Jays Extend J.A. Happ

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

Well this is slightly newsworthy:

So, if you’re keeping track, that’s two straight evening of breaking Jays news, and this one might actually be more surprising than yesterday’s, in a weird way.

Happ was already signed for $3.7-million for 2013, and has accumulated four years and 47 days of service time, meaning that a full year’s worth of MLB time for him this year would have pushed him into his last arbitration year at the end of the season, putting him on track for full free agency after 2014. So, essentially, the Jays have given themselves a halfway decent option on his first free agent year in exchange for paying him like they probably would have anyway, provided he was actually playing in the Majors.

And on the other side, this ought to make J.A. a happy Happster, seeing as the possibility of spending time in Buffalo no longer threatens his future earnings potential so much, though… didn’t we just have his place on the team sealed by something involving some other pitcher getting sent down? I swear I heard something about that.

I’m not sure it’s any more sophisticated a deal than that, quite honestly. I mean, Happ still isn’t making so much money that you need to keep him in the Majors or in the rotation just because of his “gaudy” contract alone– shit, apparently Ricky Romero isn’t, so surely Happ isn’t– and the Jays keep a guy who they can use now, who might have some utility later, and who– if he pitches decently, with that reasonable option– might also be an intriguing piece of trade bait, in the case that Romero rebounds, Johnson sticks around, Nolin (or even Sanchez) starts knocking at the door, Drabek and Hutchison get healthy and look good, or some combination thereof.

He’s not quite at the same level, but I think of the deal the Cubs made with Paul Maholm, which allowed him to hold down a rotation spot and soak up some innings while they needed it, and made him attractive enough that the Braves flipped a decent looking arm in Arodys Vizcaino for him. Obviously Alex Anthopoulos found out the hard way last year that the old saw about never having too much pitching is more than a little bang on, so even though it looks like he might be creating a bit of a bottleneck when it comes to guys trying to get into the Jays’ starting rotation, that’s a good thing– especially when the money is inoffensive.

It’s still a lot to guarantee Happ, I think, but it seems to me a decent gamble given that this is about what they’d be on the hook for with him regardless. At worst, if he pitches like a non-tender candidate, you’ve blown $5.2-million. On the other hand, it seems reasonable that finding a guy like him in free agency two years down the road would cost more than the $6.7-million option you have on him. Will Happ ever pitch well enough to exceed that amount more than marginally? Yeah, maybe not. S0… maybe the option isn’t worth trading off the guaranteed money. But assets is assets. With apologies to the Dustin McGowan deal that I still don’t like, sure, I’ll take it. Maybe I’m missing something.

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  1. This is happening!

  2. …the fuck? Why would Happ take an extension?

    • Pretty sure it’s guaranteed which means that even if he ends up being the 6th starter at any point in the next 2-3 years, he still gets paid. I think.

      • Very shrewd move by AA. Happ was worried that time in the minors would affect his earning potential for 2014 (and rightly so), so AA gave him a guaranteed raise on his 2013 salary, tacked on what could be a very reasonable option for a 4th or 5th starter (see Saunders, Joe) and if we have extra rotational depth (due to a Romero return or a JJ extension) then the option makes Happ’s contract a very desirable asset to use in a trade.

        Minimal risk, plenty of reward – and with an option year that’s become AA’s trademark. Love it.

        • Good point. Now if Romero returns to form and they need to send Happ down, he is less likely to gripe about it.

        • Very smart of AA. You’re both locking up a very serviceable lefty as well as appeasing a player who seemed on the verge of revolt. Definitely a good optics move.

          • Plus, Happ’s trade value is significantly higher with a guaranteed salary for 2014 and an option for 2015. Much higher than it would have been simply as a last-time-eligible arb guy.

            If our five starters next year are all better than Happ and we have more pitching depth in the minors, then there are plenty of teams who would love a contract like this to put at the end of their rotation. This is makes a servicable asset even better, in case we need to fill holes elsewhere (like second base, perhaps).

  3. Again… Thank you, J.A. Happ, for teaching kids everywhere a valuable lesson: If things don’t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.

    • Steve do you really believe that crap. Give your head a shake…not that one!

    • It’s only a bit of security for him, he’d make around $5.2M in 2014 with a healthy 2013, through an arbitration raise. The option makes it worthwhile. Not much risk for the Jays.

