Boston Red Sox Photo Day

Oh, look. It’s this guy.

The Red Sox have made the trip to Dunedin for this afternoon’s baseball-ish action, meaning John Farrell is (presumably) in the building. Of course, I suppose it’s possible that he didn’t make the trip with the other amateurs the Red Sox have sent, but I haven’t heard anything yet to suggest that’s the case.

More importantly, while there’s no Edwin Encarnacion yet, check out that name at the top of the Jays’ order. So awesome.

Even more more importantly, J.A. Happ takes the hill for the J.A.ys, still fighting to prove that he’s the best man for the club to take north as its fifth starter– though… actually… Ricky Romero seems to be doing the best job of proving that on Happ’s behalf lately, doesn’t he?


Meh. I’m scuttling the scuttlebutt.

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Reyes SS
E. Bonifacio 2B
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF
M. DeRosa 1B
M. Izturis 3B

J. Happ LHP

Boston Red Sox

B. Holt 2B
D. Sutton 3B
J. Bradley CF
R. Lavarnway C
L. Overbay 1B
M. Gomez DH
M. Carp LF
B. Brentz RF
X. Bogaerts SS

A. Aceves RHP

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  1. Oh great. I just instinctively punched my screen.

  2. Jack Morris reading the lineups is awful. Stumbles over names, has about as much personality as a cardboard box, then says “Pitching for the… Rays… is JA Happ.”

  3. Morris is terrible

  4. I blame Farrell for Ricky Romero’s struggles. If he had been concentrating on the Jays rather than pining for Boston, Romero would have been just as good as he was in 2011.

  5. Happ has looked good this spring but all four of his starts this month have been at home facing the opponents weaker road lineup.

  6. Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. That is all.

  7. Lyle efffing Overbay. Let the air show begin!

  8. okay, let’s just assume what seems to be inevitable: that Romero won’t be with the big club by May 1st. Happ takes his spot, but then who becomes the next guy? Jenkins? Lincoln? Do they take another stab at Cecil?

    • I think they throw a couple starts the way of one of their AAAA geezers before we see Jenkins as a starter. Maybe Nolin will have earned a look by the time this happens.

    • McGowan

      • He prob will come up in the BP once cleared from the DL – which is the most likely place for him to Start the year.

        I would give a nod to Bush if he keeps pitching this well down in AAA – Has anyone heard if he is going to get Starts down there or if he is going to be in the BP aswell?

        • I’m not so sure about that. Bringing McGowan back in a relief role means your going to have to trade or lose one of the out-of-options relievers. The jays are already going to lose one of Cecil/Jeffress if Jansen is good. Would you want to lose another releiver to an oft-injured McGowan.

          At least in the rotation, Happ and Romero have options.

          Plus, who doesn’t want to see McGowan in the rotation as your number five?

          • Maybe they Trade him away instead of bringing him back on the 25 man

            So many options, we could go back and forth all day over them…..and really, its nice to have over the past few years of….who the fuck are we going to call up now…..

            just want this to be set already, and start playing real ball…..but worried, cause some of these guys that are out of options aren’t pitching well, so wtf would we get for them anyways?

        • I think we should trim Bush from the conversation.

          Hellen Keller could put his fatball upperdeck.

          • he has had about as good a career as JA has….so why would you discount him

            i think he was a great pick up, not having to put him on the 40man right away – great depth move, and thats what we are talking about.

            • I like Bush.

              But in his last 2 full seasons in MLB his lines were:
              6.38 era 1.47 whip in 114 innings
              4.54 era 1.51 whip in 174 innings.

              Both seasons were in the NL, I think you probably give those numbers a sizeable bump in the AL East.

              • like Happs 5.35 in the NL 2 years ago?

                Come on, Happ is ok, Bush is ok

                All I am saying is don’t count him out, AA didn’t pick him up to win a ship in Buffalo this year.

                • Ok, you’ve convinced me.
                  My girly likes his high socks anyway.

                  • shes going to love Dickey then lol

                    But i want to stress one thing…..if we do have to call up Bush or any of the other kinda ok guys……ruh-row!

          • @smasher

            I see what you did there

    • They just claimed Todd Redmond off waivers from the O’s and optioned him to Buffalo.
      Redmond made one uninspiring MLB start for the Reds in 2012 . Looks like they’re taking him for a test drive as a possible next guy.

  9. yes we dominican!

  10. My team (myself included) were really struggling a few years ago. One morning after my constitutional, I peered into the bowl at a green shit. I took it as a sign good luck. I scooped that badboy into a ziplock bag and hung it up in our dugout. We reeled of 6 wins in a row.

    Romero just needs to have himself a green shit.

    Being a pitching coach is easy.

  11. well, here is a stat that Ricky isn’t going to like and why I may have to change my thoughts on giving Ricky the ben-O-doubt…..JA threw 2 – 12 Pitches…..12 Strikes.

    Guess its now up to Ricky to prove he can over come, cause at this point, I just dont see anymore how JA can not be the pick over Ricky…..and it worries me….we need him….just as much as we need JA.

    • oh, and it was 12 in 3 IP

      but, he is facing the AA Boston scrubs
      But… least he is in the strike zone

    • Are you sure Gameday’s not throwing you off? It doesn’t count balls and strikes – all walks are on 4 straight balls, and all Ks are on 3 straight strikes. At bats that result in outs only consist of strikes as well.

      • Yes, Wilner just said something like 35 pitches, 24 strikes.

        • that maybe – but…..I have been a strong RR supporter thus far…but JA is making it harder and harder not to want him over RR – and RR isn’t helping either.

          Strikes look good from whoever our #5 is….put it in play on the ground, this line up will do the rest.

  12. Anyone get a feeling that Morris is doing such a bad job that they might end up giving the colour (yes, it is spelt like that) commentator role to Hayhurst after all… I know, contracts and all that, but he really comes across as knowing nothing about the Jays… at the moment you can just about live with it, but once the season starts it could get embarassing…

  13. That Boston Lineup is embarrassing.

  14. Happy happy happy jays fans with the Happster rolling!!!!

  15. If Brett can’t go April 2nd – cept for EE over DeRosa, put in #4 spot, everyone else shifts down – thats the opening day line up. Even with DeRosa in and EE out, its still a sick looking line up….10 more sleeps……

  16. Anybody catch Morris admiring J C Arencibia?

  17. someone must have told JA to hit obay – who was it? Thats just mean, the pour fella

  18. Fuck off Farrell

  19. is Happ going 7?

  20. Anyone written about the Beeston interview on PTS last night? Some decent nuggets in there.

  21. Santos is in?

  22. J.A. Happ’s line for the day: 6IP, 2H, 0ER, 2BB, 3K

    The plot thickens.

  23. Does Jack Morris collect autographs? No. He collects memories. In the form of large walleye.

    Fuck me this is gonna be one hilarious radio season.

  24. Suck it Farrell. Why don’t you go and eat some shit

    • Just make sure it’s not Smasher’s st paddys day shit. Sounds unhealthy, even as far as eating feces goes

  25. I think the Jays are better off taking Happ north over Ricky. Happ is BIG and SCHTROOONG.

    He is Looooong. He looks like a guy who can go DEEP into ballgames and shoulder alot of innings.

    Ricky is sort of portly and short armed.


  26. Farrell eats it! Just like Rooney

  27. I look back at this now and chuckle. Farrell was a great fit for the Red Sox. Hopefully Blue Jays fans can finally acknowledge that and accept the fact that at least from the Red Sox point of vew, they made the right decision in acquiring Farrell during the offseason.

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