Well this is slightly newsworthy:

The Halladay treatment! Except, almost certainly with less of a total overhaul involved, though we don’t know that just yet. Alex Anthopoulos is to speak with reporters this evening in Dunedin to address a decision that, despite the ugly look of it, probably makes more sense than having him trying to work out whatever is wrong with him with a Buffalo club that’s trying to be competitive in their own right. The warm weather in Dunedin can’t hurt, either.

Mike Wilner confirms the obvious, which is that J.A. Happ will now be the club’s fifth starter, while Barry Davis tweets that Alex Anthopoulos told reporters that Romero just ran out of time to get himself together.

The Tao’s scoffing certainly hits the nail on the head, though the fact that the club didn’t do anything to alter Romero’s mechanics until late in camp didn’t exactly help. And, according to Anthopoulos, it’s the mechanical issues that the thing.

John Lott tweets that Anthopoulos says Romero will stay in the minors for as long as it takes to “get him right,” and adds that the weather and the more relaxed environment in Dunedin were factors in the decision to send him there. Shi Davidi adds that he’ll work with roving pitching instructor Dane Johnson and rehab pitching coach Rick Langford in continuing to implement the changes.

Lott reports that the GM says the decision was made after the game today, after a discussion between Anthopoulos, John Gibbons, Pete Walker, and Tony LaCava, who unanimously decided that something needed to be done. According to Davidi, reporters were told that Romero showed flashes of maintaining his line to the plate, but needs to be consistent with it, while Lott adds that it has yet to be determined whether Romero will have to work his way back up the ranks, or whether he will stay in Dunedin until he’s deemed ready to return to Toronto.

“AA says it’s not mental with Ricky,” tweets Barry Davis. “It’s all about getting his mechanics right. He’ll be in minors as long as that takes.” Wilner adds that he’s looked good in his bullpen sessions and the club was hopeful that the changes would click in games, but they didn’t.

I certainly thought that today’s outing, while not great, but not awful, was a positive step for Romero– and maybe it was, but obviously not enough of one, and definitely not as “job-saving” as I figured. Perhaps it was masked by the fact that the Pirates were particularly aggressive, or that they brought such shitbags to town, or chose to hit their pitcher, but it certainly wasn’t like his last outing, in which he could barely get single-A hitters out. Obviously the Jays had seen enough, though, and while they run the risk of making their long-term lives more difficult– a well-performing Happ is going to be plenty hard to remove from the rotation– they did what they felt they had to do. And smartly waited to do so until the point where they felt they had to act.

Unfortunately for Romero, this kind massive length of rope won’t come so easily to him next time. In fact, things may never be quite the same again.

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  1. Eesh, all the way down to A-ball?

    Comparisons to Halliday in 3…2…

  2. The RickyRo Scream just made my day.

    Bobcat McCown claiming on Sportsnet that he told AA and others to do this last week.

  3. Fucking McCowan thinks he’s a genius. Thank god he had that chat with Beeston to straighten him out.

  4. Am I the only one that’s worried we have only one lefty?

    • In the rotation? Not an issue.

    • Where? Happ is a lefty too …

    • JA Happ?

    • Honestly, having a mix of lefties and righties really isn’t important. If the player can get batters out, or hit well (depending on his job) then that’s fine. It really doesn’t matter if he’s a righty or lefty. Take the expos for instance. During one of their most successful seasons ever, their entire pen was entirely righty. Everyone was saying that they needed lefties, but they didn’t. No one needs to have a good mix of lefties and righties. They just need good players.

    • There’s Happ and Buerlhe.

  5. Dunedin???

    • It’s all about the weather. Besides their training complex is there.

    • I like it for the reasons Stoeten laid out. It’s warm, hopefully the hitters wont crush everything he throws and for that reason his progress will/should be reasonably steady. Of course he’ll reach a point (hopefully) where he’ll have to throw against better competition.