    • WOOSH!

    • Thank you, Steve Khan, for demonstrating your failure to appreciate the limited and extremely precarious earning potential for average MLB players.

      How dare JA Happ speak candidly (and from most accounts, accurately) about his baseball present and future when he should be enjoying the World Series run of the parent club from a seat in Buffalo, like the members of the 2012 Fresno Grizzlies did and the 2011 Memphis Redbirds before them.

    • Anthopolous does not cave to that type of bullshit, please see Darren Oliver.

      AA saw a quality arm he could keep under control, end of story.

    • The lesson I got from JA Happ was that if you want to get what you want, be better than the people you’re competing with.

  4. Tremendous news we have a solid left hander for the next 3 years

  5. Raises a bunch of questions for 2014.

  6. fuckin ay!! i made a shirt from an old pizza box i found

  7. Ugh bad enough we have to use Happ over Ricky now we extend Happ 2 more years??? That doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in them signing Johnson this winter. Doesn’t make a ton of sense to me with Drabek, Hutchison, Nolin, Stroman and possibly Sanchez ready to step in for 2014, not to mention any free agents out there. Guess we will find out more tomorrow but throwing $5 million at a guy with a career OPS+ of 96 is kind of a puzzler even in light of RR’s troubles. Maybe the Jays brass see him breaking out this year. Hopefully I am very wrong about him.

    • Was thinking the same thing but I can’t type quick.

      • You two are completely nuts. Especially we “have to” us Happ over Romero. The fuck? But also all the other stuff.

        • They’re just a little crotchety & cantankerous,
          grouchy & grumpy,
          irritable & ornery,
          cranky & crusty,
          rancorous & ill-tempered.

          • @ SP
            That’s me you described.

            NM’s actually a nice guy and he’s knowledgable.
            He’s one of the good ones.

            • I was being somewhat self-referential as well.
              I agree about night_manimal though.
              A year or two ago I remember him repeatedly pleasuring himself because it seemed to be helping the cause.
              It kept him in fine fettle, if nothing else.
              A true man among men.

            • My main concern is that they basically have guaranteed his final arbitration year for 2014 at time when he’s been pretty horrible the last two seasons in a league that’s easier on the pitchers. They have removed the option of getting rid of him without cost if he continues to suck. I’m not convinced his increase in his k/9 rates is a reflection of his true talent level as opposed to the rising trend in the league wide k rate among hitters. That big jump in his k rate has more to do with his reasonably attractive FIP than anything else and that’s what a lot of people are looking at. By BR’s reckoning he’s compiled a -1.3 WAR over the last two seasons and an OPS+ of 96, again below league average. Imo they could have waited to see how things progressed with the TJ boys and the kids in the minors before locking him up. Also I think it’s a bit ridiculous to argue the depth issue for 2014 and 2015 now when there’s a boat load of free agents to be had this winter.

              • What NM said.
                I think it’s a valid point to consider.

                • Yeah but when RR comes back twice as good and Hutch is ready and Drabek figures it out, now they’ve got a decent lefty with a decent contract through 2015 to take offers on.

                • Even if he has a down year you don’t just cut him loose and lose the value. If he had a down year he would still probably get a small increase in his last year of arb and then if he did better in 2014 you wouldn’t lose this asset for nothing. Worst case scenario it would only cost the jays less than a mil extra to potentially lock him up for insurance and if he plays the option year it was because he played well and it would be at a reasonable price . A win for the team all around.

              • Never a great idea to count on signing quality pitchers in free agency when you have a possibly very ok pitcher on your hand right now. Depth is always good.

                • With the influx of money from the TV deals free agency will not be the way to build a team. The player agents know the money is there and will be asking for the sky for average players .

    • He’s extended for 1 more year. The deal is for 2013 and 2014

      • Yep you are correct of course. Meant to say we might be stuck with him for 2 more years.

        • What if part of having josh Johnson is him rejecting arbitration at the end of the season and us getting the extra pick+extra draft money

    • There are no guarantees that Romero regains his form, so Happ fills that gap. There are also no guarantees that any of the Tommy John gang make it back ok. Drabek wasn’t exactly lights out. Happ is a fairly reasonable insurance policy at the back end of the rotation. What’s not to like?

