To answer the question posed by the title, apparently so. At least, according to this cock-ripplingly fantastic tweet from Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus:

So you’re telling me there’s a shoot!

Parks later clarified that he was indeed talking about Ricky Romero’s soon-to-be Dunedin teammate. So… uh… maybe we’re not quite over the whole prospect thing yet?

Speaking of Sanchez, he got a– glowing, as usual– mention in BP’s Notes From The Field piece today by Zach Mortimer, as did no less than 20 other Jays prospects on whom scouting notes are provided.

“Fastball 94-97; life down in the zone; curveball 80-82; sharp breaker; easy plus potential; changeup 83-85; fades out of zone; solid-average potential; filling out frame,” Mortimer wrote. “The ball comes out of his hand free and easy and explodes into the zone. The command still needs some work, as he can lose his fastball to the armside, and not stay on top of the CB every time. Sanchez, only 20, has future no. 2 starter potential and will start the season in High-A Dunedin.”

You may balk at the number two stuff, rather than calling him a number one, but… yeah, no, we all should be thrilled with that report. And if you’re a BP subscriber, the rest of Mortimer’s notes on the Jays prospects are well worth reading as well, as he was notably a bit down on guys like Marcus Knecht, Mitch Nay and Dwight Smith Jr., but very positive on Sanchez, Marcus Stroman, and (via sources who saw the injured pitcher in instructs) Mat Smoral.

Most impressively, though, was the fact that he gave some insight on why the Jays might have been so quick to give up on Travis d’Arnaud, with an unbelievable report on Lansing-bound catcher Santiago Nessy, who he calls a “solid receiver” with “plus arm strength,” “solid-average bat-to-ball ability” and “plus-plus or better leadership ability on the field.”

“The one prospect who has jumped out to me this spring with his ability to lead his team from behind the plate,” Mortimer writes. “Nessy, who his bilingual, keeps his team involved in the games at all times. He has no problem leading by example, or calming his pitchers at any moment. To hear about all of Nessy’s intangibles, one might suspect that he’s inferior on the offensive side of the ball, but that is not the case. He shows power all the way to right-center and creates frequent loud contact.”

Nails much?


Image via Alexis Brudnicki/ Crotch grab in the direction of @McLean_Deluxe and @House4545 for pointing out the tweet, and @StivBators for pointing out the BP stuff.

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  1. Could one of you guys with a subscription copy and paste the full prospect report please?
    I’ll return the favour whenever there is a pay article on BA regarding the Jays.

  2. Aaaah what a great time to be a Jays fan

  3. “You may balk at the number two stuff, rather than calling him a number one, but… yeah, no, we all should be thrilled with that report.”

    Why don’t you just say, “but we all should be thrilled with the report”? What’s this yeah, no shit?

    Also, you spelled Baseball wrong in the title.

    Also, yea, good news. Sounds promising.

    • Whooo’s number 2?

    • Thanks for pointing out the title stuff. Stick to your day job on the grammar tips.

      • No problem on the title thing.

        Re: the yea/no thing, I know that you write it that way to sound conversational, it’s a style thing not grammar. It just doesn’t flow there, that’s all.

        Anyway, good on Sanchez … and Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

        • flows just fine if you are used to his writing style.

          its very casual and conversational, which I really enjoy personally

          if you want something more polished, go read Parkes, his topics are usually crap though

        • It does flow. Take lessons on reading and try again.

      • Also a very minor thing that bugs me is that every word does not have to be capitalized in a title. Not meaning to be the english language police or anything (I myself am not that great at grammar or puncuation) but it is just a small thing I noticed. There are various rules about what letters should and should not start with a capital letter, but generally short insignificant words like “and” or “if” are left lower case. Now please resume baseball talk.

  4. Any word on what level Nessy will start at this year?

  5. Awesome news

  6. maybe he could do a david price and be in the bullpen for our title run at way too young of an age and then join the rotation and dominate the next year

  7. ye

  8. Haha. ++leadership. 80 hustle?

  9. Can someone contact Jesus @chuyitotx to let him know he’s famous? He’s going to be so happy.

  10. About a year & a half ago I was reading another blue jays message board & came across a comment from a random poster claiming that he: ‘had it on very good authority’ that it wasn’t d’Arnaud, but rather Sanchez that Anthopolous deemed as the system’s jewel. In that same post, this poster also brought up what we’ve heard more recently – that Jose Reyes was A.A’s favourite player & that he was the one big ticket free agent that A.A. really coveted. It was interesting enough at the time…but certainly those remarks ring true today.

    Anyways, lets hope Sanchez can harness his stuff because if he can…well…that would be pretty fucking awesome.

  11. saw Nessy’s first AB in Vancouver last summer – it was a homer. Pinch-hit no less.

  12. Prospects are for poor people.

    • That’s what the Yankees used to think.

      • Remember the trio of pitchers that were to be the Yankee’s future staff of hall of famers? Nice that the two that remain on the team have had a bit of a rough go of it lately.

        • Remember the Killer B’s? One’s injured now I think and the other is projected to be a reliever now if I recall correctly.

  13. finally we have a new COTF to follow…it’s been a rough couple of months!!

  14. Any Post that uses the phrase cock-rippingly in it is fine by my book.

  15. I got at least 3 separate boners reading this post.

  16. I too, am tumescent

  17. For those who want to read the entire report, BP is dropping the paywall from Friday through Monday; I’ll certainly try and remember to read it. Perhaps Stoeten could include it in one of his links posts for the casual reader?

  18. Also, let’s not forget that Nessy (The Loch Ontario Monster perhaps?) has great nickname potential as well.

  19. It’s worth looking at Sickel’s descriptions of a number 2 starter. In scouting parlance, it doesn’t mean the second guy in the rotation.

    **Two plus pitches
    **Average third pitch
    **Average command
    **Average makeup
    John’s Commentary: A Number Two starter is similar to a Number One, but not quite as good for a variety of reasons, perhaps not as consistent or durable as a true One.

    The dividing line between the two categories is blurry, and some Number Two starters will have Number One-quality seasons at times, although they may not sustain the performance year after year. These guys can certainly anchor your rotation. Number Twos can be considered aces for most teams, and will be on the short list for the All Star Game many seasons. A team with a Number Two in the top spot of the rotation can certainly win the World Series.

    Current examples: for me, Zack Greinke is a guy who exists right on the borderline between a very strong Number Two and a Number One, as does Gio Gonzalez. Johnny Cueto has pitched like a Number One for the last year and a half but hasn’t proven to have that kind of long-term durability yet so would rank as a strong two for me. Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner.

    You can build your staff around a Number Two starter if you don’t have a full-fledged One, and most teams don’t. Calling someone a Number Two is a compliment.

  20. Ahh, prospect porn, I have a boner. Also , check Colby Rasmus’ homrun

  21. Can’t decide which turns me on more…… Propsect porn or watching the Yankees roster get worse each day

  22. I met Zach down at Spring Training and did an interview with him for my blog. Here’s a link to Part 1. Part 3 has his top 10 Jays prospects list with brief scouting reports.

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