Josh Johnson takes the hill for the Jays this afternoon as they take on the Phillies in Dunedin, with the club’s regulars behind him, which… yeah, at this point– minus Encarnacion and Lawrie– maybe doesn’t look so quite hot.

But whatever, it’s still baseball-ish for another week.


Barry Davis tweets that he spoke to Edwin, and the first baseman says that his finger feels much better today and that he hopes to get into a game in the next few days.

Richard Griffin loves Brett Lawrie’s explanation of the injury that will keep him off the Opening Day roster, which he described as “about the size of a toonie.”

In a proper story at the Toronto Star, Griffin writes about Casey Janssen, who won’t have to pitch on back-to-back days in order to get the OK to break camp with the club.

Wilner tweets: “Many are asking if Lawrie’s DL stint will be backdated. Answer: Of course. Eligible to come off DL April 6th.”

TV: None, but, of course, you can listen to the game online for free via MLB.com.

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Reyes SS
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
J. Arencibia C
A. Lind 1B
M. DeRosa 3B
C. Rasmus CF
R. Davis DH
E. Bonifacio 2B

J. Johnson RHP

Philadelphia Phillies

J. Rollins SS
B. Revere CF
C. Utley DH
R. Howard 1B
M. Young 3B
D. Brown RF
J. Mayberry LF
K. Frandsen 2B
E. Kratz C

J. Lannan LHP

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  1. In this picture Johnson looks like AJ Burnett’s long lost twin.

  2. Why are the jays in Philly this week?

  3. Is Gameday messed up for anyone else?

  4. DeRosa Keeps hitting…..this can’t keep going threw the season….can it?

  5. man, i hope this run scoring keeps up in the regular season, but the 3rd game the BPs for most clubs are going to be shot against us.

  6. Aaron Cibia has been hot this spring. In this one case I’m ignoring the sprimg training doesn’t count rule and proclaiming that he’ll have a stellar year.

  7. 4 k’s allready for JJ.
    I hope Anthopolous can weasel a few million more out of Rogers for an extension.

    • what do you think it would be?
      60 million over four years?

      • I think that’s fair and if his agent meant any of what he said about “sharing the risk” then I think he would too.
        Who knows though, I get surprised everyday by the new contracts.

        • it will be 20mil a year if he pitches 200ip and 32 starts, and hold his era under 4 – which he is more then able to do.

          • I was basing it more on if they extend him mid-season.
            if he pitches great and walks, he’ll get more…. from the dodgers

        • Stoeten, you got anything new on JJ?
          Was the new contract stuff lipservice or do you think he’d forgo free agency?

  8. You forgot about Vernon Wells starting for the NEW YORK YANKEES

  9. Why is JJ our 4th starter?

  10. well at least 1 guy knows how to pitch!!!


  11. 36 pitches, 30 for strikes!!!!!????

    ricky, maybe talk to this guy a bit huh?

    • Don’t let the strikes/balls from spring training gameday fool you – strikeouts only count as 3 strikes, walks as 4 balls, regardless of actual count.

      Look through the pitch by pitch, notice every hit/out is on the first pitch of the AB? Yeah, sure.

      Clearly during spring training they don’t really monitor pitches, just outcomes. I got fooled by this in an earlier game this year, wondering how we were averaging 5 pitches an inning ;)

  12. JJs Box line…if anyone cares
    5.1ip 4 Hits 1 Walk 8 Ks


    Opening day party that my wife doesn’t know about yet will have taco dip, ribs and easter candy bought on the cheap from Walmart on Monday. Anyone have any other ideas?

    • Umm.. whatever the concession stands are selling? Go to the game you bum!

    • Invite some people so she doesn’t get mad about the wasted food.

    • Everytime Tabby says “veteran” everyone takes a drink.

      • lol i like that one….texting the boys now to see who is in on a Tuesday night ffs…..Friday night opening day would have made drinking much more fun….kids having to go to school in the am and all.

      • I like my beer but no way in hell i make it out of the 1st 1/2 inning in that game.

    • Ribs?
      I like ribs.
      I like wings too.
      What about beer?
      Should I bring my own beer?

      • sure come on down, bring beer, already got the ribs and taco dip. Other stuff coming from the others….all i heard was one of my buddies saying how he will be at walmart at 7am on Monday to quote “clean them out”

  13. Casey strikes out the side, thinking me likie

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