    • The GCL is considered to be a pitching friendly league (especially if you’re a major league starter). I would also assume that, before he re-enters the big league rotation, that he’ll pitch a few starts at another level, either Buffalo or New Hampshire

    • My impression is it won’t matter. It’s not Ricky against the hitters, its Ricky against the strike zone.

  6. Feels bad, man.

  7. Well hats off to the Jays for doing what they said they would and take the best guys north. Obviously Ricky is not ready to get anyone out consistently right now. Happ gets to show us he really is a major league starter now.

  8. owch, all the way down to single A. I feel for poor ricky.

    • … no, the ouch would have been if they had sent him to Bufffalo, and the media hordes made the regular trek down the QEW to breathlessly report on what time he was taking a dump every day. Good weather, out of sight, no pressure, no timetable – now he can work on getting back to being a consistent, confident major league pitcher.

      • @Ricky. very good point. you don’t want the Toronto media which will be much more busy covering the Jays this year looking for negative stories on ricky.

        Ricky can take his time to get his mojo back.

        Shocking new though. I am glad we have Happ to step in .

  9. “Romero jersey? Check.
    Ballglove? Check.
    I’m not a big league star.
    But on Dunedin Junior Jays Saturdays, I can feel like one.”
    -Ricky Romero

  10. had to be done. do you wanna look joey bats in the eye and tell him we are going for it and putting our best 25 guys out there and have wonky romero starting. happ will start but keep an eye on sean nolin. his spring has been outstanding and he has the same type of pedigree that hutch had coming into last season. ie. ok stuff but excellent command.

    • What, with Nolin you mean he also has a total of 15 innings above ‘A’ Ball? Because that’s supposed to give Joey Bats the impression the club is going for it, that they bring up a fringe-averae prospect as a starter at some point? Really?

  11. Dunedin Blue Jays play Tampa Yankees April 9th to 11th – RR vs Jeter???

  12. Where he was sent isn’t the issue. He can’t throw strikes right now. Doesn’t matter who he faces; he needs to fix that.

    • Agree, it doesn’t really matter who he is facing until he can learn to throw strikes consistently. The guy knows how to pitch, it’s just his mechanics failing him at the moment.

  13. [...] but only a bit. Posting this now and will have words about Romero situation later tonight. Go read DJF [...]

    • I like this part of that column: “Romero will not start the season in Buffalo, regardless of how the rest of the spring goes.”

      This is actually true!

      • Yes, it is true. Guess he does know all.

        • Let the Wilner bashing begin…..

          I have to give kudos to AA realizing that the team has to start April 2nd with the best 25 guys. Every game counts.

          Happ must be very Happy that he gets a shot to be the 5th starter.

          If there is an injury, who gets the call up? Ricky or ????? Jenkins? Bush?

    • The best part is seeing the “Breaking news: Blue Jays option pitcher Ricky Romero to single-A Dunedin” bar directly above the headline. Comedy gold.

  14. Ricky didn’t so well earlier in his career and it looked very much like he was a bust. But, he figured it out. I think he comes back healthy and with the same confidence, and stuff, and becomes a fixture in the our rotation again. However, I think he’s in the minors for a bit before that happpens, probably best case scenario for him is post the All Star break because he’s that fucked up right now.

  15. O shit. Guess all that” romero is our 5th starter” talk was BS. I really hope the guy figures it out. He seems like he genuinely cares and wants to stop sucking unlike certain other blue jays (ahem wells, rios). Now that happ is the 5th starter the jays better hope nobody gets injured or really sucks because they dont have much in the minors at all.

    • Those rumblings from a few days ago that the Jays were looking for another Happ type depth arm was probably an indication this might have been coming. I didn’t think anything of it at the time

  16. Coach LB has gotta be livid

    • In a desperate search for comfort, those stockpiled opening-day ribs and tortilla chips are soon to be history.

    • I am disappointed for sure, but im more worried, as i have said, about how our depth looks now with Ricky off the table for the time being, i really wanted him to take at least a small step to be at least useful, if someone goes down early in April, then what the hell do we do.

