544319_10151382846585847_705828159_nAs of Opening Day, you’ll feel slightly less ripped off by the prices of beer at Rogers Centre.

Through their Facebook page, Steam Whistle Brewery announced that their pilsner will be available “across the street” this year at Rogers Centre. The most amazing thing about today’s news is that it took this long for a craft beer to become available at Toronto Blue Jays home games, when every other stadium in Major League Baseball had offerings from smaller breweries.

Today’s announcement, coupled with increasing chatter of Rogers replacing the artificial turf with real grass, means that in a couple of years the fan experience at Rogers Centre might actually represent what it’s like to watch a real baseball game.

Three cheers for beers!

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  1. jmo but steamwhistle brews a pretty mediocre beer. i’ll just continue to overpay for keith’s, thanks.

    • Ban this person! Obviously has no idea about good beer!

      • Agreed. Steam Whistle is okay, not that good. Now if they had Muskoka Brewery or Flying Monkey or a Quebec brewery like Unibroue I’d be more impressed.

      • Steamwhistle brews a good pilsner but it’s still just a pilsner. If the price is the same, at least it’s better than Keith but if it’s more expensive it’s kind of a wash. What the Rogers Center really needs is a quality pale ale. That would be worth paying more to get.

    • He is so right. Steamwhistle is bland.

      None the less, happy to see the move.

      • Steamwhistle is an okay option. Now that the door is open, I’d like to see some other microbreweries represented. And while they’re at it, they could look at some of our great Ontario wines instead of serving that completely average French table wine. Just because it’s from France, that doesn’t mean it’s good. It isn’t.

        • Choices of beer will never be an option for fans, I’m sure Streampissle paid a lot of dough to have there beer sold at Rogers Centre. Their product will be protected from any further competition.

          • I don’t know, Birddawg, people assumed that Anheuser had the monopoly at RC and breweries such as Steamwhistle didn’t have a prayer to get their product in the door.
            As far as I know, they are not owned by Anheuser.

          • “Their” actually..

    • I suppose Mill Street beers would be too much to ask. Baby steps, I suppose

  2. “TO Brew House Kiosk” – potential for other selections too?

  3. and don’t forget what could be a very cool open space where Windows was, plus this gem about Yankees:



  5. Cider fans: looks like they won’t have tallboys of Growers this year, just Keith’s cider (blech). And they’ve also got cans of Nickel Brook Gluten-Free Beer, if stretching the definition of “beer” is your thing!

  6. The Score gets more hipster by the day.

  7. Now that there’s a decent open space to watch the game, us DJF folks should organize random games where we all eschew our sweaty 500s seats and congregate at the Enclosed Area Formerly Known As Windows bar/terrace/railing/whatever

    • someone would have to agree to sneak in an inflatable pool to replicate Chase/Marlins outfield water feature – no guarantee what DJFers would fill the pool with

    • +1.

      Will they be selling beer at the Windows Terrace?

      Steamwhistle is a good beer. Any increased selection at Rogers Centre is welcome.

      • Beeston was on PTS the other day and said they would, along with various food vendors. He said it’s a work in progress so opening day not everything will be in place, but by seasons end it should be how they want it.

  8. This is fucking amazing news. Leaving a game last year, some friends and I drunkenly fantasized about a massive transparent pipeline direct from Roundhouse to SkyDome. One step closer to the dream.

  9. Er… yeah, that’s just not good beer. I’ll stick to the generic blue/Canadian/whatever. Thxkbai.

  10. Instead of overpaying for Steam Whistle at Rogers Centre, can’t we all just meet across the street and pre-drink before the game? Regardless of your thoughts on Steam Whistle’s quality pre-drinking at the brewery is always fun

  11. The formerly windows section is worth getting excited about

  12. Post Game Wrap from Port Charlotte:

    * Sorry for the late post game wrap between the Jays and Rays, but I woke up this morning and had to attend to multiple Yuengling related Dailey Duceys.*

    What a day. The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and the temp was around 18 celsius. Here is what I first noticed that kinda blew my mind. The Canadian National Anthem was performed by a trumpet, but I was mesmerized by almost all of the fans there that were belted it out loud…………..I coulda wept maple in pride. So, I would say about 80% of the fans were Canadian, it was awesome

    Anyway, my dad and I thought Vargas threw a great game, threw strikes, and faced a team that consisted mostly their main players. That says a lot about his performance, it will be interesting to see how that goes for him during the rest of the spring.

