A few items of note being tweeted from camp by the various beat reporters down in Dunedin on this last Monday morning of Spring Training, with the biggest news being that the Jays are taking the cautious– read: smart, albeit frustrating– approach with Brett Lawrie, and will not have him on the roster for Opening Day. He will start the year on the Disabled List in order to take more time to recover from the rib injury that he picked up during the WBC, in the hope that it doesn’t turn into something that nags him throughout the year.

Want proof? Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Blue Jays’ Rogers-owned TV broadcaster, Sportsnet, appears to be the first of several to have tweeted this piece of information:

So, that’s  not great, though it will allow the club to carry an extra pitcher– which, while slightly ridiculous, gives them just a bit more time to make a decision on one of their out-of-options guys, and maybe lets them use a bit more strategy in timing when they try to send the odd man out through waivers.

John Lott of the National Post tweets that “with Lawrie out, Gibbons says he’ll use ‘platoon’ at third. DeRosa and perhaps Izturis, although Gibbons didn’t specify.” (Update: Gibbons has now specified, as Lott tweets that it will be Izturis against right-handers and DeRosa against lefties– which makes sense, as, except for last year (in a small sample), Izturis has fared better against right-handed pitching over his career, while DeRosa has a platoon split favouring lefties).

And hey, at least the WBC will be paying Lawrie’s salary, right? Or… I think they will– though I’m not entirely sure, since he wasn’t actually injured in the tournament itself. Not that it matters, given that the dollars he makes are pretty insignificant regardless.

In other news, Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Blue Jays’ Rogers-owned TV broadcaster, Sportsnet, tweets that R.A. Dickey will not have a personal catcher– that J.P. Arencibia, who did a wholly decent job of catching the knuckler during the WBC, will catch him occasionally, including on Opening Day. Arencibia is a big boy and surely could have handled not being in the Opening Day lineup, but… sure, OK.

In other news still, Davis tweets that Brad Lincoln has been sent down, while Davidi points out that Lincoln has been slowed this spring by shoulder inflammation, and Mike Wilner adds that Anthony Gose has been sent out to minor league camp as well, along with Dave Bush and Josh Thole. On a related note to Thole’s demotion, catcher Mike Nickeas is still with the team, but Wilner tells us that he’s been informed that he’s not making the team, but is at this point just an extra catcher for the remaining Spring Training games.

There also happens to be some positive news coming out of camp this morning, as according to John Lott, Gibbons says that he’s “got no doubts” that Casey Janssen– who will get in an inning of work today– will start the season as the club’s closer, and Mike Wilner tells us that the Jays are hopeful that Edwin Encarnacion can get into a game in the next day or two, and that there is no imminent threat of him going on the DL.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Whatever. I think a little too much is often made of what the club looks like on the first day of the season, when obviously the long haul is by far the most important thing, and it looks as though the Jays are keeping that firmly in mind. The roster on April 2nd may not look ideal, but having guys like Lawrie– and Janssen or Encarnacion, if it should come to that– healthy for more games over the course of the year is obviously paramount.

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  1. sounds like the Jeffries Cecil battle will continue.

  2. when is his DL backdated too? IE – when would he be able to be back?

    And if……EE ends up, when could they backdate him?

  3. What happened to EE?

  4. So more of precaution no?

    • According to Wilner,just a precaution so he doesn’t aggrevate it and be out longer.

      • This is why I prefer EE as a DH: these minor things seem to keep cropping up. Last year it was his back and then the turf toe, this year it starts with his thumb. His bat is far too valuable to have him missing time with these little aches and pains.

  5. We should probably all be thankful that (so far) all of teh injuries have been minor. Every team has a few guys getting banged up during the spring. You could just as easily lose your starting OF to a broken arm, or one of your starting pitchers to Tommy John.

    Fingers crossed this is as bad as it gets for the Jays this year.

  6. If they’re going to carry 13 pitchers, maybe Happ starts the season as the long man.

    Kind of annoying that they send out the talent, before the total nobodies. It means a whole lot more Peter Mooney and Brad Glenn for the next couple days, though at least some of the regulars will be getting their 9 in.

    • That would defeat the purpose of carrying 8 people in the bullpen because they’d have to expose Jeffress or Cecil to waivers before the season starts.

  7. Someone on twitter said that they’re scouting bud Norris

  8. So bonafacio wins the 2nd base jon

  9. The fact that Happ is still in big league says a lot to me. Ricky still has work to do to make the team.

  10. For a guy that prides himself on how tough he plays sure is on the DL a lot.

    • What is that supposed to mean?

      • It means nothing. It is just typical “fan” rhetoric that could never be answered properly.

        Because Lawrie is awesome and Canadian, we have to be quick to pick him apart, so we can sound contrarian.

      • TSN troll.

    • This is only the 3rd time he’s been on the disabled list in 3 seasons. He broke his finger in 2011 after getting hit by a pitch and last year he sprained his oblique jumping into a fucking concrete camera bay. I guess you’re right. He’s not tough.

  11. This team is really bad at relaying accurate injury info. At the time lawrie got hurt AA said that he would definitely be back by opening day. Imagine if some idiot read that (not me) and bought tix to the cle series because they really wanted to watch lawrie play. They would be piissed now. Same shit with romero. Atleast say their is a chance things might not work out as as planned. Not a big thing big but someting that could be handled better by the team for the fans.