      • That’s the point GSMC.
        Does this mean that the jays have no intention of signin JJ?
        What if RR recovers? One of Drabek,Hutchison,Perez happens to do well?
        It’s great for now ,but he was already signed for this year.

        • It gives us trade options, say, for a permanent second baseman or DH. Assuming the Jays hit 3MM in attendance, there should be some money left in the till for JJ. You can never have too much pitching depth. 2012 was still only last year, have we forgotten already?

          • So you lose JJ to FA. Does Happ slot into the rotation with RR?I don’t know if Happ will be trade bait at 5/year. Hutch,Drabek or Perez aren’t trade bait, coming off TJ.
            A lot of questions and reduced flexibilty.
            Depending on the situation, you might end up paying 5 mil for a 6 or 7 starter.
            Again Happ was signed for the year.
            He coulda been extended in July or August.

            • Losing JJ to FA is not a foregone conclusion. If any of the Tommy John trio do ok this year, then maybe Happ is the trade bait.

              This is all a bunch of speculation at the end of the day. Call me an optimist, but when we hypothesize scenarios, it doesn’t always have to be the worst case.

          • It is not only the attendance, Rogers is low balling their TV contract at 35 million a year. The ownership of TBJ- Rogers can pay the extra 15 million not for the walk up attendance but to fill the Tv viewership.

    • You can’t go wrong with decently prized pitching depth. All the people you named are questions marks. Why not resign Happ as an insurance policy?

      • I guess because I equate Happ to the Aaron Laffey types of the world and they’re reasonably easy to find. I just question the dollar amount considering the payroll balloons quite a bit with Buehrle’s ugly contract and Reyes’ big raise in 2014. I really don’t look forward to the idea of opening 2014 with Dickey, Morrow and 2 questionable lefties, 3 if you count Romero.

        As for the risk, again if Romero turns into Willis there’s always the free agent route to go to replace him. Why commit to a guy who hasn’t done squat the last 2 years now?

        • Maybe they have the $$ and they’re finally not afraid to spend it??

        • Well I think this is the crux of it. I personally feel like Happ is a little better than Laffey-types in terms of consistency, would a moderate amount more upside. Happ has the tools to stumble into a nice season results wise. Laffey? Not so much.

    • I wouldn’t worry that this extension signifies the Jays don’t intend to re-sign Johnson.

      A couple weeks before the Marlins trade, commenters speculated the declined option and resigning of Rajai Davis was a harbinger of a shrewd offseason. No dice.

    • I can’t believe you’d complain like this. With JJ leaving and RR being in the dumps, we have no idea what the rotation could look like. having a guy like Happ around is priceless.

    • Or this deal basically guarantees the money he would have made in arbitration over the next two seasons had he received two full year of service time, plus giving and added year of team control via the option at a reasonable price, thus appeasing him while maintaining flexibility
      . Why do you have to go all Sun comment section on this one? The season doesn’t start til next week, it’s a bit premature to start compaining about cheap fucking rogers not spending in the 2014 off season.

  8. Well worth it. The jays are getting good value with this contract.

  9. Say what? I guess the money could be worse spent than a Happ extension.

    Random thought, pre-emptive insurance in case Josh Johnson leaves? Maybe not, that’s kinda crazy.

  10. Why all the negative comments?

    Happ is a solid #5 or even #4, and can eat a ton of innings for the Jays.

    What’s not to like.

  11. Whats all this “in case Johnson leaves” thing?

    Of course Johnsons leaving. He was always leaving. Dickey was brought in BECAUSE hes leaving

    The onky scenario that keeps him here is a WS win( or at least WS appearance) led by a very strong Johnson season ( as in, Cy Young caliber).

    • A World Series win or Cy Young season makes him more likely to leave, not less.

      • One of those things on their own maybe, but probably not both.

        A WS brought on the back of a CY season would be the rare scenario I could see him come back. A season like that would essentially force the club to resign Johnson, due to the immense goodwill he fanbase would have for Johnson and his marketing power. They would pay the 6/$140 or whtever it would take to retain him, even if it meant shedding some salary elsewhere.

  12. Prediction: Ricky will return in July throwing a knuckleball

  13. Josh Johnson is already out the door…

  14. Basiclly its an extra year at reasonable cost. Security for Happ, depth for Jays. And of course the requisite Anthoptions thrown in.

