Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

OK, to be fair, maybe that means he just admired the club and how they did business or something, but this tweet from the New York Times’ David Waldstein sure isn’t going to do a lot of favours for the legacy of Vernon Wells in this town. And just when people were starting to realize that it wasn’t his fault he got offered a ludicrous contract!

I mean… really, Vernon? I guess all guys they have teams they follow more than the one they may happen to be employed by. And I guess he might just be trying to endear himself to his new club. But… really, Vernon? Really???

Fuck that.

This too:

Holy tap dancing frig, I’m going to enjoy the fucking piss out of the Yankees’ demise.

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  1. Maybe he purposely didn’t get clutch hits against them

  2. HA

    take that fearless defenders of the ‘class act’

    more like ACTOR

    pay me 126 mil to suck at baseball and I’ll pretty much do anything and be anything you want

    • Yes, fuck all his charity work and everything else good about him, clearly he has no class because he likes the Yankees. Idiot.

      • Having a hard time tracking with you. I agree he was a classy guy here and I absolutely wish no ill will on him personally.

        I also think most baseball players see the Yankees as being a premier, awesome, steeped in history, team. I mean if Vernon was born in Toronto or something, maybe then I could pretend to get upset.

        The truth is, Vernon, Doc, etc played in an empty, emotionless place that didn’t have much going for it in their time. And our folklore and history is of little meaning to them. They gave me all I would ever expect as a fan.

      • Please. You talk about charity work by an athelete as if most of them AREN’T set up by the current city/franchise that you are employed by or a PR guy, or an agent. I understand that goodwill is goodwill no matter how it is set up, but you’re using a given to argue a conflicting opinion of yours. I’m sure John Rocker and Kenny Rogers (both deplorable human beings IMO) had/have charities that they donate to. When an athletes fucks up IRL and they FORCE them to make a charitable donation, that makes them a saint all over again, right? Idiot.

  3. Dick

  4. Boo him badly now

    • firstly, of course he is going to say he was a fan of the only team in the world who actually wanted to trade for him after his last 3 years.

      secondly, jays fans have no reason to boo him. If anything, him WAIVING his no trade clause to LA was the turning point for the AA regime.

      absolutely no reason to boo him, boo the person who gave him the contract, not him for accepting it

  5. Can’t boo him for that, I’m sure he didn’t suck on purpose.

    I think he’s actually paying back the Jays by helping the Yankees get worse.

  6. Dammit it Vernon, you were supposed to destroy them, not join them.

  7. Still, I think I will boo him.

  8. He sucks so bad that I’m not even mad at him.

  9. I’m pretty sure he’s been applauded everytime he’s come back, i wonder if this is going to change that.
    How can he not be happy about the trade? Coming from being a 5th outfielder to probably one that actually gets to play.

  10. Looking forward to seeing him fail with the rest of the Yanks this summer!

  11. This is like Roy Halladay talking about Philly being the best place he’s every played.

    VW (rightly) cares more about endearing himself more to his current employer than his former one.

    As he should.

  12. every paying fan has the right to choose whether or not to boo him. I choose boo

    • Why? And please don’t complain that people don’t care much about playing here. The guy toughed out many seasons of empty, emotionless mediocrity from the team and city and as far as we know tried his best (after all look how bad he is outside Toronto).

      • Aww, poor Vernon. “Toughing out” years of being paid millions to play a sport in a beautiful city.

        • I’m not going to boo him and I really don’t care about his comments but to say we should thanking him for “sticking it out” and putting on his uni for every game is such bullshit.

          • No – I thank him for being one of the most active Jays as far as volunteer work and PR work for the team.

            I don’t thank him for toughing out playing baseball for millions for a great city. But I respect his right to envy the Yankees a little while we had mediocre teams and shitty attendance.

      • I bet he still carries the emotional scars.

        On the other hand, let’s just see what a big fan of the Yankees he is AFTER he spends a season there….if he makes it a whole season. Come to think of it, Granderson should be back midseason which will put him into competition with the likes of Gardener and, Ichiro. Those fans can be pretty cold when they dont like you.

  13. His secret love of the Yankees didn’t seem to affect his performance against them:

    His career slash line against them: .301/.352/.516

    tOPS+ 120

    Not too shabby. Jays fans, lets please not boo him. He did have some pretty good seasons, and gave a lot back to the community.

    • He was just showing off.

