Arash Madani of Sportsnet was in Dunedin today to follow Ricky Romero’s minor league start– in which last year’s Opening Day starter was scheduled to go five innings– and… um… it went about as well as the comments section on yesterday’s Lou Piniella post.

Below are Madani’s tweets, and while– like the title says– they’re pretty grim, they do need to come with the caveat that– as much as this was the completely transparently built-in excuse– he was working on new mechanics and nobody could have honestly expected him to have a Cy Young-calibre performance waiting to come out of him after a couple of tweaks. But yeah, it’s grim.

So… yeah. The rope gets a little shorter. And I say that acknowledging fully that he didn’t even have to be perfect. But this? This won’t help end the debate about whether bad mechanics, weight, knee issues, elbow pain, a lack of confidence, or some combination thereof is what’s wrong and so desperately needs to be fixed. Also will not help end the questions about who should break camp as the club’s fifth starter. Right now Romero is the only one who can answer those, unfortunately he seems to be alone on an island, lost at sea…

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  1. I feel genuinely bad for the guy.

    • Feel sorry for starving kids in China. Not millionaires.

    • Agreed. At this point I’d be happy if the front office gave Ricky some time away from the big league club to find himself.
      They should bring a fresh pair of eyes, someone with experience to help Ricky rebuild. After having been in Ricky’s campuntil now it sucks to say but take Happ as the fifth starter.

      • …some time away from the limelight is EXACTLY what Ricky needs. He has been a shipwreck since midway through last year, and with everyone (team mates, manager, coaches, front office, media, fans) trying to suggest bandaid fixups for the guy, what he needs is radical surgery in the form of the Doc Halladay “start all over” treatment. Not a week or 2 in the minors, not a quick trip to Buffalo only to be recalled at the 1st opportunity. He needs a complete rebuild – mechanics, confidence, mental approach, if the Jays are to salvage anything out of his career. If it’s still physical (knees, arm), they have to let him get past the recovery period before he even attempts to rebuild.

      • Yes, at this point I have to agree. I like Romero and I hope he comes out of whatever he is in. But at this point, Happ HAS to be the 5th starter. Romero needs an extended say at AAA to figure it out. Don’t bring him back until he is 110%.

        That said, awesome this ‘controversy’ is about our 5th starter not our Ace.


  2. poor guy. i made a comment to him at season tickets event that his last few starts looked great, and he asked me “what about the starts before that?”. seemed a bit of a mess. cant imagine how hard to handle all the negativity.

  3. Head games.
    This start ain’t gonna help.

  4. Wow. As much as I feel bad for him and want him to figure things out, I have no interest in him being anywhere near the major league roster until he has figured those things out.

  5. not much needs to be said here

  6. what a precipitous fall into… what’s worse than mediocrity? I’m gonna go with terribility?

    that’s the one.

  7. I thought Hayhurst’s article on the subject was pretty insightful.

    I can’t imagine a pitcher making mid-spring mechanical changes to prevent left arm shittiness is going to be ready by the beginning of April.

    If the entire point behind the continual insistence that Romero was a lock as the #5 was to give him some confidence…well, it obviously hasn’t helped.

  8. Oh my gosh … You aren’t completely 180′ing away from just yesterday’s stance that its just spring training, yada yada … No you won’t let yourself say “I was wrong” …

    Romero is lost … He couldn’t get single A hitters out today … No matter the reason he should be able to have a middling of success in that situation if he really has any chance to contribute to big team any time soon

    Lets call a spade a spade even if it means swallowing pride. I don’t think the jays success is greatly hurt now … But there is no doubt that …

    1. Ricky is a mess
    2. Ricky ain’t believing
    3. Ricky ain’t coming north
    4. Happ time and this is not a wonderful thing

    Come on Stoets … See the light … The evidence is all there … Ricky is mini-ankiel right now minus the home run power!


    • Are you vying for a prize here? If Romero had pitched 3 solid innings, it would have re-guaranteed his spot on the team.

      Instead he sucked and even AA is hinting that this is bad and even Stoeten has made 2 posts in a row about Romer-woe.

      You aren’t saying anything insightful or new.

      • and RR can still turn it around before next week….oh god, 12 days left….he can do it….can’t he?

        I want him to so that we have proven depth in AAA, not a wtf are we going to get out of RR down the road.