    Some players chew Redman, and some players chew on sunflower seeds. Anthony Gose chews on his fingers. He chews on em all game, and only pulls away to either breath or catch a ball. Like seriously, he chews on them like a tasty pack of twinkies. I dont know if that is his nerves, anxiety or just a habit, but he made them look delicious, so I tried mine and spit them out. Hey, as long as he performs, and he sure did with a running catch off the bat of Zobrist, that I swear should have landed in the gap. The acceleration of the ball, and a player that had to move from the stationary position to catch it, was visually mesmerizing. Gose also bunts alot, and has earned infield respect for this and his speed. I can see him using this to his advantage once he hits for more contact because these players have to play in on him and the lose ground. There is a pic of his finger chawing, check it out, hes addicted.

    Colby Rasmus hit a bomb to right. The saying of “easy power” that we hear often of him is true. His really doesnt come undone when he hits them out, very controlled, very easy. Now when we look at Bautista, be blows a sphincter and has a prolapse. And of course Jose hit a shot, off the Hooters Tiki bar in left center, and shook some of the latter all jiggly. The sound of the balloff the bat was like a lumberjack snapping a tree in half with his last swing . Beautiful and loud! Heres the Tiki bar from behind. Look closely for gratuitous skins shots.


    Gose and Rasmus, play shallow, I mean damn shallow. But thier speed allow them to do so, see the pics where they are just running in after the inning. They were playing only 5 feet back of where they were in that for a righthanded hitting Longoria. Wow.

    And the highlight of the day was when I was having a Ricky Romero mental meltdown, looking for my son’s jacket which I lost in right field. Worried as I know my wife is going to have my balls for this one, I scrambled like a little bitch. As I am circling in right, trying to find it, the crowd murmurs over a deep hit ball out my way. I look up and see a homerun ball headed over my head, I pivot left and track it down. As I do I bump this 70 year old chic and spill my beer all over her breasts. Sorry honey, gotta job to do. The ball hits the side of the clubhouse and lands down below next to a Jays equipment trainer loading the bus. I show him the Gruber jersey and he melts and throws me the ball. I immediatley relay it to KellyGrubersBastardSon’s son. Unfuckinreal. What are the odds, Eugenie Velez’s homerun given to my son. I seriously dripped a tear of Maple happiness. What a moment. There is a pic of the BastardSon’s Son holding the ball. Sorry guys, he’s still growing his mullet, but give him time.

    So this story gets even better. I head over to the Jays dugout to see if I can get Velez to sign it for my son. I ask Anthony Gose, and I should know better, but he can’t sign during the game. So I head over to the other side of the dugout and lean over to a bench coach that I dont recognize back on to me. Who turns around to answer, it fuckin Gibby. I didnt know wether to turtle, duck, or run. But he smiled and said that he already sent Velez to the clubhouse, but if we were back next week, he’ll get him to sign it! I shook his hand and said thanks, what a beauty! I have a man crush on Gibby, what a class the way he spoke to me and other fans. What a day Drunk Jays Fans, what a day!

    • Homerun ball, florida sun, beer and titties.
      Sounds like a perfect day.
      Keep up the good work Kelly.

      Was Gibby wearing the mumu?

      • Do you mean his long batting jacket? Yeah man, it was a great day, but I forgot to mention the quote of the day.

        Over the loudspeaker came an announcement during the 8th inning:

        “ Landis and gentleman your attention please. The owner of a silver Buick La Crosse, licence plate number 123456 from Ontario……….. Your vehicle is running ”

        Man, like the whole section laughed. It was funnier to be there considering the crowds geriatrics theatrics.

