Visual approximation of what’s left in Lyle Overbay’s bat.

Nothing against Lyle Overbay– who, much like Vernon Wells before him, both now and back in the off-season between 2006 and 2007, is maligned unfairly for little more than signing a contract that somebody put in front of him and then struggling to live up to it– and not to keep tempting the baseball gods with giddiness over what the Yankees are doing, but tonight [chortle!] check out what [guffaw!] what the latest big [snort!] move on the horizon for [heeeee!] the Bronx Bombers might be.

From Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe earlier today:

The Yankees may need a lefthanded compliment to Juan Rivera at first base. Yankee scouts have been watching Overbay closely.

Lyle Overbay! Juan Rivera! Jayson Nix! Ben Francisco! Vernon Wells! YANKEES!

Of course, the Overbay thing is as far from being set in stone as is from being not fucking hilarious. “Tuesday is the big day” for him, Cafardo says, as Overbay has an opt-out he can trigger. River Avenue Blues wonders if Overbay might stick with the Red Sox, where he may have a roster spot with David Ortiz scheduled to start the season on the DL, but Cafardo notes that with Mike Carp in the picture as a more versatile caddy for Mike Napoli, perhaps Overbay figures a move down the eastern seaboard is in his best interest, where he’ll fill in for Mark Teixeira, who is farther from returning than Ortiz.

Once again, forgive my baiting for some kind of massive-ugly karmic payback, but seriously!

Also, this:


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  1. If the Yanks sign Jo Jo Reyes,I then know I truly entered

    The Twilight Zone.

    • Very twilight zone………… maybe even body snatcher weird. Like Invasion of The Blue Jay Snatchers.

      • Thanks.
        Not sure if I’m gonna get any sleep tonight dreamin that the Yanks snatched Olerud,Molitor,Stieb,Bell and a few others and clone them to do the bidding of the evil empire.

        • That’s a nightmare. I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinbrenner Junior has a lab in The Hapmtons where they are learning how to clone em.

    • Sign of evolution: They finally got the right J. Reyes.

  2. Rock bottom of a crack addict ridden back alley for the Yanks.

  3. Just curious, I’m not a fantasy baseball guy and I’m too lazy to google it.

    Is there nobody in the Yanks farm system better than the exJays?
    They got nobody that they can call up?

    • Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott are all well regarded outfield prospects, & so catcher Gary Sanchez. All of them, though, are a couple of years away. Other than Melky Mesa, there are no position players close to being MLB ready. They did have one guy, maybe a Cuban (?) who played some 3B in a weekend game, but I can’t recall his name and had never heard of him. Other than that, they’re pretty much SOL.

  4. Then again, if the Yankees can win the East by running out the 2008 Blue Jays, I’ll be right fucking pissed.

  5. Wait until they put a LF platoon of Johnson/cattelantoooo however the fuck you spell it

  6. Matt Stairs for RF?

  7. This just in: Zaun announces he is leaving Sportstnet gig to become the Yankees new everyday catcher.

  8. I just saw The Rays versus the Pirates tonight.

    The Lunchbox Hero didn’t start but got a couple of at bats. Kd once.

    Highlight of the night was when I leaned over the rail and asked Nick Leyva to smile like it was 1993. And he did, no one else got, probably not even Clint Hurdle.

    For a guy that can jack 30 homers, McCutcheon is smallish. Fast bat.

    Big jacks tonight from Eva Longoria and Shelley Duncan.

    The Rays look good, like playoff good.

    The Pirates are a team of hilarious misfits. Walker was trying to do a Richard Simmons workout in the dugout and even made the fans laugh. Good fun going on with that team. Brandon Inge, whom I have a man crush on, is full of Piss and Redman.

    Jussell Martin made me barf Blue Moon White my mouth when I thought about how he wanted to play short or nothing else at the WBC.

    Joe Maddon is the Hipster cool communicator that they say he is, I saw him chat Shelley Duncan after his double, and Maddon gave his this Tony Montagna style finger point. Looks like a natural motivator.

    Yunel was Yunel. And Kelly Johnson was put in left field, maybe signs to come.

  9. I think Cano is a FA at the end of the year.
    Wonder if he’s lookin around and thinkin, WTF are the Yanks going to look like in 2014?
    If there was just a contender for which he could play.

    • Keep on dreaming.