      And no, the Rips are still safe for watching Dickey pitch lol, and all are welcome, but im not rich, so bring your own damn beer ya moochers lol.

      • Legitimate concern. At this point though I have about as much confidence in Dave Bush’s ability to get hitters out as I do Ricky.

        The other guy who hasn’t been talked about very much is Brett Cecil. I wouldn’t feel too bad about him making the odd spot start here and there if needed. He did a serviceable job in the middle of the season last year when called upon.

        • agreed

          at this point i think we all need to just step back from trying to be GMs (yes i mean me too) and just let AA do what he thinks is right, as he really has done some awesome things over the past few years.

          The fact he is in A in FL makes me feel better, as they look to be treating this more as a rehab optioning then just a depth optioning. SO it appears they realize that RR will stll be a good option down the road. All i can hope at this point is that Happ is up against weaker pitchers as his starts maybe more managable if our hitters have an easier go of it as appossed to facing a guys like CC or Price in the Happ starts.

  17. From Barry Davis on Twitter: AA says they just ran out of time. Needs to work on things and get right. As soon as he does, he’ll be back.

  18. the second AA said he is our 5th starter “RIGHT NOW” the dye was cast. “RIGHT NOW” means a change is coming.

  19. Don’t take much out of this other than that he was optionable. He’s pitched awfully so you might as well leave him in extended spring until he shows something more.

  20. Send ‘em to me, I’ll straighten him out

  21. It’s all on Rickey now, I hope he accepts the challenge and works his ass off. Pouting and feeling sorry for himself would be too easy.

  22. This is a playoff year. AA’s making moves accordingly, and credit to him. we might not have a win to spare on the difference between April/May Happ and April/May Romero.
    I’m glad they gave him the Full Halladay. we don’t need 80% of Romero back – better to wait for the 100%, even if that means we don’t see him this year.

    • hear, hear

    • +10.

      The Jays & AA are going all in this year. Eevery win counts from April 2 till September 29.

      I have tickets for both games & fully expect to celebrate a playoff spot on September 29th.

      The Jays play the Yankees 10 times before May 20th while their team is on the DL & the Jays are playing the flashback Friday Jays from 2008 (Wells,Nix,Overbay, Rivera) .

      Jays have to get as many wins as possible before the other teams recover injury wise.

  23. This is what good management looks like. I believe Rickey will be back and reclaim his rightful place in the starting rotation if his knee’s allow. Well done AA, tough to do, but its the right call.

  24. I find this a mild surprise, given that I posted I was sure they would bring him up to the big club to start the year based on past performance ( well, except 2012). However i have posted and now truly fear, that RR has morphed into a reincarnated Steve Blass, a former great pitcher with the aforementioned Pirates who suddenly could not throw the ball over the plate and “walked ” himself out of baseball. I notice his velocity this year is just sitting at 88-89 which isn’t much better than Brad Mills for fuksakes!
    I have to wonder if his shoulder is still a concern here.
    Having said this, given the competititon on the Jays and the enhanced expectations , you have to perform now to keep your spot and clearly on that scale RR is a non-performer.
    I like the guy and I hope he finds it in Buffalo but alas his mind seems to be fuked too. Is he turning intoa fukstik?-only time will tell. I wish him well

    I think it is interesting that AA is still looking for another starter as he admitted to Mccown, almost like he does not expect RR to be back this year. Better sign JJ long term for fuksake!

    • … it was his fuckin’ elbow that he had the sirjury on…

    • AA has stated repeatedly this spring that he now prepares for the worst. Right now, there is no #6 starter ready to step in. Who knows when Ricky is going to be major league ready. The 1st injury to the rotation can happen tomorrow. I don’t think that statement is a window into any expectations for Ricky.

      • Germano, Vargas, Ortiz, Bush, Moscoso.

