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There’s some news today for the ever-growing segment of Jays fans who have cut, or are waiting for a thing like this as a reason to cut, their home cable TV cord. I’m not sure it’s particularly great or impactful news, but… it’s news, as Michael Oliveira of the Canadian Press, via the Toronto Star, writes that “Rogers says it may sell digital streaming of Toronto Blue Jays games and its Sportsnet channels to non-TV subscribers.”

He goes on to explain that this “small segment of consumers” who have discovered the internet, and the largely pointless expense that is cable TV, can get most of the content they want legally online (and often for free), but have trouble finding ways to legally stream sporting events. This is true, though if you want to be technically correct, there seems to be no clear answer to the question of whether accessing via a VPN, while a clear violation of the terms of service, is actually illegal. Either way, it’s is just as morally murky, too.

But, as the music industry learned the hard way, moral murk and legal technicalities tend to not be great obstacles to people determined to get the content they want the way they want it– nor, it seems, do legal witch hunts to make examples out of randomly selected users– and it seems as though Rogers has finally heard this. And… actually, they’re talking about it pretty sensibly.

“There’s definitely thinking going on about what kind of model would make sense — to university students (for example) who perhaps don’t have a cable, satellite or IPTV subscription — how do you create a product that’s relevant for them?” said [Rogers senior vice president of content David] Purdy.

“Would it be just the Jays? Probably not. Would Sportsnet be available in a unique distribution model? That’s something we’re actively thinking about.

“You’ve got to be customer-centric and innovate and recognize there’s a certain number of people out there that today don’t subscribe to (a TV package). But you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot with pricing that’s not smart.”

Uh… about that, though. Oliveira considers what Rogers is already doing with Sportsnet World programming, a full access subscription to which runs “bout $275 a year, or $25 a month.” He adds that “buying a year of rugby games is $129, it’s $199 for cricket, and soccer options range from $99 for just UEFA Europe League matches to about $253 for all soccer games.”

Setting the price in that ballpark would be pretty reasonable, I think, and probably enough to entice a lot of people who understand why it’s important to supporting the content they value– even when it’s coming from “fucking Rogers”– but I’m not so sure it’s going to change the minds of those who see cheaper, and free-er, alternatives. It’s at least a step in the right direction, though.

Unless– as Parkes just pointed out to me– Rogers blacks out every non-Jays game that’s on Sportsnet, forcing people to choose either, the Sportsnet package, or paying for both.

Changing channels, as it were– see what I just did there?– while we’re on the subject of the Jays and media, how about this tidbit from Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail, who wrote about Rogers’ hopes to drive ad revenue through the revamped Jays, and added that “Rogers hasn’t said what it will do with the country’s third most popular sports channel, but sources said the company is eyeing The Score’s downtown Toronto studio as a venue for interactive postgame broadcasts because of its close proximity to the Rogers Centre.”

Certainly makes sense. So… yeah…


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  1. I want Nik Kypreos and Andrew Stoeten together in a round table discussion about the importance of grit.

  2. At least most of the Jays games are on Sportsnet Ontario (Basic cable), about 20 of the raptors 82 games were on basic cable.

  3. Great news..I’d be more than willing to pay for a premium MLB.TV package that wasn’t blacked out

  4. This makes a lot of sense in terms of the world, but it also made sense for a cable company to hold back as long as possible. They don’t want guys like me who have cable almost exclusively for sports to turn around and completely cancel my subscription (although at least as a West Coaster I’m a Telus customer).

  5. Be nice Stoets thinks being on a team is like being in a band you just play the game/music correct. If you have played sports to a high level you understand the grit and dressing room shit. And no its not about standing up and calling everyout out. Its about the chirping each other and having fun. I guarantee you Lawrie learns more this year just by having Mark there chirping him laughing at him when a ball eats him up or when he he mad after an at bat.