      • LOL

      • Like how we dreamed of Reyes, Johnson, Dickey, Melky etc? Dream big djffers, dream big.

        • IF Cano plays the same way he has for the past 3 years or so….given the fact that his RBIs might not be there like in years past due to the fucking shit show of line up they will have threw May or longer…..i still expect his price to be in the area of at least 20mil a year

          I would put my guess at this point at 8/175 or close to that.

          • Just to make sure – you guys are talking about the same Robinson Cano that has over 20 wins in the last three years, trailing only Votto and Miggy, with Boras as an agent, that will be bid on basically on by NYY and LAD. AKA the best Non-Votto infielder in baseball?

            Because that guy will be getting at least 200M, probably much more

  10. Posted on another board:
    “Good chance Vernon hits .300, 30, and 140 this year

    That would be slugging percentage, double plays, and K’s”

  11. http://m.nydailynews.com/1.1298453#bmb

    Wells trade isn’t as bad for the Yankees given this.

    Still bad. Just not as ridiculously bad as we thought.

    Also, maybe a way to get from under a Buehrle deal in the future?

  12. Let’s just hope the Yankees luxury tax goal for 2014 fuck up their chances at playoff revenue for the next two years. That would be delightful.

  13. I just heard Hawk Harrelson for the first time today with Stone. Hawk kept calling Paul Konerko, “Paulie”

    So I slit my wrists and just woke up in a Florida hospital.

    • Hawk is one of a kind…fortunately.
      Maybe one of these days we’ll hear “He Gone.”
      and then you’ll be able to “Put it on the Board, Yes.”
      Dan Shulman he ain’t.

  14. Rockies just released Miguel Batista, so the Yankees can snatch him up now too.

  15. Gose sent to the minors. Too bad they couldn’t keep him around like they did back in the hays days like Glenallen Hill and Bell.

    • Naw,let Gose develop.
      Waiting for him to push the issue with his play.

      • Yeah, I think you’re right too. Let him get good and push Rasmus to play better. Competitions good all around.

        • And Hill and Bell didn’t come up untill september anyway.
          Maybe Gose pulls an Ed Sprague for us this October .

          “Kimbrell from the stretch….. Gose swings… long fly ball to left centre… it could be…. it IS!!!!“

          • More like…”Gose is pointing out to left field!…He’s calling his shot!…The pitch, he squares to bunt, and drops a bunt for an infield single that scores Izturis from 3rd!! The Jays Win!”

            (crotch grab to “Major League” for the inspiration)

  16. If only the Yankees still had DeWayne Wise…

  17. Someone tell the bombers that Kevin Mench and David Delucci are available. Hell I’ll bet even Buck Coates is looking for work.

  18. I can just see Cashman creeping on Shannon Stewarts facebook to see if he’s in shape…LOL

  19. No one will be laughing anymore if somehow the Yanks turn these old ex-Jays into a team that wins far more than these new young(er) Jays.
    I really, really don’t want that now.

  20. I’ve heard Billy Koch is next in line to close for the Yanks… FYI only.

  21. Cecil with an ugly outing. I’m pulling hard for Jeffress to be on this team.

  22. Im planning a trip down to New York for the May long weekend to catch the Jays there.

    Does anybody have any advice on where to get tickets, things I should check out when Im at Yankee Stadium, etc? Ive never been to NYC, or obviously Yankee Stadium before.

    I saw tickets on stubhub for less than $20 so Im not really worried about getting them, but I figured I would ask the educated baseball masses trolling the internets anyway.

    • Last year I went to Chicago and this year I am going to Boston to see the Jays. Do yourself a favour, buy the tickets now before going down if you really want to see them. You can always resell them if you can’t go or if you find cheaper ones.

    • I am going down next week, catching the 3rd game of the Red Sox series, got my ticket on Stubhub for 120 bucks for section 107… Follow me for updates/thoughts/suggestions.

    • Stubhub is easy. They have a booth outside the Stadium.

  23. What does baseball prospectus forecast in light of these new acquisitions? 97wins?

  24. Overbay released by the sox so he probably will be a Yankee

  25. Blue Jays South?

  26. Hey Zuber, you out there?

    I need me an Archibald post, something Chocolatey/ Eastery.

  27. Paging Josh Towers. Mr. Towers, you’re needed on the mound.

  28. Average age of the Yankees=Retired

  29. Do you think Overbay is muttering “Suck It. Farrell”?

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