        • If those are your only choices, then RR will be recalled and they’ll live and die with RR before they go with those retreads, given that RR is making millions. Those other guys are strictly AAA depth with the emphasis on AAA not depth

        • Obviously one of those guys is the nominal #6 at this point, but there’s undoubtedly room for improvement there. My point was that AA shopping for a guy at this point (probably more to see what slips through the cracks at 25-man rosters around the league are finalized) is probably more to do with generally improving the minor league depth than it is an active response to an expectation that Romero is not coming back any time soon.

        • Lafleur-Jordan-Vaughn….Guy-Air-Mo, Guy-Air-Mo!!
          I’m drunk but have good vibes about Moscoso.

    • @fukstick.

      Would AA give Happ a long term contract? If Johnson pitches well this year , it could cost 100 million to lock up Josh Johnson.

      If you are AA with Drabek & Hutch coming back this year, do you spend $$$ on Johnson or take Happ at a discount.?

      • It’s always fun to play what if ( If I was a carpenter, and you were a lady..oh yeah something else), But based on what I have seen I would do my damndest to lock up JJ over any of the others and he has by far the largest upside being a potential ACE for a long time. The downside is his durability and history of various arm woes.
        Happ is a 4- 5 guy , really and if he had a good year I would probably try and sign him for 3 or so, else I trade him in the offseason. Romero: we’re into him for $$$ and we have to hope he finds the 2010-11 RR but I think he may have gone Steve Blass on us.
        So, to me, our best bet to cover the possibility that RR is done and Happ is marginal is to get JJ for 5 years@ 95m or so.
        Will AA do it? I hope so or all we’ll have left for 2104 is Buerhle, Dickey and Morrow assuming no other wheels fall off and we’ll be back to looing for 1-2 starters next offseason so sign er up soon!

        • BTW, my prediction on Drabek has never waivered-I do not think he will ever pitch for the BJs again in MLB-He is erratic and his K/BB and other peripherals are horrid.
          Hutchinson shows some promise but also projects as a 4-5 guy. There are many of them around so i am discounting both

  25. The Knobbler sez: Jays were denying the obvious by saying planned to keep Romero in rotation. After insisting it again 2 hours ago, they just sent him out.

    • Whether they believed it or not the Jays brass had to say that throughout the process for Rickeys sake. I would have said the same thing. A guy in a hospital bed isn’t going to recover without hope.

      • Absolutely. Ricky is Ricky’s own worst enemy and doesn’t need much help from second-guessing.

  26. I hope the next time Wilner speaks to AA in a condescending tone the next time hes on his radio show

  27. I guess it’s put-up or shut-up time for Mr. Happ.

  28. Can we not just hire Brad Arnsberg to go down to Dunedin and work with Ricky until he is fixed?

    Its a no-brainer.

  29. For those ready to jump, don’t! This is a good news story . Jays can win now

  30. When you have to say it’s not mental with somebody, it’s usually mental. Until Romero starts believing in himself and what he’s doing again on the mound, I’m not sure you can bring him back. It’s going to be a tough road from here.

    Sucks for both him and the organization. Losing a potentially good SP like this indefinitely will not help the team’s chances at the postseason.

    • Nailed it Fullmer.

    • +1. It seems clear that this is more of a mental issue with ricky than physical.

      Mental is harder to fix quickly but hopefully Ricky will be back by the All Star Break

  31. At the risk of sounding like a fucking Hallmark card I think Anthopolous not only did right by the Jays today but also by Rickey. Sending him down fields the best team and it gives RR the best opportunity to not only “get right” but to be dominant again. Keeping him up and tweaking/tinkering may have kept him serviceable as a 5th guy but it would have been like putting bandaids on knife wounds.

    Him getting 20 percent attention from a pitching coach staff at the ML level could keep him replacement level but a 100 percent attention in Dunedin gives him a chance to be old Rickey again.

  32. WHOA. This is huge news. I’m glad they went this route. Its definitely in the clubs best interest at this point.

  33. I approve this message.

  34. I think it says something about the offseason that last years “number 1″ is going to start the season in A ball and no one is freaking out.

