The Jays head to Sarasota to take on the Baltimore Orioles, and… yep, Spring Training’s still going.



A quick notebook piece from John Lott of the National Post talks about Henry Blanco catching R.A. Dickey’s knuckler yesterday, the important week this is for Casey Janssen, and the fact that Brett Lawrie played catch this morning. Lott has a pic of Lawrie throwing for the first time over on his Flickr page.

Brendan Kennedy adds that Lawrie says he feels good and expects to be ready for April 2nd.

Wilner also adds that the club hopes to have him in game action on the weekend.

Elsewhere, Kennedy tells us that Jeffress will pitch three innings today, followed by four from Dave Bush, and two from the just-acquired Guillermo Moscoso.

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via

And now the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose CF
E. Bonifacio 2B
M. Cabrera DH
A. Cibia C
A. Lind DH
M. DeRosa 3B
A. LaRoche 1B
R. Langerhans RF
M. Izturis SS

J. Jeffress RHP

Baltimore Orioles

N. McLouth RF
B. Roberts 2B
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis 1B
J. Hardy DH
N. Reimold LF
M. Machado 3B
A. Casilla SS

Z. Britton LHP


Image via Britt Ghiroli.

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  1. oh lawdy 2 mo weeks

  2. There are still 14 more days to continue our collective freak-out about Rickey’s mechanics, Buerhle’s one bad inning, who’s on second, Adam-fuckin’-Lind and Colby Rasmus.

    • That implies people aren’t still going to be freaking out about those things when the season starts

      • when we are 4-0, facing boston, after JJ complete gamed 2 hit shut them out the day before – no one will care how RR pitches that day, and we will be more open to rope with him and others for the first few weeks after the collective boners start a mini wave in the skydome April 2nd – 5th….

  3. It looks like the Orioles are trying today

  4. would someone humour me and explain the “Aaron Cibia” inside joke? I think I started following DJF just after the joke came into being…

  5. am i seeing this right?
    3 solos in one IP?

  6. This bullpen might be my biggest concern for the 2013 Blue Jays.

    I feel oddly assured in the back end – Santos, Janssen & Oliver (though I imagine Janssen will regress some) and I think Loup will be mostly ok. I think we’ll see some regression from the Delabar we saw in 2012 & I’m fairly concerned about Rogers, Lincoln, Jeffress / Cecil. So yeah…middle, long relief seems problematic.

    • So you are saying that we have 5 quality relievers to fill in for the 3 innings or less needed after our starters leave the game?

      • I’m saying my fingers might be crossed an awful lot. I’m among those worried about getting quality innings from Romero & to a slightly lesser degree, Buerhle. The middle relief corps are concerning if we’re not getting quality innings from those guys & if Santos & Janssen’s health keep them back…well, things are obviously very fucked.

        • The best teams will lose 2 games of every 5. This will likely have nothing at all to do with how well our long reliever is pitching and who is picking up the scrap innings when we are down or ahead big.

          There are a lot of if’s and but’s in your prerogative. Middle relief and Long relievers will not be the downfall of this team.

    • You’ve got to be kidding or trolling.
      Every analyst has said this is the best Jays bullpen in many years.
      Fuck everybody is arguing about RR or Happ.
      Do you realize that Happ isn’t good enough to replace Loup in the BP?

  7. The Melkman is hitting around .360 this spring?

    He’s not talked about much but last year he played in a pitchers park and dominated.

    Understandably going into this year there was some concern about the PED impact on him, but I think this FA signing is a steal and huge for the Jays.

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