    • You mean continue to boo him? I remember hearing the crowd boo him a little when he was still with the team and later when the Angels were in town if I’m not mistaken. Shit, Alex Rios still gets the occasional boo when the Sox are in town. I agree that these boos are a tad ridiculous, Wells sucked and earned a few boos but he was a class act as a player while with the Jays. It’s not like he smudged dog shit on the Jays’ logo on his way out the door.

      I’m not a big fan of booing the guys that were decent, team-players with the Jays. Wells and Rios left not by choice, they were traded (or in the latter’s case, sent adrift on an ice flow). It’s not like AJ Burnett, who opted-out to make his big pay day (and earn this fan’s continued boos). If I choose to boo Wells, it will be because he is now a Yankee, and less so much for his past shittiness with the Jays.

    • So THAT’S why they traded for him! Phew, I was losing sleep over this…

  14. I hate when we boo former players that actually were classy here and actually stayed on (no matter for how much) after their arb years.

    The Yankees are THE premier baseball team of the world. Let him brown nose a little and hope they don’t eat him alive.

  15. You know what? I’ve always quietly been a Yankee fan, too. Thanks Vernon, for coming out and giving me the courage to do the same.

  16. What ballplayer wouldn’t partly want to be a Yankee or be a fan of the team? Just because we are stuck in a division with them and it’s very fun to bash them and want them to suck, it does not take away from the fact they are a storied franchise who count amongst their past players many of baseball’s very best.

    • OK Tony but not all the Yankee stories were (are) good. George Steinbrenner at one point almost single handedly ran them into the ground.

  17. Good move for him to endear himself to Yankee fans before he starts toeing the mendoza line…

  18. I’ve got nothing negative to say about Wells. He was a class act here, and represented himself, the team and the city with dignity.
    It was just a case of absolutely unread expectations going unfulfilled. JPR gave him that ridiculous contract after 2 or three decent seasons. What’s the guy supposed to do…say “No, I couldn’t possibly take all that money and set myself and my children up for life”?
    IF AA does NOTHING else in his ninja-esque career – he deserve space on The Wall of Excellence for getting out from under that contract. Period.
    But as far as VDub is concerned…..I hope he sucks and takes the Yankees down in flames along with himself – but I won’t boo the guy.

  19. meh – he will continue to quietly be a yankee fan once he is parked on the bench after the yanks realize how bad he is.

    • I expect they’ll sprinkle the same Wankee pixie dust that turned Ichiro? back into Ichiro! on good ol’Vdub. Gawd, the Yankees better fucking suck this year. Although, it also wouldn’t surprise me if this geriatric, desiccated MASH unit of a team shat out another 95 win season either.

  20. Sometimes i’ll open a jar of dills expecting to eat just one … but i’ll get tired trying to fish the first pickle out so I need to eat another to replenish myself.

    I hope Vernon has a passable year. Would be terrible to see him go out in such a heap of cinder.

  21. “Holy tap dancing frig”

    Calm down there, Stoeten!!

  22. I’d be mad at him if I didn’t pity him so much.
    Dude sucks.
    The Yankees are a joke this year.
    Even Mariano is gonna suck

  23. Boo him if you want but I think VW was a great member of our community and a smart guy who seldom gave a boring interview. I’ll never forget him acknowledging that his new nickname appeared to be “Boo!”. There is no more reason to hate him for sucking up to his new boss than there is for hating him for accepting a ridiculous contract.

    • Agreed! VW is one of the good guys as far as pro ball players go. Forget about the contract it has long since been accepted as a massive fuck up.

  24. Might shell out for YES Network to get a good look at the train-wreck in waiting that will be the Yanks’ season. Bonus item to cheer about: if VW’s camera-friendly step-mom chooses to attend games regularly.

  25. is there a team out there that we dont have a person the DJF group of commenters doesn’t want to boo?

  26. What do you want VDhb to say? That he fucking hates the Yankees. Who gives a shit, he’s their problem now.

  27. @DannyKnoblerCBS 1m
    Blue Jays manager Gibbons on J.A. Happ:”He’s pitched too good to not be on the team.” Will likely be in bullpen, though.

  28. There is only one response to this new reality.


  29. “I’m going to enjoy the fucking piss out of the Yankees’ demise.”

    Totally. Fucking totally.

  30. The Yanks just might have a gotten a great deal. 6.5/ year. currently batting 361 /4 homers in spring. is Jose B. doing this well ?

  31. 2013 Blue Jays fans are becoming more and more like arrogant Red Sox fans in the spring of 2011.

