.
          (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

        • My O’lady is Dutch. You all eat some weird shit.
          She loves salty licorice flavored candies, mayo on fries, and peanut butter sauce on some meats.

          • Droppies are an acquired taste. But they smart making you eat those things as soon as you can open your mouth, so no biggie.

            Peanut butter or apple sauce spread across meats is delcious. Try it, especially the apple sauce.

          • I discovered mayo on fries several lifetimes ago in Honkland.
            Seriously good.
            Raw herring–not so much.

          • I had a Mayo and Fries thing after visiting Amsterdam. I’ve since gone back to Ketchup. It’s just better.

  14. What are these guys even talking about

  15. Romero is pitching in the minor league tomorrow to “make adjustments”? Isn’t this the exact path Cecil took from the #3 spot in the rotation to a ticket to Las Vegas last spring?

    • Has anyone noticed that most players that have come up with the blue jays eventually turn into shit until they leave? Wells, Hill, Rios, Lind, Cecil. Now romero could be added to the list potentially. What is up with that? Is the organization not telling them how to make adjustments properly?

      • Given that 2-3 of the 6 you mention haven’t left yet, what is up with that?

      • Wells did not get better after he left.

      • I disagree in general, but the renaissance of Hill and Rios after the left Toronto is somewhat interesting in the particular.

      • Isn’t that a description of every player ever. Players get good, enter their prime, then decline?

      • Okay, I’ll bite: Lind, Cecil and Romero are still with the team. Ricky had one bad year and two good ones before that. Cecil was never really that good as a starter. I know he had one big year with 15wins I think but look at his ERA that year… Not so pretty.

        Lind….. Ok, I’ll give you Lind.

        Wells is still shit. Changing organizations didn’t help him.

        Hill…… Needed a change. Many MLB players go through the same thing. Bautista bounced around until he landed in a place that worked for him.

      • It was the right time for most of those guys to move on.
        The only guy who stings for me was not mentioned in your list.
        Chris Carpenter.
        He was decent for the Jays, then ran into injuries and was cut.
        He turned into an absolute beast.
        I still cringe that we let him walk, Beeston probably does too.
        It’s probably why they’ll keep resigning McGowan until he’s 50.

        • I dont know dick about it but it seemed to me that Rios had a bad uppercut swing and kept ending up on his back foot. That seemed to me to be pretty simple to fix.
          Hill was different. I had no clue what his problem was (he seemed to be swinging at a lot of slow stuff outside) but I DO know it affected his fielding and I knew he would recover form it.
          I think it’s too simple to say those two needed a change of scenery. They needed -and received- coaches who could fix their mistakes. Obviously Murphy was not the guy. It’s a huge step forward to bring up Motolla. (and a great idea also to get Murphy to consult )

    • The whole situation has been Cecil deja vu. I get the feeling that this is a bit of a smokescreen and by the end of ST, they’ll say “we’re really happy with the way Ricky’s coming along with the adjustments but he needs a couple more starts in AAA to iron things out.” Ricky somewhat saves face, the org. puts a positive spin on things, Happ starts the season in the 5 spot.

  16. I will commit hari kari if Pena allows Dotel to lose this.

  17. So much fun to come.

  18. JO-SE REY-ES – clap clap clapclapclap

  19. I want all our Jays to win.

    But I’d be elated it Rodney blew this.

  20. They deserved it, they were the best team

  21. This can only augur well for us.

  22. Lo Viste!!!

  23. I can’t wait for a picture of Reyes pointing at his gold medal.

  24. This is a wave I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

    A lot of naysayers will be eating crow in the coming days.

  25. I was listening to the Jays game on the way home from work. Apparently Morris has never before encountered an Hispanic name.

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