  35. Damn… I hope Romero comes back to form, or perhaps rather, finds his form soon. I hope while he’s in Dunedin he watches Cliff Lee (or other above-average lefty) game tape 24/7 and gets back to the Jays a new and improved pitcher.

    • Check out Cliff Lee’s career trajectory… Hopefully Romero comes back from starting a season in A ball the way Lee did in 2007.

  36. Not to say I told you so but I suggested this last week as a no Brainer. Everyone gets what they needed, Ricky a chance to work things out in a warm climate away from reporters, Happ getting a chance to start which he earned, and the Jays a chance to save face with the Ricky is our fifth starter rhetoric. Alas, it wasn’t well accepted at the time and a few questioned my baseball IQ but one had to be blind or a moron not to see this coming.

  37. Imagine if Burhrle dickey Et al weren’t here!

  38. Imagine how a bad start in the bigs by Ricky would have impacted the team and the fans. AA is paid the big bucks to make the tough decisions…this was a tough decision but the right decision.

    I’m a Ricky fan and I hope he gets it right and comes back “fixed” however long it takes.

    • +1. AA is on a mission to get this team into the playoffs at all costs in 2013. no more worrying about ricky’s ego.

      Ricky must be shell shocked. From opening day starter last 2 years to Dunedin????

      The old Jays would never do that .

      It was all about letting Wells & Rios play every day in key batting order spots because they were the highest paid players on the team.

  39. Based on Stroman’s latest tweet it looks like he’s joining the Jays for the two games in Philadelphia over the weekend…looks like the Jays want to get him as much action against big league competition as possible while he’s suspended. Interesting.

  40. So, spring training means shit eh?

    • Good point Tom. The other starters haven’t been perfect but Romero has been the weakest.

      happ gets his wish . If he pitches OK , tough to send him down.

    • It’s not spring training that means shit, it’s the spring training numbers. For guys like Romero, the team is looking for something specific in his approach, mechanics etc. Results don’t matter, process does. It appears to me that whatever they wanted him to do mechanically wasn’t happening, hence the demotion.

  41. hahaha bout time that bum got sent to single A.Hope he never makes it back to the bigs.
    TRADE that bum

  42. Opening day starter one year to Class A the next. Unprecedented?

    • I guess they could have sent him back to Cal State to monitor Into psych. courses.

    • Probably not. Being an Opening Day starter doesn’t mean shit. Wasn’t Brian Tallet the Opening Day starter a few years back?

      • I’m glad I don’t inhabit your alternate reality Indestructible. It would be both scary and wrong. Marcum broke Halladay’s 7 year sting, then came RR.

        • Make that a ‘string.’
          I’m imbibing some of fukstik’s “Out Here In The Field’s” merlot (TM) and it’s potent.

          • Ahh. Maybe he pitched in the second game then. I’d be thankful for not being in this alternate reality too, if I weren’t confined to it.

          • Hey Spudsie-wolfing a Mondavi 2010 Merlot premium as we speak. I now understand what that Hookah smoking caterplllar was yapping about in Alice in Wonderland or was it Gracie Slick?
            I’m in for the ice cream and the barley sandwiches by Millstreet, or at least Sam adams

            • Brothers by different mothers, man.
              I’m quaffing some Mondavi 2011 Merlot (strangely alluring.)

              Did you know that Gracie was charged 3 times for DUI although her crimes were actually TUI (Talking Under the Influence.) She wasn’t in any of the cars when she was apprehended or charged. Drunk Mouth.

              See you opening day.

              • potent potables or what! Opening day glass of Merlot on me you old russet you.
                As far as Gracie goes I do recall something along those lines, but her famous act for which she did not get arrested was having LSD in her pocket on her way into the whitehouse after being invited by Tricia Nixon. The secret police caught her just before she was able to get in and put the Tab in Nixon’s tea-true story that and might have changed history as ol tricky Dik w/h had a real quick trip to China

  43. Imagine paying for a ticket to see Ricky pitch?
    They made the right decision.
    No Bluejays fan deserves that.

  44. Could you just imagine how frustrated AA was working for JP when he could see him fucking up so many decisions? Maybe he deflected it by saying he didn’t have all the same knowledge in the GM chair but gosh…

  45. Thank you, J.A. Happ, for teaching kids everywhere a valuable lesson: If things don’t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.