  6. As a non-TV owner and poor university student, I probably will just go to bars when I have free time instead of paying to 200-odd dollars it would cost to stream online. That said, I think Rogers could and should consider setting up some sort of pay-per-view system online through Charging 4 bucks a game would be reasonable for occasional viewers, and certainly generate more money than having bars packed with people who aren’t watching at home.

    • That’s a good idea, actually. Have the option for the season or pay per game.

      I doubt I would buy this though. My VPN allows Hulu and us Netflix so it’s not like buying it from Rogers would lessen the cost, assuming the price is around 100 per season since I would need to keep the VPN around.

    • $4 bucks a game? Like, less than it would cost you to have your first beer watching the game at a bar?

  7. I’m quite happy with my VPN. This should have been done already. They are going to fall behind.

    • What’s the difference between purchasing MLBtv and watching over a VPN or just going to vipbox and watching any game there for free?

      • This way I can still watch on my TV and in perfect quality. It’s assured you will be able to watch. Who knows the future of VIPbox

      • Vipbox lags, is of terrible quality, and you have to keep refreshing, which opens up a hundred pop-up ads. It’s alright if there’s no other option, but is of no comparison to a product like MLB.TV or whatever Sportsnet would be pushing here.

        • I don’t understand a world in which you are keen on alternative viewing methods of sports watching online, yet don’t know about the existence of ad block.

  8. Last year, and so far this year, all the Jays games that air on Sportsnet are free on Rogers Anyplace tv, as long as you have Rogers internet or cell phone. You do not need a cable subscription to access them. Hope that continues on Tuesday.

  9. Are you still cohabiting with the TV side of theScore? Who gets to keep their stuff in situ and who is the sucker to leave with their mixtapes and a toothbrush looking for a friends couch to live on. Hopefully they don’t move you to Oakville, or north of Bloor.

    • We’re moving into a ridiculously great space down the street very shortly.

      • If I read the future use of the SCORE Studio, is it possible that you & Drew & Parkes & Archi could do a post game podcast/live show for DJF?

        That would be a great idea, because you have a different perspective than Wilner’s Jays Talk.

        It’s nice of Rogers to realize that advertising revenue will increase with a competitive team. The Globe article said that viewership could top 1 million per night if the jays are competitive.

        • +1 to post-game DJF live shows.
          Six beers in of course.

          • They could have beers of Steamwhistle on the set & drink a steamwhistle if a Jays player makes a good play or could drink 2 beers if a jays player makes a bad play.

            rogers needs to get more hipsters on board , so a post game show hipster style would work. Let Wilner talk to Russ in New Jersey. I don’t hate Wilner, but some of the callers are strange.

  10. Great news. I got rid of cable TV a long time ago (and I’m well beyond university!), and the only reason I don’t subscribe to MLB.TV is that the Jays games are blacked out. I’d happily pay a reasonable monthly or yearly fee to be able to watch most Jays games on the internet.

    • My cable has been cut, plus $5 monthly account for US DNS service allowed me to watch the Jays in a blacked out locale last year. Also gives me US Netflix.

      Going with the same approach again this year. is is a fantastic service.

      • VPN is the only way to go – the internet ought to be borderless.

        Why pay Rogers for an extra Jays-only service when cheap VPN will get you unfetterred access to MLB TV and every team’s games.

        Blackouts are stupid and shouldn’t be supported, which is what you’d be doing by paying for a Rogers Jays only service to get around the MLB TV blackout.

        The only way a Rogers Jays service makes any sense is if they charge a fraction of MLB TV since you’re only getting one of 30 teams. Otherwise, why bother.

        • I agree, but the term VPN is being thrown out in this board a lot, and is being used incorrectly. I had to say something. Virtual Private Network – like creating a VPN connection to another office, would allow you to route all of your traffic from home through that private tunnel, making it seem that you’re requests are coming from somewhere else. Unblock Us isn’t a VPN, and connecting to your work VPN isn’t going to do much if that’s located in Toronto.