        I think everyone is missing that point of RR struggles, and how much of a hit this is to the TEAM as a whole….we just went from having 6 starters to 5 if RR can’t find himself, and its not even April……no one goes 162 with 5 Starting pitchers, just doesn’t work that way.

        No mater who you want to break camp….this is bad news for ALL jays fans.

    • Hasn’t this entire situation played out exactly as Stoeten said?

      Stoeten said the team was showing public confidence in him, but did the same for Cecil last year and that the decision of whether to bring him up or not didn’t have to be made until the end of Spring Training but if he kept sucking, the team could do the same thing to Romero they did to Cecil. Public confidence until there was no doubt that he sucked and they left him behind. Stoeten never said Romero would figure things out or that he was a lock for Toronto. He said it was too early to tell and to not take the Jays’ public pronouncements at face value because of their history of changing their mind at the end of Spring Training.

      • Stoeten has been minimizing Romero’s problems all spring. According to Stowten, only “stupid people” are concerned about his shittiness.

    • I know it won’t happen, but I’d love it if we get some mid-April/May Deus Ex McGowan for the 5 spot. :S

    • You forgot:

      5. Rickey lost that number

  9. Later Dontrelle.

  10. “and… um… it went about as well as the comments section on yesterday’s Lou Piniella post.”

    Yeah that just about sums it up.

    • Wow post useless stuff much? You really, really want stoeten to acknowledge your existence – fat girl at the dance? Don’t you worry, you just keep posting, he’s a fool not to look your way

      • You put a lot of thought into that! Thanks for the insight. I’ll ice my typing arm and try again tomorrow!

        • Wow, a speedy response, what a surprise. Dude, get a gf, that way you won’t have to make so many comments that no one reads and you can take the ice of your arm (yeah, we all know why it’s really there). Thanks for coming out skippy.

          • Thanks for the concern bored! Actually I’m at work, getting paid more than your mom’s pimp to keep an eye on a few financial scripts in between dreaming about good ol’ Stoeten.

            • aye, mom jokes, I must have touched a nerve. Considering your level of posting and (very) desperate need for attention, I’m gonna say you don’t make much money at all. But hey, if it makes you feel better, sure I believe you’re “killing” it over there in cubicle 6. Once you’re done pretending, come visit me in NYC and you can see what making it is really like…just make sure you ask mommy first.

        • dont worry, sons, spring training comments dont hold any weight…

  11. it just keeps getting harder to say he should be the 5th starter and that he will get a chance to make or break his year in April/May.

    At this point……i just dont know anymore……there is something wrong, and no one knows what it is.

  12. Anyone know an easy way to remove numbers and letters from a jersey? Thanks.

    • Always a fear when dropping $100+ on a jersey. A year ago I went with Bautista over Lawrie, and I feel pretty good about that so far….

    • I guess that’s the beautiful thing about a player still having options. Ricky, go get yourself right and then come back up here and throw your 2011 seeds.

  13. Kyle Drabek has a better chance of finding the strike zone than Ricky Romero.

  14. If he can’t even get through four innings in a minor league game, then he’s not ready to pitch at the big league level. I admire AA’s loyalty, but this is absurd. Happ is pitching well, Romero is not. This is a no brainer… send him to the minors to work this out. I don’t want him to fix it while blowing games for the Jays.

    • Peter, you know this is Spring Training right? There is nothing absurd about him being with his team and in camp. NOTHING. In fact this is his only chance to face big league hitters without it mattering to the team.

      So settle down. The whole point of this post is that AA even hinted that his spot was no longer guaranteed. Smart men are on it. Nuke some popcorn. Take it easy.

      • You know, there’s only so many times through spring training that you can say that before you have to face the facts that someone is clearly not pitching well and that they have pitched in enough games up to this point that they shouldn’t be going forward with the big club.

        • What do you want them to do? Send Romero to minor league camp now? What would the point of that be? The final decision doesn’t have to be made for 2 weeks. Of course they are trying to get as much data and information before making that decision.

          What would they gain by saying today that Happ was their 5th starter? The season doesn’t start any earlier.

        • Yes – but that changes absolutely nothing in Spring Training. RR will get another start (or 2?) to throw strikes before the 25-man roster is set; then you can all lose your minds.

