Alright! It’s time for our regular Thursday trip around baseball to talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast!

This week’s topic: More WBC fever, Hanley Ramirez, Aroldis Chapman, and more!


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  1. the phone still works?

  2. Susan`s name in Seinfeld was also Susan Ross

  3. Cryptic hints of upcoming changes with GB….

    • Nope. Just working out the podcast schedule for the season. Unless you mean that we won’t be doing video daily, which is a thing.

  4. so, the good news is Anthony Alford looks like he has given up dream of being football QB, the bad news is he is trying it Ole Miss as a safety (but at least that is a less injury-prone position)


  5. Since there are 2 safeties on the field, the injury rate is lower than QB position.


    • oh, sorry. this chart made the adjustment for position already, so S does have a slightly higher injury rate than QB.

  6. Hi DJF’s. I came across this article. I haven’t read it myself. I just thought I should make a post of it so that you can appreciate how important it is. It’s got the word blue jays in it so I thought it was relevant to a blog about baseball. Of cource, I have absolutely no idea in what context the term “blue jays” was used. Despite a variety of definitions, I will use one and only one definition for the term. Then I will insult others for their tunnel fission and their lack of being right.
    I will then insist you used the worst posible definition for the term and shout you’ve used it inappropriately.
    Life is precious and should never be taken for granted.
    Please like me.
    Here is the article, then please make comments, then I will insult you and formulate my opinion based on the opposite of what you’re thinking.
    Then, not only will I not be bothered to continue to read what you have to say, I will make up a funny reason why your argument is so beneath me that I shouldn’t have to read it. Ahem.
    Googled Blue Jays: Here is article:

    Jason Frasor already has seen the highlight of his camp. He left for his home in Tampa a earlier this week as his wife gave birth to their second child, a baby girl Cameron, on Monday.

    “It’s been a great spring just for that reason,” Frasor said. “On the field, it’s been a smooth transition to the team and doesn’t feel much different than Blue Jays camp.”

    Frasor, who spent the majority of his big-league career with Toronto, signed as a free agent this winter and is one of the known pitchers in the Rangers’ bullpen. He has thrown five scoreless innings in Cactus League appearances so far going into his sixth appearance today, although he struggled in a minor-league appearance on March 14.

    Frasor is in line for the setup role but also would be the backup closer should Joe Nathan not be available this season.

    “I’m 35, so I’m not worried about situations like I used to be,” he said. “If the situation arose, I can go out there and get the last three outs. There’s no doubt that inning has a different feel, you can feel that ninth-inning, save-situation pressure. But that doesn’t worry or bother me.”

    – Drew Davison

  7. Fuck off Parkes!!!!

    • Random, but Ok. Have never really understood this but it says fuck parks and tha’ts about as funny as

      Suck it Farrell!!!!

      • You’re the same guy! I can tell by the blue hue!!!!!
        Or your writing style!
        Or that I’ve logged every comment you’ve ever made with easy access to it so that I can bring it out in an attempt to distract my followers that you’re actually right and I’m making no sense and contradicting myself everywhere.

        Hey, where’s blue hued Oakville69!!!! Love that guy.

        • Lol . I am still around. Frasor had a good career as a blue jay & he married someone from Oakville . He still takes too long to throw a pitch.

  8. Our fith starter is going to mess up 5 games out of 82 games. The season is over.
    I’m outta here!
    You guys are so ingnorant just saying that we are so good we can lose 5 games in April.
    Fuck all ya’ll
    I’m outta here and I’m taking my hamster with me!
    “Hamster” is what I call my case of beer.
    I’m hammered.
    Anyway, Jays are toast,

    I’m done with this site. Never coming back.

    • I can’t even imagine how bad your hangover is going to be tommorrow.
      Well maybe a little.
      Please make it stop and I promise I will never ever ever drink tequila again.


      I thought it was going to be a lot funnier when I started this.
      Then I realized I was exposing Stoeten as the character he is.
      It made me realize that the truth can be worse than fiction.

      Let him be the one who is right. Someone the guy can defend against perspectives when they have direct quotes of his stating the opposite argument.

      Sure, my instict says it’s really cool they put him in his place. Then I thought they must have been holding that since they started arguing, waiting for the right moment to burn him so they quote something that happened two years ago.