          I think most people are bypassing blackout restrictions with a custom DNS server (like unblock us)

  11. MLBTV + XBMC leads to great bezballe viewing capability and a shit tonne of acronyms. Granted I’m in the nederlands.

  12. what i can pay to watch rugby on tv. fuckin A. may have to give it a try.

  13. What about us folks out west that are Rogers cable subscribers (SN West, East, Pacific, Atlantic, Ontario AND SN1) and, myself, a MLB.TV subscriber. How does making me shill out another $100+ to watch day games really help me?

    That’s really what this boils down to for me. Either let me watch the SN1 games on my computer or loosen up the blackout rules for MLB.TV. It’s ridiculous that I pay for MLB.TV, Sportsnet, and SportsNet 1 just to watch the night games… and now they want me to pay for those few games that aren’t accessible?

    There’s so many times where Sportsnet West or SN1 shows UFC or darts or hockey talk instead of the Blue Jays games. Those are the only HD channels for Jays games in Saskatchewan so if they show other programming I have to watch the Jays on Sportsnet Ontario in Standard Blurry Defintion.

    PS: I now have to subscribe to FX as well for some games. Awesome.

  14. You want cross market promotion? SYNERGY?!
    Bring back Metro ( nee Dominion ) BlueJays Hot Dogs, Mustard, etc…
    I remember drinking my milk/Tang/first rye and coke out of those mustard glasses.

    It was mainly because of the meat though.

  15. When is the djf podcast and getting blanked podcasts coming back?

  16. If Sportsnet was going to rip off a magazine cover, you’d think they wouldn’t pick the one featuring the most recent (and hilarious) example of a team adding star players and falling flat on their face.

  17. Rogers Cable/Internet isn’t an option where I live, but I am a cable subscriber and I generally also buy MLB.TV because I travel for work (mostly within Canada; I expect to spend at least 80% of this summer in a city I don’t call home). It’s endlessly frustrating to me that despite paying monthly for all of the Sportsnet channels AND MLB.TV and not residing in the GTA that there is nowhere for me to legally stream Jays games online. If the price was right for this service, it would probably be a “shut up and take my money” type scenario for me at least. To not provide people with an alternative is a fundamental misunderstanding of how people consume media today.

  18. I’m down to pay… but for fucks sake don’t charge nearly what MLB tv is going to charge for an entire season of the jays. 30 teams for $120 or 1 team for $120…. that would be fucking ridiculous.

  19. anyone looking for a free VPN to use with their here you go

  20. High quality online sport streams would be nice but unless rogers or bell offer access to single games for about 99 cents, I’ll be content with watching online streams from Europe for free

  21. For $200 last year I bought a Tivoli radio. Aside from it sounding like Jerry and
    (insert name here) are in my living room, I can tune the dial to other stations or plug in my laptop and get room-filling sound.

    I’d've thought I’d have something more interesting to say after drinking. Is it fucking Tuesday yet?

  22. Got the SI baseball preview issue (CC Sabathia on the cover, wtf??) in the mail today (only one day after it hits the news stands!!). For what little value SI predictions hold, they have the Jays finishing 2nd in the AL East, one game behind Tampa, at 91-71.

    Yanks and Orioles at 82-80, and the Suck It Farrell’s at 77-85.

    The Tigers win the Central by 11 over the Royals, and the Angels get the West, over the Rangers who get the 2nd wild card.

    Jays beat Rangers in wild card game, and then beat the Angels in the divisional round. Rays beat the Tigers and then beat the Jays in the ALCS. In the WS, the Expos of Montreals’ Past (Nationals) beat the Expos of Montreals’ Future (Rays).

    The issue obviously went to press before yesterday as they still have Romer-woe as the 5th starter. Oops.

    • @Pudge.

      Interesting predictions.

      I can’t see the Rays being 1 game ahead of the Jays. I see an opening day lineup with Escobar,Molina & Kelly Johnson on the Rays. The offence in Tampa will be weak. Can the pitching hold up?

      the Jays have a more balanced roster with depth. The offence can help when the pitching sucks.

