Dickey The Best


I just wish R.A. Dickey could somehow learn to endear himself to Toronto fans. Since being traded to the team from the New York Mets and signing a team-friendly contract this off-season, he’s proven to be such a tough sell to supporters.

As for picking out the 2012 National League Cy Young Award winner from among his 1986 Little League teammates, I’ll give you a hint: He’s not in the front row. Dickey kneels before no man.

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  1. I wish they still made exact replica uniforms for little league teams.

    Oh yeah Dickey the best.

  2. Assuming he’s the dude with the sunglasses and sweet mustache, he hasn’t aged a bit!

  3. He needs to be more endearing to the fans like Barry Bonds

  4. I’m going with the third kid from the left in the back row. Something about his expression looks familiar, but you have to picture him with a beard.

  5. 4th kid from the left

  6. Third kid from the left.

  7. I believe he has knelt in front of at least one man. Bamm

  8. Third from the left is my guess too.

  9. Im hoping it’s the fat kid in the glasses

  10. Nice to see Parkes posting on DJF again.

    Hope to hear you on the DJF pod during the season. Gonna be a fun one!

  11. He’s obviously the one with the beard.

  12. I dont know about RA, but Tom Henke’s effeminate twin brother is the coach on the left.

  13. Them uniforms is mega cool!

  14. Not crazy about Twitter. Was there a follow up post with the right answer? Is there even a hint about the story behind this pic?

  15. Remember the days of not wearing an under shirt? I don’t think the two coaches are teaching baseball to anyone anymore….

  16. I’m surprised that a little league team in the states wore Jays uniforms. I’m surprised they knew we even had a team before 92.
    I’m guessing third from the left.

  17. I SO badly want him to be the top right chubby kid.

  18. #DickeyTheBest

    3rd from the left for sure…

  19. 2nd from the left


  20. Third from the left. Also, is the kid wearing the glasses Bubbles?

  21. 2nd from the right & seeing this pic makes me wanna get a Dickey jersey. Go Blue Jays!

  22. Top row, Blue Shirt on Right? man he’s old

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