      This guy is the master, and should not be exposed.

      Thanks for knocking some sense in me RADAR. I stopped having the energy to prove my point. Off to the bar.
      Did we decide on the best cure for a hangover?

    • I didn’t tip my waitress.
      I am going to go tip my waitress.
      How much should I tip her?

      I was going to tip her in pancakes. Sweet pancakes.
      Why does everybody hate pancakes?
      I don’t. I love sex though.
      So I’ll offer her some pancakes, and we’ll see how that goes. It’s 2:30. I’m with the Loop, and where going to get some pancakes.
      Oops, make it Little Looper. We’re going to get some pancakes.
      Trade the guy. Set ‘em free.
      I’m going to go get a good book while I’m waiting for my pancakes.

  9. I feel like I just found the manifesto of a very disturbed individual.

    And RADAR made a cameo appearance, which was…expected.

    • Hey Max.
      LOL, no, I’m trying to prove a point.
      Out of everyone I thought you’d get it since you were there at the start of his bizarre little dispute.
      Actually, now that you point it out it does seem obsessive. Fuck.
      Honestly, you can’t win here.

    • Max, thought you would get it for sure since you were the one guy who backed me up when Stoeten began this pissing match.

      Anyway, you’re totally right. It’s his blog so for me to keep trying to prove my perspective is just obsessive.

      I just quit smoking today so maybe you’re not far off. lol. Time to end the comments for a while.

  10. I get it now. The guy with multiple personalities that took place between 12:26 AM and 3 AM is playing a game.
    Ok, funny, funny, funny stuff. The problem is that it only works if you’re stoned. Really really, really stoned.
    Nodoby cares.

  11. Max, you made me realize this was a very dumb approach for me to prove my point. There isn’t a delete option, so I hope Stoeten takes them down.
    Mental health issues are serious and I shouldn’t have made comments like an obsessive just to egg Stoeten into banning me or doing his cyber bully shtick. I tried to provoke him into his hypocrisy but now that I think about it, what the hell am I doing?

    I’ve been here for years so most know I don’t fly off the handle like that. For personal reasons, he really hit a nerve with that Pinella post.

    My point was to show that he’s quick to jump on commentators he doesn’t like, he’s quick to defend himself, and he is willing to ban people, yet he stays relatively quiet when the rape jokes and sexist stuff were going on.
    He’s not promoting it, but he’s passively condoning it while pontificating about how a 70 year old committed a language crime.
    Jokes about the actual sexual act are much more serious and disturbing. Stoeten doesn’t have control over what Lou says, but he does have control over what is acceptable to post on his site.
    It even seems he knew what to expect with the first comment saying “Oh. Right. This comments section isn’t going to go well, is it?” Is that a stern warning that rape jokes won’t be tolerated here, or a subtle invitation to bring it?

    This blog is the best baseball blog there is and that applies for any team fan sites. Stoeten does great work. It’s just a shame when he goes off in absurd hypocrisy. I tried to egg him into a trap to point it out. Now I realize who the hell am I to tell him how he should act on his blog?

    So to the blogger, sorry for my lame provocation and my apologies for suggesting how you should run your blog and wanting to keep the discussions to baseball.

    • Woah Looper, Not that you’re wrong that this wasn’t the best approach to prove your point but I was just joking around with my comment. Don’t worry April 2nd will be here in no time, then Reyes, Bautista and Dickey will chase all our troubles away

    • Hey, thanks for the fucking hollow apology two paragraphs after, as insufferably usual, acting as though you have any fucking clue what’s in my head, and butchering it horrifically.

  12. EE hurt his finger,in his last at bat during the WBC.It’s not serious and is listed as day to day.

  13. From ESPN story on Miguel Cabrera, life coach:

    Adds a reliever: “He has the best personality in the game.” And Cabrera puts it to good use in regular meetings with the Tigers’ Latino prospects. “I talk about their girlfriend back home,” he explains. “I say, ‘Be a f — ing man! If you no work hard, no get money, your girlfriend get happy with another man over there!’”

    “After that meeting,” he adds, “half the guys call their girlfriends and say, ‘Tell me the truth, what are you doing!’”

    Good advice (#real_realtalk), not just for Latino baseball prospects


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