      I can’t see Ricky Romero spending the entire year in the minor leagues.

      • An interesting comment in the Rays ‘Modest Proposal’ column where Joe Sheenan’s tip to the Rays for this season is to bring Wil Myers (ex-Royals prospect from James Shields trade) up to the MLB club for the entire season…service time considerations be damned. He basically states that he feels that without Myers offensive contributions for a full season, the Jays will win the AL East outright.

        • If I was Tampa I’d do that. Look at the Angels last year with Trout: if he starts with the big club the Angels at least get the Wild Card game over Texas. That 6-15 April without Trout killed them in September.


    Do yourself a favor, grab a couple beers/mickey/whatever you drink in the theater, bring a couple of pals and watch the new G.I Joe movie. It has it all

    Everything from cheesy kung fu style movie with Rza to badass die hard style movie with Bruce Willis to A HOVERBOAT CHASE WHAAAAT!?

    AND it has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being his typically awesome self. So obviously you were gonna see it anyway

    • You had me at hoverboat.

      Chick with the mole in the trailers looks pretty hot too.

      • Yeah, but does Chuck Norris have a cameo in the movie where he fucks up Steven Segal, Wesley Snipes, and Jean Claude Van Dam in a sick and twisted battle royal with uzis and flamethrowers?

    • I was wondering how those movies made money. I bet I could Google “zipline” & “hoverboat chase” and have a better time. Come to think of it, isn’t there a hoverboat chase in “supercop”? Chinese Jackie Chan > a movie based on a toy franchise any day of the week…

  24. Not going to read through all of the post already. So sorry if this had been said.

    But If you are a rogers customer of any kind except cable. You can still watch the Jays games by streaming through anyplacetv. You just have to be a rogers customer, be it phone or internet.

  25. Heyman picks Johnson for the cy

  26. I hate that MLBtv blacks out all of Canada for Jays games.

    I buy the yearly MLB audio subscription (its twenty bucks!) and with that I can listen to every game from either the Fan590 or the other teams broadcast (sometimes its awesome to hear an outside perspective on the Jays, and sometimes they just get downright catty). You can also listen to all archived games. Sometimes its great to just throw on a good game while I’m at work. But I know listening on the radio isn’t for everyone.

    If its a game I really want to see I go down to the park (I have a fanpass) or watch it in a bar. I’m not going to pay a few hundred bucks to stream the games online.

  27. Anyone can use the new concorse according the jays twitter account

  28. Buster just tweeted hes hearing rumblings of “major news” more to follow.

    Things coukd get intriguing. My gut tells me its PEDS and it also tells me he guy who correctly called the Melky suspension a month before it happened is right again

  29. I won’t get into because I’m sure Emilio Stoeten will, but our friend Keith Law made all kinds of awesome Jays predictions today. Love the Klaw.

    • Oh ya, guess it’s a holiday and there won’t be a post.

      Highlights from Klaws article:

      Jays 90 wins
      Josh Johnson wins the Cy
      Jays win a wildcard
      Jays defeat the Texas Rangers in the wild card and make it to the ALDS.

      I can live with that, I would have been happy with meaningful games in late September for the first time in 20 years.

      • He actually thinks the Rangers make the playoffs? Their rotation is pretty average (with upside), and their offense has taken quite a beating after losing Hamilton and Napoli. The bullpen doesn’t look too sexy either. I would be surprised if they won more than 85 games.

        • Very similar predictions to SI, as per my post up thread (Jays 91 wins, neck and neck with TB…Jays beat Rangers in WC play-off/in game…then beat Angels in ALDS, before losing to Rays in ALCS.

        • Yeah, but Hamilton and Napoli were crap for long portions of last season, and they still made the playoffs.

  30. Marcus Stroman has a rap buddy who seems to have bit of a following, former baseball player Mike Stud. His latest product:

  31. alex burnett?