    Solid move, if a little unsexy.

  15. Stoets,
    Agree or disagree,
    Two possible reasons,
    1. They believe Romero is really fucked and may never come out of this funk
    2. Josh Joshson doesn’t want to resign in Toronto.

    • Johnson would love to sign in Toronto…..for the $20 million he wants.

      If he has a poor year, Toronto prob wont be interested, and if he has a great year, Toronto prob wont be willing to pay him what he’ll get elsewhere, especially if Morrow or Dickey have an elite year.

      • Look at Dickey’s numbers against the AL East last year. His numbers are dramatically better and he gets to face them all year. Look at his numbers in a controlled stadium (dome) where he pitches more than half his games. He should have an unbelievable year. Look at the numbers for any starter that follows Dickey in the rotation for the Mets last year. They pitched better than Dickey did and he won the Cy Young . So Morrow should be a Cy candidate this year sliding in behind Dickey. Josh Johnson is in his walk year and so he will be lights out as our forth starter and than Happ as the fifth. Should be a great year!

      • IF Adam Wainwright is worth 5 /97.5 million, what is JJ worth.? If he pitches 200 innings and goes 15-10 and an ERA+ 115 TO 120. Probably damn close, plus the Blue Jays worth an extra 20 million in mlb TV rights increase per annum.

    • ……you know another huge reason why Johnso is leaving?

      Wainwright is off he 2014 FA market.

      Lets just enjoy him while hes here.

      • It’s ok, we’ll just trade for Madison Bumgarner or someone else awesome.
        Insert Lou Piniela Analogy here.

  16. What’s wrong with Jays fans? We’re in the cusp of a season with playoff/world series potential and you’re gnashing your teeth because we signed a back end if the rotation pitcher to an extension. Signing him does not equal JJ leaving or anything more significant than AA wanting a little insurance. You buy insurance in case something bad happens, but buying insurance is no guarantee that something bad will happen; otherwise, insurance companies would be out of business.

    • exactly, everyone can simmer the fuck down on this one. If anything, this advances/strengthens the notion of re-signing JJ as he can now specifically see how this rotation will look/act in 2014, based on 2013 results.

    • Looking forward to the season ahead.
      Happ went from being a possible 6th starter and playing in the minors, to getting an extension.
      It’s an interesting move,which may or may not signify what the future holds for the team.
      The fact that we speculate, has no bearing on our support of the team going for the playoffs this year.

  17. we need like 8 more comments from someone who thinks they’re being insightful by connecting this signing to Josh Johnson leaving.

  18. Shit Happens.

  19. Happ is giving up a year of his free agency pretty cheaply, IMO. Another team friendly extension by the Jays.

    It really has nothing to do with Josh Johnson or his future here (though I wouldn’t get your hopes up on the Jays giving him enough money to re-sign).

    • You think Happ woulda recieved 5 mil as a FA, when he was scheduled to start this year in AAA?He was already signed for this year.

      • What does this even mean? Is he a FA in your scenario or is he with a team that has him slated for AAA? If he’s on the open market, yes, he gets in that neighbourhood. If he pitched the whole 2013 season in AAA, yes, he still gets in that neighbourhood.

        • Disagree.
          It’s an unusual move based upon AA’s past contract negotiations.
          I’m not going to lose sleep over it but does make me go ???

          • What the hell are you going on about? It falls completely in line with nearly every one of AA’s extensions. Security for the player, potential upside/value for the organization.

            • AA’ s MO when buying a players FA year, is to pay for the exsiting year at the current rate,extend for set number of years with options for additional years with buyouts.
              You can correct me if I’m wrong.
              That’s “what the hell I’m going on about.”

            • And as usual BFF, no response..

  20. Anyone know the status of Perez Et al after their tommy John surgeries?

  21. Does this cement Romero in the minors all year?

  22. This is a bit of an overpay.

    But still, it’s truly amazing to read tweets from Phillies & Yankees fans snickering about J.A. Happ getting overpaid.

    “The Phillies dodged a bullet by not paying J.A. Happ…”.

    Ha ha. Ok then.

  23. Watching Overbay popping up whilst in a Yankees uniform is heartwarming.

    • Vernon Wells & Lyle Overbay -> embedded Blue Jays.

