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Outrage! Jim Callis of Baseball America predicts the Jays will finish fourth in the AL East, ahead of only the Orioles. I mean, it could happen, but… come on! How could Callis possibly have resisted the Jays’ sexy sexiness as a pick? Posturing, I say!

Not outrage! Keith Law lists Brett Lawrie among his breakout prospects at ESPN.com (Insider Only), praises the smart way he’s dealt with his latest injury, calls his swing one of the best right-handed ones in the game, and suggests a .290/.350/.470 season. Giddy up!

The Blue Jay Hunter has an excellent season preview piece up, in which he asks Jays-related questions of Ben Lindberg of Baseball Prospectus.

“I felt like this year, and I don’t know why this is and knock on wood, but I feel like I have some pop back in my bat that I haven’t had in the last couple years,” says Mark DeRosa, according to Mike Wilner of Sportsnet.

John Lott of the National Post looks at Adam Lind, who is staring down a pivotal season in his career, and his new yoga regimen.

Lott also looks at what’s being said by the Jays about the mechanical changes Ricky Romero will have in place for tomorrow’s outing at the club’s minor league complex in Dunedin.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun writes about Tim Raines, the new minor league outfield/baserunning instructor who, according to the paper’s headline writer, is a steal for the Jays. Get it?

Elliott also looks at the fastest working man in the business not employed by NBC Sports, Mark Buehrle.

More ways to plough through the Sun’s paywall, as Mike Rutsey looks at Romero’s changes, as well as Henry Blanco, who seems to be on his way to making the team as the backup catcher.

Gregor Chisholm has a fancy new Inbox post up over at BlueJays.com.

Shermanator91 of Bluebird Banter does some excellent work looking at the Jays’ bullpen, and in particular, their splits.

Elsewhere, Tom Dakers talks to Steve Goldman of Yankees blog Pinstriped Bible, as we get a taste of where folks are at in the Bronx heading into the season.

At FanGraphs, Matt Smith does some interesting stuff in surveying deep into the farm systems of the AL East.

The latest 30-whatever thing from the Tao of Stieb takes a look at Dominican WBC hero-ish Moises Sierra.

Callum Hughson of Mop Up Duty recounts his visit to Phoenix and the WBC games that took place there last week.

High Heat Stats does an excellent little job of making a Hall Of Fame case for Larry Walker.

The McGill Daily‘s @Dapicksix31 takes a look at the Jays and how they arrived at contender status.

At Getting Blanked, Drew looks at the ridiculous awesomeness of Joey Votto, and Johnny Mac, who is on the move, having been traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Moving on… up?

Lastly, we’ve got a brand new Smokin’ Poll up on the DJF Facebook page, so go there and weigh in on whether you think Ricky Romero should start the year in Toronto or Buffalo. And like us, while you’re at it– that way you get links to all our posts as soon as they’re published, straight into your news feed.

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  1. Did you see this article about Brian Jeroloman hiding a broken wrist during his 2011 call up, to the point he was told not to wear his cast around the media. Not really impactful of anything, but is another example of how little any fan (or reporter) might be of actual things going on within a club environment. I don’t really care and am not pointing the JPR “Its not a lie if we know the truth” finger. It is just a baseball roster shuffling story.


    ” An X-ray revealed a fracture in his hand near the wrist, but Jeroloman was not allowed to wear a cast in front of reporters. The catcher could not keep a cast on full-time until the offseason, killing his plans to play winter ball.”

    Dirk Hayhurst has hinted that his forthcoming book will reveal the some of the problems of being an injured ballplayer (ie. the tension with the organization vs personal issues).

    • Really good article dm.I know it’s gets repetitive but nice find ,again.
      Jordan’s an excellent writer.
      I remember the controversy when everybody was askin why jerrolman wasn’t playing.Just shows how little we know about what happens behind the scenes and how disposable a career can be.

      • That was a maddening article!

        There’s a huge begging question: why did the Jays want to hide Jeroloman’s injury? He was just an extra catcher and an expanded September roster for that time.

        Weird. And There’s no attempt by the article to explain it or tonsay whether the Jays were asked to comment/explain.

        And what was that whole digression in the middle of the story about some other player named Tim Gradoville.

        Crap article. jordian Bastian is capable of better.