  46. McGowan pitched today…nice to see. 1 inning and no runs. RR can look at Dustin as the model to emulate. Maybe we can see them pitch at the Major League level together soon!

  47. Following that report from Elliott and the Jays scout that the team is looking for some options at 2B, MLBTR has this:

    “The Mets are “in desperate need of clearing several spots” on their 40-man roster, and have “put out word to other teams that they are interested in moving non-core prospects” who would have to pass through waivers to be retained, writes Adam Rubin of With the team likely in need of four roster vacancies to account for players who figure to be added to the 40-man before Opening Day, the Mets could look to move players such as Gonzalez Germen, Darin Gorski, Reese Havens, Juan Lagares, Cesar Puello, Elvin Ramirez, and Hansel Robles, according to Rubin.

    The Blue Jays could be interested in the aforementioned Havens, tweets Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Havens, a 25-year-old second-baseman, has yet to see big league action and hit .215/.340/.351 over 390 Double-A plate appearances last year.”

    Havens had some great numbers before injuries derailed him, but he seems like the type that could still have some potential if he gets healthy. Since they want to clear 40-man spots, presumably the Mets would want younger marginal prospects in return.

    • Havens has options too, he’d just have to stick on the 40-man roster.

    • Why would we be interested in giving away assets for Havens when we have Bonifacio and Izturis at the ML level and an interesting Negrych and a dependable McCoy at the minor league leavel? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

      • The idea would be that Havens – I suppose – might still have starter upside if he can get healthy, which the others don’t.

        • Both Boni and Izturis have started at the position and I’d wager that Negrych and his numbers have more upside then Havens.

          Regardless, I don’t think second is anything that needs attention anytime soon.

  48. Hey Stoeten… SERIOUSLY!

  49. Yes I realize that Spring stats mean NOTHING at all, but Vernon Wells hit .361/.390/.792 in the Spring. If the pinstripes magically make him a decent player again, then I am seriously going to cry.

  50. Im pretty surprised about this, I thought they’d give him a couple starts. I guess they are straight not fucking around this year. Building a 10 game lead on the Yankees before they’re healthy again is a good plan tho

  51. Regardless of what he said all spring, I’m glad AA made the tough but correct decision. Let’s just hope Ricky gets it sorted out ASAP.

    And hopefully Happ builds on his ever-improving peripherals. Happ evolving into a mid-rotation lefty would be a great thing for the Jays irrespective of how Romero performs.

    It’s not as though a trade can’t take place if the best case scenario unfolds.

  52. I’m glad they’ve sent him down and I hope he improves. But RR isn’t Halladay. He came up with amazing stuff and then kind of lost it and found it again. Ricky…not so much. He was an ok pitcher for one season but that was it. The fact he was our opening day pitcher was more of an indictment of how weak we were in pitching than a compliment to Rickey. I always thought Morrow was better and had more upside. Rickey in his best year was maybe a number three.

    • Pretty much agreed. It’s weird as all hell how this happens to Jays players too. Romero has one decent year then loses it, Chacin had one decent year and lost it – his pitching ended up smelling worse than is cologne – Adam Lind obviously is another.. I’m sure if one looked it up, there’d be a healthy list of players from the organization over the last 10 years that had one great year and showed promise, just for it to be an outlier.

      There’s still hope for Romero, and he’s a good pitcher when he’s banging Miss America, but personally I’m not too optimistic.

      • Yep, I’ve made this point many times. A lot of jays players have fallen apart after stellar starts to their careers. Lind, Wells, Rios, Hill, Chacin to name several. Now it looks like you can add romero to that list. I dont what it is but im not sure you can merely just call it a coincidence. Maybe the organization isnt effectively teaching players how to make proper adjustments at the big league level? Just a possibility.