      • Anyone old enough here to remember when Exhibition Stadium was dry? Besides myself..

        • Yup. Though I hate to admit it. Getting any type of beer at an early-days Jays game was once a huge event.

  13. It’s spelled C-R-A-P not craft. Steam Whistle is shit and is certainly not a craft beer. It’s nice to know DJF is shilling for the beer companies now.

    • Crap? Steamwhistle is a simple pilsner. Its really not crap – it’s very much like the popular Euro pilsners made today.

      • I actually prefer Steamwhistle over most of the Euro pilsners we get here in Toronto. (I will find out soon what they’re like right at the source…) I find them to be fairly one dimensional while Steamwhistle has some hop flavour and a nice bready backbone.

      • Labbatt Blue is also a simple pilsner that I would tolerate if there were no other product choices around. That hardly makes it a good beer, especially when we have such a wealth of true, well-made, craft beers to choose from in Ontario.

    • Rickard’s Red is crap. Steamwhistle is decent. Kronenbourg is good.
      Your scale is off

      • Kronenbourg is good? Really? I’d say it’s no better than Heineken, which lacks seriously. I’ve drank a lot of it, unfortunately, while in Taiwan numerous times.

        Had a German friend of a friend in from Berlin who likened Kronenbourg to Molson Canadian when I had to choose between Kronenbourg and a shitty Sleeman’s somethingorother.

        • Interesting. In Germany, I wasn’t a huge fan of their beers, but that’s just me. Kronenbourg, Stella Artois or Asahi are my favourites

        • I’m probably making a sweeping generalization, but what would you expect a German to say about a French beer?

  14. Would rather it be Mill St. but whatever, it’s a step in the right direction.

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing Bisons play while sipping some Flying Bison brews in Buffalo. Sad that Jays won’t have as good a craft beer selection as their MILB affiliate

    • We’re seriously considering a combo trip to Buffalo/Rochester this summer to watch the Bison’s play, drink some nice beer at the stadium, buy some bottles in Buffalo and Rochester and have some nice Dino BBQ.

  16. A very small baby step in the right direction. Sucks if you’re in any other section than 100. Fucking exclusive macro beer contracts! BOOOOO to Rogers!!!!!

    Steamwhistle is a good pilsner. I could list a tonne of beers I’d have ahead of Steamwhistle but it is worlds better than the shitty macro crap that’s currently available at the various sporting venues in Toronto. I would have preferred draft and I’m not even sure I’d spring the $$$ for the can considering how much cheaper it would likely be outside the Skydome. I suspect I’ll still be dry while there for the handful of games we’re going to this year.

    • Agree with your comments about Steamer. I always go for cans/bottles at sporting events though. You never know how often they “clean the pipes” in their keggers.

  17. Fuck off Parkes

  18. There’s two good places to go ahead or after the game if you want craft beer. Chances are you already know them but they’re worth repeating for the few not in the know.

    Bar Hop. King & Spadina. 36 taps, two cask. All craft. Beers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada & International. Always something new. Say hi to Rob & Matt.

    Loose Moose. 54 taps, 25ish craft. (Ignore the macros.)

    • Loose Moose = 905

      • Well, the Moose does have a surprisingly good craft beer lineup now. There are a few beers on there that I never thought I’d see outside the hardcore craft beer bars. A couple are also priced a little weirdly too. (For the customer’s benefit!)

        • I appreciate that you responded politely. The Internet needs more people like you. I was being a dick.

  19. Pant legs = Any drink you want.

  20. You’re at a ball game. You’re supposed to get drunk off overpriced domestic swill and scream at the visiting bullpen.

    • Lots of American parks do it right with the craft beer. You can still scream at the visiting bullpen, including Mike Timlin. You’ll just have a tastier experience.

      • In my experience at American ballparks, 99% of people are drinking Bud Light.