  2. más pasteles de la mantequilla por favor

  3. I miss when it was called Afternoon Snack

  4. BBB story – seems like DJF arent the only one wondering why we traded for Rogers

    Does he make the BP or does he get DFA and likely picked up like the story suggested?

  5. .290/.350/.470

    i drooled from my bottom half.

  6. DJF pod today?

  7. Really like Steves answers on the yankees and what he sees them being this season.

    Might start ready more of his stuff.

  8. can anyone detail more what is meant by “risk” and how tehy come to that lvl listed in Fan Graphs peace on AL East Prospects?
    Im guessing its injury, but just looking to have a clear understanding of what is meant by it and if it should be something to worry about long term?

    • No, it’s risk of him turning into a total bust, essentially.

      • not sure if you will see this reply with the 250 comments in the other didn’t say but said….post…but here it is

        How do they come up with that Risk lvl….they aren’t scouts? they dont see all of these guys all the time? is it based on them or on the team they are on or how on earth….just looking for more detail on who all that works, if you are able.


    • this one bugs me too.
      somehow the jays are more likely to have injuries to their starting pitchers than everyone else.
      like the yankee’s staff with an average age of 52 is way less likely to suffer a setback.
      Lackey is just going to come out gunz blazing, Dempster? no problem.
      haters gonna hate

  9. Buffalo fans sure are excited about their affiliation with the Jays.

    Source: from some site:
    “One of the great treats found in Canada, Poutine (a combination of gravy and cheese curds served over French fries) will now be available in both Pettibones Grille & Catering Center and concession stands.”

    • Tit for tat re: the wings’ thing.
      I doubt it takes the nation by storm, although god knows they have enough shitty squeaky cheese south of the border.

  10. No worries – Rany and Joe Sheehan agreed on their podcast that Jays win the AL East. Rays get the WC.

    Jim Callis is trolling.

    • agreed. Not only do I not by that the Jays will finish 4th in the division, but I do not see the 1-2 being the Rays and Yankees this year. Personally the Rays have had to many breaks in the past with starting pitching, and to me moving out shields, a bunch of the guys who have out preformed peripherals (Hellickson, for ex) I am expecting to drop in performance this year. Not to mention, there offense, is not much better than previous and without B.J. Upton I think they are losing themselves a nice toolsy speedster, don’t get me wrong Jennings fills that roll but I think the two were a great pair in 2012.

      Next The Yankees, I just don’t feel that there SP age and injuries that it is another year the Yankees are the Yankees. To me the two teams I think will be the tops are the Jays and the Redsox, I didn’t like what the Redsox did for 2014 ( some of the guys they signed I think will be okay year 1 and start to age hard (Victorino, Gomez, Dempster I am looking at you).

      I think 1-4 will be close but the jays are the best all around team, SP, RP, offense and defense. The jays were smart picking up offensive and SP weapons. the one weakness for 2013 is defense, (Lawrie is the only plus plus defender ( Rasmus is close but I personally think his defense is worse than Gose in CF).

      Just my 2 cents.

    • Forget Jim Callis, what about that interview with Ben Lindberg of Baseball Prospectus…

      Yankees will finish first?!

      Jays will have worst defense in the division?!


  11. Anybody else see that Ben is leaving MLBTR for Sportsnet?
    Sportsnet has really improved their baseball coverage the past year or so

  12. Fuck Henry Blanco and everyone that loves him.

  13. The Daily Duce fuckin’ sucks. The Ducey graphic is hideous. I, for one, am outraged.

  14. If the term duce refers to excrements then i find your accompanying African American photo racist.

    • I don’t understand it, but it may be that I’m offended?

    • Not sure you can call Canadian Rob Ducey African-American but who the hell knows what term the PC police find acceptable now.

      The PC Police are now saying the use of “African-American” is racist, even though they came up with the term twenty years ago because they found “black” offensive.

      Also, would a black man from Canada visiting Dunedin really want to be described as an african-american?
      I’d be more offended being labelled American than black.

  15. Another baseball expert – my grandfather – picks the Yankees to win the East & the Jays to finish last
    He has Mickey Mantle winning the MVP & in response to how the Blue Jays will do “I don’t remember a team in Toronto – they must be an expansion team like the Mets”

    So much for living in the past baseball experts

  16. National Fascist Party leader Benito Mussolini was identified by Fascists as Il Duce…

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