    Shouldn’t your team win something before you become this insufferable?

    • We’ve ALWAYS been this insufferable. You guys have just been distracted by the Masshole shitshow to not notice that Jays fans are now your worst nightmare. Mwah, ha, haaaaa!

    • Dude did you SEE 2012?

  32. In my opinion, the VW trade was the first move necessary to put the current team together. If AA doesn’t make that trade and VW is still here, there is no way they can afford to pay for the current talent on the field.

    As for VW and the Yankees, if he is as bad as he is capable of being, he is going to be booed incessantly at Yankee Stadium. Should be great for his confidence.

    Was frustrated with him when he was a BJ, glad he’s gone, thrilled he is a Yank.

    • Wrong

      • Look I’m a fan of Veronon and wish him well. It hurts a bit that he would say that but, meh. But the reality is that unless VW has a season like some of his better ones with the Jays, those fans will cannabilize him. …

  33. kinda disappointed that he said he was ‘quietly a fan of the yankees’ but it could just be that he was always interested in playing there

  34. we shall boo them on. the field, we shall boo them of the field, we shall boo them at a fucking little league charity tournament. we are the blue jays, and we are very fucking drunk. piss off.

  35. i cant wait till the jays play the yanks and we kick there asses

  36. The venom towards Wells because he said he’s a fan of the Yankees is just plain ridiculous. He’s going to the worst media outlet in North America, you don’t think he’s going to butter them up a little bit? Considering how shit he’s going be, he needs to suck up to them and the fans quick!

    But dumping on him for that? Who gives a shit! Be happy for what our team is now!

  37. Overbay signing with the Yankees just made official. What a difference a few years makes…….

  38. Its gonna be so awesome if they play him everyday and we can watch him pop everything up, although I’ll be throwing shit at the TV if they ever through him anything he can hit and he actually… umm.. hits it. It’s like when T. Batista used to come back to Toronto and it was so ridiculous when they ever threw him anything at all inside. Vernon’s weeknesses are so glaring that allowing him hits shows nothing but poor execution by the pitcher

  39. At one point I would have been so angry to open my browser to see this. Now it only makes me laugh!

  40. AA gonna make an announcement….

    what could it posssssibly be

  41. They’ll have to pry the ball from Rickeys cold dead hand……

  42. Ricky to Dunedin?

  43. Blue Jays news conference over:

    Ricky Romero staying in Dunedin

  44. Holy shit, some of the commenter above are unbelievable. You’re an idiot if you’re playing the “what else is he supposed to say?” card. It’s not remotely necessary to make a statement like this. Do you think anybody in New York is enough of a fucking idiot to require all incoming Yankees to profess their undying lifelong love for the organization? There’s a million fucking ways to get a similar point across while being respectful to the organization that he spent over a decade with.

    “I’ve always admired the consistency the Yankees have had.”
    “Playing in this tough division for a decade, I’ve been able to appreciate firsthand how dominant the Yankees have been.”
    “Everybody around the game knows that this is a first-class organization.”

    I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that this is what he meant, but expressed himself poorly….but I gotta say where you “what else is he going to say?” people when JA Happ was talking two weeks ago. That was a situation that warranted that defense way more than this is, in my opinion.

  45. I love the jays and I like coming here to see the discussions, but its kind of staggering how many of you root for someone to fail…. kind of assholish

  46. assholish, I’ve been groomed from day one to be a perfect asshole. I’m just warming up. where’s the real assholes up in this motha fucka anyway?

  47. If I had to play in Toronto during that period, I’d say fuck Toronto.

  48. Classy guy.

    Waived the clause so wouldn’t have to boo him.

    Give him a cheer and a thanks when he is here. Clap when he grounds into all those DPs and pops out to short too. Great to have him in the Yankees line-up.

  49. actually, he continued … ”Obviously not when we’ve played against them,” Wells said, ”but every time the Yankees were in the playoffs and I was sitting at home, I was cheering for the Yankees. Somewhat of a dream come true.”

  50. Another nice “Prospect Retrospective” article by John Sickels 2 days ago, this time about Vernon:

  51. Where does VW get booed the loudest in September 2013: Toronto or the Bronx?

  52. anyone seen verns sis? I’m way too drunk for the bitch to play Me like this.

  53. [...] at Drunk Jays Fans, Andrew Stoeten examines a few tweets from the Yankee media, including one where former Blue Jay Vernon Wells says that he “was always quietly a Yankee [...]

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