  15. I hope Ricky works out his issues and becomes te pitcher he can be. However, hét needs to know and understand this is really a different Blue Jays team. It can’t afford a struggling pitcher who has been *lost at sea* for a lengthy period of time. If the team is better served by having Happ or whomever rather taking turns in the rotation and Ricky work out things in the minors. It’s not like the team doesn’t want him to succeed. He was our opening day pitcher last year and we have invested significant money into him. If Roy Halladay could be sent down to work and retool his mechanics it’s not like it’s unheard of. But the fact is this is a contending team now and hopefully the days of carrying a pitcher losing game after game like a couple of years ago with Reyes.

  16. Fuck off parkes

  17. I got to say, gibbons and AA kind of look like idiots now since theyre going to have to backtrack those” romero is definitely our #5 starter” declarations. Not that it really matters but they should have been more cautiously optimistic and said we hope he will be #5 rather than making it seem absolute.

    • Well said.

      It’s surprising because AA usually qualifies these types of things.

    • Why would they look like idiots? It’s smart to change your views in the face of new or updated circumstances.

      Only idiots subbornly persist in the face of a decision that was clearly wrong. If Romero keeps sucking and they make the decision to start him in AAA they should be given accolades for being flexible in their decision making, not criticized for changing their mind.

      • Maybe ‘look like idiots’ is a reach; but what was the point of continuing to insist Romero was the #5 irrespective of performance?

        To give him confidence? Obviously it didn’t work if that was the intent.

        AA could have just qualified it with “he’s the #5 unless he really struggles”. This is what AA says to the free agents to whom he makes “promises”. That if they really struggle obviously they lose their job.

        It makes sense to say this in the public as well imo.

        It’s a relatively minor point as noted. But

    • Saying “wait and see” re Romero would have added more pressure to him, something someone who is struggling as badly as he has over the last half of last year, and to date in Spring Training absolutely did not need. They showed confidence in his potential to turn things around during camp, just like he did under Brad Arnsbarg in ’04 (or was it ’05? … the 1st year he made the rotation). It’s not happening still, and it’s time for a pressure-free total rebuild, starting in FLA Single A, and only when his arm, knees, everything is 100%.

      • Romero didn’t join the rotation until 2009. He wasn’t even drafted by the Jays until 2005.

        • … sorry – dates mixed up, but Arnsbarg got him straightened out when it was getting down to whether or not he was ever going to make it, and one of the main things he stressed was not throwing “across the body-pointing the plant foot towards home plate”.
          Now if you had just spent the extra $20 and got the stitched-on #24 and “Romero”, maybe you wouldn’t be so insistent on him coming north – ain’t gonna happen.

  18. Remember when Jordan Bastian picked Romero as his sleeper pick for the Cy Young?

  19. Cause I’m a dick I’m just going to say…. “coulda had Tulo”


    • It’s interesting nonetheless that even the JPR picks that have shown flashes of greatness (Romero, Lind, Hill) have shown quite a few flashes of complete shittiness as well.

  20. This is bad. Happ is no saviour. He’s a serviceable 6th. Really wish we had the old Rickey going north.

  21. Ricky Romero not pitching so good? There’s a Happ for that.

  22. I hope somebody’s got Brad Arnsberg’s number handy. He’s solved the riddle of Ricky in the past and he can do it again! Seriously though, Romero’s entire career has been an enigma. Have you looked at his minor league stats? He was terrible. Somehow he “finds” it in 2009 and has a decent season at the major league level, followed by a good season in 2010, followed by an excellent season in 2011. Then, as suddenly as he found it, it’s gone. I can’t think of another pitcher who has followed a similar trajectory. Regardless, it seems a little late in the day to be tinkering with mechanics suggesting to me that he won’t be heading north with the team. You can’t just start fiddling with these things and expect to be successful immediately.

    • I half-jokingly suggested this yesterday.

      Gibby and Arnsberg got along well. Why not give Arnie a call. At this point, it can’t hurt.

    • Steve Blass of Pittsburgh circa 1972- one of the best pitchers in the NL, great control SO pitcher.
      Within 3 years he couldn’t throw the ball over the plate with any regularity and became a nobody pretty fast. Sound familiar?

  23. This is all super freaky, for sure, but I don’t see the issue with allowing him a few starts in April to see if he gets back on track. There are 162 games, after all. Have Cecil warming up in the 2nd.