      • Wells,Overbay & Jayson Nix &Juan Rivera are covert Jays players ensuring that the Yankees lose enough games so that the Jays make the playoffs.

        If necessary, Dwayne Wise , Randy Ruiz & Jo Jo Reyes will join the Yankees this year.


        Randy Ruiz will become an emergency Yankee DH if the Yankees get close to the wildcard spot

  24. “On the other hand, it seems reasonable that finding a guy like him in free agency two years down the road would cost more than the $6.7-million option you have on him. ”

    This. Won’t that be about 1 WAR on the FA market, using the (admittedly clumsy) WAR-to-money game? I would certainly hope he’d be capable of that over a season in his prime

  25. @oakville69
    Hey we were talking about this last night!
    We figured maybe AA extends him for 3 IF he had a good year this year. Now it turns out the 3 includes this year so it is not as risky lengthwise but he hasn’t proven anything.
    I think it speaks to the fact that they may believe down deep that our other major lefty, just demoted, has gone Steve Blass or Balor Moore on us. I think RR needs lots of work-wish him well

    • @fukstick.


      I think this was a great move by AA to sign Happ as a Ricky Romero insurance policy.

      The Jays wanted Happ since 2009 & was rumored to be included in the deal for Halladay.

      I love the option for 2015, since we don’t know if Josh Johnson will resign with the Jays.

      If Johnson has a great year , 5/100 million is roughly his FMV.

      Romero could come back or become a Steve Blass.

      If Romero comes back as RR 2011, then Happ could be traded for a 2B

  26. Great signing.

    This is not an overpay. Legitimate 4th-5th starters aren’t going to come cheaper.

  27. as for the 13 man bullpen, I wonder when the rolling DL stints begin – whoever has a semi-bad outing can be the candidate for “rehabbing” a tweak, as long as there is labour peace (ie. McGowan contract, Happ extension) Cecil and Jeffress get the wink and nod idea – be a good soldier if we want to hang on to you and play the DL game.

  28. Handshake deal between AA and JA – when he gets to start he takes this deal. Then UNICORNS DANCED!

  29. Bisons are holding OPEN auditions for anthem singers this Saturday; tell any singing friends – might even be a slight advantage to Canadians given that they will be singing both anthems at every game this year.


    • Shiiiit.

      I’m applying, and not to boast too much guys, but I can sing the titts of off Celine Dionne. Whoops, she doesn’t have titts though.

      Seriously, I plan on applying as I have been working very hard with my singing coach, Rosanne Barr/ Arnold. It’s gonna be amazing, look out Barfalo!

  30. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! @ Blue Balls

    Best comment of the week on Stoeten!

  31. cant wait for tuesday

  32. Getting the option is always gold without having to go long on the contract years.

    “pay me or trade me!”

  33. Shrewd move by AA locking up the happster. Anyways, I noticed the rangers released brandon snyder. He would be a great guy to platoon lind with. Dude had a .916 ops vs. lefties last year and has a history of raking vs. lefties. Think he would be a great fit for the bench.

  34. I am not worried about an extension with Josh J as they seem to find money easily for extensions. I think it wise to see him pitch against NY and Bos before giving him ungodly amounts of cash.

  35. I know a lot can happen between now and the end of the year, but still…

    Jays starting rotation depth in 2014:
    1) Dickey
    2) Morrow
    3) Buehrle
    4) Happ
    5) Romero
    6) Hutchison
    7) Drabek
    8) McGowan
    9) Jenkins
    10) Sanchez?

    That’s just ridiculous starting rotation depth, all for multiple years of control too. And sure, McGowan’s perpetually injured, but at 8th does that even matter?

    • Everyone always seems to forget about Sean Nolin, but if he’s anywhere near as dominant as he was last year I’d say he would probably slide in behind Hutchison on the depth chart, maybe even ahead of him and ( hopefully not but) possibly Romero if he gets a shot and performs well this year.

      • I could’ve sworn I heard the Wilner/Hayhurst duo say the other day that MacGowan was now strictly a reliever.

  36. Actually this is a great little investment for AA to make.. he is working with people after all and this has to be good news for Happ, and second like you said Stoeten, it gives AA something more to work with should another trade come up.

