Spring Threat: Jays vs. Rays


The Jays travel to wherever it is that the Rays make their spring home (Port Charlotte?), and… yep… Spring Training appears to still be going. Of course, it’s all road games now– including a pair in Philadelphia on the weekend– so the club has said by to the awkwardly-named Florida Auto Exchange Stadium for another season.

J.A. Happ– the club’s newly-named fifth starter– takes the hill against the Rays’ Jeff Niemann. Yep. And hey… what if he gets shitcanned? Do we have a new story or are we pretty much going to go through the motions until Tuesday?


Mike Cormack tweeted first this morning that Alex Anthopoulos had said that the Jays would carry eight relievers to start the season. Shi Davidi was quick to add that Brett Cecil had been told he’d made the team, and Jeremy Jeffress was likely the other one.

“Brett Cecil called into office this morning, ‘My heart sank.’ Then told he made the team,” tweets John Lott.

Barry Davis tweets that Sergio Santos is feeling better, after coming down with a cold, and will pitch today and again Saturday in Philadelphia.

Shi Davidi welcomes Ben Nicholson-Smith to the Sportsnet fold– the former MLBTR man is now their baseball editor.

Davis says that Edwin Encarnacion took BP today and is likely to play tomorrow. Wilner adds that his absence today was bus ride-related.

Pete Walker admits to Shi Davidi that he wishes he’d started on making Romero’s mechanical changes earlier.

Wilner notes that the Jays will begin the year with two players on the 15-day DL: “Brett Lawrie (retro to Mar. 22), Dustin McGowan (retro to today).”

Wilner also says that John Gibbons will consider playing Emilio Bonifacio in centre against some left-handers… because Gibbers is fucking awesome.

Davis tweets a picture of R.A. Dickey, who throws– along with Casey Janssen– in a minor league game today, pitching to J.P. Arencibia, who is handling him in this his final tuneup before the two take the field in less than a week, here in Toronto at Rogers Centre.

TV: FX Canada– or you can listen to the game online for free via MLB.com.

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

E. Bonifacio 2B
R. Davis LF
M. Izturis 3B
A. Lind 1B
C. Rasmus CF
H. Blanco C
R. Langerhans RF
M. Nickeas DH
P. Mooney SS

J. Happ LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

D. Jennings CF
S. Fuld LF
E. Longoria 3B
B. Zobrist RF
S. Rodriguez 1B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Lobaton DH
J. Molina C
R. Roberts 2B

J. Niemann RHP


Image via @JAHappster.

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  1. Whadda douchebag!

  2. Mike Nickeas AND Port Moody!?

    We got some serious Vancity rep this game.

  3. How’s Lindy been looking this spring?

  4. When do we start worrying about the lack of Encarnacion?

    • Think something was mentioned about opening day being next week. Ie, that day

    • “Davis says that Edwin Encarnacion took BP today and is likely to play tomorrow. Wilner adds that his absence today was bus ride-related.”

      It’s all good

  5. Not Jays related, buuuuuuuuuut…..according to Jayson Stark:

    While MLB works to grow the game globally through the World Baseball Classic, Warren Cromartie is hard at work to expand it internationally … to Canada. Cromartie held a news conference last week to announce a feasibility study as part of his goal to bring major league ball back to Montreal.

    “I have been almost like a scout in Montreal the last couple years,” Cromartie said. “I’ve been checking people out and getting the pulse of the city, like I’m looking for that elusive five-tool player. And I’m happy to say that Montreal is a five-tool city. One, we have the history, with Jackie Robinson, who pretty much put Montreal on the baseball map. [He played there for the Dodgers' AAA team in 1946.] Two, we have the passionate fan base. Close to 4 million people live in Montreal. We’re one of the largest cities in North America without a team. Three, we have the Canadiens and the Alouettes. No. 4, we have the corporate entities needed. And No. 5, they got me.”

    Cromartie said that last bit with a laugh, but he’s right. To pull this off, Montreal needs a passionate person bursting with enthusiasm who will work hard to make an impossible dream come true. Cromartie played in Montreal and has roots there; he married a woman from Quebec. Montreal supported major league ball until it was hit with the triple whammy of the 1994 strike, the Canadian dollar’s plunging value and Jeffrey Loria’s ownership. We’re nearly two decades removed from the strike, the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar are at par, and Loria is now haunting Miami. Montreal deserves to have the game back. Cross your fingers and wish Cromartie the best success.

  6. McGowan is just going on the DL because they can put him there, not because he suffered another setback right?

  7. oh shit son….happ walks 2 in 2IP

    better send him to the Minors

    ok, im done with the 5th starter crap now, thanks for listening lol

    • If the Jays only lose every 5th game, I’m good with that.

      • LOL

        But only at the hands of Happ, fucking chicken little the sky is falling if its RR

        • I’m crashing your Opening Day Party, but I’m bringing Whiskey. Make sure that cheap bastard Jays 2010 brings something. He likes to watch porn in reverse where the hooker gives the money back at the end.

          • us Irish love us some Whiskey

            you got to pay the hooker, and video tape it, that way its porn, not a crime, everyone knows that.

  8. The picture’s of Happster creep me out. Is he tucking it hard there or what?

  9. guess Happ can rep the Jays @ the parade on Church for all these so called hipsters .

  10. Wilner: “Brett Lawrie (retro to Mar. 22), Dustin McGowan (retro to today).” Shouldn’t that read “…Dustin McGowan, retro to when acid wash jeans were supposedly cool the first time?”

  11. good one boudreau

  12. Nope not at all

  13. Per Griff and Davidi, the Guillermo Moscoso era has ended, claimed by the Cubs.

    • Nooooooo!! Say it ain’t soooo…

    • The Cubs need all the help they can get when Jeff Samardzja (sp?) is your opening day pitcher (Garza’s injured for the first month, iirc).

      • Seriously?

        Samardzjia’s a great young pitcher with ace stuff and a lot of years of control.

        I’d trade Johnson or Morrow for him straight up in a heartbeat. Probably even Dickey.

        I know the Cubs sure as hell wouldn’t let him go for D’Arnaud and Syndergaard.

  14. Just had a look at the marlins stats:

    Henderson Alvarez 12.2 IP, era 3.55, whip 1.42, baa 2.83

    Hechaverria BA .170

    Marisnick BA .455

    Mathis BA .500 (2 ABs)

  15. anyone know if Stroman is pitching today?

  16. When is ra dickey pitching and why is nobody concerned he hasn’t had a great spring/wbc?

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