  32. I guess Alex Burnett is more Buffalo depth. Can never have enough of those guys.

    • Apparently, he’s another flame thrower who can’t find the plate, but he has options. Maybe this means that Jeffress is odd man out when Lawrie returns. Looks like the A’s may have to put Travis Blackley on waivers. If so, he’d be a better option for long man/6th starter than is Cecil.

  33. Sunshine, 17C, Beer, and the woman is gone for the day. I live large! Just need a baseball game on.

  34. For some reason Rosenthal is in Toronto, so they got him for the Prime Time round table…and they’re talking hockey. Ugh.

  35. They’re talking Romero now.

  36. So there you have it. Rosenthal suggested that Toronto would have to eat damn near all of Romeros contract just to get rid of him.

    • Not surprising. If I remember correctly didn’t the Tigers have to eat Dontrelle’s deal?

      I do hope he figures it out though.

      • Might as well let him plug away and hope for the best. I get the impression Romero thinks he is only down for a couple weeks and he doesn’t have a true grasp on what position he is in at this point.

        • Read Romero’s comments about getting sent down, your right he doesn’t realize the spot that he’s in. Seems like he thinks it’ll be a quick fix, if thats the attitude he has now i doubt we see him untill September maybe.

  37. Sportsnet is gonna whore out Rosenthal all day long it appears.

  38. Let me preface this by saying I’m extremely happy with the(New) Blue Jays lineup.
    Also by saying this is merely hypothetical and I only propose it because I’m bored and hungover and a few fellow DJF’s were just discussing the possibility.

    Twins are in dire need of pitching.

    Two years ago when Mauer had a weird nerve thing where he couldn’t crouch the Twins were scared shitless and floated his name in the trade market. There is still talk that he will start to be transitioned to 1B because of the miles on his knees. Obviously last year he returned to form and had a monster year but the Twinks are clearly in rebuild.

    Anthopolous and Terry Ryan are on the phone, who hangs up first?

    Aaron Sanchez -Drafted in the 1.5 round (34th overall) by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2010 (signed for $775,000 (possible true ace for next 15 years),

    Daniel Norris – LHP -Drafted in the 2nd round (74th overall) by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2011 (signed for $2,000,000)

    JP Arencibia – C – Making 0.5 million.

    Rickey Romero -LHP – in the third year of a 5 year 30 million dollar deal. Has an option for ’16.


    Joe Mauer – C – Star – Video Game cover model -in the third year of an 8 year 184 million dollar deal.

  39. Wonder if Emilio will slap up a fresh game threat on this pretty good Friday.

    Me pregunto si Emilio se bofetada a una amenaza de este nuevo juego bastante bueno viernes.

  40. Fucking wife must be huffing the propane from the BBQ every time I go there it’s empty……..hey look it’s Buck and Tabby back!

    • But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas
      Jumping Jack Flash, it’s a gas.

      Don’t deny the poor woman her creature comforts.
      She just might deny you yours.

    • I forgot this game was on tv. Nice to have baseball back with a full lineup except lawrie.

      Why are they replaying the Jose bautista commercial every inning???? It’s funny but not every 10 minutes.

  41. Lock up Johnson now !

  42. Patiently awaiting Tabby’s first ‘Soft hands’ reference.

    • +1.
      I have mellowed on tabby. he’s like that funny uncle you talk to at family gatherings but try & slip away after a few minutes to check on the bbq.

      buerhle looks good. I hope Lawrie is back soon.

      • Gibby was talking about his being out for two weeks. That’s significantly different from the “few days” we first heard about. Not sure I’d want to go with a 3 man bench for two weeks or more.

  43. I’m hoping to see Stroman out there later.

  44. wtf. rasmus going back to old stance ditching what mottola asked him to do. Can anyone say Romasmo

    • His stance looks totally different than last year. His top half is way more closed and his hands are lower.

  45. I think Tabby smokes some pretty wacky weed man.

  46. Izturis is your Opening Series 3B, Jays fans.

    As per Gibby in-game interview, due to all righty starting pitchers on Cleveland.

