Spring Threat: Jays vs. Twins

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays, and their minor league lineup (minus a few players), travel to Fort Myers this afternoon to take on the Minnesota Twins. Most of the regulars have been awarded the day off by manager John Gibbons, except for Mark Buehrle, who will be pitching in a minor league game at noon.

Dave Bush, one of the projected five starters for the Buffalo Bisons this season, will start today’s ball game followed by Jeremy Jeffress, Guillermo Moscoso, and Aaron Loup. More importantly though, big day coming up for Ricky Romero Tuesday, as it will likely be his last opportunity to show the higher-ups he’s going to be ready for the season.


Barry Davis has the latest on Brett Lawrie, who said if he’s not 100% come Opening Day, he won’t be out there.

Yesterday, John Gibbons  named Casey Janssen the closer, but Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun writes that Janssen still has some doubt for Opening Day.

Mike Wilner tweets that team has no thoughts of placing Romero on the disabled list to start the year. It’s actually a quote from Anthopoulos who states Romero is one of the five starters.

TV: Today’s game can be watched on FX Canada, but, you can also listen to the game online at MLB.com.

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose RF
J. Negrych 2B
R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
J. Thole C
A. LaRoche 3B
A.J. Jimenez 1B
M. Nickeas DH
M. McCoy SS

D. Bush RHP

Minnesota Twins

A. Hicks CF
B. Dozier 2B
J. Mauer C
J. Morneau 1B
T. Plouffe 3B
C. Parmelee RF
J. Clement DH
B. Boggs LF
P. Florimon SS

P.J. Walters RHP

Comments (58)

  1. I think if Dickey were to meet Bush, Dickey would come out on top.

  2. PJ Walters.

    I love that guy

  3. 3 hits for Gose – Book it.

  4. Hmmm… pretty weak lineup. I think I will skip listening to this one. Know any good podcasts?

  5. These announcers are terrible. They’re making factual mistakes left and right.

  6. Twins announcers are pretty clueless.
    ” jays picked up a couple of new pitchers”
    “Bush is trying to crack the rotation”
    ” pretty good trade for the Jays with the Marlins”

    • Plus seeming to imply that Murphy is still the hitting coach, leaving Morrow out of the rotation… I might not like Buck and Tabby a huge amount, but there are a lot of other local broadcasters who make them seem pretty good.

      • Yeah, I heard that too.
        Nobody’s perfect but have a bit of an idea about the other team.

        • ” and the Astros have moved to the American league,putting 15 teams in each league. That means interleague play will be all season long, in fact the Rangers play the Astros in one of the first interleague games of the year”
          You just said the Astros moved the the AL.

          • On the MLB.TV feed at least, you can hear Morris and Howarth commentating in the background.

  7. Hard for me to see what they were thinking when they signed Bush. The Twins arent having any problems with him at all.

  8. Tuesdays gonna be interesting

  9. I think I heard Jefress’ fastball hit 101 mph “against the wind.” yikes.

  10. The announcer keep mentioning velooties so clearly the minor league stadiums have radar guns. Is it that difficult to get the numbers up on the screen?

  11. Think that’s Luis Jimenez not AJ.

    • Yup,AJ’s gone.

      • Without checking, does anyone know if AJ was here at all this spring?

        • Nope,he’s with another team.Cleveland. Being sent to AAA.

          • I fucked up.
            I’m wrong.
            I was thinking Jerolman and mixed him up with AJ.
            I’m so ashamed. I shoulda checked first.
            Is self flagellation enough?

            • Self-administer a crotch-grab, RADAR.
              (Then apply ice.)

              • Ok I’m gonna guess he’ll be in the AAA Buffalo this year. but as he’s just coming off UCL surgery from last year, probably taking it easy. He’s supposed to be the Jays best Catching prospect. AA New Hampshire last year. ..hit .303…great skills.

  12. I’d really wish Gose would stop trying to bunt for hits and focus on getting his swing right. He knows he’s not making the team, so start working on your fucking weakness.

  13. He has no hope of making the team but I like the swing of Negrych.
    Scrappy little guy.

  14. I dont get the feeling either Rasmus or Davis are going flat out today.

  15. AA will be making a mistake by bringing RR north with the team. Doesn’t matter what Rickey did for us in 2011, he isn’t pitching well now. AA, as any farmer will tell you…don’t fall in love with the cow, cause some day you may have to eat it.

    • Be careful you don’t end up eating crow, ‘dawg.

      • Spud, be careful, bring Rickey North now will cost you wins you dearly want in September. AA can undo all the good he has done by bringing the wrong guys North. AA must make the right personnel decisions now

      • Has anyones career-path depended more on one start?
        If he gets demoted, I feel it crushes what little is left of his confidence.

        • His career path is circling the drain with a momentum that’s going to be very difficult to stop.
          Tough to watch, let alone experience.

          • Hard to understand, and yes, even harder to watch.
            It must be maddening for the guy knowing that it’s in there somwhere.
            Being an allstar in the best league in the world and then 2 years later at the age of 28 being on the cusp of being cut.

  16. Ya both flat out diving in the outfield (unsuccessfully)

  17. Horticulture, botany, Christmas.
    Quite an education.
    Very DJFish.

  18. Cletus is playing CF like he’s backstopping Dickie’s Canuckleball. He just waits ’til it stops rolling and throws it back in.

  19. So Jeffress pretty much sealed the deal for Cecil today? Too bad, he looked strong in the 3rd – throwing strikes, 101 on the gun. Then the 4th was a disaster.

  20. Longest…off-season… ever.

  21. Haha Vernon wells

  22. HAHA vernon wells to the yankees. Maybe his infield popups can go out in that stadium. Its funny how shit the media speculates for a while often turns out to be true.

  23. Luis Jimenez kinda swings like babe ruth….lmao or i could still be drunk from yeasterday

  24. Jimenez made me think of the ‘free Randy Ruiz craze’ of a few years back. Where’d he end up anyway post-Japan?

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