Photoshop Friday: R.A.D.


Sorry pisspantses, it’s another post only¬†tangentially related to baseball– which apparently I need to stick to– but at least this one won’t hurt any little brains, as all it is is another edition of Photoshop Friday! Which… apparently really is going to be a thing. (In fact, I already got a pretty awesome submission from a reader, which… doesn’t mean that you guys can send me any shitty Photoshop, but excellent ones are welcome, I suppose).

Of course, I say that your brain won’t be hurt by any of this on the assumption that you won’t actually watch the Big Audio Dynamite video below. If you do, all bets are off. But I include because I’m thinking the kids might not have any fucking earthly clue what this record is. Mick Jones was in the Clash, kids. Look it up.

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  1. no comment for fear of dating myself

    • C’mon!! Finger comb your mullet and post a real comment. BTW, don’t forget to turn off Miami Vice

  2. Love it.

    Big Audio Dynamite had few shining moments…but yeah….Mick Jones was kind of drunk on his own glory at that stage.

    On a related note, as much as I love Bowie and the new album, 95% of the two Tin Machine albums are unlistenable.

    • Talking of Bowie, I hereby humbly request a Photoshop Friday of the cover of Hunky Dory. I’ll leave it up to Stoeten as to who’ll look best in a man-dress, stretched out on a couch.

      • Nuts … it was ‘The Man Who Stole the World’. Whatever, with Hunky Dory you could drop in Rasmus’ head and hardly notice the difference.

  3. I presume you meant Mick Jones. Otherwise, awesome.

    • Good fucking god. Bit of a disconnect between my brain and my fingers there. Must be the hangover. Thanks so much for catching it.

  4. I don’t know these guys but after watching the video it seems it was the inspiration for Kid Cudi’s – Erase Me.

    Points for having McLovin in a video.

    • Dickey is not leaving much to the imagination in those slacks.
      Morrow looks baddass though.
      White pants, who knew?

  5. Stoeten, this might be this blog’s most awesome musical reference yet!

  6. Theres a reason I know about the Clash and nothing about this.

  7. 10 days until the home opener….

  8. I’m in NT next week and am catching the 3rd game of the Yankees/Red Sox, first time at new Yankee stadium, anyone have any tips/suggestions/ideas for me?

    • Yeah. When sneaking down to lower levels, have food in both hands. The old lady will ask for your ticket stare at a random empty seat and sware, damning your stupidity at leaving your seat without your ticket. You should be good. Also, Stubhub. For gods sakes, at Yankee Stadium, go through StubHub.

      I went to 3 games. 5$ 7$ and 12$, all of them had cover prices over 50

  9. Oops NY… And yes, I will be trying the garlic fries…

  10. That is one of the best photoshops to date!

  11. better than the rasmus photoshopp

  12. Disturbing

  13. The look actually really works for Bautista. Dreads from not washing hair fits with the too-lazy-to-shave facial hair.

  14. Hey Stoeten, I just tried to make a few posts but it’s under review? Is that because there are instagram pictures embedded?

  15. Oh I’ve got some ideas… but don’t worry they’ll all be excellent.

    On a side note: I failed art in grade 9, not even kidding.

    • First term of grade 9 I scored a 91 in visual arts computers. Then they wanted actual drawings n shit and I finished the year with a 51.

  16. well this is interesting AA said that the EE is only out a couple of days vs the max of 6 weeks

  17. @alexfan590
    AA also talked about mixing and matching at 2B. If Dickey starts, could be Izturis. If it’s Morrow, Bonifacio could get in. #Bluejays

  18. Okay, seriously, enough with the Hipster-Meta-Ass bullshit. I read you guys because you have a fresh perspective when compared to oldschool columnists (e.g. Griffins, Elliotts, etc), but don’t take my readership for granted by pumping out stupid ass photoshopped pop-culture-references/inside jokes!

  19. that pic is hilarious. Hey isn’t that lead singer of Big Audio Dynamite that same guy who was in the pogues. They both have the same million dollar smile.

  20. Stoeten, I made a sweet post about the game, and it’s not posting? Any idea why?

  21. *imagines stoeten dancing to this in an electric blue jump suit*

  22. wow, Sportsnet keeps adding to its baseball bench. Impressive hire here:

  23. Photoshops are always hillarious and it’s not getting old at all. My wife still calls Bautista “Jose The Terrorist” that one was a classic. Rasmus was pretty awesome too. I love how Dickey’s head is cocked to the side and obviously giant for the body.

  24. Does anyone know a link for the djf guide to home openers?

  25. Hey Fairservice and Stoety, quit fuckin all my hard work around boys. I spent the latter part of the day trying to transfer pics from the android to Instagram to the computer to the site. Hard work guys, so can you please dial some shit up for me and approve a DJFs in the states right now with some serious material?

    My fuckin hallergies!

  26. He’s a fake. I would never call this “fresh”. Get your own name.

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