    • The issue is that there is a good chance this is going to be a super-tight division this year, and we may regret those Romero “sympathy starts” come September.

      • Stop right now

        • What is so ridiculous about that statement?

          • the fact that we will lose 50 plus games
            the fact that no one goes 162 with 5 guys in the rotation
            the fact that he was once a top lvl pitcher
            the fact that i hate your face-that one is just a personal responce.

            • False – he was never a top level pitcher. Outpitched his peripherals.

            • By all reasonable projections, Toronto is neck and neck with the other AL East teams for a wild card spot. Yes, we’ll lose 60-70 games, but that doesn’t mean we should just throw away three or four more. The margin is razor thin; three or four games can mean the difference between PLAYOFFS!!11 or missing the second wild card.

          • There are games that the Jays will win on an error or lose on a blown save or some fluke. If the Jays lose the division by 1 or 2 games you can’t arbitrarily point to 1 factor just as a bad start by a pitcher in a single game and say that’s why the Jays missed the playoffs. They will also get bounces in their favour. Those things tend to even out.

            • *such as a bad start

              • Romero would be our 5th starter for Christ sakes. How many 5th starters even finish above .500? Romero going 8-14 or starting 1-5 is not going to be the death knell to a season.

                • K. I prefer putting the team in the best position to win every game. Not just writing games off in a super tough division.

                  • And I’m saying I prefer to wait until the end of Spring Training before the team decides who puts them in the best position. If it’s J.A. Happ so be it. But the decision doesn’t have to be made today.

                  • best chance to win the div good, im with you
                    but completely writing off a guy who was once the talk of the Jays rotation is another.
                    Super stud Happ will be an ave #5 – Ricky has shown he can be 1-3 type of pitcher.
                    This is bad, we need Ricky this year, but suggesting he will sink the team in April if they give him a chance to be an ave pitcher – knowing that he can be an top lvl guy – is not wasted sympathy starts – lets all trust AA. and if ricky starts in AAA, i would be more worried about the Jays Oct hopes then if he comes up in April and shits the bed, then sent down.

                    • And you would be wrong. It would be better to bring up Romero after he proved he can throw strikes and let Happ replacement-level the 5 spot in the interim. The situation here is not just that he got lit up by minor leaguers, since that’s probably a result of him not being able to hit his spots, it’s that he can’t throw strikes. That objectively makes it real hard to see him on a ML roster.

  24. Sarah, I want to lick your ass.

  25. Hate to remind most last Sept I told this year people would be loving the Happster

  26. If the goal is to contend this year I don’t see how you can do ‘live testing’ with a pitcher who has given you nothing to be confident about last year or in spring training.

    Sadly, he should start in AAA and earn his way up.

    • Not according to 90% of this site. We are going to lose games anyway, why not give Romero a couple?!

      • Any pitcher can suck and the jays will lose games because of it. You cant predict when or how or who it will happen to but for all we know romero could have a great april and morrow will be shit. Also, a bad pitcher can have a string of good starts and a good pithcer can suck for a couple. Never know with baseball.

        • Its not like the jays are going to win every one of dickey’s, morrow’s, johnsons’ and buehrle’s starts and its an automatic L if romero starts. Baseball doesnt work that way.

          • Not saying I like Happ better. But if the guy is consistently pitching shit-tastic-ly then you might as well go to someone with a chance of being half/almost decent.

            Happ is not our saviour, BUT you have to put out the best team you’ve got. At this time, my opinion is Happ>Romero.

          • There’s a difference between a loss when you field the best team possible and when you don’t field the best team possible. With your best, you might still lose 40% of the time, sure. But with less, like with starting Romero (as long as he can’t throw strikes) it’s probably closer to 60-80%, AND there’s negative spillovers: if he shits the bed and gets yanked in the 2nd to 4th innings, it just depletes the bullpen for the next game.

            Yes, it’s a long season, but what matters is the margin for error. If you think the Jays can safely win the wild card by 5 or 6 games, then sending in Romero over Happ may not make a difference and have some potential for upside. But, if you think that you’re in a dead heat for a playoff spot, taking a guy with a 80% of losing (Romero) over a guy with a 60% chance of losing (Happ) doesn’t make any sense.

            I don’t care too much about him getting lit up by minor leaguers, but so long as he can’t hit his spots, Romero shouldn’t be on a Major League roster.