        • McDonald’s is America’s best selling hamburger but that doesn’t make it right! :-p

        • I’ve only been to one, but Safeco in Seattle had 10x the beer selection Rogers has. They also have a cheap happy hour right before the game. Much better than losing $40 for four cans of beer at the dome.

      • Was at US Cellular last summer to see the Jays-White Sox and they had about 10-15 local brews.

        Love that they are bringing in Steam Whistle, one of the best!

  21. Especially Mike Timlin.

  22. Why a fuck off parkes?

  23. This is truly glorious news. I take this to be a sign from the Baseball Gods that 2013 is a season of destiny.

    If they start selling Beau’s Lug Tread I’ll have an aneurysm.

  24. Rollied Fingers is bang on with beer reccomendations.

  25. Also agree with previous comments about Steamwhistle not being the best beer in the world, but… I mean fuck it sure beats Keith`s (a lager mixed with horseshit and then marketed as an IPA) and Bud (enough said).

  26. Even if they overprice it (which of course they will) Steam Whistle is still better than paying $10 for the shit they have now.

  27. Gawd, Steamwhistle is so fucking mainstream. Would have been okay 10 years ago when noone had heard of it. Swing and a miss Rogers!

    Would have thought DJF had less mainstream tastes in beers.

  28. Piss whistle is just plain awful and it certainly isn’t a craft beer, it’s only to be drunk for free at gallery openings.

  29. I love the frat boy beer snobs complaining about Steamwhistle and claiming they’ll drink Keith’s instead. It is what it is, a fieking awesome pilsner for a hot day. Is it the best beer? No. Is it 100 times better than Kieths or Bud? Yes.

    I have consumed a lot of beer from around the world in my day, and nobody should be complaining about Steamwhistle.

  30. At Van Canucks game you get Okanagan Spring, which is fantastic.

    Having Steam Whistle at a Jays game is a fantastic step in the right direction

  31. Also, Today I learned that people here talking shit know NOTHING about beer.

    • I learned through some people on this site that there is an amazing amount of great microbrews in the USA. I thought otherwise protected until I really looked around down here. Check out a licqour store next time in Washington State, it’s overwhelming.

    • I’ve been holding by tongue on the Cider issue.
      Now that I’m drunk, I think it’s fair to say that it’s unacceptable for a man to drink cider. In fact it’s ununacceptable for a girl to drink cider unless you hate your date and you are trying to get drunk enough to fuck your date. (sorry for outing you Mrs. Parkes)
      It’s also unacceptable for a man to share an umbrella or to inform a friend that his zipper is open.

      • Also, never trust a man who smokes Rothmans, wears a fanny pack (just worked with one, he was a fuckin light show) and blinks only once every 5 Mississippis.

  32. Who else loves that the Jays are using Metric’s “Stadium love” in the commercials.
    I love Emily Haines.

    Maple flavoured and talented.

  33. If you haven’t heard it, AA told McCown and Brunt last night that the Jays are actively looking for another Happ-type starter – better than a AAAA guy, who could come in and become a long-man or fifth starter, or be optioned to the minors.


    He says that if they could acquire this type of guy, he knows someone would be upset (could be Happ, Romero, Cecil, or the acquired player themselves who ends up in the minors).

    Basically sounds to me like they’re considering a situation where Romero isn’t able to produce this year, and wanting to make sure they have a “sixth” starter, whether that’s Happ or someone they can acquire.

    • Interesting. Dodgers have 7 starters. 4 of them fit that mold. They have been dangling Harang and Capuano for months. Those guys would foot the bill as Buffaloish 5th starters.

  34. [...] Steam Whistle coming to Jays Games [...]

  35. Steam Whistle somehow got a rep out of their marketing and logo or something, because the beer is watery crap.
    After a week of photoshop, rape stories, and beer, I’m dying for a baseball post around here. You’d think it was December, not the week before opening day.