  47. so I found out today that Ricky Romero is dating a Canadian Soccer Star from Oakville, Kara lLang.

    colby needs a haircut

    • The guy should forget about the ladies until he gets his career back. You sure you don’t mean KD Lang the Lesbian because that could explain a lot about Rickys dumbfounded look.

      • Yikes Tom you could be onto something there ! Somehow KD Lang , posing as Kara Lang, has sapped all RR’s male essence and made his walk total skyrocket.
        Quick!! Someone find out when Ricky last ate steak !!
        (maybe check if he’s humming “constant craving ” too)

    • Lang had an awesome, though unfortunately short lived (due to recurring knee injuries), international career from age 15 – 24.

      For the non-soccer fans, she is also the DH (designated hottie) of Canadian soccer…this may not help RR’s “focus” while in Florida.

  48. Cebia!

  49. Fuck you, you fuckin fuckface Drunk Jays fucks.

    Can’t WAIT for this season dance party to start taking off all its clothes, cause it’s gonna get hot in here is and the AL East!

    • And auto fill fucks me again…….. Fuck!

      • The traffic on Tuesday night for DJF will be interesting.

        • Jesuscristo

        • I predict 850 comments.

          50% Small Potatoes 20% RADAR 20% Smasher 20%

          Shit that’s more than 100%, but that’s what we bring here at Drunks Jays Fuckfaces-110%

          • I resemble that remark, G-G-G-Grooobah (and I’ve got you in my sights, all three of you.)
            Flight is useless. Please stand still while I commence aiming. Stop wobbling, man.
            Stay still I say, scurvy knave!
            This isn’t over, not by a long shot.

            (By the way, if that long-winded Little Looper gets going, none of the rest of us stand a chance.)

          • @ KGBS

            Was over at BBB and in the after game post they started listing the commenters with the highest number of comments in the game thread.
            I’ve never considered commenting on a blog, a competition.
            What next?Blogging becomes a full contact sport at the Olympics?
            I don’t think the quantity of comments equates to the quality of comments.

            • Interesting concept though for DJF.

              Smasher starts out strong with 5 shots and 3 well placed comments.
              TomW rises to the challenge with 3 triples and 4 pirate references.
              KGBS attempts 4 Quads with beer chasers,something never done before in competition but he has done several times in practice sessions.His 6 comments began well but the judges are noticing syntax errors which will hurt his quest in the long run.
              SP sees the mountain before him and rises to the challenge, to down no less than 6 bottles of Merlot.It’s an incredible feat of 473 comments with perfect punctuation and diction. This could be a record.
              Yes,it’s a perfect of 10.0 from all the judges except for the Dutch judge who flashes a 5.3.
              Asked about the low score given, the Dutch judge is quoted as saying ” Meh. I’m not impressed. I do that everyday AND put out complete posts.”

              • I might not have the most posts, but I kick ass with spelling errors and the fine use of the word fuck.

                I post mostly from a Samsung 3 so my syntax error has taken on a whole new level.

                Here’s the million dollar question though, when is the beard going to wake the fuck up and host a DJFs party so we can all light it up?

                Fuckin party crashing beard.

          • I will be at the game, so limited comments from me. It’s hard to use wifi at the Dome. My iphone doesn’t work as well there for some reason. i am sure others have the same problems.

  50. sorry if there’s no new updates, all the media are at temple. hash tag ” don’t cause trouble”.

  51. Cant wait for its all over to make witticisms on opening night ;)

  52. Theres still one more fake game. I thought the last one was over.
    The biggest question now is how fast will attendance rise and will it be on track for 3 million?

    • I know the first homestand is sold out (my uncle is best friends with the Jays clubhouse manager, who gave him that info). After that, I still expect only a small up-tick from last year, at least in the first half — maybe 30 K on weekdays and 40-45 K on weekends, so you can still walk up on a Tuesday night in May and June (that’s outside of Yankees and Red Sox games). If the team’s hot into the all-star break, then you’ll see the crowds start to really fill up every night down the stretch. That’s just my opinion, I could be completely wrong.

