Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

The Blue Jays host the Atlanta Braves and their split squad edition today, and surprisingly the Upton brothers are making the trip to Dunedin. Brandon Morrow will throw for the Jays, and is expected to toss six innings, or 90 pitches, before giving way to Aaron Loup, Esmil Rogers and Clint Everts. Still no Edwin Encarnacion for the Jays, who hopes to get back into the lineup on Monday.

As for the health of two members of the bullpen, looks as if Casey Janssen and Sergio Santos, who both tossed an inning of work yesterday, look to be on track to begin the season on the Opening Day roster.

And even better, we can finally stop the closer debate, as Gibby announced Janssen as his ninth inning man.


With the Home Opener just over a week away, John Lott writes at the National Post about who might win the two remaining spots on the 25-man roster. Yes, one of them happens to be Brett Cecil.

Also, staying with John Lott, he notes that J.P Arencibia believes Ricky Romero will be fine during the regular season, while ending his article with an interesting thought from new Jays broadcaster Jack Morris, who suspects Romero’s elbow may not be 100%.

Dustin, McGowan, who will likely begin the year on the DL, or better yet, in Buffalo, pitched in a minor league game today, facing five batters while recorded four outs tweets Lott.

Brett Lawrie continues to rehab from his rib injury, and hit off a tee yesterday, while taking ground balls at third. Scott MacArthur tweets that John Gibbons hopes he returns to game action sometime next week.

TV: Today’s game can be watched on Sportsnet Ontario, but, you can also listen to the game online at

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Reyes SS
R. Davis DH
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
J. Arencibia C
A. Lind 1B
M. DeRosa 3B
M. Izturis 2B
E. Bonifacio CF

B. Morrow RHP

Atlanta Braves

B.J. Upton DH
R. Johnson CF
J. Heyward RF
J. Upton LF
C. Johnson 1B
B. DeWitt 3B
S. Kazmar 2B
M. Pagnozzi C
R. Pena

S. Gilmartin LHP

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  1. Two good lineups. No minor league line-ups today

  2. You know I think that is a smart move by Gibby and here is why.

    Jansen has done a great job and has proven himself. If he falls from grace then Santos comes in and can take the pressure of the position. But if Santos starts, it pisses Jansen off, and now he’s disgruntled. Santos shouldn’t have expected to close at this point anyways, so he us just happy to contribute, plus he will be a great setup man. My guess is Santos will be closing eventually, as long as he stays healthy. Did you see his line the other day? 3 innings pitched, 3 punchouts.

    • Santos shouldn’t have expected to close at this point based on his injury history and how long he’s been off. Plus Gibby cam work back his strength this way in a controlled watch.

      • Everything I’ve read and heard,I don’t think Santos expected to be the closer.For a guy who just started pitching a few short years ago and was off all of last year,I think he understands the situation.

        • Regardless of who the “closer” is, we need multiple pitchers that Gibbons is comfortable throwing out there in the 7th, 8th or 9th innings.

          • Whether you agree or don’t agree with the “closer” position,there is a hierarchy within a team.
            Of course Gibbons needs multiple pitchers to throw out there in the 7th,8th and 9th.

  3. WTF JPA RR will be fine during the regular season? In Buffalo? With Arencibia’s opinion and $3.50 I can get on the bus and go anywhere in the city.

  4. I was watching Dominican Blue Jays Up Close. Jose Rees said that Chemistry is the number 1 thing & if you don’t have chemistry you won’t win a lot of games. I wonder if Stoeten will post his comments on the Dominican Jays.?

    Could the Dominicans on the team have a special bond due to their nationality.?

    Bautista said they would have a World Series parade in Santo Domingo if the Jays win , since there are so many Dominican players on the team.

    I haven’t been to the Dominican Republic, but I wonder if they will be watching more Jays games this year due to the best Dominicans being on the Jays. ?

  5. @oakville69 your probably right

  6. Love Rajai against lefties.

  7. interesting first inning given potential platoons versus lefties. Davis hits a HR, Lind grounds into a DP.

  8. The Jays minor-league squadron led by Mike McCoy teed off on Halladay this morning. Sad to see Doc lose it so abruptly.

  9. tells me this is there ‘free game of the day’ but when i try to watch it tels me to logon or create an account, when i try to create an account it asks me what type of account i would like to purchase. How is this free exactly??

  10. A great photo by John Lott; I am 99% sure this type of moment NEVER happened to Jerry last year with Farrett:

  11. Melky might be the best signing of the off season of any team. He’s had a great spring training. Lets hope he carries this into the regular season. If he does, the Jays will have the best 1-4 hitters in all of baseball

  12. Is it just me or does Gilmartin look a lot like Ricky?

  13. Did Buck just say DeRosa helped “Bryan Harper” last year?

  14. Try out the Danny Dichio song with Bonifacio. Ooooooh Bonifacioooooo ….. How do we get this to catch on?

  15. Just vacationed in the Dominican for a week and i can assure you the jays are there team. Whenever someone found out my girlfriend and i were Canadian they would either point at us and “Toronto Blue Jays are the best” or “Jose Bautista man!” Always cracked me up. One guy even went as far as to call me his brother from another mother cause i was a Jays fan. Honestly, i would have to say they are bigger fans right now than most Canadians are.

  16. Crud…excuse the typos up above

  17. Goddamn Arencibia. I know it’s still Spring, but that is some shitty defense. Two missed throws to the plate.

  18. Is it just my TV, or is the Braves logo blurred out on the score graphic on Sportsnet?

    • I got a shitty TV but now that you mention it, it looks like it’s blurred.

      • You have a Motorola Smell-O-Vision console, right?

        • Yup 15″.Decided to upgrade to colour 5 years ago.What a difference.It’s like being there right on the field.
          Gotta a line on a 20″ big picture RCA.
          It’s 10 years old and the guy only wants $500 for it.
          A TV like that has gotta worth double.
          I hate to take advantage of the guy but he’s says he’s desperate for cash.

          • Sweet, but then you do play hardball.

            • Yeah Radar don’t commit too soon the guy might get ideas.

              • Karl, it’s a TV.

                RADAR’s not considering making him a friend with benefits, although it just might seal the deal.

            • Naw,he might turn me down.negotiation isn’t my strong suit.
              Been hearing that if these new tvs break, ya just throw them out.Crazy.
              That’s why I want something with a picture tube,if it fucks up,just tap it with a hammer.
              If it’s good enough for the last 50 years,it’s tried and trusted technology

  19. Yikes! Who is Jaun Perez and where have the jays been hiding him?

  20. This might have already been covered, but today’s game is free on Rogers Anyplace, which makes me suspect that all the games this year will be free.

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