From the Jays’ official Twitter account we get the image above of the completed renovation of what used to be known as Windows Restaurant– the bizarre enclosed restaurant inside of a domed stadium– which is well-timed, since Opening Day is, for this city, just six days away.

The area is now, as we’ve been following, an open air porch accessible to fans seated in all levels of the stadium.

Check out below the jump for a look at how the renovation has progressed…


February 11th, via @docrivait.


February 20th, via @jonathannorris.



March 6th, via the Jays’ official Twitter feed.


March 25th, via Tim Langton.

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  1. I don’t understand this porch. There doesn’t seem to be much protection. I give it about 2 months before someone falls either because it is too crowded, they are drunk, or they are reaching for a ball.

    • How is it any less safe than the 500 level?

      • I think the guardrail on the 500 level is much harder to lean over. There are also less balls that go up there that even make it possible or worthwhile to lean over.

    • Look at Langton’s picture and where the floor is on the seats in the foreground to the left. It’s quite a bit below the level that the concrete comes up to, and I imagine that will also be the case in the new area adjacent– the facing is at the same level.

    • I agree. Perhaps they could use harnesses, like on the CN Tower’s Edge Walk. Or those cool magnetic boots from Face/Off!

      • Agreed. The boots seem like the only logical choice.
        Will you have to rent them like at a bowling alley or will they force you to bring your own?

  2. this

  3. what JustinTet said

  4. Very cool!

    Beeston said a few hundred million was going to go into the dome the next few years. Will be neat to see the changes. With real grass and some more other changes (some outfield seats taken out? better concessions?) I think the experience could really improve.

  5. It’s a big gaping hole.

    Reminds me of Prom night.

  6. It looks temporary. The seats in front look weak. They opened a hallway. i guess it is better but hopefully this is stage 1.

  7. Cool, ruined by Budweiser and Rogers.

    • Oh yes, how horribly offensive that there would be advertising inside a stadium.

    • God forbid the company that actually paid to have the renovations done put their name on it.

    • In a strange way, the advertising signage actually works for me…at least from the angle of the first photo…to helping the Dome look more like an actual modern baseball stadium.


      • i realized they paid for this, but does rogers really need to put more advertising in there? its like their cramming their product down our throats.

      • Second this. Something strangely off putting about a stadium that doesn’t cram as much advertising into the stadium as possible.

    • I think it looks way less offensive than the Honda and Blackberry ads plastered over the windows in recent years

  8. When visiting U.S Cellular field last year, I really enjoyed wandering around the open areas of the outfield bleachers. I think this is a fantastic idea.

  9. I love it.

    I hope it ‘functions’ well.

  10. I’m thirsty.

  11. cool, hope it works

  12. I’m with Stoet’s on this one. Ad’s at a stadium is just crazy! Especially from the ones who own it. Shameful

  13. If anyone has been to Citizens Bank, the terrace in the outfield there is one of the coolest places in the stadium

    • Don’t worry, the Dome security goons will make sure to crush any potential “atmosphere” that might actually be generated by this new space.

  14. If they truly want windowless restaurant to look great, they’d compliment it with grass.

  15. If anything, the 500 level of Rogers Centre needs more security goons, not less.

  16. The weirdest part about the first photo is seeing everything ripped out below the 100s, I didn’t know they could remove the bullpen area and all that and just leave the 100 outfield floating in the air above concrete storage space.

    Seriously, though, this is cool. Nobody will miss Windows. Well, maybe the MLB The Show 13 developers who already designed their Rogers Centre model.

    I’ll see you guys under the Rogers sign. I’ll make signs. We’ll get on TV.

    • Me and Kelly Grubers Bastard Son dressed up as “Lillys HillBilles” some years back.
      Wife beaters, 10 gallon hats and, fake teeth.
      We got on the Jays broadcast where the late Jon Cerrutti said that he “loved it”.
      We won a years supply of Eskimo Pies for being “fan of the game”.

      Strange that they gave away Eskimo pies.

      • Yeah man, that was the weekend the Yankees were in town.

        Then we had a friendly stand off in the hotel elevator with Sheff’s Chef’s. That was funny.

  17. I think it will be too distracting – How will the batters pick out my white tshirt while i”m stealing the catchers signs for them

    • Dude haven’t you heard? You’ve been traded to the Yankees.

      • …after the Jays signed you to a 8 year, $120 million contract.

      • I received an email from my ticket rep asking me to pick all my games by July 31. I think the Jays want to reduce the amount of tickets they keep available ASAP for flexpack holders.

        It’s annoying because i don’t know which games I want to see yet other than the 3 games picked out already.

        There may be certain games i want to see in July & August depending on pitching matchups. I hope we can just pick games near the end of the season & move them up to earlier in the season if necessary.

        Anyone else get this email from the Jays?

        • “there may be game I want to see in july” … I hope you know what games you want to see in july by july 31st!

  18. Jesus. Look at that concrete right below the turf.

    I’ve always known it was literally a green carpet on concrete, but actually seeing it… it’s like seeing your grandma’s tits.

    • You had to take her shoes off to see her nipples.

    • I’m sure this is a stupid question, but bear with me.

      Why does it need to be concrete? Why couldn’t they just make it out of that springy stuff they make gym floors out of, and THEN put the turf overtop of it? I know it won’t be like the real thing no matter what they do, but they could at least attempt some semblance of realism.

      • not an expert on turf, but i believe its used over other things, for a couple of reasons.

        Cost – it way cheaper to put it down then “springy stuff they make gym floors out of”
        sections – turf is laid out in sections making it easier to replace, pull up, all that stuff. With concrete it helps in that process in 2 ways, u can use equipment that typically wouldn’t be used on “springy stuff they make gym floors out of” love that by the way, IE skid steer, tractors, folk lifts, that type of stuff. Its very durable aswell meaning with the constant removing and replacing the skydome goes threw over the summer, the concrete will last much longer. Which is also cost related.
        So as a betting man, Cost, bottom line, profits, ya know the engine of the world.

        should also be noted that with the impovements to turf over the past 10 years, it can feel like real grass when running, but only if your use to running on frozen fields.

    • You’re going to hell in a hand basket, but don’t worry, I’ll be there to hang with you.

    • Actually saw a pic today of the turf earlier today and the pic above is misleading, the pic I saw was of the infield without the dirt at 1st base and I was surprised to see that the turf was actually 3-4 inches thick. It was on twitter today posted by Langton I believe

  19. Once the natural turf goes in and it’s primarily a baseball facility, can they change the name to something more baseball-y? Centre seems cold and sterile. Rogers Field…or something?

  20. Why is the whole area not “even” on the outside? Like, shouldn’t it be in the shape of a half circle? Hard to put into words what I’m talking about but if you look at the blue facade at the bottom of this area the geometry does not look good at all.

  21. I love it – I think it’s going to look even better on game day when people are actually in it.

  22. What’s up with the big ass Budweiser’s neon sign in left field?

  23. I gotta ask – with Windows gone, where do we go for the all you can eat Thursdays?

  24. Im thinking, if the jays make the playoffs, that “open porch” will turn into “paid standing room”

  25. I think this is awesome. Rogers is really making an effort to get Rogers Centre into a more conventional ball field. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

    I do see “paid standing room” if the Jays make the postseason. The more the merrier?

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