        • I can’t really disagree, but a huge part of this is simply the nature of the beast. The Jays may have been hit hard, but a lot of guys – especially left-handed starting pitchers – all over the league have one-two year peaks where they are useful big league guys but once they lose something (a couple miles off the fastball, bat speed, etc) they go below replacement level.

          Think Willis, Kazmir, Liriano, Jeff Francis, the former Fausto Carmona, etc.

          • I’m on your side Dougie, there’s no correlation. Every major league team has players who start out well and then regress. See Pat Listache, Marty COrdova…etc.

            I will disagree with most of the pitching examplesyou provided though, Kazmir, Liriano, and Francis all suffered serious arm injuries while Willis caught a case of the Yips.

            Carmona or whatever he is now called I believe got injured too.

        • Without looking at other organizations, you can’t say it’s something unique to the Blue Jays. I’m certain there are dozens of examples of players from other teams that had one really good season and then never did anything ever again. It’s the nature of the beast.

          • Anyone remember Ben Grieve?

          • You’re not wrong Hentgen, but I’m only looking at the Jays, since they’re the team we cheer for. How many other teams handed out contracts to two players (Romero, Lind), and then immediately shit the bed?

            I can take some solace in Lester being in the same bed that’s been shat in though :P

  53. you’ll be fine just like me

  54. He’s still earning 7 million a year, get’s to do it in beautiful Florida playing the game that he loves (or at least used to).

    Find some perspective Rickey, and then maybe the plate. We’ll see you in June.

    • Sorry about the repost but this shit is just too funny not to.
      Carrey is getting blasted by the U.S. media and touchy redneck fucks. Humorous that religion, race, sexual orientation are all fair game but you can’t make fun of their guns.

      • Lastly as I swill my Rum on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning…
        In the Jays commercial with the Metric song Stadium Love playing, what is it that Jose Reyes says at the end?
        I’m thinking it’s some variation of “let’s go”, my friend thinks he’s saying “It’s Coke”, because the Jays have some sort of partnership with Coke.
        I tell him he’s an idiot but a Coke Zero commercial always immediately follows. WTF?

  55. Vernon Says Its a Dream Come True and Rogers Centre messed up his swing because he could hit HRs there:

    • Wells believes the obsession with hitting majestic homers has been a problem for a while.

      “It’s been over the last four or five years to be honest,” Wells said. “You get away with it at Toronto because you hit a ball well and it will go out. You start trying to hit fourth and fifth decks instead of just of just getting hits.”

  56. At least Ricky gets to be an “Opening Day Starter” again

  57. In all serious though, does anybody else think that we may have already seen the last pitch Ricky will throw in the big leagues? At least in a Blue Jays jersey?

    This move must move him considerably down the depth chart for Jays pitchers. And granted he probably will have the right to jump past a lot of the guys on that list, he also has to wait for guys at the big league level to pitch themselves out, or get injured. All things being equal, and in a perfect world – the top 4 guys in the rotation have the years we expect them to have, avoid any serious injuries that require long stints on the DL; and JA Happ pitches like a quality 5th starter and that rotation becomes a lock for the year? Not to mention you have guys like Drabek and Hutchison coming back from TJ surgery, some fringe prospects may outperform this season and start pushing for big league starts; do they slot in ahead of Ricky on the depth chart? Does that make Ricky potentially expendable in a trade?

    I think Ricky really has to “figure himself out” and pretty quick or I fear he may be forgotten in the mix a little bit.

  58. Gonzo Game Threat from Port Charlotte :

    These geriatric sumbitches down here are about to see the Mullet fly.

    Should be all the regulars today, I can’t wait for this season to start to snowball and gain momentum.

    Post game recap to come early this evening.

    I’ll try to get the kids homerun ball signed by Velez from last week.

    • I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you get a shot of Gibby in the “oversized” warm up jacket.

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