The Jays say goodbye to Florida with one last game against the Phillies– and our old friend Roy Halladay– from Clearwater, before heading north to Philadelphia for two more against Fightins. All eyes will be on Halladay, as he hopes to finish on a high note after a brutal spring, and the Jays aren’t making it easy on him, trotting out what you’d expect to be the lineup come Tuesday. Brandon Morrow is on the hill for the Jays.



Mike Wilner reminds us that this is the last game of the spring for him and Dirk Hayhurst, who have proven to be an excellent team in the booth, who’ll certainly be missed over the course of the season– though… they’re not going anywhere, obviously, they just won’t be calling games as a pair.

Something I’m kicking myself for not including in today’s Daily Duce is this piece from John Lott at the National Post, as he talks to Darren Oliver’s dad, Bob, about Jackie Robinson and the ugliness that was the overt racism he witnessed first hand playing in the minors in the early 60s.

TV: FX Canada– or you can listen to the game online for free via MLB.com.

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Reyes SS
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarncion 1B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF
M. Izturis 3B
E. Bonifacio 2B

B. Morrow RHP

Philadelphia Phillies

B. Revere CF
J. Rollins SS
C. Utley 2B
R. Howard 1B
D. Brown LF
L. Nix RF
F. Galvis 3B
E. Kratz C
R. Halladay RHP

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  1. Who the fuck is Roy Halladay.

  2. From John Lott:

    Neither has enjoyed an impressive spring. Cecil has an ERA of 7.04, Jeffress 9.00. But Cecil, whose velocity was a concern the past two years, has been throwing in the low 90s and has 19 strikeouts in 15 1⁄3 innings.


    So, at least some endorsement for the velocity program that Delabar used and Cecil followed in the offseason?? Could be necessary for Ricky too from the sounds of his velocity drop off.

  3. Here’s hoping they lay the beat down on Doc

    • Doc has been beating himself lately.

    • Why? Because Doc never gave us his all? Because he’s such an asshole? No Jays fan should ever turn his back on Doc. I wish him nothing but success and so should you.

      • Not against the Jays I don’t, even in spring

      • Really?

        I have never been able to understand how fans of the Jays (or any other team for that matter) can in any way, shape or form, cheer for an ex-Jay when facing the Jays.

        That, my friend, is complete horseshit.

        • I agree…I love Roy and all, but he is a FORMER Blue Jay. I wish him all the best, unless he is facing us…or the Tigers. Then I hope he throws up some beach balls to be pounded.

  4. I haven’t been following the stats, had you went purely on performance instead of who can be optioned, who would be in Cecil and Jefress’s spots?

  5. baseball on TV news for non-cablers – devil in the details of course, but this might be good news for those who ask:


  6. Halladay walked Arencibia? What? I think gameday is broken you guys.

  7. after a few pieces on Rasmus earlier in the spring, not much has been said about him of late.

  8. “”I don’t belong here to be honest with you. This is not for me” – Ricky Romero in 1st intvw since demotion:”


    • Just finished reading the whole thing. Ricky sounds fired up, which can only be a good thing.

  9. Rofl Melky, gettin those spring hacks in

  10. That article on Darren Oliver’s Dad was a good read.

    Here’s hoping the Blue Jays close out Florida with a win. Morrow against Halladay, pschaw. Jays got this in the bag.

  11. “You get a feel, and once you get that feel you feel good about yourself.” -RickRo talkin about feel.

  12. Shi Davidi coming up soon on 590.

  13. Anyone watching/listening to game have an update on them pulling Melky?

    Most likely just an early sub, but usually they switch multiple guys rather than pulling one early.

    Hopefully no injury…

  14. I’m impressed with how consistently interesting John Lott articles are and on a daily basis as well. He’s articulate and looks at the Jays and baseball from angles others in the Canadian papers are not.

    I am not John Lott.

  15. Reading @JAHappster Twitter from the last couple days….pretty damn funny.

    • please link that shit next time for those who are too lazy to look that up.
      I only like to click not type..fuckin pirates!

  16. Anthopolous : (paraphrashed) “its all mechanical – throwing accross his body, rather than straight to the plate. Its not mental”

    Romero : “It’s not a lot of it mechanical. It’s more just mental, getting right, confidence feeling yourself”


    • It doesn’t seem that RR listens to advise. His comment re: his knees still bothers me.

      “But I only did one treatment of it, so I don’t know if I was supposed to do more or not, but… you know. We’re moving forward.”

      One step forward, two steps back.

      • Why am I concerned that the copy of RR’s birth certificate, which I found in the recesses of my imagination, lists ‘Adam’ and ‘Lind’ as his middle names?

        • Come on, Pudge72–

          The man from Muncie, Indiana gives an honest 15 minutes each and every day maintaining his God-given physical gifts.

          • Yeah, he’s a disgrace to all of us Midwestern boys who put forward a solid 20 minute effort each day.

    • @Benched Mark.

      very good point. I think mevhanical issues sounds better than mental issues, but it’s probably both.