        • K, let’s send Jo-Jo Reyes out again. All pitchers are created equal. They are all going to lose a few games.

          • god i hate your face
            my kids dont frustrate me this much…..

          • Jo-JO reyes was an awful pitcher that they gave way too long of a leash to and at the time they had some injuries or depth issues if i remember correctly which necessitated him starting way too many games. Even he had a few good starts though which fooled farrell and AA. Romero wont have that long of a leash. 2 or 3 starts IF he even breaks camp with the team.

      • look, im worried about ricky, no question
        yes he can’t seem to find the zone, and that is bad
        but he was a shit show in Spring 2011, then went on to make a case to be one of the better pitchers in the AL that year. Its not wasted starts, or sympathy starts, its playing the numbers, and he is going to have a short rope, if he does break camp, which at this point seems in doubt.

        but like i keep saying, we need him to be at least an average pitcher this year, if hes not, we will be more fucked then the 3-5 starts he is 100% going to blow as you seem to think.

      • Yes jesus you are right. People here aren’t so hot with addition and think ’1′ in September means more than ’1′ in May.

        But I have to say that you are preaching to the choir at the same time. Even AA has now hinted (see the actual post we are commenting on) that Romero could be in jeopardy with the team.

        If he has 2 more starts like this and Happ can still fog a mirror, it WILL be Happ going north.

  27. @jesuscristo that you call then sympathy starts

  28. At this point, RR seems so lost that you’d be doing him a disservice by bringing him North with the Jays. I don’t think that giving him 2-3 months in Buffalo is the worst thing in the world. I have a feeling that he’ll be pummelled in the AL East unless he rights himself. He’s been adrift for a year…he’s unlikely to suddenly figure it our in the next two weeks. Happ should start with the Jays to start the season…

  29. PANIC

  30. Is it a good sign that everyone is going crazy about the #5 starter?

    • No it is not.

      Other than occasionally being skipped in the rotation, the #5 slot is just as valuable as #1-4.

      This isn’t hockey and a 5th defenseman. People shouldn’t get fixated on a rotation slot.

      • It is in the sense that the top 4 spots are set, and looking in good shape. The fact that only 1 starter is up in the air after the clusterfuck of clowns we went through last year is good.

        I’m sure that’s what he meant

  31. The more interesting aspect for me is whether or not the Jays will take their “best” team north as they’ve said all along. I am not sure what Romero’s options are if he’s not good to go. Can they DL him over his knee/elbow? Or can they send him down without waivers being an issue. Would Ricky even accept that? I suppose they could always hide him as a long man in the pen for mop up duty but that could end up costing them another arm like Cecil that has no options left. I wonder if you could be looking at a Halladay type rebuild in the minors for the first couple of months. As for Happ as the 5th guy, meh. I really hoped it wasn’t going to come to that this season.

    • He has options so he can be sent to AAA without being exposed to waivers.

      Although I personally don’t think being exposed to waivers would be a bad thing.

      • Personally I think he’s still got tons of potential. If it takes him a couple of months to find it again so be it. All the changes and suggestions he’s receiving remind me someone trying to fix a person’s golf swing. You end up with so many things in your head at once it just fucks you up more. And just like changing your golf swing you usually get worse before you get better. Hard to believe the Jays didn’t anticipate that possibly happening.

        At least if they send Ricky down Happ will get a chance to show people what he truly is for better or worse. I’m betting on the worse but hopefully I will be will pleasantly surprised if it actually even comes to that.

        • My bad JT has it right. As does Stoeten.

          Sure Romero still has potential. But at some point it makes more sense to be rid of the $24 million if another team (i.e. the Rockies now, the Royals during the winter) is so desperate for pitching that they are willing to gamble.

          There’s the exception (i.e. Cliff Lee). But how many pitchers have TWO different bouts of wildness (2007 – spring 2009 and 2012 to the present) and follow it up with a number of good years?

          I probably put more weight on the minor league struggles than most. But I absolutely think there is a case to dump Romero if a desperate team is willing to gamble on the upside.

      • He will be exposed to revokable waivers since he has over 3 years of service time.

        • This is true, but AA has said there is, in effect, a gentleman’s agreement among GMs not to claim players that way.

        • Who would pick him up at this point anyway? I hope he can figure it out, but he’s in a black hole right now.