  53. Roberto Hernandez (nee Fausto Carmona) is going to be the Rays first FA to start a game in 11 years this season.

    Meanwhile, the Jays starting rotation has combined for exactly 0 non-rehab assignment days in the Jays minor league system. When’s the last time an entire starting rotation for any team consisted of players who hadn’t spent a single day in the team’s minor league organization? Hasn’t happened for the Jays aside from 1977, which obviously doesn’t count. I quickly leafed through the Yankees and Red Sox most common pitchers back to 1990 and they’d never had it happen either.

    • Pretty interesting. It has to be some kind of strange record.

      Cleveland has no one home grown on their staff with Masterson(bos), Usbaldo(col), Myers(everywhere) , McAllister(yanks) and Kazmir(TB) but I think McAllister has been in their minor league system.

      Nice dig.

  54. Lind won’t start vs lefties

  55. Sounds like Davis is going to get more playing time than we think

    • I’d much rather they picked up a RH basher as the other half of the platoon and kept Rajai as a late game thief and pinch hitter. I have nothing statistical on hand to back this up but I feel everytime the Jays have started to rely on him more his hitting/play regresses.

      He’s a great threat when you need a speedster off the bench late though.

  56. Good article from griffin about Halladay. Griffin raises the possibility of Halladay returning to Toonto if the jays don’t resign Josh Johnson…. I expect Stoeten to issue a stern rebuttal of many Jays fans dreams of Halladay leading the Jays to the World Series in 2014.

    • While that would obviously be a storybook ending for all, why don’t we wait and see if he can, you know, still pitch effectively during the regular season before the “bring him home” talk starts.

      • Mel Queen cant help him any more

      • =1, but the important note from the interview is that Halladay is not hostile to the notion of returning to the Jays.

        he admits that the Jays were ready to rebuild in 2009.

        A few weeks ago, there was some news about Halladay wanting to retire as a phillie.

        I doubt the Phillies will want a declining Halladay at 20 million per season in 2014.

        If he pitches as a 3 or 4th starter, couldn’t the jays bring him back for 12-15 million.??

        I realize that Halladay is on the downside of his career, but “downside Doc” is still worth something.
        I know my dream to have Halladay return is Pollyannish, but that would be awesome to see Doc back assuming he can pitch at 3-4 level.

  57. I don’t care who the Jays are facing, I’ll be chanting “suck it Farrell” every half inning for 162+ games this year, while he enjoys his dream job of ordering the chicken and beer.

  58. Doc is not coming back and AA isn’t into storybook endings cause the is they just never end that well. JJ is a one year deal, extend him now and he’ll turn into another AJ Burnette – sign him and then he’s on the DL. Jays will let JJ go, and acquire anther Ace-like pitcher in the 2013-14 off-season

  59. interesting article. Crotch grab in stoets direction. I would like to see this soon, after this season I could care less, as someone who cut the cord in December, I am not sure how I am going to deal without Jays games. I will try the radio, which will work great during the long work days, however outside of that not a perfect alternative. mlbtv and unblockus, would run for about 150. I keep looking in to IPTV like Zazeen but unfortunately they do not offer SPN or SPH or SPO (fuck you SPN and all your station names.

    Jays withdrawl is already taking affect….

    • Stoeten hasn’t had cable or sat for over 3 years. He streams everything.
      Just sayin,you don’t have to go without.

      • True but you have to know where to stream, and also some of the sites are likely poor quality. And you have to know the sites and as a heavy netflix user I do not, so radio feed it will be for me…. :(

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  62. [...] close things out, we swing over to everyone’s favorite Jays site, Drunk Jays Fans. Andrew Stoeten provides Blue Jays fans with a great service by discussing how we can cut the cable [...]

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