  37. JAYS IN 6 BABY!!!!!!!!!

  38. Since they acquired him, I’ve been hoping they would just stick Happ in the rotation and let him get 30 starts. I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised with Happ if he gets a full season of starts.

  39. Where this move gets really interesting is when you consider what happens if Ricky Romero comes back big and Drabek and Hutchison are ready for service later this year or early next year.

    Happ is the most proven commodity of the four, at least recently, and locking him into a team-friendly contract makes him a very good candidate to be traded later in the year if they need to fill another hole somewhere.

  40. Can’t really argue with this move (save perhaps the price).
    After watching the 2012 Jays’ starters go down faster than a drunk cheerleader on prom night – having one MLB-experienced pitcher too many is infinitely preferable to being one short.
    Can’t really see Rickey making a dramatic turnaround in his journey to rediscovery – so there’s really no pressure to having him stay down in Florida and just gettin’ his mind right.

  41. Gotta be honest that I don’t really understand it given Happ still had an arb year left. I sometimes think the ninja gets a little too cute with his option years. It’s a smart practice, but lots of examples of it not working out for the Jays. Why not wait it out? Worse case Ontario you end up paying more for a guy that’s performed above expectations. But I’m not gonna get my panties in a bunch over the signing of a decent back end starter for reasonable coin. This is an easy guy to trade with that contract if all the Jays injured guys come back. Just a bit unusual. Don’t understand the comments about the extension of a 5/6 starter affecting negotiations with a front of the line starter. How the fuck does that make sense.

  42. I’m thinking we let at least a few months of 2013 play out before piling on.

  43. So let me get this straight…Romero gets blast by Jays “fans” because he’s going through a rough patch. Even if he can’t sort himself out, he’s done nothing to deserve the abuse. Those same “fans” called for Happ because of his great Spring numbers??? Have you guys seen his numbers over the past 2 years against MLB competition? I’m sure with the Jays offense, Happ will be fine as a 5th starter but lets not get carried away. Happ is no sure bet!
    Personally I’d rather AA spent the money to keep Carlos Villanueva or spent a little more and brought Marcum back but thats just my opinion.

    • Well, it’s my opinion that it’s good that you’re not the Jays GM. Carlos V really tailed off at the end of last year, justifying to at least some degree AA’s concern about his durability as a full time starter. Plus, he wouldn’t accept anything less than a guarantee of 5th starter status (had Romero not shit the bed this spring, where would you have proposed CV be put in the rotation?).

      Marcum is just a walking DL stint in waiting. After last year’s clusterfuck of injuries…no thanks!

  44. I’m still getting over the shock of Romero being sent all the way down to single A ball.. Have they completely given up on Romero? Or is this a just in case scenario? Although I believe Halladay was sent down only to bounce back to become one of the best pitchers in baseball.. Soooo it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out

    • I wouldn’t put too much into the fact he went to A ball. It’s more about the weather and keeping him away from the Toronto media from what I understand.

  45. I was just watching the Yankees on TV the other night and saw Lyle Overdue,Juan Riviera-of-shit, and Hells Bells it’s Vernon Wells.

    Then I checked my drink to see if it had been roofied.

  46. Just a little FYI: Henry Blanco and Mark DeRosa were teammates on the 2008 Cubs team that won 97 games but disappointingly lost to Dodgers in NLDS – Blanco was back up to Geovany Soto.


    • The best Cubs team to miss the World Series since 1945.

      As a lifelong Cubs fan (I can be a Jays fan too, since it will be impossible for the Cubs to make the WS ever again, there are no potential conflicts in rooting during the WS.), I am loathe to use a ‘curse’ as a cover excuse for crappy management/ownership, any residual curse-like issues that may have affected DeRosa or Blanco while with the Cubbies will have worn off by now as they have played on other teams in between their Cubs and Jays stints.

  47. funny link from Jesse Goldberg-Strassler in Lansing:


    BREAKING NEWS: I hereby announce that a $1 fine will be imposed every time a cranky middle-aged baseball fan complains about these new-fangled blogger-invented statistics that weren’t around when he was a kid. A third violation increases the fine to $10. Deal with it.

  48. OMG! Is Josh Johnson leaving?

    Just kidding….

    I don’t quite see the connection in any way, shape or form. Don’t over think things fella’s.

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