  32. send his ass to arizona. They owe us one.

  33. Am I the only one confused by this? Ricky was pulled 4 pitches into the 4th inning with 1 out…his final line was 2/13 innings…do they not have 3 outs in each inning in these games?..

  34. I’m hopping the next bus to get down there. I can fix him.

  35. Rickey’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. Can pitchers get the yips? Chuck Knoblauch arm? But thankfully he’s nowhere as bad as Rick Ankiel – who eventually would have killed some poor slob at the plate.

  36. This is not looking good!

    But the good news is – Can you imagine if we didn’t fleece Miami? Then it would be Morrow, Happ, Cecil & who the heck knows who else in the rotation for 2013…

  37. I’ve been on the “give Ricky a chance to start the season in the Show” train, but this may be where I get off. This season is too important, the AL East is too tough. I hope that Ricky gets sorted out in the next few weeks before the season starts, but, how likely is that, really? If he is anything close to the pitcher he was today, then it is not fair to the team or its fans to have him on the Opening Day roster.

  38. Sweeny Murti has already said that he thinks Robinson Cano could be in for a rough year with Yankees fans when he makes an out in big spots because he “turned down” the big offer already and wants to go to free agency. Now, Cowherd keeps the ball rolling:

  39. I’m not sure why all the handringing and speculating on Ricky goin north or not. If it were my call, I’d be blunt. Telling him that he’s still a member of the big club rotation but he”s broken. Go get fixed then at that point your spot is assured. He’s no help to the team goin north and struggling and taxing the bullpen. Take the time you need and all of our resources available to get right because the club needs a strong, capable Ricky, not a shadow of himself tryin to figure things out and costin the team wins.

  40. Put the guy on the disabled list to start the season. let him work out his problems in the sunny south when everyone goes north and with the off days the need for a number 5 starter isnt that pressing. Giving this to Happ will reward him for a better spring than Ricky, and will give the team a reason to backtrack on the ” Ricky is our 5th starter” rhetoric.
    Nuff said and get better Ricky!

  41. Clearly, we are not dealing with a mechanics problem. This is 100% mental. AA, I sure hope to god that you’ve got the Rickster in 2 hours/day of therapy. He’s clearly in a bad space. His comments all last year were indicative, and this year it’s deja vu. He’s going to get injured continuing like this. He needs to see things from a different perspective, and he obviously needs someone to help guide him there. The guy is a great pitcher, but unless he can clear his head, he’s done. Jays will have to give him the chance to start the season. He’ll pitch two games, get shelled, and will be sent down. He won’t get better with practice. Get him in a room with someone who can steer him straight, please.

  42. Hey everyone I’m an idiot

  43. I know I always seem to be asking these types of tough questions, and I hope Stoeten doesn’t start to resent me for it… but is it:

  44. Maybe the Mets might go for him. He was JPR’s draft over Troy Tulewitzky so maybe Ricciardi will take a punt. Either way I doubt we’ll see him in the rotation right now.

  45. Somebody mentioned it earlier that Doc was sent to the minors to re-construct himself…I would prefer that comparison/analogy to Dontrelle’s.

    Ricky, understandably, has lost his swagger. He isn’t pitching “angry”. He isn’t pitching/buzzing anyone inside…too bad he isn’t missing the strike zone with inside heat, because no one is afraid of him. I remember early in Randy Johnson’s career with the Expos…he was really wild at times, but he was always wild on the inside of the plate…left and right…and batters were always ready to jump back in fear of his “slightly wild” fastball. Not happening with Ricky.

    • Doc was sent down in his first half season with the Jays. Rickey is an established major leaguer – big difference

      • Halliday got sent down to A ball in his third year after posting an era of over 11 in the 2000 year. He spent a half year reconstructing his delivery. By the way, Doc was an established pitcher when he was sent down. He pitched a one hitter in 1998. There is a lot of similarity between Romero and Doc

        • Ricky’s head is fucked. He needs to get it straight. Just watch him when he sits in the dugout after every bad outing.
          Doc went down and got his body and mind right and then came back. It will be easier for him to do it away from the glare of cameras and fans.
          Just as an aside, Doc’s wife went out and got him a bunch of books when he was sent down, one of which was ” The Mental ABC’s of Pitching,” by Harvey Dorfman. Doc read it cover to cover and took it with him wherever he went. He even met with Dorfman who helped him with nagging doubts ne had about crashing again. And Ricky’s got lots of those.