  36. People complaining about Steamwhistle – what the fuck do you drink there now? It’s better than every other option previously offered. It’s a baby step in the right direction. Deal with it. You aren’t going to get a double IPA or a Russian Imperial Stout.. but as anyone who loves beer should see this as at the very least Rogers is starting to see the success of smaller breweries at other parks in the US.

  37. Personally, I agree with the view that Steamwhistle is shit. After hearing so much about it, mostly marketing BS, I bought two cans at the local bar. Drank half of the first one, threw the rest out, and gave the 2nd one to some pimply kid. Then had some Millstreet-way better!, Howevedr, to each his own I guess.
    As for AA’s comments, yeah I think he is concerned ( real concerned) that Romero might have become Steve Blass reincarnated and might not help this year as planned( although I still think he starts with Jays for say 3-4 starts and if he shits the bed, he goes on the DL with an “arm” injury) and Happ may either not work out or may get traded.
    We have a lot invested for this year and AA is on a bit of a hotseat here, so I can understand his trying to get that type of guy. He’d probably like Viallaneauva but alas, he is with the cubs.. and forget Kyle Lohse who is way too expensive and not all that good

  38. I enjoy a proper Steam Whistle but in my experience a lot of skunky ones seem to slip out of the plant. Theres always been better beer at the big budweiser looking bar. The one where you get the roast beef sandwiches. Name escapes me. Kings Club? Good Caesars too. Ask for Jeff.

    • I didn’t get to see Will Meyers or Mickey Mahtook, but plan to try to catch the Rays again this week and see these cats.

      Negrych for the Jays had some Charlie Hustle essence about him.

  39. I think they Jays should craft their own beer called The Taste of Maple Cream Victory. Only to be served to fans with Canadian licenses, no outta town fans can drink it and perhaps put the face of Brett Lawrie and his pearls on the can. Nectar.

  40. Well I have to say that I am impressed that Rogers is trying to make the game experience better with better beer selections & opening up the Windows Terrace. I wonder what they will do with the Hardrock Cafe restaurant that closed a few years ago. We enjoy going to Arriba which is located in the Hotel but you can watch the batting practice from the Windows. Good food, decent prices & excellent service. They have a Happy Hour before the game. Last year there were days when they had Sleeman’s at half price.

    Another good place is the buffet in the HSBC VIP Section They were charging about $40 PP with Roast beef, shrimps & many dishes including dessert. Given a Hamburger & Fries costs at least $10, the buffett is better value. If you book a table at 7:30 pm you can stay & watch the game from your table. They also have a good wine selection.

  41. This is freaking fantastic news. Also, is an excuse to leave the top deck and move down to the lower bowl.

  42. Steamwhistle is the urine of irony loving hipsters, ironically sold back to them for their consumption. The irony. Of hipster piss.


  43. Yeah the whole notion that beer from the US sucks is totally false. If you’re thinking of bud, miller, etc, sure it’s piss, but so is Kokanee, molson, etc…I was talking to a guy who works at Wild Rose Brewery here in Calgary and he said that it’s no question that there’s more quality breweries in the US than Canada. You just need to look in the right places. People who crow about beer from the US sucking just haven’t tried the right beer yet. Vermont, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, etc, etc, etc all make amazing beer.

  44. steamwhistle ain’t bad, just a touch above most of the rest of what they offer. on the cynical side, its probably just an excuse for rogers to charge an even more mind-blowingly exorbitant price for a beverage.

  45. This story should be re-titled “WHAT SOME PEOPLE THINK ABOUT STEAM WHISTLE AS A BEER”. I think the point here is that we may be in for a pleasant surprise in the near future by finding more selection at the dome.

  46. The “baby steps” may be an extension of pre-existing restrictive licensing agreements with the mass distributed beers.

    In a perfect world, showcasing some Ontario breweries, I would bring in Mill Street, Flying Monkey’s, and Wellington.

  47. A rather sad when you get excited about a real crap beer being added to the menu. Lets get some good beer.

  48. Was there Saturday, they had Boddington’s (cans) in section 108. One ale in a sea of lagers.

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