  17. The decision blindsided you?

    “Yeah, absolutely, I had already sent my car up, sent everything, I have a place up there and everything, so it blindsides you a little bit. Like I said, it is what it is and you’ve got to keep that chin up and head high. I feel like I’ve done a lot of good things and God forbid I had a bad spring, everyone made a big deal out of it.” – RR


    • Yup. Means he’s delusional. Not a great makeup for a professional athelete who needed to make changes in the off-season to keep his job.

      • Agreed, but in my limited experience I find most pro athletes are delusional. I was at a bar and Jordan Tootoo pulled his hammer out right in the middle of the place. I don’t know whether he thinks he has a beer flavoured cock but he seemed shocked that a lineup didn’t start.

      • I agree. Dude needs to talk about how much fucking work he plans to do. Not how surprised he is. Is he equally surprised when his meatballs get slammed back up the middle?

  19. I really think AA, the front office, and Rogers screwed up last year. During the FA process last off season there was much talk about adding Prince and more so, Yu Darvish. The thinking was that adding these 2 pieces would cost the Jays nothing but money – in Fielders case, a draft pick as well. If those 2 moves were made think just how fucking amazing we would be at this moment.

    • derp.

      • Herd da derp

        • Emiltio,
          i’m totally with you.
          what a bunch of retards.
          all it takes is a full season of hindsight to know that they should totally have spent 300mil adding a first basemen and a pitcher, its just money. when will they ever get it!

          • they absolutely would have still had enough money to take on all the salary they did even if they added those two. You and I both know that’s true!
            when is AA going to start listening to the fans and stop running this team into the ground?

            • I couldn’t agree more! How hard is to hire a GM that’s capable or gifted with such things like forsight or the ability to read the market just 1 year ahead. It’s not that hard, and it’s not our money, right?

  20. nice outing there Santos!!!

    starting to get a bad feeling about our pitching…..

  21. Wow I’m not terribly impressed with Romero’s attitude. It sounds a lot like he has a bit of a victim thing going on – he keeps talking about proving himself and getting back as fast as he can and that there are always doubters and the move shocked him, etc.

    Dude. You fucking fell off a cliff last year. And after all the time off you show up at spring and need Morrow to tell you to throw sliders and halfway through spring someone has to figure out you are throwing across your body or not across or whatever the fuck they’re talking about. I mean how out of it is this guy that he is surprised to be demoted?

    Enough with the talk and enough about “it’s mental” and you want to be right back. Let’s hear about pitching better and all the work you should know that you need to do.

    • Best thing Romero can do right now is STFU.

    • Yea, totally. Romero is a cry-baby. I feel for him, because it must be tough to have to go to Dunedin when everyone else is gearing up to go north, but the guy’s a bit of a bitch. Even his twitter rants (which I will not have to suffer through ever again after unfollowing him) were always such cliche-ridden, sad-sack shit. “I won’t back down” and “Those that believe in me will see what I’m made of” type of shit. I get it, you’re competitive. But don’t sound so goddamn entitled!! Right now, you DO belong there, because you’re not going to be able to get guys out at the highest level.

      Just shut your mouth and work out your issues!

  22. Lol overbay it’s baseman for the yanks

  23. RR has pitched his last meaningful game for the Blue Jays. He is in complete denial. “This is supposed to help my confidence?” “What the hell did I do wrong?”

    Are you fucking kidding me? We are trying to win ball games here son this is the big leagues. Try pitching to an ERA under 5.7 or get more than 7 out of 26 A ball hitters out. Then maybe try listening to your coaches and make the mechanical adjustment consistently. And no you aren’t an All Star. You WERE an all-star as a late addition in a career year but have shown nothing close to that level since. Get used to those bus rides kid.

    • +1 Good point.

      Ricky did not have a good spring.

      AA needs to get this team into the playoffs .

      We can’t afford to let Ricky blow winnable games in april &may.

      The fact is Happ can outperform Ricky for the foreseable future.

  24. Love how Romero says it’s mental, but Pete walker and AA have said in interviews it’s mechanical, they need to find common ground.

    It does seem like Romero feels everyone is against him and doubts him since the day he was drafted… Really, Really Romero you where drafted very high ahead of TULO you weren’t doubted since day one you were a fucking high first round draft pick.

  25. Any (Drunk) Jays Fans on here living in the Chicago area? I’m new in town and wondering if there are any secret blue jay hangouts….

  26. Regardless of how I feel about the 5th starter issue/non issue

    How fucking awesome is that this is what the news has for headlines in jays nation? Think about teams like boston or yankees, and how fucking awesome it is that their headlines read…….big pappi to the DL,or over 100mil in payroll will start on the DL for NY. Or vernon and overbay reunite in NY!

    Fuck yaye ladys and gents, Baseball is 4 sleeps away! Its like Dec 21st and I’m 5 years old again!

    • “Or vernon and overbay reunite in NY!”

      That one really is both hilarious and incredible.

    • @coach

      Very True.

      It’s bizarro world with the Yankees getting former Jays like Overbay,Jayson Nix, & Vernon Wells.

      Yankees are headed for the first below 500 season since 1992 which is an amazing run.

  27. ShitShow here.

    I’ll be bringing the ShitShow to the Big Apple this year. If the ShitShow can make it there, it can play anywhere. I wanna be a part of it …..

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