    • Also, that person would be a moron

    • Speaking of injury info, I might be out for Opening Day, since your comment made me shoot myself in the fucking head.

    • You’re totally right! The Jays’ PR staff should really begin pandering to those individuals that are coming to see one of their players play, as opposed to the tens of thousands of people thrilled to be there because it’s actually Opening F**king Day!!

  12. “Brumfield Wants Noise” posted a link from ESPN insider that Lawrie is/was projected as being the 2nd best defender in baseball, at any postion, behind only Simmons of Atlanta.
    I’m not an Insider and I don’t know how the calculations are done,but that’s quite a compliment.

    • Wondering if this has more to do with defensive shifts than his ability.

      Not being sarcastic, legitimately wondering.

  13. Anyone else think that there is a decent probability that Santos is a superior pitcher to Janssen?

    If this is true, I am happy with that. I am very comfortable with having Janssen lock up the 9th and having Santos available to enter in higher leveraged situations.

    • Yeah, im not a fan of jannsen at all. He has fringe stuff with no out pitch. The guy got really lucky last year.

      • since being moved to the bullpen, he has k/9′s of 8.3, 8.6, and 9.5

        but yah some tool thinks he has fringe stuff with ‘no out pitch’

        so lets ignore 3 years worth of data then.

        • The thing that worries me about Santos is the amount of guys he walks and runners he allows. Always seems to be in a jam. Casey seems more efficient and attacks the strike zone more than Sergio. I say its Casey’s job to lose.. he was fantastic last year.

        • Wow, jannsen fanboy cool your jets. Those k/9 numbers arent that impressive when you compare it to other relievers (especially closers). The guy got lucky last year with BABIP. Batters make good contact off him.

      • Janssen just pounded the strike zone and struck out the side. And yet, people insist he has fringe stuff with no out pitch.

        • Ok so lets cherry pick certain spring training games where jannsen does well to prove our point. Look, the guy is a decent reliever. I may not like him, but I never said he fully sucked. In my opinion hes better suited to be a 6th or 7th reliever in the bullpen. Its just MY opinion though.

          • The problem is that your opinion is baseless and wrong. Over the last two seasons, Janssen has a 2.80 FIP (14th in MLB among relievers), 3.01 xFIP (14th in MLB among relievers), 2.58 SIERA (15th in MLB among relievers), and 2.5 fWAR (18th in MLB among relievers).

          • i love how you stopped responding.

    • His ceiling is certainly higher than Janssen, but no, I would not say he’s a better reliever. He doesn’t have anywhere near the same kind of track record nor has he shown that he can stay healthy for a prolonged period of time.

  14. Yes, they are taking the smart approach with Lawrie. But his history is starting to be a cause for concern. In 2011 he played 116 games: 69 in AAA, 43 in Toronto and 4 on rehab assignments. In 2012 he played in 127 games, two of which were on rehab. Now, he starts the 2013 season on the DL.
    We’ve seen before guys who had tremendous upside but could just not stay healthy: Ellsbury, Reimold, Markakis & Jed Lowrie to name a few.
    His aggressive style of play does not help in this regard.
    Hoping that when he puts this behind him he’s good to go for the rest of the season. But I’m not betting on it.

    • Easy trigger. His career is a few hours old. Do we really need to be in a rush to label him injury prone/uncoachable/too hyper/too aggressive…..etc

      He’s 23 years old and an obvious world class talent. Breathe.

    • I fail to see how his DL stint in 2011 was because of his hard style of play. He broke his finger after getting hit by a pitch.

      Even this year he got hurt fielding a routine ground ball in practice.

      Yes last year he jumped into a camera bay which was reckless, but this hardly establishes an injury history. None of these seem related to each other or his style of play.

      • Agreed that the sample size is small, the injuries appear unrelated and that its too early for labels. However, in each of the last three seasons (including this one), he’s had at least one stint on the DL. For me, that’s one raised Spokian eyebrow if nothing else.

    • Not to get all technical on you, but last year was the first year in 6 that Markakis played less than 157 games. He even played 147 games in his rookie season, likely because he was called up a little later than opening day, not due to injury. He’s pretty much been an iron man throughout his career, so not the best example.

  15. Totally unrelated, but it is going to be really strange seeing Vernon in a Yankee uniform.

  16. Does anyone know if MLB.TV Premium includes home feed for the Jays? I am located in the US and am not concerned about blackouts – only about whether home feed is included or not.

    • I just bought premium this past weekend to watch all games from virginia. I am pretty sure a perk with premium is that it allows you to choose between home and away broadcasts. So I am going to say yes pretty confidently.

    • You will get the home feed for Jays games with premium, yes. Why you would want to listen to Buck and Tabby is beyond me, but it’s there.

      • Ha. Yeah, I have the Premium package and I usually choose the opposing teams feed. I’ll listen to Buck and Tabby against the White Sox. I give everyone else a chance to be better than the Jays team and usually they are.

  17. Olney picked the jays to finish 4th mainly because of the bullpen. He is fucked.The bullpen isnt that bad. Im not a fan of jannsen and I dont really trust him as a closer, but I think the other parts are pretty solid. I think santos is going to be the closer.They have power arms (rogers, santos, lincoln, maybe jeffress) and reliable pitchers (oliver) and loogys(cecil and loup). Its not a top notch bullpen but it should be good enough to finish off the vast majority of games.

  18. problem with Olney is that he is a closet Yankees fan and will say anything negative about the rest of the AL East any chance he gets.

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