  46. “Kyle Lohse, paging Kyle Lohse…..”

    • stop AA’s not giving up the picks for that

      • I believe they could sign Lohse after the draft (assuming he’s still available) without giving up a pick. But I’m not sure how enthusiastic he would be, assuming Romero is out of the picture, to be a few bad starts away from being knocked out of the rotation by Happ.

        In any case I’m not ready to write off Romero just yet., and trading him for 1 cent on the dollar is just insane.

      • Isn’t the Jays’ 1st round pick protected?

        • Yeah damn you’re right.

        • Absolutely . By virtue of the fact they ended up in the bottom 10 teams last year. (10th)
          They do have to give up (I think ) their 2nd round pick though if they sign an “A” free agent.
          Interesting though, I wonder if they sign Lohse or someone like him after a certain amount of time has elapsed (say the 2013 draft) if they have to give up anything.

    • Roy Oswalt.

  47. The prescribed mechanical changes to Romero’s delivery are puzzling. Throwing across your body is exactly what you should do as a pitcher and Walker is trying to change this? Rickey go back to the way you were picthing, tell Walker to take a hike, give your head a shake and throw the fucking ball across the plate!

    • Have a quick read of Hayhurst’s article:

      The difference between throwing across your body and towards the plate has to do with the orientation of the pitchers shoulders at the release point and does not include the path of the arm after releasing the ball. RR’s shoulders are not square to the plate at the time of release they appear to be closed therefore causing him to “throw across his body”. This limits the range of motion in a pitchers delivery which can lead to loss in velocity as well inconsistency in locating pitches. This could also be the cause of Ricky’s “rigid arm” 9rather than “whip” like) Hayhurst has also mentioned.

      While RR is trying to make changes to his mechanics muscle memory eventually kicks in and while he may be able to throw 3 pitches in a row as intended (noted yesterday by many commenters and on lookers at his outing) he ultimately slips back into his old habits and ends up struggling.

      What he needs to do is continue to work on his mechanics, as suggested by many, addressing the appropriate points of concern, ensuring the new mechanics become what his body is used to and comfortable doing consistently and repeatedly.

      • I’m pretty sure I agree with that. But he also has a tendancy to lose his composure after a walk, hit , or HR. He needs to be able to focus more, throw one pitch at a time and not get unhinged at the first sign of trouble.

      • Pitchers will often make the mistake of letting their shoulder “fly open” and as a lefty the ball moves away from a right hand batter and there is a loss of velocity that occurs (it also hurts the shoulder).
        But RR’s problem isn’t this. If I understand you, it is that his shoulder is closed so that should cause him to throw inside to a right hand batter – that shouldn’t affect velocity to my way of thinking…but then I never had that problem. So they move him more towards the third base side of the rubber, have his landing foot point to home plate when he throws, and his shoulders will wind up being square to the plate. If that is correct, it doen’t seem all that difficult but then I’m not Rickey.

  48. If I were running the club I’d shoot Kyle Lohse an offer for 1 year. Tell Happ to stop his bitching and pitch his brains out of the bullpen. His time will come and he’s GOING to bee needed and an integral part of what is expected to be a playoff team.

    Let Romero sort himself out at AAA Buffalo. This team is not in ‘development’ phase and cannot afford to lose even 3 games to see if Romero can magically put himself back together again. If it was good enough for Roy Halladay, it’s damn well good enough for Rickey Romero.

  49. Romero and Lind to Marlins for Alvarez, Stanton, Cishek and cash???

  50. Ricky was on PED’s…got his contract…now he’s not.

    Hate to say it. His early minor league career stats are eerily similar to what’s going on with him now.

    Unfortunate. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Better get him on a gluten-free, a treadmill, and a couple rosaries to pray at night or else he’ll be back with the family in Compton.

    Nut up Ricky!!

  51. It’s a little hard to believe, but Ricky has a career 1.47 WHIP in the minors… so awesomely terrible.

    I’m rooting for the guy. Hope he turns it around. It looks like he has options – anyone know where to find how many options a player has left?

  52. Arash Madani of Sportsnet was in Dunedin and sopkes about Ricky Romero’s. Ricky Romero is off from his contract. But this should be renew if he could do it.

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